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Five years left to cry in?


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Presentation given at Play's the Thing

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Five years left to cry in?

  1. 1. Five years left to cry in?The means to a flourishing lifeBridget McKenzie, Flow Associates
  2. 2. The tech for any new energy sourcetypically takes 30 years BUT“If we wish to avoid a 4C world:We have less than 5 years to see global emissionspeak, then decline rapidly at 5-9% pa.An unprecedented challenge.Existing political & corporate processes will notdeliver either:•the level of...innovation and implementationrequired•in time, or in substance” Ian T. Dunlop, 2011
  3. 3. Breaching of safe planetary boundaries
  4. 4. By sustaining life, I mean humans as partof global commons of diverse life Not just the survivors like ants True name: ‘Hairy crazy ant’
  5. 5. Challenges,problems,changes Comforts, skills, tools, traditions
  6. 6. Peer-to- peer Divergence Praxis at the core PluralityLearning Planet Playmodel: copyrightBridget McKenzie
  7. 7. Common Cause ‘deep frames’
  8. 8. Root issue: Belief that wealth = wellbeing 12
  9. 9. I saw boys, toys,electric ironsand TVs
  10. 10. To live & feel better we have to see the worst
  11. 11. Save water or the goldfish gets it
  12. 12. Turn carbon into ploughshares
  13. 13. Who has the power to engineer the turn?
  14. 14. Some co’s e.g. Philips are leading way 1970s 2010s
  15. 15. Own the change: make your company
  16. 16. Farm:shop in Dalston – a farm in a shop
  17. 17. Woollen line – Pip Woolf
  18. 18. Why is Nowhereisland valuable?
  19. 19. “All the somebody peopleand all the nobody people...I never thought I neededso many people”
  20. 20. Power of imagination with open purpose
  21. 21. We will need to do more than this, so:• Persistent pressure on companies & media to turn• Fight for Ecocide to be an international crime against peace• Tea Makipaa’s 10 commandments for 21st Century• Put your money & time in eco innovation