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Please find below the latest news from feif july 29 2013


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Please find below the latest news from feif july 29 2013

  1. 1. Please find below the latest news from FEIF, the International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations. FEIF is bringing people together in their passion for the Icelandic horse. More information can be found on our website: . For mobile users: . FEIF and Mustad FEIF and Mustad are very pleased to announce a partnership between these two organisations with the purpose to improve hoofcare for the Icelandic horse. Mustad will financially support and assist FEIF with advice and recommendations concerning scientific and commercial aspects; for the better of the Icelandic horse. Mustad continuously searches for improvements to provide better hoofcare for all horses. As Icelandic horses are such a breed of their own with very specific hoof-features, Mustad has developed a new horse shoe for Icelandic horses. This shoe is explicitly produced for Icelandic horses to provide comfort and support for the horse. The Mustad DM IS shoe does meet the specifications set out in FIPO and FIZO. Therefore FEIF recommends the horse shoe: Mustad DM IS. FEIF and Mustad will also join forces by organizing a seminar that will take place in 2014 or 2105 with the main topic: shoeing Icelandic horses. The findings of the FEIF HOOF STUDY will be addressed during this seminar. The Board of FEIF are very pleased with this partnership, and we are very much looking forward to the cooperation with Mustad. Mustad will also be present in the exhibition area at the World Championships 2013 in Berlin. Registration completed The registration of all participants for the World Championships 2013 is completed on July 22. A total of 163 particiants have been registered, including 8 defending World Champions, 81 participants in the general age class (16 yrs or older), 46 in the age class for Young riders (16-21 yrs) and 28 reserve riders. Riders in the age of 16-21 yrs can decide until August 5 in which age class they want to start. 44 horses will take part in the Breeding Show. Number of riders per test At the World Championships the competition will take place in 4 oval track classes and 3 pace track classes. The teams did indicate already in which test they expect their riders to start. This information is also available at the FEF website. This may be changed until August 5, after the fit-to-compete check. The preliminary numbers are:
  2. 2. - Tölt T1: 60 participants, including 23 Young Riders; - Tölt T2: 49 participants, including 17 Young Riders; - Four Gait V1: 58 participants, including 25 Young Riders; - Five Gait F1: 46 participants, including 16 Young Riders; - Pace Test PP1: 61 participants, including 19 Young Riders; - Pace Race 250m P1: 37 participants, including 10 Young Riders; - SpeedPass 100m P2: 50 participants, including 14 Young Riders. The starting order will be drawn by lot on Monday, August 5, when all teams have completed their final registration. World Championships Breeding Show 44 breeding horses have been registered to participate at the Breeding Show during the World Championships in Berlin - probably the largest number of participants in such an event so far. This year even horses from Slovenia and Canada will be presented. At the World Championships stallions and mares will be shown in separate classes in the following age groups: 5 years old, 6 years old and 7 years old or over and every FEIF member country may enter a maximum of 2 horses per age group. All details on participants can be found on the FEIF Website. Team Faroe Islands The Faroe Islands will be represented by two participants: Elin Tindskarð with Hölkvir frá Ytra-Dalsgerði [IS2002165791] and Jóanis í Hoygarðinum with Sambó frá Skarði [IS2001186752]. Both riders represented the Faroe Islands at previous World Championships. FEIF YouthCamp 2013 The programme for the FEIF YouthCamp 2013 in Norway includes a lot of interesting activities, of course a lot of riding, but also hiking, sightseeing, lectures, horse training presentations and even the possibility to participate in a local competition. Details can be found on FEIF YouthCamp Facebook site. If you want to check the weather:øre_og_Romsdal/Vestnes/Tresfjorden/long.html Team Germany The German sport team has been announced: 15 riders, among them 5 Young Riders and 2 reserve riders/horse. Notable is the participation of Jarl frá Miðkrika, this time ridden by Steffi Svendsen. Jarl became earlier World Champion in Four Gait Combination C4 in 2005 and 2007, and in Tölt T1 and Four Gait V1 in 2009 with the Norwegian rider Stian Pedersen. 6 Breeding horses will participate. Riders: Dörte Mitgau with Ilmur von Ellenbach [DE1999263816] Frauke Schenzel with Tígull vom Kronshof [DE2002134221] Karly Zingsheim with Dagur [DE2001143741] Marie Lange-Fuchs with Ómi från Stav [SE2002101107] Melanie Müller (DE) with Bjarkar frá Þverá, Skíðadal [IS1995165800] Steffi Svendsen with Jarl frá Miðkrika [IS1995184968]
  3. 3. Uli Reber with Dröfn frá Litla-Moshvoli [IS2001284988] Young Riders: Charlotte Passau with Uni vom Kronshof [DE2003134879] Christopher Weiss with Vígur frá Eikarbrekku [IS2004101026] Elisabeth Katharina Schaaf with Njörður vom Schluensee [DE1998109563] Johanna Beuk with Merkur von Birkenlund [DE2001134877] Marian Hannes Wruck with Bíbí vom Ostetal [DE2002234248] Reserve: Vicky Eggertsson with Herbert frá Halakoti [IS1999182453] Frauke Schenzel with Óskadís vom Habichtswald [DE2006263688] Freija Puttkammer with Blettur von Ellenbach [DE2002111521] Breeding: Óskadís vom Habichtswald [DE2006263688] ridden by Frauke Schenzel Embla vom Kronshof [DE2007234105] ridden by Frauke Schenzel Farsæll von der Elschenau [DE2004163537] ridden by Styrmir Árnason Spóliant vom Lipperthof [DE2007184952] ridden by Þórður Þorgeirsson Ás-Sjóli von der Igelsburg [DE2008163531] ridden by Þórður Þorgeirsson Laufi vom Lipperthof [DE2008184528] ridden by Þórður Þorgeirsson Team Switzerland The Swiss sport team counts 12 riders, among them 2 Young Riders and 2 reserve riders/horses. Riders: Ladina Sigurbjörnsson with Tór frá Auðsholtshjáleigu [IS2002187018] Lisa Staubli with Ósk frá Þingnesi [IS2003235501] Mara Daniella Staubli with Hlébarði frá Ketilsstöðum [IS2005176173] Markus Albrecht Schoch with Kóngur frá Lækjamóti [IS2002155124] Oliver Egli with Styrkur frá Eystri-Hól [IS2003180527] Silvia Ochsenreiter-Egli with Heljar frá Stóra-Hofi [IS2003186003] Thomas Haag with Risi vom Schloß Neubronn [DE1998104225] Young Riders: Helen Zbinden with Óðinn (Odinn) [DE1996134140] Lara Balz with Trú från Sundäng [SE2006206365] Reserve: Vera Weber with Metingur frá Vestri-Leirárgörðum [IS2000135465] Martin Heller with Kyndill fra Tjenergården [DK2002103938] Oliver Egli with Dengsi frá Selfossi [IS2000187624] Team Norway Norway will be represented with 17 participants in sport and 6 in breeding. Among the sport riders are of course the 2 Norwegian Defending World Champions: Anne Stine Haugen - Muni frá Kvistum [IS2003181964] (Fout Gait V1), Tina Kalmo Pedersen - Kolgrimur från Slätterne [SE1997107496] (Tölt T2). The team incluses 4 Young Riders and 3 reserve riders/horses. Defending World Champions: Anne Stine Haugen with Muni frá Kvistum [IS2003181964]
  4. 4. Tina Kalmo Pedersen with Kolgrimur från Slätterne [SE1997107496] Riders: Bernt Severinsen with Tígull fra Kleiva [NO2006102022] Camilla Mood Havig with Herjann fra Lian [NO1999104267] Christina Lund with Rönd frá Selfossi [IS2006282794] Gry Hagelund with Kiljan frá Blesastöðum 1A [IS2002187810] Hanne Smidesang with Vökull frá Kópavogi [IS2002125358] Nils Christian Larsen with Moli frá Skriðu [IS2001165302] Stian Pedersen with Globus fra Jakobsgården [NO2004115240] Stine Helene Sørvåg with Straumur frá Sauðárkróki [IS1999157004] Carolin Storebø with Sikill frá Sigmundarstöðum [IS2002135954] Guro Espeland with Zorró frá Grímsstöðum [IS2000184597] Liv Runa Sigtryggsdóttir with Svadilfari fra Bergkåsa [NO2000108041] Oda Ugland with Hárekur frá Vindási [IS1999184949] Reserve: Alexandra Jonassen with Raukur från Austre [SE1996107194] Mona Tysland Lillehagen with Hlekkur fra Løvik [NO2003115305] Nils Christian Larsen with Óskar frá Blesastöðum 1A [IS2004187807] Breeding: Hrafnkatla fra Værås [NO2007217372] ridden by Erlingur Erlingsson Rival fra Kleiva [NO2007102144] ridden by Johann R Skulasson Öggur fra Kringeland [NO2006109015] ridden by Pétur Örn Sveinsson Laufa fra Jakobsgården [NO2006215086] ridden by Stian Pedersen Þokkadís fra Stall Øvstedal [NO2008215286] ridden by Stian Pedersen Nói fra Jakobsgården [NO2008115081] ridden by Stian Pedersen Team Slovenia Slovenia will participate with one breeding horse: Björg / Plana [SI2008200009] ridden by Teresa Fuchs. Team Austria Austria will participate with 15 sport riders. Among them 5 Young Riders and 3 reserve horses. Austria will be represented by 4 breeding horses. Riders: Carina Mayerhofer with Frami von St. Oswald [AT1997160415] Gerrit Sager with Sigur frá Hólabaki [IS2003156270] Gunnar Hoyos with Ísbjörn vom Vindstaðir [AT2006120707] Höskuldur Aðalsteinsson with Aron vom Wotanshof [DE2002134469] Johanna Frank-Stabinger with Eyþór frá Feti [IS2004186913] Thordis Hoyos with Steinthor vom Panoramahof [AT2001140404] Piet Hoyos with Glymur frá Flekkudal [IS2003125041] Young Riders: Carina Perndl with Reidartýr vom Stefanihof [AT2003120386] Hannah Chmelik with Náttdís vom Eylershof [DE1997234545] Ida-Lena Zoglmann with Kveikja frá Arnarstöðum [IS1996265681] Isabella Steck with Galdur frá Flagbjarnarholti [IS1998186681]
  5. 5. Josepha Schlederer with Svarti-Pétur von Ohetal [DE2004184328] Reserve: Stefanie Willheim with Heimir frá Holtsmúla 1 [IS2002186694] Breeding: Narfi vom Panoramahof [AT2007120781] ridden by Dieter Becker Rauðdreki vom Stefanihof [AT2006120643] ridden by Haukur Tryggvasson Herdis vom Panoramahof [AT2008220889] ridden by Thordis Hoyos Rimma von der Krähenweide [AT2006240996] ridden by Valdimar Auðunsson Team Denmark Denmark will particpate with 16 sport riders, among them Defending World Champion SpeedPass P2 Tania Højvang Olsen with Sólon fra Strø [DK1995104892]. Other tiders: Anne Sofie Nielsen with Nökkvi fra Ryethøj [DK1998103061] Fredrik Rydström with Hrekkur från Hålåsen [SE2000103623] Iben Katrine Andersen with Skuggi frá Hávarðarkoti [IS1999186373] Isabelle Felsum with Viktor fra Diisa [DK2004103659] Julie Christiansen with Straumur frá Seljabrekku [IS2004125130] Samantha Leidesdorff with Farsæll vom Hrafnsholt [DE2003134916] Søren Madsen with Hárekur frá Hákoti [IS2002186434] Young Rider: Thomas Vilain Rørvang with Ylur frá Hvítanesi [IS2003184614] Caroline Poulsen with Helgi frá Stafholti [IS2003125726] Caroline Storch with Bóndi frá Ásgeirsbrekku [IS2000158470] Rebekka Hyldgaard with Dans frá Seljabrekku [IS2003125132] Sofie Panduro with Hreinn frá Votmúla 1 [IS2001187601] Reserve: Anne Sofie Nielsen with Örn frá Efri-Gegnishólum [IS2003187767] Trine Risvang with Tónn frá Ólafsbergi [IS2001101093] Jón Stenild with Hamur frá Blesastöðum 2 [IS1998187801] Breeding: Kiljan fra Katulabo [DK2006107673] ridden by Jóhann R. Skúlason Odda fra Gultentorp [DK2004206586] ridden by Julie Christiansen Vigdis fra Gultentorp [DK2007207009] ridden by Julie Christiansen Þerna fra Guldbæk [DK2008208506] ridden by Rasmus Møller Jensen Ljosi fra Bispegården [DK2008102214] ridden by Rasmus Møller Jensen Víðar fra Guldbæk [DK2007108242] ridden by Rasmus Møller Jensen Team Sweden Sweden will participate with a team with 15 sport riders and 6 breeding horses. Among them Defending World Champion: Magnus Skulasson with Hraunar frá Efri-Rauðalæk [IS1999165491]. Other riders: Camilla Hed with Thór från Järsta [SE2003104825] Caspar Hegardt with Ægir från Skeppargården [SE2000109433] Guðmundur Einarsson with Sproti frá Sjávarborg [IS1997157245]
  6. 6. Helen Gustafsson with Borgfjörð vom Wiesengrund [DE1996163847] Josefin Birkebro with Gná från Dahlgården [SE2006206217] Unn Kroghen Aðalsteinsson with Hrafndynur frá Hákoti [IS2005186427] Vignir Jónasson with Bragi frá Kópavogi [IS2000125300] Young Riders: Annie Ivarsdottir with Drifa från Myre [SE1998208180] Felicia Lindblom with Safír vom Lindenhof [DE2001141841] Johanna Berg with Svartur vom Hochwald [DE1996104184] Johanna Wingstrand with Herkules fra Pegasus [DK2001105650] Matilda Rolf with Tumi frá Stóra-Hofi [IS1997186013] Reserve: Maria Berg with Svartur vom Hochwald [DE1996104184] Sofia Larsson with Lúsía frá Fosshofi [IS2006201010] Breeding: Kolskör från Kolungens Gård 2 [SE2007208136] ridden by Agnar Snorri Stefánsson Divar från Lindnäs [SE2006106452] ridden by Denni Hauksson Hrimnir från Valne Gård [SE2008108347] ridden by Guðmundur Einarsson Djörfung från Solbacka [SE2008209223] ridden by Vignir Jónasson Mozart från Sundsberg [SE2007107342] ridden by Vignir Jónasson Fjöður från Stenholmen [SE2003202547] ridden by Vignir Jónasson Team Canada Canada will be represented by 3 participants in sport and 1 in breeding. The sport horses are provided by German owners. Riders: Shaundel Dodds with Alskær vom Wagrienhof [DE2003122992] Victoria Stoncius with Tilberi von Blumencron [DE2004122087] Young Rider: Sydney Horas with Sleipnir vom Wotanshof [DE2003134558] Breeding: Maja II from Fitjamyri [CA2007202229] ridden by Þórður Þorgeirsson Team Great Britain Ten sport riders will represent Great Britain this time, including 1 Young Rider and 3 reserve riders. Among them one Young Rider. The most experienced rider eare Jemimah Adams, who represented Great Britain already in 2001 in Stadl Paura (AT) and Mike Adams, who did the same from 2005 (Norrköping, SE) on. Riders: Andrew Nickall with Komma fra Barnegård [DK1998201079] Ann Savage with Eldur frá Sauðadalsá [IS1999155460] Charlotte Cook with Perla frá Skriðu [IS2002265300] James Bóas Faulkner with Brimar frá Margrétarhofi [IS2002101032] Jemimah Elizabeth Adams with Kraftur frá Kvistum [IS2004181961] Mike Adams with Kafteinn frá Kommu [IS2005165890] Young Rider: Sandy Carson with Hagar (Herkules) fra Smingegården [DK2004107407]
  7. 7. Reserve: Charlotte Cook with Magnús fra Bakkeholm [DK2005107283] Jemimah Elizabeth Adams with Draupnir frá Vallanesi [IS1997157570] Sandy Carson with Óðinn frá Vallanesi [IS1997157572] Team Netherlands The Netherlands will be represented with a team of 15 sport riders and 2 breeding horses. Among the sport riders is of course Defending World Champion in Pace Test PP1 Sigurður Marínusson, this time with Atli frá Norður-Hvammi [IS2000185611]. 5 Young Riders and 2 reserve riders are part of the sport team. Defending World Champion: Sigurður Marínusson with Atli frá Norður-Hvammi [IS2000185611] Riders: Bas Cornielje with Vísir frá Syðri-Gróf 1 [IS2000187495] Erik Spee with Hreimur frá Barkarstöðum [IS2000156708] Irma Schortinghuis with Arthúr frá Hrísum [IS1995165065] Juliet ten Bokum with Glotti frá Krá [NL2004100129] Monique Cox with Boreas frá Breuerson [NL2003100019] Pim van der Sloot with Draumur frá Kóngsbakka [IS2002137231] Yoni Blom with Bjartur frá Aquadraat [NL2006100042] Young Riders: Anne-Jet White with Galsa-Háfeta von Haselrode [DE2000206747] Charlotte White with Silfri frá Hákoti [IS2003186426] Matisse Brummel with Brynjar frá Feti [IS1995186910] Silke Kosse with Nathan von Ravenstein [DE1998107825] Stella Timmerman with Fríður frá Flóðgarði [NL1993100246] Reserve: Jaap Groven with Gimsteinn frá Skáney [IS1994135801] Kirsten Anke Schönwetter with Tónn frá Hala [IS1999186407] FEIF Events until 21 December 2013 04-Aug - 11-Aug World Championships 2013 Berlin Germany 06-Sep - 08-Sep FEIF Education Seminar 2013 Uppsala Sweden 03-Oct - 04-Oct Sport Judges Test Dahlenburg/Kronshof Germany 25-Oct - 27-Oct FEIF Committee Meetings 2013 Malmö Sweden 25-Oct - 27-Oct WorldFengur Work-Shop Malmö Sweden FEIF WorldRanking Events until 27 September 2013 24-Jul - 28-Jul Germany Ellenbach DJIM 2013 04-Aug - 11-Aug World Championships Berlin (DE) World Championships 2013
  8. 8. 22-Aug - 25-Aug Germany Wehrheim OSI Hirtenhof 2013 23-Aug - 25-Aug Austria Gänserndorf Niederösterreichische Landesmeisterschaften 23-Aug - 25-Aug Germany Hörpel Norddeutsche Meisterschaft & VM des IPZV Nord 2013 24-Aug - 25-Aug Iceland Hella Suðurlandsmót 29-Aug - 01-Sep Germany Roderath Landesmeisterschaft NRW & Osi Roderath 2013 30-Aug - 01-Sep Germany Kremmen LVM Berlin / Brandenburg - OSI Schleuener Hof 2013 31-Aug Sweden Norrköping Dyggur regional KM 05-Sep - 08-Sep Germany Wurz Bay. Meisterschaft 2013 06-Sep - 08-Sep Germany Ehndorf Lokka Mot 2013 07-Sep - 08-Sep Sweden Toftinge gård Toftinge regional 13-Sep - 15-Sep Germany Isernhagen OSI Basselthof & Niedersachsenmeisterschaft 2013 20-Sep - 22-Sep Austria Strasswalchen Salzburger & Tiroler Meisterschaften 21-Sep Switzerland Grenchen Islandpferde Turnier 27-Sep - 29-Sep Germany Zachow Paßchampionat 2013 FEIF International Breeding Shows until 27 September 2013 04-Aug - 11-Aug Germany Berlin, World Championships for Icelandic Horses 2013 12-Aug - 23-Aug Iceland Hella 12-Aug - 16-Aug Iceland Hvammstangi 12-Aug - 16-Aug Iceland Miðfossar 19-Aug - 23-Aug Iceland Dalvík
  9. 9. 19-Aug - 23-Aug Iceland Skagafjörður 29-Aug - 01-Sep Sweden Romme Travbana 06-Sep - 08-Sep Denmark Skive 06-Sep - 07-Sep Germany FIZO Aegidienberg 11-Sep - 12-Sep Germany FIZO Basselthof 25-Sep - 26-Sep Germany FIZO Zachow