A one man war                                Numero Uno productionSCENE ONE: INT, MR AUSTINS BEDROOM - 6:00The scene begin...
are of him tying his laces, him running on a running machine, picking up weights,stretching and drinking water from his bo...
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A one man war


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A one man war

  1. 1. A one man war Numero Uno productionSCENE ONE: INT, MR AUSTINS BEDROOM - 6:00The scene begins with the main character Steve Austin sleeping in his bed. His iscurled up in foetus position. [We can her bird singing in the background] Thecamera zooms into the digital alarm clock on top of the bedside table [The timeshown on the alarm clock is 05:59 and when the times reaches 06:00, the alarmgoes off] He reaches his hands out for his alarm clock and fumbles for the alarmswitch and switches it off. The camera is faced forward and we see Steve slowlybut steadily rising up (like terminator). His ayes are wide open. He then sits on theside of the bed. He drops his head on his hands and we can hear the characterbreathing heavily, trying to calm him self down.[The screen fades to black]Opening title appears on screen: Numero Uno (logo) presents ‘One ManWar’Description of opening title:The opening title starts with a gold screen. At the centre of the screen there is a whitenumber one. A key enters the number one and turns it towards the right at a 90 degreeangle. The screen zooms out revealing a door creaking open outwards, with the key stillinside it. Behind the door, is a black screen with the ‘Numero Uno’ logo. The ‘Numero Unopresents’ is in Edwardian script. The text is in white with a golden border. The screenfades to black.The word ‘A one man War’ appears in the next screen. The text is in Bodoni SVTY and itappears on the screen as though some one is typing the words with a white line flashingafter the typing. All the text is in white. There is also a white silhouette of a soldier onthe right of ‘ A one man War,’ which is slightly bigger than the font. The soldier grows insize and appears after the words one man war are typed up. The white soldier moves hisgun barrel towards the screen and shoots, the screen cracks and crumbles.15 MINTUES LATER (6:15):INT, MR AUSTINS BATHROOMDuring the special scene heading [One Man War] we hear non-diegetic sounds of a runningtap and a man brushing teeth. The screen re-appears and we see Johnny washing face. Hethen looks straight at the bathroom mirror. Both hands are rested on the basin for support.The camera slowly zooms closer to his reflection in mirror and we can see his expression,which is apprehensive and timid. He then straightens up and looks at the mirror. After abrief pause he salutes the mirror and then walks off. Music similar to the ‘eye of the tiger’begins to play in to the next scene, creating a sound bridge.SCENE TWO: MR AUSTIN’S BEDROOM INT– He also has flashbacks in this scene?All throughout this scene two we hear a similar theme tune to the eye of the tiger.We see a Camera shot of his cloth lined up neatly on his bed. A series of montagebegins and we see Steve in the gym training. The short clips are going to include
  2. 2. are of him tying his laces, him running on a running machine, picking up weights,stretching and drinking water from his bottle, wiping his forehead with a towel.We are also going to use short clips of Steve wearing his shirt, putting on histrousers, doing his tie. Intercut will be used to show mixed clips from both hisbedroom and in the gym, short clips of the gym will be a flash back of what Stevedid the previous day. During the montage we see glimpse of Steve getting dressed.We see a camera shot of him buttoning up his sleeves. The camera is going to zoominto his hands buttoning his sleeves and then move slowly to his hands revealingtape left on his fingers-we then show a flashback of his intense training-hispunching aggressively on a punch bag. (Match cut).Skips scene to getting dressed in bedroom. Crane shot to show him dressed. Theseries of montage scene show him grabbing his keys, putting it in his pocket,reaching for his coat, picking up his bag, turning the door knob and then doorslams shut. [Music stops when door closes as he leaves house]SCENE THREE:we see a shot of Steve foot walking. The camera then pans up and we see a wormseyes view of Steve Austin. Long shot of Austin. We see trees all around him and seegrave stone. We see short clips of gravestone.[Travelling, siren as ambulance goes past]SCENE FOUR:[Point of view shot, sound of heart beating] – Man holds door handle, slightscreaming is heard in background.[Insert of a war sounds]Mr Austin: It’s time.[Opens door] It is now silent. Panning shot reveals the children [Camera –eye lineview] Camera shows faces of children looking innocent.Students:(in unison) good morning Mr Austin.Mr Austin: [nervous] okay, class, i don’t want any trouble today. Let’s get started.[steve starts writing on board when a paper ball hits him in the back of the head][Insert of war scene of a grenade falling]Students: [Laugh loudly] warning siren is heard?Screen goes black, Eye of the tiger music. Finishing credits.THE END.