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TED Global 2011 Fellows Booklet

  1. 1. Dear TEDizens,We are excited to welcome the TEDGlobal 2011 Fellows to Edinburgh, TED’s new international home!In these pages you will meet the seventh class of TED Fellows–the 20 outstanding artists, innovators,makers, scientists, and entrepreneurs that comprise the new fellowship class. We guarantee you’ll find theirstories fascinating and hope that you spend time individually connecting with them over the course of the week.We also welcome back the 2010 and 2011 Senior Fellows, who have been continuing their extraordinarywork around the world while a part of the TED community for two additional years. Flip through these pagesfor their updates.Please extend a warm TED welcome to the Fellows and Senior Fellows–look for Fellowship tags on theirbadges. You’ll be glad you did.On behalf of all the Fellows and the TED Fellows team, we look forward to spending time togetherin Scotland’s beautiful capital city. Tom Rielly Fellows Director tom@ted.comP.S. Applications for the TED2012 Fellowship are now open. Please help us spread the word! TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 2
  2. 2. Launched at TED2009, the TED Fellows program brings outstandingindividuals who have shown unusual accomplishment, exceptional courage,and moral imagination into the TED community in order to amplify theimpact of their remarkable projects and activities.How it works TED Senior FellowsEach year, 20 Fellows attend the TED Conference in Of the 40 Fellows selected each year, 10 individualsLong Beach, California, and 20 attend TEDGlobal in are invited to participate in the extended Senior Fel-Edinburgh, Scotland, as full conference participants, lowship program, which begins the year after theirwith all expenses paid. They enjoy an exclusive Fel- initial Fellowship. Read more on page 46.lows pre-conference where they meet, share ideas,receive communication, fundraising, and design How you can get involvedtraining, and encounter a few surprises. They also You can help the TED Fellows in six ways:have the opportunity to give a talk before or during 1. mentoring a FellowTED, and potentially to see their talks posted on 2. teaching at a Fellows eventTED.com. Throughout the rest of the year, they tell 3. nominating an excellent candidatetheir ongoing stories on the TED Fellows Blog and 4. donating to support the programYouTube channel, and receive personal coaching 5. corporate underwritingand mentoring. Coming soon: more extensive Fel- 6. contributing in-kind goods and serviceslows profiles on TED.com so you can find out more! To learn more about the TED Fellows program,The program focuses on individuals from six target visit: www.ted.com/fellowsregions: Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Caribbean, Eastern contact: fellows@ted.comEurope, Latin America and the Middle East, though follow: @TEDFellowpeople from the rest of the world are also repre-sented and welcome to apply. Fellows are drawnfrom the many disciplines that reflect the diversityof TED’s members: technology, entertainment, de-sign, the sciences, the humanities, the arts, NGOs,businesses and more. Though we target innovatorsaged 21 to 40, anyone over 18 is welcome to apply. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 3
  3. 3. The Bezos Family We would like to thank the Bezos Family for their visionary founding support of the TED Fellows program. Renee Freedman Chandra Jessee Pam Alexander Christiana Wyly Beth & Steve Varon Steve Demos Ann & John Doerr Scott WolfDhanam Foundation* Robert Angus (Shriram Family)* The Dhanam Foundation has offered a Max Ventilla matching grant for donations of $50,000 and above. For more information, or to Lynda Wyman & Bruce Heavin participate in the matching grant, please contact Logan McClure at logan@ted.com. Karla & Steve Jurveston TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 4
  4. 4. Gerry Ohrstrom Trish KubalSpecial thanks to:Reuben Abraham, David Albertson, Harvey Armstrong, Erich Broksas, MichaelDuarte, Nancy Duarte, Karen Eng, Alana Herro, Billy Johnson, Colleen Keegan,Benjamin Kellogg, Sandy Leong, Mark O’Donnell, Emeka Okafor, MargaretSullivan, Matthew Trost, Megan Wyatt, and Diana YousefFinally, we would like to thank the TED2009, TEDGlobal 2009, TEDIndia, TED2010,TEDGlobal 2010, and TED2011 Fellows. Not only have they been remarkableclasses, but they have also provided invaluable feedback that continues to shapethe program. To learn more about the current Fellows, visit www.ted.com/fellows. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 5
  5. 5. Manuel AguilarEnergy entrepreneur QuETSOL GuATEMALA TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 6
  6. 6. MEET MANuEL Q&A Manuel is cofounder and direc- What are you currently working on? tor of technology of QuETSOL, I’m working to eradicate some of the unnecessary barriers of access to infor- a renewable-energy company mation technology for the more than that provides Guatemala’s 4 billion people currently excluded from neediest citizens access to this phenomenal progress. I’m focusing energy services using renewableManuel on universalizing access to electricity, a and appropriate technologies. necessary precursor to the highest-impactAguilar Born and raised in Guatemala development tools. Our technological City, Manuel graduated from solutions aim to maximize sustainability– Harvard in 2006, earning ecological, technical, and economic. Get in Touch Phone both master’s and bachelor’s What do you do for fun? +502.400.888.19 degrees in astrophysics and I find life to be a continuously engrossing, +502.570.444.21 physics. In mid-2008, while +502.223.000.73 fun experience. When not “working” (the working in finance, he founded ultimate fun), I seek knowledge through a global-macro hedge fund, any means possible, from prolonged con- Thresher Global, in Greenwich, templation to intense visceral experiences Email tono@quetsol.com Connecticut. Manuel’s ultimate and everything in between. My current aim is to facilitate access to hobbies are self-sufficiency and traveling. computer technology that will I love long road trips. permit QuETSOL customers Tell a surprising anecdote about your- to leapfrog into the emerging self that few people know. Web global knowledge economy– quetsol.com From a young age I was keen on counting while simultaneously minimiz- things and keeping “records.” Naturally, ing their ecological impact. the most interesting records involved my “feats of strength.” I vividly remember one: “How long can I lie in between the bed and the mattress?” While establishing a solid record and just lying there sand- wiched, waiting, I had the first inklings, at age 4, that one need never get bored. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 7
  7. 7. Femi AkindeMobile commerce innovator SlimTrader NIGERIA | uNITED STATES TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 8
  8. 8. MEET FEMI Q&A In 2009, Femi left his position as What are you currently working on? senior finance manager at Micro- I am currently working on closing a number of SlimTrader agreements with soft to found the m-commerce partners and clients. firm SlimTrader, which owns and operates MoBiashara: the first What do you do for fun? platform in Africa that allowsFemi When I am not working, I am with my consumers to shop and make 6-year-old daughter. We have lots of funAkinde purchases from businesses going on outings together. with their mobile devices using text messages and mobile Tell a surprising anecdote about your- Get in Touch self that few people know. Phone money. This is especially valu- I can sleep sitting up, a valuable skill as I +1.425.522.2755 able given the slow and erratic travel a lot. I once slept through an entire internet access on the conti- Chicago-to-Ireland flight while sitting nent, which leaves residents upright in my seat. with the sole option of traveling and waiting in line to conduct Email fa@slimtrader.com potentially simple transactions. under Femi’s leadership, Slim- Trader has begun operating in four African countries and has had a string of early successes. Web Clients range from agribusi- slimtrader.com nesses selling fertilizer to farmers mobiashara.com to transportation companies selling tickets to commuters. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 9
  9. 9. Suleiman BakhitComic creator + social media entrepreneur Aranim Media Factory Aranim Games JORDAN TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 10
  10. 10. MEET SuLEIMAN Q&A During his undergraduate years What are you currently working on? at the university of Minnesota, I am currently working on creating the first generation of Arab heroes, such as the four students attacked Sulei- first Arab female action hero (Section 9), man on campus one night soon an Arab James Bond (Element Zero), and after the events of September the first Arab graphic sci-fi novel (Saladin 11, 2001. Instead of returning toSuleiman 2100). I’m also developing Arabic social Jordan, Suleiman began to visit games that aim to empower youth and toBakhit young children in elementary fight the culture of extremism. I’ll be pub- schools, simply to talk to them lishing the first Arab social farming game about Arab culture, in hopes of on Facebook in July 2011. Get in Touch Phone changing perceptions. When What do you do for fun? +962.7.999.999.00 asked one day what the Arab Movies, skydiving, motorcycling, world +962.777.00.9999 equivalent of Superman looked travel, being inspired by others. I’m a like, he was overwhelmed with sucker for ethnic food (consuming and the realization that superheroes cooking) and watching TED videos. did not really exist in the Arab Email suleiman@aranim.com world. Armed with nothing more Tell a surprising anecdote about your- than his imagination and a pen- self that few people know. cil, he began to draw, and in I wasn’t one of those kids with a sketch- 2006, founded comics media book drawing furiously. When I was 10, my parents hired a private arts tutor to company Aranim, which in teach me. After a week, she returned Web 2010 sold more than 1.2 million aranim.com all her fees, saying I did not have an comic books–making it the artistic bone in my body, and that I biggest comic-book producer should quit. Now, many years later, I find in the region. myself a bestselling comic-book author, social games producer, and an aspiring filmmaker. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 11
  11. 11. Yana Buhrer TavanierMental health activist Bulgarian Helsinki Committee Sofia Pride Foundation Bulgarian Activist Alliance BuLGARIA TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 12
  12. 12. MEET YANA Q&A Yana is a human rights activist What are you currently working on? and an award-winning journal- I am currently campaigning for deinsti- tutionalization of children with mental ist based in Sofia, Bulgaria. In disabilities, and for the development of the past two years, she has alternative, community-based services. worked undercover, investigat- The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee investi- ing institutions for adults withYana gated all 25 social homes for children with intellectual and mental health mental disabilities in Bulgaria. We uncov-Buhrer Tavanier disabilities in Croatia, Mace- ered evidence of 238 deaths occurring donia, Bulgaria, Romania, and between 2000 and 2010, most avoidable, Serbia, uncovering evidence of many caused by neglect. At the time of Get in Touch the inspections, 103 children were suffer- Phone human rights abuses, inhuman ing from malnutrition. +359.887.668.089 and degrading treatment, and +359.896.843.370 appalling neglect. Currently, What do you do for fun? Yana is the campaign manager I try to spend more time with the ones of the Bulgarian Helsinki Com- I love. I travel the world, chasing bands mittee, the country’s most influ- and artists. In the little black notebook I Email yanabt@gmail.com ential human rights group. She carry around all the time, I scribble ideas has led numerous campaigns, for art projects that would help create most recently for the rights social change. of children with disabilities in Tell a surprising anecdote about your- institutions and against police self that few people know. Web brutality. As part of the Sofia dumpinggroundsforpeople.wordpress.com Recently, my mother told me she doesn’t Pride Foundation, Yana cam- mind gay people, as long as they don’t flickr.com/photos/41740685@N04/sets/ bghelsinki.org paigns for LGBT rights, and is “parade their sexuality.” In 15 minutes, I actively involved in organizing tried to explain how Prides in the Balkans the annual Pride march, which are not exactly celebrations; they are a in 2011 will take place for the part of the fight for equal rights. Then fourth time in Bulgaria. she asked me when the Pride would be. “June 18,” I answered. “Why?” “Because I’ll be coming,” she said. “And I’ll even be bringing a banner along.” In my work I have achieved some important things, but this felt like the sweetest victory ever. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 13
  13. 13. Monika BulajPhoto documentarian POLAND | ITALY TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 14
  14. 14. MEET MONIKA Q&A Monika is a Polish-born pho- What are you currently working on? tographer of nomads and travel I’m writing about Afghanistan and North Africa, and preparing Auras, a book about writer based in Trieste, Italy. the borders of the monotheism, and one She explores the peripheries about Afghanistan, Nur. I am also preparing of monotheism in Asia, Africa, for several exhibitions. and Eastern Europe - the ritu-Monika als, pilgrimages, possession What do you do for fun?Bulaj rites, and dances of migrants, I practice a personal mixture of yoga, farmers, and outcasts in out- tango, and Chinese wushu martial arts. skirts and deserts, frontiers For love and money I work in street theatre Get in Touch as an actress-director and acrobat-dancer Phone and ghettos. The goal of her on stilts. We have the Bora wind in Trieste, +39.335.803.9278 Central Asia Project, focusing and my sons and I love to windsurf. Before +39.040.309.212 on Afghanistan, is to show the sleeping I look at the works of Tarkovsky, hidden world of the Sufi and Kurosawa, Fellini, Herzog, Caravag- the nomadic tribes and minori- gio, Anders Petersen, Ortiz-Echagüe, ties embracing pre-Islamic Koudelka–this mixture produces quite Email m.bulaj@gmail.com traditions–both despised by interesting dreams. the Wahhabite Taliban. Monika, who studied Polish philology at Tell a surprising anecdote about your- Warsaw university, has authored self that few people know. My third journey, at 19, took place dur- six books, mounted about 50 ing winter along Poland’s eastern border, Web solo exhibitions, and won the monikabulaj.com across fields and woods. Witches blew Bruce Chatwin Special Award spells in my face, Orthodox nuns plied for Photography, the Absolute me with borsch. I met a poet. He knew Eye. She currently freelances Marx’s Capital by heart, and made groom- for GEO, National Geographic ing equipment for cows while awaiting the (Italy), La Repubblica, Courrier arrival of the Messiah. He welcomed me International, Gazeta Wyborcza in the forest like an angel sent from his and others. prophet Elijah. Everything I did later was the consequence of that experience. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 15
  15. 15. Bilge DemirkozParticle physicist + educator Middle East Technical university CERN TuRKEY | SWITZERLAND TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 16
  16. 16. MEET BILGE Q&A Bilge wants to inspire the next What are you currently working on? generation of scientists and I decided to return to Turkey in February, after it applied to become a member state make the public more aware of of CERN. Therefore, my first priority is start- the amazing universe we live ing up my research group here at METu in. A particle physicist work- and contributing to Turkish-CERN scientific ing on the ATLAS experimentBilge collaboration. It requires one-on-one atten- at the Large Hadron Collider tion with my graduate and undergraduateDemirkoz at CERN, she graduated from students. It is an amazingly exciting time. MIT with a major in physics and minors in mathematics What do you do for fun? Get in Touch I love music: I play piano, sing, and am Phone and music. She continued her learning to play the accordion. The lan- +90.535.341.7708 graduate studies at MIT, working guage of science, especially of physics, is +90.312.210.5067 on the Alpha Magnetic Spec- +41.78.839.7052 mathematics. While we cannot expect the trometer experiment, which is public to learn the language of mathemat- now searching for antimatter ics at the level of cutting-edge science, and a dark matter signature in I think it would be possible to convey Email demirkoz@cern.ch space. She attended the 2008 the beauty inherent in the equations of Meeting of Nobel Laureates at nature–particularly of particle physics–in Lindau and initiated the contact music or other art forms. between the meeting organiz- Tell a surprising anecdote about your- ers and Turkey. As a result, self that few people know. Web five young Turkish researchers demirkoz.web.cern.ch/demirkoz/ I carried the Olympic Flame on July 6, attend the meetings every year. 2004, in Üsküdar, Istanbul, on its way to Bilge now holds a faculty posi- Athens. Before this experience, I used to tion at Middle East Technical think such symbolism might be unneces- university (METu) in Ankara. sary in the modern world. Aren’t we all so connected now, with phones and wireless internet access? Why would we need a symbolic flame carried around the world? I could not have been more wrong. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 17
  17. 17. Julie FreemanTech artist Translating Nature uNITED KINGDOM TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 18
  18. 18. MEET JuLIE Q&A Julie’s work spans visual, What are you currently working on? audio, and digital art forms, My current work explores how we can engage with networking activity in a and explores how we perceive physical and immediate way. It will involve the relationship between tech- the creation of many small kinetic objects nology, science, and nature. that will (hopefully) exhibit emergent con- She is passionate about under-Julie nected behavior visually and sonically. The standing the less-obvious project will look at social networking dataFreeman elements of our world, and patterns to see what makes certain data about how art can incorpo- more contagious than other data. Can rate science and technology to these patterns create music? Get in Touch Phone inform our perspective of these What do you do for fun? +44.7.866.609.912 unseen layers. Often working I’m a uK silver medalist (2011) in cold- collaboratively, she experiments water swimming. I love the buzz I get with transforming complex when I plunge into icy water–my brain processes and datasets into becomes sharp, my humor is elevated, sound compositions, objects, my skin glows. I rarely compete; mostly I Email julie@translatingnature.org and animations. For the past swim in the uK’s beautiful lakes and rivers 15 years, Julie has focused on and along the coast. I am part of the Out- questioning the use of elec- door Swimming Society–a movement tronic technologies to “translate to get more people outdoors and into the water. nature.” Her pioneering artwork Web The Lake tracked electroni- translatingnature.org Tell a surprising anecdote about your- cally tagged fish and translated self that few people know. their movement into a real-time It wasn’t until I was about 11 that my fam- audio-visual experience. Based ily realized I needed eyeglasses. One day, in the uK, Julie is currently one of my parents pointed out a funny artist-in-residence at Cranfield billboard and I pulled a crazy distorted university’s Microsystems and face to squint at it. I believe my love of Nanotechnology Centre. imagining how invisible systems work was shaped by how I honed my listening skills and other senses to make up for my lack of vision as a kid. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 19
  19. 19. Jose Gomez-MarquezMedical device designer Innovations in International Health @ MIT D-Lab @ MIT LDTC + Labs HONDuRAS | uNITED STATES TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 20
  20. 20. MEET JOSE Q&A Jose creates innovative medical What are you currently working on? solutions for those who most I have two favorite projects. One is MEDIK (Medical Education Design and Invention need healthcare. An instruc- Kits), which lets non-engineers design tor at MIT’s D-Lab: Health, and prototype their own medical technol- a course in designing global ogies–like a Lego set, but in the end you health technologies, he is alsoJose have a medical device. I’m also working program director for the Inno- on a new method to mash up biochemi-Gomez-Marquez vations in International Health cal diagnostics with mobile phones. The initiative at MIT. Among IIH’s project has brought together infectious- projects is the Aerovax Drug disease experts, biochemists, mobile Get in Touch phone programmers, and some rapid Phone Delivery System, a device prototyping tools to create a better way +1.617.674.7516 for mass delivery of inhalable of monitoring epidemics. drugs and vaccines to remote populations. His invention port- What do you do for fun? folio also includes SafePilot, I love exploring cities, especially when I a navigation aid for the blind, have to travel abroad and get to hop from Email jfgm@mit.edu and, most recently, the X out coffee shop to coffee shop. I travel with a TB program, which aims to French press because some countries offer increase TB therapy adherence instant coffee as standard, which should in developing countries using be banned. I follow international affairs like other people follow sports, so I end up novel diagnostics and mobile reading a lot of magazines such as Foreign Web technology. Jose serves on iih.mit.edu Policy, the international sections of online the European union’s Science newspapers, and books on the topic. littledevicesthatcould.blogspot.com Against Poverty Taskforce and has participated as an expert Tell a surprising anecdote about your- advisor in the President’s self that few people know. Council of Advisors on Science I was born premature because of an and Technology. ultrasound error, and doctors were so pessimistic that my family signed a death certificate and bought me a coffin. I could fit in a shoebox. Miracle surgery saved my life, but I was at high risk of brain damage. My mother never gave up hope and nursed me back to health. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 21
  21. 21. Lars JanTransmedia director Early Morning Opera uNITED STATES TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 22
  22. 22. MEET LARS Q&A Lars is a genre-bending director, What are you currently working on? designer, writer, and media artist, I’m working on three projects: ABACuS embodies the evolution of contemporary and founding artistic director of persuasion in the forms of presentations Early Morning Opera, a multi- and mega-church media design. A SuI- disciplinary art lab based in Los CIDE BOMBING BY INVITATION ONLY Angeles creating works aboutLars embraces the iconic fear of the day, “America right now.” Lars stud- refracted through the lenses of celebrity,Jan ied Bunraku-style puppetry protest, advertising, the art market, and outside Kyoto for a year and memorials. HOLOSCENES transforms taught physical performance the “popular attraction” into a pivot for Get in Touch public conversation on global climate Phone at Kabul university’s fledg- cataclysm and the spiritual legacy of our + ling theatre department. As responses to systems theoretically beyond a Princeton Atelier Fellow, he our control. recorded elder women in rural ukraine singing in a vanishing What do you do for fun? polyphonic style. His subjects I drive around the Western united States, Email lars@earlymorningopera.com have included Laika the Soviet taking pictures, and play fetch with my space dog, a suicide bomber, golden retriever, who usually doesn’t drop land art, TED talks, a downed the ball. I make massive kebab feasts fighter pilot, and the impossibil- for many friends, followed by kebab- fueled dance parties. Backpack through ity of outsiders ever knowing mountainous places, ideally harboring hot Web the relationship that two people earlymorningopera.com springs. Exchange bits of dark humor. have together. His work has been Admire my girlfriend’s impressive pun- supported by the Sherwood ning ability. Take in all the art I can. Travel. Award, The MacDowell Colony, Collaborate. and commissions from EMPAC and the Whitney Museum. Tell a surprising anecdote about your- self that few people know. Hiking in Tajikistan with my friend Mac Funk, I got tagged by a rockslide. He lowered me onto a glacier with a rope. As he slid down himself, he caused a stony cascade. While I ran away, one chunk of granite knocked me over, puncturing a hole above my left ankle the size of a light bulb socket. Mac put pressure on the wound for about four hours until the bleeding stopped. I downed two Snickers bars–twice our daily ration and the best meal of my life. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 23
  23. 23. Christine LeeBio-archeologist Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology & Paleoanthropology uNITED STATES | CHINA TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 24
  24. 24. MEET CHRISTINE Q&A Christine’s research as a bio- What are you currently working on? archaeologist combines the I am currently researching human skel- etons from archaeological excavations fields of physical anthropology along the border of the first Chinese and archaeology. Working in Empire (206 BCE–220 CE). I hope to China and Mongolia for the detect whether the movement of people past seven years, she usesChristine along the Silk Road and Great Wall spread the bones and teeth of ancient new diseases into or out of East Asia.Lee human skeletons–populations ancestral to modern-day Mon- What do you do for fun? golians, Tibetans, and uyghurs I love taking road trips. I’ve woken up to Get in Touch Mongolian nomads riding through the Phone – to answer questions about morning fog. Tibetan children have shown +86.13718127 their life history, patterns of dis- me their prized pig while sharing Popsi- ease, population migration and cles in a remote mountaintop village. I’ve interaction, and medical and also been introduced to the Tibetan Mastiffs cultural practices. She hopes used to guard a Chinese archaeological that this work will introduce site. All these experiences came from Email christinelee70@gmail.com these ancient people, little- stopping at random places on the road known outside Asia, to a new and introducing myself to the people I saw. audience. Tell a surprising anecdote about your- self that few people know. I’ve always been told I don’t have a typically Chinese face. Visiting my father’s ances- tral homeland along the Silk Road during my research, I saw that though his family left this area hundreds of years ago, I still look like the people in this place where, for thousands of years, Mongolian, Tibetan, and Chinese populations have lived next to each other. I’m living proof of the complex nature of Chinese population history. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 25
  25. 25. Jae Rhim LeeScientific artist Infinity Burial Project MIT Program in Art, Culture & Technology SOuTH KOREA | uNITED STATES TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 26
  26. 26. MEET JAE RHIM Q&A Jae Rhim is a visual artist and What are you currently working on? designer who works at the As part of the Infinity Burial Project, I’m developing a new alternative burial intersection of art, DIY science, method I call “corpse decompiculture.” and design. She conducts I’m training an edible mushroom to digest research and makes environ- my discarded hair, skin, nails, and blood. mentally conscious recyclingJae Rhim This mushroom will be incorporated into systems, wearables, and burial suits, decomposition kits, and post-Lee furniture that challenge the mortem makeup. socially constructed boundar- ies between mind/body/self/ What do you do for fun? Get in Touch I love urban exploration via bicycle. I’m Phone society and the built and natural currently attempting to live mostly car-free +1.617.710.4188 environments. The Infinity Burial in Los Angeles using my bike as a main Project, her latest work, pro- form of transportation. I also enjoy com- poses an alternative for the posting, concocting new Popsicle flavors, postmortem body that features and making fermented foods–kefir, the training of a unique strain of sauerkraut, and kimchi, among others. Email jrlee@mit.edu an edible mushroom to decom- pose and remediate toxins in Tell a surprising anecdote about your- human tissue, the development self that few people know. of a decomposition “kit,” and a I’ve taken 15 personality tests and voca- tional inventories, read 20 self-help books, membership society devoted to and consulted four career counselors and Web the promotion of death accep- jaerhimlee.com two therapists to find a vocation perfectly tance and the cultivation of matched to my interests and abilities. I’ve infinityburialproject.com decomposing organisms. learned that I strongly resemble a Navy general, I may have an aptitude for window dressing, I am an “idealist” and a “healer,” and I am ill-suited for academia, investment banking, medicine, social work, nonprofit management, psychology, documentary photography, the military, tutoring, adminis- tration, research, retail, and telemarketing. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 27
  27. 27. Jon LowensteinDocumentary photographer NOOR IMAGES and FOuNDATION The Dart Society uNITED STATES TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 28
  28. 28. MEET JON Q&A Jon specializes in long-term, What are you currently working on? in-depth projects that confront I am working to complete two long-term documentary book projects about dias- the realms of power, poverty, pora communities in both the united and violence. He strives for States and Latin America. I am also unsparing clarity, and believes focused on building the NOOR Docu- images make a critical contri-Jon mentary Foundation uSA, which will help bution by revealing the subjects disseminate documentary projects ofLowenstein of history that lack voice. At the significance throughout the world. NOOR core of his work, by his own is creating a variety of programs and part- admission, is a lighted love of nerships with educational institutions to Get in Touch ensure that the work reaches the widest Phone people. An equally intractable audience possible. +1.773.220.0275 believer in the art of photography, he asks those who consider What do you do for fun? photography inessential to pic- I wish I could say I can leap tall buildings ture a world with no pictures. in a single bound, but the reality is I’m a His international assignments pretty simple person. In my spare time, Email jon@jonlowenstein.com have included covering elec- which seems to be dwindling these days, tions in Afghanistan to the I enjoy swimming in Lake Michigan out- aftermath of the 2010 Haiti side my back door, playing basketball, earthquake to social violence in and hanging out with friends. I am a true Boston Celtics basketball fan through and Guatemala. His recent project through. I also love having barbecues in Web explores the impact of cerebral jonlowenstein.com the summer. malaria in ugandan children. noorimages.com shadowlivesusa.org He is a member and owner of Tell a surprising anecdote about your- the NOOR Images cooperative self that few people know. and Foundation. When I was about 14, I slept outside the Old Boston Garden on Causeway Street several times, waiting to buy regular sea- son and playoff tickets. The most amusing part about the experience was that I slept next to my close friend’s grandmother, Rose Klein, who was 73 at the time and also an avid Celtics fan. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 29
  29. 29. Sonaar LuthraWater testing innovator Water Canary Inc. uNITED STATES TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 30
  30. 30. MEET SONAAR Q&A Sonaar is CEO and cofounder What are you currently working on? of Water Canary, which seeks I’m developing and sourcing our next pro- totype to lay the foundation for a global to transform the fight against open-sensor network. I’m also learning waterborne illness and water- about and participating in the communi- related emergencies with real- ties that will be crucial to Water Canary’s time water-quality information.Sonaar success, while securing the resources Water Canary is developing a and partners our organization needs.Luthra simple open-source device that quickly and cheaply determines What do you do for fun? when water can’t be trusted I’m a bit academic, I’m obsessed with Get in Touch William Blake, I spend too much money Phone so that action can be taken to on obscure vinyl, and I love 8-bit culture. +1.507.398.7252 secure clean supplies, prevent- I also write, paint, search for food that ing the spread of pollution and strikes a perfect balance between salty disease. Sonaar is fascinated and sweet, and try to beat my girlfriend’s by the ways inexpensive net- top score on Angry Birds. worked hardware can be used Email sonaar@watercanary.com as a tool for promoting social Tell a surprising anecdote about your- change, and how it might help self that few people know. empower people across the Before entering NYu’s Interactive Tele- world with information. communications Program, I had never written a line of code and hadn’t picked up a soldering iron since I was 12 years Web watercanary.com old. I used to call myself a writer, but like to think that these days I’m creating science nonfiction. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 31
  31. 31. Nathalie MiebachWeather artist uNITED STATES TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 32
  32. 32. MEET NATHALIE Q&A Nathalie translates scientific What are you currently working on? data into sculptures. Her main My most recent work explores the inter- section of meteorology, visual art, and method of data translation is music through a unique collaborative that of basket weaving, which compositional process involving weather functions as a simple, tactile data, woven sculptures, graphic/inde- grid through which to inter-Nathalie terminate musical scores, and musical pret data into 3D space. In performance. I build musical scores out ofMiebach the last six years, she began meteorological and oceanic data, which focusing on meteorology and are then further translated into sculptures oceanography, and has since that function both as weather almanacs Get in Touch and 3D musical scores. The 3D and 2D Phone incorporated musical scores scores are then used in collaborative +1.617.997.8930 and performances and sculp- performances with musicians. tural installations as further extensions of data translation. What do you do for fun? Central to Nathalie’s work is A question articulated through science her desire to explore the role begins with a different premise–confined Email n_miebach@hotmail.com that visual and musical aes- by its own language, expectations, and thetics play in the translation rules–from the same question addressed and understanding of complex within the context of art. Play helps me scientific systems, such as circumvent these boundaries. I love to play with toys–Lego, molecular models, weather. Born to German and and board games–as a form of mental Web French parents, she now lives nathaliemiebach.com aerobics and to experience that state of and works in Boston. play in which inconsistencies and contra- dictions can build a strangely convincing sense of logic. Tell a surprising anecdote about your- self that few people know. It began in 2000, when I was attend- ing astronomy classes at Harvard and studying basket-weaving privately. While learning about deep space, all I ever saw were flat images projected on the wall. Frustrated, I translated astronomical data through basket-weaving to achieve a tac- tile, physical sense of astronomy. My “final paper” was my first woven sculptural translation of the Hertzsprung-Russell dia- gram, looking at the evolutionary stages of stars. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 33
  33. 33. Serge MouangueCross cultural designer Wafrica Nissan CAMEROON | JAPAN TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 34
  34. 34. MEET SERGE Q&A Born in Cameroon and based What are you currently working on? in Tokyo, Serge travels the While leading creative exploratory activity at Nissan, I am continuing to develop the world developing innova- Wafrica concept, widening its scope to tive design, weaving together include art, design, and architecture. I am the differences inherent in a also working on a breakthrough mobility wide range of cultural valuesSerge solution. and identities. After studyingMouangue applied art, architecture, and What do you do for fun? design in Paris, Serge’s career I love improvising abstract music on my took him from designing foot- piano. I like recording sound while work- Get in Touch ing in a way that describes or discovers Phone wear in China to concept cars the music of the place. I love listening to +81.80.3001.7922 for Nissan in Japan. In 2008, people’s travel stories, particularly those +81.80.3001.7922 he launched Wafrica, a design +81.3.6804.9282 about migration. I recommend The Arrival collaboration with a traditional by Shaun Tan. I also take great pleasure Japanese kimono-maker that inventing tales for my kids in the dark combines the traditions, materi- before bed, and being a clown. I meditate Email yoserge@hotmail.com als, and craftsmanship of Africa heavily–a good way to travel cheaply. and Japan to create visually arresting garments that speak Tell a surprising anecdote about your- to the similarities and differences self that few people know. When I was 12, living in the outskirts of between the two cultures. Paris, a teacher asked me what I wanted Web wafrica.jp to be. I said, naïvely, “A professional egodesign.ca/en/article.php?article_id=34 drawer.” Everybody burst out laughing at me, when I had never been so sincere. At 15 I ran away from home to join the Applied Art School. My dad wanted me to be an engineer. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 35
  35. 35. Alex OdundoAgricultural machinist Sifa Machinery Enterprises Kisumu Polytechnic KENYA TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 36
  36. 36. MEET ALEX Q&A Alex creates simple tools for What are you currently working on? rural economic development I am still at work on sisal projects, particu- larly development of the Sisal Decorticator in Africa. The Kenyan inven- and sisal twining machines for small-scale tor has already developed the Kenyan farmers. Sisal Decorticator and the Sisal Twiner–machines that makeAlex What do you do for fun? fiber and rope from the sisal I love listening to music, playing and watch-Odundo plant–uses by small-scale ing football, watching movies, helping the farmers in semi-arid lands poor, and coming up with new ideas. to add value to the fiber. His Get in Touch Tell a surprising anecdote about your- Phone greatest desire is to see the self that few people know. +254.7247196 disadvantaged uplifted, and I am the only inventor who has succeeded +254.7356482 he seeks solutions that affect in building sisal-processing machines whole communities–a quest in Kenya, despite several attempts by that drives his passion to suc- research institutions and universities. I have ceed. His future projects include been honored to receive several awards Email alex.odundo@gmail.com designing a machine to clear and to have the opportunity to train people water hyacinth in Kenya, intro- in Rwanda on these machines. ducing a community solar-power unit for rural electricity, and developing a farming method Web aimed at mitigating food short- sifamachinery.wordpress.com ages in parts of Africa. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 37
  37. 37. SomiSinger + cultural activist New Africa Live uGANDA | RWANDA | uNITED STATES TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 38
  38. 38. MEET SOMI Q&A Originally from uganda and What are you currently working on? Rwanda, vocalist and song- Right now, I’m preparing for the August 2011 release of my first live concert writer Somi grew up between album, but I am also writing new music Illinois and Zambia, but currently for my next studio album, which I hope resides in New York City. Her will be released next spring. I’m also try- latest album, If The Rains ComeSomi ing to further develop the programming First, features the legendary and curatorial efforts of New Africa Live Hugh Masekela and debuted at and ultimately produce a premier modern #2 on the Billboard World Music African arts festival that would happen Chart. Adored for her original annually in New York City. Get in Touch Phone blend of modern jazz, classic +1.917.687.8774 soul, and East African folk, What do you do for fun? Somi has collaborated with or I love to go out to see and hear creative performed alongside the likes of work of any discipline whenever I have Bobby McFerrin, Baaba Maal, the opportunity to do so. I also read a lot John Legend, Cassandra Wil- of fiction, but have an affinity for female Email somi@somimusic.com son, Mos Def, Paul Simon, and authors from the developing world, or Jennifer Hudson. Somi is also who write about the immigrant experi- the founder of New Africa Live, a ence. I also love to discover and create nonprofit organization dedicated inspired vegetarian recipes! to celebrating the very best of Tell a surprising anecdote about your- Web contemporary African artists somimusic.com self that few people know. working in the performance, I didn’t decide to pursue music profes- newafricalive.org visual, and literary arts. sionally until after I had finished college. Before that, I’d planned to either become a pediatrician or a medical anthropolo- gist. Consequently, I did not take my first private voice lesson until I was 23. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 39
  39. 39. Genevieve von PetzingerCave art researcher Department of Anthropology, university of Victoria CANADA TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 40
  40. 40. MEET GENEVIEVE Q&A Genevieve studies European What are you currently working on? Ice Age rock art at the univer- I’ve noticed that certain geometric signs tend to appear together. Preliminary sity of Victoria in Canada. Her tests at French and Spanish sites show previous research included the same pairings repeating over a wide creating the first full typology geographic area. To understand these of abstract rock art–30 distinctGenevieve patterns, I am now studying a unique signs have been identified to 15,000-year-old deer-tooth necklace fromvon Petzinger date–and building the largest a French burial site. The teeth have geo- database of geometric imag- metric markings: some are single signs, ery in the world: 146 sites with but others are combinations of two or Get in Touch more–the same configurations I see on Phone more than 5,000 separate cave walls. +1.778.440.1005 images. She found that many of the signs remained in use What do you do for fun? for over 20,000 years and I love reading science-fiction and fantasy appeared across a broad geo- books, learning languages (I speak five to graphic region. This continuity varying degrees), playing tennis, wilder- Email gvonpetz@gmail.com suggests the signs were mean- ness hiking, traveling far enough from ingful to their creators and were home to get culture shock, taking poorly being used purposefully–possi- planned road trips (don’t ever try driving bly a very early form of graphic through Paris without a map!), and watch- ing mixed martial arts fights–my guilty communication. pleasure. Web Genevieve’s current work bradshawfoundation.com/geometric_signs/ index.php includes expanding her data- Tell a surprising anecdote about your- base to incorporate all other Ice self that few people know. Age rock art sites in Europe, I’m a bit of a closet gearhead. I’ve helped and exploring the cognitive and my husband build two high-performance symbolic capabilities of our dis- engines from the “bare block” up, and at tant ancestors. one point, we even had a pretty chrome engine sitting in our living room during the assembly process! Ironically, I don’t like driving fast, but I do like to know how things work, and it’s a nice break to do something so hands-on. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 41
  41. 41. Lucianne WalkowiczStellar astronomer university of California, Berkeley Princeton university uNITED STATES TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 42
  42. 42. MEET LuCIANNE Q&A Lucianne studies the inscru- What are you currently working on? table faces of stars for clues I use ultra-precise measurements of star- light from NASA’s Kepler mission to study to the inner workings of their starspots and flares. These phenomena, hearts. She got her taste for caused by the stars’ magnetic fields, are astronomy as an undergradu- associated with high-energy radiation that ate at Johns Hopkins, testingLucianne impacts orbiting planets and sets the stage detectors for the Hubble Space for biology. If we could focus our effortsWalkowicz Telescope’s new camera. to detect life on only one other planetary She also learned to love red system outside our own, which would we dwarfs, the topic of her PhD choose? The answer lies in the stars. Get in Touch Phone dissertation at the university of What do you do for fun? + Washington. Nowadays, she I paint and draw comics–I’ve just com- works on NASA’s Kepler mis- pleted a series of paintings of re-imagined sion, studying starspots and tattoo themes. I’m also working on a chil- the tempestuous tantrums dren’s book about the 1894 San Francisco of stellar flares to understand Midwinter Fair. I’m an avid runner of mara- Email l.m.walkowicz@gmail.com stellar magnetic fields. She is thons, do yoga, and rock climb when time particularly interested in how allows. I also cook a lot (running makes me high-energy radiation from hungry), and I especially like cooking for stars influences the habitability friends. I’ve also been known to bring the house down at karaoke. of planets around alien suns. Web Lucianne also leads the Large astro.berkeley.edu/~lucianne Tell a surprising anecdote about your- Synoptic Survey Telescope, a self that few people know. strangepeoplecomics.com morethanhumanafterall.blogspot.com new project that will scan the My first job was an internship at sky every night for 10 years to uSAnimation, a digital ink-and-paint create a cosmic movie of our post-production animation company. We universe. did everything from M&Ms commercials to animated sequences for Plaza Sesamo (the Spanish-language Sesame Street– where Big Bird is, mysteriously, pink). My crowning achievement from that summer? A screen credit for painting an episode of Ren & Stimpy, one of my favorite cartoons of all time! TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 43
  43. 43. Jodie WuAppropriate technologist Global Cycle Solutions AISE Initiative uNITED STATES | TANZANIA TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 44
  44. 44. MEET JODIE Q&A Jodie is an MIT engineer turned What are you currently working on? entrepreneur. She founded I am currently working with manufacturers to bring our second generation of prod- Global Cycle Solutions and is ucts to market, including fully branded cofounder of the AISE initiative machines made from top-grade metals, to accelerate innovation and hand-driven maize shellers, and a new social entrepreneurship in Tan-Jodie bicycle-powered cell-phone charger zania. She and her team of 11 equipped with a built-in phone holder. IWu full-time Tanzanian employees am also guiding an aggressive outreach, at GCS build and sell simple training, and education program with our bicycle-related products that field partners, and finalizing plans to move Get in Touch our workshop from my garage to the Phone create opportunities in rural AISE collaboration center. +255.759.335.543 communities, helping farmers +1.678.609.4288 climb out of poverty. Jodie has +255.688.912.559 What do you do for fun? developed a platform whereby I play with the neighborhood children, various technologies can be catch up on reading, and head to the “plugged” onto a bicycle. For fields to play ultimate Frisbee or kick a Email jodiezwu@gmail.com farmers, her bicycle-powered soccer ball around. When I have lots of maize-sheller is five times faster spare time, I enjoy teaching myself to play than traditional methods, mak- guitar, baking cakes in my homemade ing the chore of shelling an oven (inverted pot on a pot with rocks on the bottom), and studying Swahili gram- easy and enjoyable task. A mar to clean up my “dirty” Swahili. Web strong believer in co-creation globalcyclesolutions.com and creative capacity-building, Tell a surprising anecdote about your- youtube.com/globalcyclesolutions she is teaming up with a local self that few people know. Tanzanian NGO to construct I asked my professor whether I should AISE’s first collaboration center take my full scholarship to graduate by the end of this year. school or start Global Cycle Solutions. He told me his grad-school stories, con- vincing me to go. Then he asked, “What did your parents do?” I told him, a little embarrassed: “They ran a Chinese res- taurant.” He said, “Great! Your parents were entrepreneurs. You should start Global Cycle Solutions.” So I did. I was never more proud of my parents, true entrepreneurs. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 45
  45. 45. Senior FellowsThe 2010 and 2011 TED Senior Fellows join us again for TEDGlobal 2011.While you may have met a few before, take a moment to read through thefollowing pages, familiarize yourself with the most recent class, and updateyourself on what the 2010 Senior Fellows are currently up to.About the program TEDGlobal 2011Each year, 10 Fellows are selected for the TED At TEDGlobal 2011 we have two classes of SeniorSenior Fellows program, an extended two-year Fellows joining us–the inaugural 2010 Seniorfellowship. Over the course of the fellowship, the Fellows (18) and the recently selected 2011 SeniorSenior Fellows work on projects within their indi- Fellows (12).vidual disciplines. To learn more about the TED Senior Fellows programBenefits to the Senior Fellows include attending four visit: www.ted.com/fellowsadditional TED conferences (TED and TEDGlobal), contact: fellows@ted.comparticipating in four Senior Fellows pre-conferences, follow: @TEDFellowthe opportunity to deliver a full-length talk on theTED university or main TED stage, and the potentialfor that talk to be posted on TED.com. The SeniorFellows’ responsibilities include mentoring the newerFellows, holding TEDx events in their communities,posting on the TED Fellows blog, and year-roundparticipation in the TED community. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 46
  46. 46. 2011 TED seNior Fellows Awab Alvi Dentist + political activist PAKISTAN Email Web Twitter drawab@gmail.com teeth.com.pk/blog @drawab alvidental.com AWAB iS… Tackling corruption in Pakistan by harnessing the collective energy of its citizens to report bribes paid to their public servants. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 47
  47. 47. 2011 TED seNior Fellows Esra’a Al Shafei Human rights activist BAHRAIN Email Web Twitter director@mideastyouth.com mideastyouth.com @mideastyouth crowdvoice.org mideastunes.com ESRA’A iS… The creator of a site that crowdsources and organizes information about protests, and a product that allows activists to easily build an online presence for their cause. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 48
  48. 48. 2011 TED seNior Fellows Candy Chang Designer + urban planner uNITED STATES Email Web Twitter candy@candychang.com candychang.com @candychang civiccenter.cc CAnDy iS… Creating a new tool that gathers ideas for neighborhoods, and a global public art project that invites people to share their dreams in public spaces. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 49
  49. 49. 2011 TED seNior Fellows Saeed Taji Farouky Filmmaker uNITED KINGDOM | PALESTINE Email Web Twitter saeed@touristwithatypewriter.com touristwithatypewriter.com @saeedtaji taji.co.uk @touristfilms SAEED iS… Filming, training, hustling, editing, hiding, negotiating, the agony and the ecstasy, premiere summer 2012...and breathing. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 50
  50. 50. 2011 TED seNior Fellows Jessica Green Engineer + biodiversity scientist uNITED STATES Email Web jlgreen@uoregon.edu biology.uoregon.edu/people/green/ JESSiCA iS… Working on The Tiny Shiny, an illustrated educational book that conveys basic microbiological concepts using imagery from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 51
  51. 51. 2011 TED seNior Fellows Robert Gupta Violinist uNITED STATES Email Twitter robertvgupta@gmail.com @guptaviolin87 ROBERT iS… Launching a non profit to continue bringing musical outreach concerts to homeless and mentally ill in LA and has just recorded his solo debut album. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 52
  52. 52. 2011 TED seNior Fellows Cesar Minoru Harada inventor + environmentalist uNITED STATES | FRANCE Email Web Twitter contact@cesarharada.com protei.org @cesarharada cesarharada.com opensailing.net CESAR iS… In Rotterdam building Protei: an unmanned sailing articulated drone to clean up oil spills. Open Hardware Ocean Robot will launch in Sept. 2011. TED Fellows - TEDGlobal 2011 53