Please find below the latest news from feif aug 7 2013


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Please find below the latest news from feif aug 7 2013

  1. 1. Please find below the latest news from FEIF, the International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations. FEIF is bringing people together in their passion for the Icelandic horse. More information can be found on our website: . For mobile users: . Preliminary starting lists online The preliminary starting lists are online. These lists are based on the final registrations by the teams on Monday, August 5, 2013. The order is a randomly drawn order. The defending World Champions, however, will start at the end of the test. Changes may apply to the starting order until one hour before the start of the test. Results will be published online and updated after each rider. Arrival of Teams The arrival of most teams participating in the World Championships is expected on Thursday and Friday. According to the rules, all horses have to arrive before Saturday 15:00. To guarantee the health of all horses as far as possible, a veterinarian will perform an entrance check on all arriving horses before entering the competition grounds and the stables. At this check the vaccination passports and all horse papers have to be presented and will be checked in detail. FEIF Events until 04 January 2014 06-Sep - 08-Sep FEIF Education Seminar 2013 Uppsala Sweden 03-Oct - 04-Oct Sport Judges Test Dahlenburg/Kronshof Germany 25-Oct - 27-Oct FEIF Committee Meetings 2013 Malmö Sweden 25-Oct - 27-Oct WorldFengur Work-Shop Malmö Sweden FEIF WorldRanking Events until 11 October 2013 22-Aug - 25-Aug Germany Wehrheim OSI Hirtenhof 2013 23-Aug - Austria Gänserndorf Niederösterreichische
  2. 2. 25-Aug Landesmeisterschaften 23-Aug - 25-Aug Germany Hörpel Norddeutsche Meisterschaft & VM des IPZV Nord 2013 24-Aug - 25-Aug Iceland Hella Suðurlandsmót 29-Aug - 01-Sep Germany Roderath Landesmeisterschaft NRW & Osi Roderath 2013 30-Aug - 01-Sep Germany Kremmen LVM Berlin / Brandenburg - OSI Schleuener Hof 2013 31-Aug Sweden Norrköping Dyggur regional KM 05-Sep - 08-Sep Germany Wurz Bay. Meisterschaft 2013 06-Sep - 08-Sep Germany Ehndorf Lokka Mot 2013 07-Sep - 08-Sep Sweden Toftinge gård Toftinge regional 13-Sep - 15-Sep Germany Isernhagen OSI Basselthof & Niedersachsenmeisterschaft 2013 20-Sep - 22-Sep Austria Strasswalchen Salzburger & Tiroler Meisterschaften 21-Sep Switzerland Grenchen Islandpferde Turnier 27-Sep - 29-Sep Germany Zachow Paßchampionat 2013 05-Oct - 06-Oct Switzerland Biel-Benken Islandpferde Turnier FEIF International Breeding Shows until 11 October 2013 12-Aug - 23-Aug Iceland Hella 12-Aug - 16-Aug Iceland Hvammstangi 12-Aug - 16-Aug Iceland Miðfossar 19-Aug - 23-Aug Iceland Dalvík 19-Aug - 23-Aug Iceland Skagafjörður 24-Aug - 25-Aug Finland Orimattila/Mäntsälä
  3. 3. 29-Aug - 01-Sep Sweden Romme Travbana 03-Sep Germany FIZO Berlar-Herbst 06-Sep - 08-Sep Denmark Skive 06-Sep - 07-Sep Germany FIZO Aegidienberg 11-Sep - 12-Sep Germany FIZO Basselthof 25-Sep - 26-Sep Germany FIZO Zachow