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Risk Assessment – Photography Studio


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Risk Assessment – Photography Studio

  1. 1. Risk Assessment – Photography Studio Potential Risk Tripping over wires from lights and other electrical equipment that is plugged in. Falling off ladder if it is used, or a chair or table. Hot, bright studio lights – especially if ring flash is used. As the light could get very hot if someone touched it or if they are not used to the bright flash light it could burn their eyes. Electrocution due to misuse of plug sockets and electrical equipment. Lighting over heating or electrical misuse could potentially cause a fire or electrical sparks. Precaution Emergency Make sure that the wires are as out of the way and tidy as possible. Also make sure that when not shooting – prep time – the main light is on to make sure that everyone can see clearly. If something is used then make sure person up the ladder has good balance and suitable footwear on – no heels –and have someone holding onto them and the ladder to help balance them. Make sure people do not touch the lighting by having them positioned far enough away. Inform the model that the light will be bright, and show them first before they use it giving them time to adjust. Make sure everything is organized and plugged in, turned on, and set up before the models and any crew gets to the studio so that risk is reduced. Turn off lighting or equipment that could overheat when not in use to stop over eating and shutting down. If someone trips over, then assess their injury to see if they need medical assistance. If someone falls from the top of the ladder, don’t move them and call emergency services. If they fall of a low step then they should be okay, but assess the injury. If they lighting does affect their sight, give them time to rest and focus their eyes. If they touch the light, it should not over heat too much and should not need any medical attention. If someone gets electrocuted, call emergency services and get them immediate medical attention. If this happened then I would have to clear the area, making sure everyone gets out safely. I would also call emergency services for a fire engine and potential medical attention.