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Risk assesment


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Risk assesment

  1. 1. cause existing controls severity riskrating 5 2 10 trailing cable 2 2 4 heat of film lamp in classroom burn risk 3 2 6 fire in school 10 1 10 risk of bruising 2 2 4 5 1 5 risk of bruising 2 2 4 Fire on location. 9 1 9 4 4 4 Inside risk assesment. significant hazards identified persons at risk likeli-hood additional controls/ recommendation s faulty electrical equipment in classroom risk of electrical death / fire kit regularly checked - close supervision of participants using kit risk of tripping / bruising cables into cable tidys or taped down close supervision of use, ensure lamps are standing and used correctly. risk of death/burns schools emergency evacuation procedure overseen by participating teacher who will take responsibility in events of evacuation. equipment falling & overhanging microphones in class camera tripods, and boom equipment set up and operated correctly - equipment correctly fastened outside risk assesment. faulty electrical equipment on location. risk of electrical death/fire no mains powered equipment to be taken on location. assess locaation. equipment falling & overhanging microphones on location camera tripods and boom equipment set up and operated correctly - equipment correctly fastened where possible. assess location and equipment beforehand. risk of death/burns evacuation procedure fr any interior location to be checked. asses location beforehand. Rainy weather may cause slippery roads. risk of injury/brusing. On rainy days actor and production members mus wear appropriate clothing look at weather report prior to filming.