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Please find below the latest news from fei3


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Please find below the latest news from fei3

  1. 1. Please find below the latest news from FEIF, the International Federation of IcelandicHorse Associations. FEIF is bringing people together in their passion for the Icelandichorse. More information can be found on our website: . For mobile .FIPO rules 2013 available for IceTestA new set of FIPO rules is available for users of IceTest. The rules apply to eventsstarting at or after April 1, 2013. With this release is is possible to enter the times of bothheats in Flag Race FR1.FIPO 2013The new edition of FIPO contains changes decided upon by the Delegates Assembly2013. To follow the same line in finals in Tölt classes and in gaited classes it is decidedto change FIPO in such way, that the sequence of gaits in finals in four gait and five gaitis no longer open for discussion among riders, but has to follow the sequence asdescribed in FIPO. At the last three World Championships riders couldnt choose theirown start box, but had to take the box marked with their colour. This was done toensure calm and quiet handling of the start, and the general feeling is that it helped.However some riders considered this as being of disadvantage, as they could changeeven if they would agree. It is decided now to adapt FIPO 8.5.5 in such way, that thefastest rider in a start group has to decide before the start group is called into the startboxes which box the rider prefers, with no right of change the moment the startingprocedure has started. These changes in FIPO will be valid for events starting at or afterApril 1, 2013. Before that date FIPO 2012 is still valid. All changes are listed in a list ofchanges, available for download. The complete FIPO is available for download as well.Doping case at Mid European Championships: B-sample confirms A-sampleThe results of the B-sample of the doping test from the Mid EUropean Championships2012 are now available: The Institute for Biochemistry of the German Sporthochschulein Köln in presence of a representative of the rider opened the sealed sample, whichhad been taken routinely from Sjarmi frá Skriðuklaustri (starting for Austria). In theanalysis the prohibited substance mefenamin acid was also found in the B-sample.Following the anti-doping statutes of our German member association IPZV and theGerman FN evidence of the existence of a prohibited substance has been provided incase of identical results of the A- and B-sample. The arbitration panel of IPZV will onthis basis now continue the procedure against the rider of Sjarmi, Petra Reiter-Tropper.FEIF Events until 10 August 2013 European Championships - Horses on Haarlem (nr23-Mar Netherlands Ice 2013 Amsterdam)05-Apr - FEIF Sport Judges Seminar Berlin Germany06-Apr (International Sport Judges)06-Apr World Championships Sport Judges Berlin Germany
  2. 2. Meeting19-Apr - Young Breeding Horse Trainer Seminar Skeidvellir Iceland21-Apr 201322-Jul - FEIF YouthCamp 2013 Molde Norway28-JulFEIF WorldRanking Events until 17 May 201312-Apr - 13- Sweden Linköping Stenholmen regional vårApr13-Apr Sweden Everöd Änghaga regional19-Apr - 21- Iceland Keflavík Opna íþróttamót MánaApr20-Apr - 21- Sweden Göteborg Vestur regional 2013Apr20-Apr - 21- Sweden Norrköping Dyggur regional vårApr27-Apr - 28- Sweden Vallentuna Stormur regionalApr27-Apr - 29- Denmark Herning St.BededagsstævneApr01-May - 05- Iceland Reykjavík ReykjavíkurmeistaramótMay03-May - 05- Germany Drolshagen OSI Birkenhof 2013May03-May - 05- Germany Wurz Rennpaßwettbewerbe Wurz 2013May04-May - 05- Denmark Holstebro TeamNo / Nóri ForårsstævneMay04-May - 05- Sweden Toftinge gård Toftinge regionalMay09-May Denmark Jerslev Heklas Kval.Stævne09-May - 12- Germany Fridberg OSI-Housecup Lechleite 2012May09-May - 12- Sweden Romme Romme nationellMay
  3. 3. 10-May - 12- Kärntner Landesmeisterschaften, 1st Austria LeibsdorfMay qualification10-May - 12- Denmark Hundested Elitestævne CMay10-May - 12- Denmark Svendborg HimmelfartsstævneMay10-May - 12- Germany Lingen OSI Lingen 2013May10-May - 12- Iceland Varmárbakkar Íþróttamót HarðarMay10-May - 12- Norway Tresfjord Midtnorsk MesterskapMay17-May - 19- Netherlands Exloo IJRN InternationalMay17-May - 19- Sweden Säve VSM nationellMay17-May - 20- Denmark Holstebro St. Sognstrup PinsestævneMay17-May - 20- Kronshof Special 2013 / WM Germany EllringenMay Sichtungsturnier 2013FEIF International Breeding Shows until 17 May 201317-Apr - 18-Apr Austria Panoramahof22-Apr - 23-Apr Germany FIZO Kronshof23-Apr - 24-Apr Germany FIZO Berlar27-Apr - 28-Apr Germany FIZO Stutensee29-Apr - 30-Apr Germany FIZO Töltmyllan29-Apr - 03-May Iceland Skagafjörður02-May - 05-May Denmark Herning03-May - 05-May Germany FIZO Wurz06-May - 08-May Germany FIZO Hirtenhof06-May - 10-May Iceland Selfoss09-May - 12-May Germany FIZO Osterbyholz
  4. 4. 13-May - 17-May Iceland Akureyri14-May - 15-May United States of America WinterhorseparkYou receive this newsletter because you are a member of a FEIF Committee, licensedjudge or trainer, participant in a FEIF activity or member of the board of a memberassociation of FEIF. You can unsubscribe from receiving this newsletter at any time bycontacting the FEIF Office at .This message was sent to you by an automated procedure using the FEIF mailing list.Go to to add other people to this free mailing list.The most up to date version (with daily updates) of the FEIF WorldRanking is alwaysavailable on Internet: of member associations, board, committees, licensed judges and trainersand other officials can be found at as well. Or use our mobile .