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Spring Edition: Kiwanis Kourier

  1. 1. AlabamaSpring 2012 Kiwanis Published by Alabama Kiwanis Foundation Kourier 21 pages Kiwanians head for New Orleans Convention to be June 28-July 1 By Patrice Stewart Kiwanis Kourier Editor Savor crawfish risotto, crab cakes with remoulade sauce, jam- balaya and more Cajun and Creole food favorites, plus Bananas Foster. Sample some jazz music by Branford Marsalis, Aaron Neville annual Kiwanis International and the Smoking Time Jazz Club. Convention scheduled June Mix that with inspiring speakers, 28-July 1 in New Orleans. Follow Mary Jo and Steve Cragon to New club how-to workshops and the Have you registered yet?Orleans for the Kiwanis International Con­ chance to meet Kiwanians from all over the world. Twenty-five years At least 72 Alabamians have, butvention June 28-July 1. The Vestavia-Hoover District Secretary Pat Manascomembers were first to register and won a of women in Kiwanis will be cele- brated, too. knows many more are planning toCafé du Monde gift basket with beignet mixand coffee at the Mid-winter Confer­ nce. e That’s what’s ahead at the 97th (See NEW ORLEANS, Page 9)Marking 25 years of women in Kiwanis By Patrice Stewart Kiwanis Kourier Editor When you see a Kiwanis-sponsored playground or a collection drive for school supplies or pillowcase dresses, you may be seeing a woman’s vision. Providing that female touch is just one way women have impacted Kiwanis over the 25 years since women were admitted as members. Alabama Kiwanians marked that Karla Moons, milestone at the Mid-winter Conference These past and current governors are not only amongfirst female dinner with the theme “Unmask the the first women Kiwanis leaders in Alabama, but theyKiwanis gover­ Potential: Celebrating 25 Years of are also among the first to become Walter Zeller Fellows,nor in Ala­ Women in Kiwanis.” All the women got a fundraiser for the Eliminate Project (see Pages 4-6). At beads and feather boas, too, since thebama, served the Mid-winter Conference banquet with Past KI event promoted the KI convention inin 2002 and President Dr. Wil Blechman are Pam Fleming left,2003. (See WOMEN, Page 20) Tammy Driskill and Colean Black, right. Save July 27-29, 2012, for Alabama District Convention in Montgomery at Embassy Suites
  2. 2. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 2Let’s recognize our achievements As I write this, I have just nitions from the past.returned from the great In addition to the distin-Alabama District of Key guished criteria available toClub’s 60th District you on the website, severalConvention in Mobile. Special District Awards are It comes on the heels of set out in our District PoliciesCircle K’s District Convention and Procedures. That list isin Birmingham, which fol- included in this edition of thelowed our own Kiwanis Mid- Kiwanis Kourier.winter Conference in Mont­ We will recognize the clubsgomery. and individuals receiving I would encourage each of those awards at our Mid-you to attend both the Circle Governor’s winter Conference in 2013.K and Key Club District con-ventions next year. To qualify for an award, the Timely information regard- Greetings club secretary must requesting registration will be posted consideration no later than By Tammy Oct. 1, 2012, by sending aon each website. You will be Driskillamazed at the service hours brief report to Districtperformed, and you will be Secretary Pat Manasco outlin-rejuvenated as a Kiwanian. ing the club’s achievements In addition to the organization and during the 2011-2012 administrativetime spent planning and executing year. Alabama District Governor Tammyeach convention, the thing I most We will also recognize a club for an Driskill with Kiwanis Internationalappreciate is the recognition by both outstanding Kiwanis One Day 2012 President Alan Penn of Medina,Circle K and Key Club of individuals event, as well as for an outstanding Ohio. Penn presented Driskill withand clubs contributing to the success plan/event for the “May is Member­ ship Month” campaign. The qualifica- her Governor’s Certificate at the KIof the District. convention in Geneva, Switzerland, A successful District is the product tion procedure for those awards is the same as for the Special District last July.of much time and attention given bymany over the course of the year. Awards. clubs at next year’s Mid-winter Con­ Celebrating our success is important We have much to celebrate in the fer­ence.to our growth. I would like us to great Alabama District! Help us recog- Please contact me with any ques-renew the District awards and recog- nize those deserving individuals and tions regarding the awards.Your club can apply for these special awards The Alabama District of Kiwanis be given annually: ty service and club administration;Policies and Procedures state that the a. Erskine Ramsey Award: the best b. Past Governor John N. White Keyfollowing Special District Awards will all-around Kiwanis club for communi- Club Award: Kiwanis club making the most significant contribution in Key Kiwanis Kourier Club work; c. Lieutenant Governors’ Circle K Alabama Award: Kiwanis club making the most significant contribution in Circle K Published by Alabama District Kiwanis Foundation work; d. Past Governors’ Boys and Girls Address news, photos and other correspondence to: Patrice W. Stewart, Editor Award: Kiwanis club making the most significant contribution in boys and 4519 Arrowhead Drive S.E., Decatur, AL 35603 girls work (not Key Club or Circle K); 256-303-1668 n kiwaniskourier@gmail.com e. Howard Yielding Award: Kiwanis Tammy Driskill of Gadsden (tsdriskill@aol.com)������������������������������� Governor club making the most significant con- Wayne Sisk of Alexandria (wayne.sisk@energen.com)���������� Governor-elect tribution in conservation and ecology; Bill Phillips of Pell City (phillipsjr@centurytel.net ��������������������� Vice Governor f. Brother Bryan Award: Kiwanis Colean Black of Leeds (colean.bailey@energen.com)������������� Past Governor club making the most significant con- Pat Manasco (patriciamanasco@bellsouth.net)������������������� District Secretary tribution in areas of spiritual aims; DISTRICT OFFICE: 85 Bagby Drive, Suite 206, Birmingham, AL 35209 g. Albert J. Tully Major Emphasis Phone (205) 945-1334 or (800) 745-1334, Fax (205) 942-5348; alabama.kiwanis.org (See AWARDS, Page 3) Email news and photos to the Kiwanis Kourier, kiwaniskourier@gmail.com
  3. 3. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 3 Awards (From Page 2)Award: Kiwanis club making the most sig-nificant contribution in the Major Emphasisprogram; h. Andy Chaffin Builders Club Award:Kiwanis club making the most significantcontribution in Builders Club work; i. Raymond C. Kirkpatrick InterclubAward: the club with the largest number ofinterclub meetings for the year; j. Club Bulletin Award: to recognize theoutstanding club bulletin in each member-ship size section (Diamond, Ruby, Emerald,Coral).Apply by Oct. 1 The District Achievement Committee willselect the winners of each Special District Award each year. In reviewing the achieve-ment of a Kiwanis club nominated for anaward, consideration will be given to ratingclubs on a per capita achievement basis. Award winners will receive patches to be 60 years of perfect attendanceattached to club banners. Any club wishing The Kiwanis Club of Valley celebrated its 61st birthday at the Aprilto qualify for any of these awards and not 18 meeting. During the recognitions, member Marshall Lane received asubmitting this information on the annual 60-year perfect attendance pin from president-elect Julie Wood. Otherreport must submit a separate form giving perfect attendance pins were awarded to Mary Hamilton, two years;information on club activity in the area and Patsy McKenzie, eight years; and Henry Bledsoe, 22 years.submit this with their annual report to theAlabama District Kiwanis office. Each governor may add one-time awardsto reflect the emphasis of his/her adminis- KI president will recognize districts,tration. The approval and any fund require-ments will be included in each year’s annual members for service in New Orleansbudget. Kiwanis International president sion or district, has performed Alan Penn plans to recognize excel- humanitarian acts this year.Club size matters lence in service at the convention n Presidential SLP Support/ The following District Achievement in New Orleans, rather than wait- Sponsorship Award for a club orAwards will be given annually: ing until after his administrative district level administrator, school a. Diamond Section (76 members or more) year has ended. adviser or Kiwanis adviser who n Single Service He has asked Governor Tammy has shown exemplary performance n Multiple Service Driskill and other governors and in advising Service Leadership b. Ruby Section (46 to 75 members) districts to nominate individuals Programs (K-Kids, Builders, Key n Single Service and clubs and then assist with cer- Club, Circle K, Aktion Club or Key n Multiple Service tificate presentations during a Leader, or worked with Terrific c. Emerald Section (30 to 45 members) breakfast June 30 during the KI Kids, BUG, or YCPO programs). n Single Service convention. n Kiwanis One Day, for each dis- n Multiple Service Most awards will be one per dis- trict’s top Kiwanis One Day project. d. Coral Section (29 members or less) trict, except for SLP sponsor n President’s Community Service n Single Service awards, which can be one per pro- Award, for each district’s top com- n Multiple Service gram area per district. munity service project (this can be The District Achievement Award winners Following are the recognitions a club, division, or district levelwill be selected by the District Achievement Penn plans: project).Committee from clubs’ Annual Report part n Presidential Inspiration Award n Presidential LeadershipII submitted each year in accordance with for a member who has proven to Development and EducationKiwanis International criteria. Club winners be an inspirational leader this year Award, for the top 10 districts thatwill receive ribbons to be attached to club through work with the local club, have led the way in getting clubsbanners. division, or district. to participate in Club Leadership Additional permanent annual awards may n Presidential Humanitarian Education programs (based on per-be added upon approval by the District Award for a member who, through centage of clubs participating inBoard of Trustees. work within their local club, divi- CLE programs). Register to share the Kiwanis New Orleans experience June 28-July 1
  4. 4. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 4 David Beasley, Eliminate Project coordinator for the “Help us encourage the Mother’s Day Zeller pin (seeAlabama District, was assisted with the Mid-winter Page 6) as a special gift for Mother’s Day,” said Beasley.Conference display and workshops by Cristina Gomez, a This limited-time pin “has some pink color for theKI staff member for the worldwide service project and ladies, and the combination is a unique way to honor thelead campaign area director. The new $1,250 Zeller women in your life on Mother’s Day,” he said. GomezFellow honor that is raising money to help eliminate added that through Zellers, “we can help change thematernal/neonatal tetanus around the world is tax- lives of those in other countries.” See www.theelimi­deductible. “One Zeller saves 694 lives,” Beasley said. nateproject.org for more information.Club coordinators needed to expandDistrict’s participation in EliminateBy David Beasley far raised over serve in a divisional coordinator roleAlabama District Eliminate Project $11,000. Good job, in one of these divisions, please let meCoordinator Key Clubs. know. Appreciation is expressed to the 30 Club coordinatorsAlabama Kiwanians who have donat- are needed for every What others are doinged or pledged to donate to the club. Presidents, youEliminate Project. The Kiwanis Club of Birmingham is are encouraged to a 100K Club, while Florence and Seventeen have pledged or donated recruit an individual Rogersville clubs are Model Clubs forZellers; four have donated Hixons; from your club to the Eliminate Project.and nine others have contributed to serve in this capacityEliminate. Florence Kiwanis Club members for the duration of enjoyed an evening at Texas Road David Beasley This $55,498 will save nearly 31,000 the Eliminate cam- House April 10, with 10 percent ofinfants and mothers from the dreaded paign. their checks going to the Eliminatematernal neonatal tetanus death. These Kiwanians will coordinate Project. All total, Alabama district clubs The Eliminate Project activities withinhave pledged and donated over your club with support from a divi- Texas Road House offers not-for-$213,000. sional coordinator. profit organizations this benefit once per quarter on Tuesday evenings. An Key Clubs have taken on the However, several division coordina- invitation is made available for mem-Eliminate Project with great gusto! tors are still needed in divisions 3, 7,Thirty-two Alabama clubs have thus 8, 10 and 12. If you would like to (See ELIMINATE, Page 5) Deadline is June 15, 2012, for the summer online edition of the Kiwanis Kourier
  5. 5. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 5 Eliminate (From Page 4) bers to distribute to friends and rela- tives, who bring them to the restau- rant between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. The invitation is necessary for the contri- bution. Share what your club is doing for Eliminate. Thanks for the help Thanks to these Kiwanians and oth- ers for their time and efforts directed toward the Eliminate Project: Ernest Hulsey, Ervin Dailey, Teri Williams, Woody and Susan Anderson, Jim Durrett, Jim Jayne, Bill Phillips, Armond St. Raymond, H. Hammond Cobb, III, Phil Knight, Kim Butler, Patricia Bedgood, Tom Lott, Cathy Gafford of Opelika, director and Percy Blackman.of the Jean Dean Reading Is Funda­mental program, received a Zellerhonor from the Alabama District at How to givethe Mid-winter Conference. About Phone calls indicate that clubs need$2,038 for the Eliminate Project was information about making contribu-raised there. With Gafford, front cen­ tions to Eliminate.ter, are Kiwanis International Trustees Please instruct individuals and clubsPam Fleming of Sheffield and Johnny to make their donations to: KiwanisJohnson of Marietta, Ga.; Governor International Foundation; noted toTammy Driskill; and Past Inter­ a­ n Eliminate with the club “key” numbertional President Wil Blechman of written on the check. Mail the checkMiami, who spoke about defeating to: Kiwanis International, Thematernal/neonatal tetanus. Zeller Eliminate Project: Campaign Office,awards are helping raise funds for the 3636 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis,worldwide service project. Ann IN 462678.Shields, not pictured, is another Let us encourage all Kiwanians torecent Zeller honoree. Lt. Gov. Ervin make a contribution. Large checks andDailey of Chickasaw passed a baby small checks are appreciated. Zellerdoll, which is used to make points pledges are allowable over a two-yearabout maternal/neonatal tetanus dur­ period. Other pledges may be madeing talks, to Deborah Stokes of the for five-year periods from the date theKiwanis Club of Tri-Cities/Florala. pledge form is dated.Your birthday card can save many lives If you’re in David Beasley’s family, you know whatyou’ll find in your birthday card. The Alabama District coordinator for the EliminateProject said he has three children and five grandchildren. “For each of their birthdays and as an added gift, Idonate $9 to the Eliminate Project. A birthday card is printed from my computer stating thata gift to save five lives has been made in their honor.” He includes a note giving the name and address of thehonoree when he sends the check to the Eliminate Project. “The Eliminate Project has followed up with a letter to “This extra $72 yearly for four years will save 120 livesthe honoree confirming the donation made in their and is in addition to my Zeller pledge,” he added.name,”said Beasley. “I include my club number on the check to add to the E-mail David at 1dbeasley@comcast.net for an electronicclub’s total. copy of the birthday card. Read about the KI worldwide service project at www.TheEliminateProject.org
  6. 6. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 6 A mother’s love can change the world. Give to The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus, and become a Mother’s Day Zeller Fellow. You can make your gift in the name of your mother—or any woman who has been an inspiration to you. Through the Zeller Fellowship Program, a gift of US$1,250 to The Eliminate Project saves or protects more than 690 lives from maternal and neonatal tetanus. With the Mother’s Day Zeller Fellowship, you can protect those mothers and children while celebrating a woman in your own life. If you give US$1,250 in full between March 1 and June 15, you’ll receive:  Zeller Fellowship medallion  Limited-edition Mother’s Day lapel pin  Personalized certificate If you make your gift in someones name, she will receive the recognition items above—and a postcard informing her of the gift made in her honor. Other giving options available. What better way to share the love of someone who has played such a special role in your life? Learn more at www.TheEliminateProject.org/mothersday.Email news and photos to the Kiwanis Kourier, kiwaniskourier@gmail.com
  7. 7. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 7 AKTION ... at charter party in Dothan The Kiwanis Club of Dothan has chartered an Aktion Club at Vaughn-Blumberg Center. Lt. Gov. and club member Robert Helms said it was a “great time” for Kiwanis. “If we have ever done anything right, the Aktion Club at Vaughn-Blumberg is it. “It was so inspirational to see the love and beautiful servant hearts of these fine club members,” he said, and there was excitement from the minute Kiwanis members walked After the call to order and pledge, into the room. the meeting took on the sounds of a “We were greeted with a huge pep rally, with the words “We are round of applause and cheers, and Aktion, we are Aktion” chanted most of them came forward shaking over and over, louder and louder. hands and hugging necks,” Helms said. (See AKTION, Page 8)Read about the KI worldwide service project at www.TheEliminateProject.org
  8. 8. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 8 A preview in New Orleans Several Alabama Kiwanians got a preview of the site of the Kiwanis International Convention to be held in New Orleans June 28-July 1 when they attended meetings of the Kiwanis International Council and district secretaries there Jan. 12-14 (early arrivals participated in the University of Alabama National Championship celebration in the French Quarter). From left are Kiwanis International trustee Pam Fleming of Sheffield, Alabama Kiwanis Governor Tammy Driskill of Gadsden and Alabama District Secretary Pat Manasco of Birmingham. While they worked on amendments to be present­ ed to the House of Delegates in June and checked out sites for district dinners, spouses and partners helped create no-sew fleece blankets for a service project. David Fleming, Pam’s hus­ band, shows off his dog-and-bone-patterned blanket, while Olivia Humphries of Dadeville, whose husband, Ed, is a mem­ ber of the Kiwanis International Foundation board, created a sports-ball-themed blanket. These creations can be given to chil­ dren’s hospitals, nursing homes, emergency personnel and other crisis-response teams. (Photos courtesy of Tammy Driskill)Golf with president in N.O. Aktion (From Page 7) You can sign up to join Kiwanis International president AlanPenn, who will host a golf outing Monday, June 25, at Helms, Dothan club president Susan Holmes andLakewood Golf Course in New Orleans. other helpers pinned each new Aktion member and Spend a day before the Kiwanis International convention presented certificates.opens at this event to raise money for the worldwide Eliminate Following a charter party March 30 that includedProject, which targets maternal/neonatal tetanus. lunch and time at the ball field, the new club members have already started serving their community. Their Lots of prizes are planned, along with a jambalaya lunch pro- first projects included cleaning up around Dothanvided by the Cortana Kiwanis Club. Kiwanis Park and holding a food drive for the The fee is $85 per player, plus renting clubs. Transportation Wiregrass Area United Way Food Bank.will be provided from the headquarters hotel to and from the Along with service projects, the Aktion club willgolf course, where a 9 a.m. shotgun start is scheduled. stress leadership, inclusiveness, character building and The deadline to register is June 1. Mail your $85 check to Joe caring.Pratt, New Orleans Convention chairman, 2009 N. Woodlawn Their sponsoring Kiwanians, meanwhile, have beenAve., Metairie, LA 70001. Include your name, address, email working the telephones during a Radiothon forand phone. Players will be assigned to teams. You can also Children’s Hospital, sponsoring the DSI/Lewis-Smithbring your own team; list names of four players with checks, Golf Classic to help local charities, and making plansand give contact information for the team captain. for their annual citywide Fourth of July celebration. Have questions? Call the District Office in Birmingham toll-free at 1-800-745-1334
  9. 9. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 9 New Orleans (From Page 1)or should. “I encourage clubs to pick officers ormembers to attend,” she said. “We’dlove to see representatives there fromall our clubs, and you can send twovoting delegates from each club, plusalternates.” Clubs should be sure tofill out and send in delegate papers inadvance so they can easily vote onKiwanis business and candidates. Alabama District’s adviser from theKI board, Johnny Johnson fromMarietta, Ga., will be there with a bigGeorgia delegation. “Show your love for New Orleans –register for the convention and bethere,” he told Kiwanians at the Mid-winter Conference in Prattville.“There’s no reason you shouldn’t havea ton of people from Alabama there, While “Unmask the Potential” was the theme for the Mid-winter Confer­because you’re so close.” ence, District Secretary Pat Manasco kept her mask on to promote the con­ Type in www.kiwanisone.org vention in New Orleans coming up June 28-July 1./convention for details and registerby June 1 for $250, before the price “We will have an Alabama District p.m. will include jambalaya, sirloinincreases and you have to wait in line hospitality room in the hotel,” she tips, marinated chicken breasts withat the registration booth in the Ernest said. mushroom cream sauce, grilled tila-Morial Convention Center. Manasco said those attending pia, crawfish risotto, roasted potatoes, The good news is that the Alabama should be sure to sign up for the vegetable medley, salad greens withDistrict’s assigned hotel, the New District Dinner on Thursday, June 28, honey-lime vinaigrette plus Louisiana-Orleans Marriott Convention Center, when Alabama Kiwanians will gather style coffee and Bananas Foster withis right across the street from the con- at Jax Brewery, 600 Decatur, St., a for- ice cream.vention Center, so you won’t have far mer brewery building overlooking the The New England and Texas-to walk. Mississippi River that now houses res- Oklahoma districts will join Alabama “In fact, you may want to consider taurants and shops. Kiwanians for the dinner, so you canleaving your car at home and flying to “The menu will be fabulous,” said make new friends there.New Orleans,” said Manasco. “There Manasco. A selection of four New Orleans-style appetizers will be “We are going to have a good time,”have been some good airline deals out served during the 6 to 7 p.m. recep- said Manasco, who plans the Districtthere, and you can walk across the tion with cash bar: petite crab cakes Dinner in a different site each year. Bystreet to meetings and later catch thetrolley to the French Quarter.” with remoulade sauce, rosemary June 1, send in a check for $80 per shrimp, grilled fillet atop garlic person payable to Alabama District While other hotels are availablenearby, she likes the idea that this croustade, and flash-fried vegetables Kiwanis, 85 Bagby Drive, Suite 206,Marriott is directly across the street with dipping sauce. Birmingham, AL 35209, or sign upand has a restaurant and a Starbucks. The buffet dinner beginning at 7 and pay online from the invitation on the district website. Kiwanians attending an honors Key Leader reception prior to the District Dinner may want to book a ride on a shuttle During the Mid- from the hotel to Jackson Brewery. winter Conference, Manasco said that can be arranged Key Leader adminis­ trator Jamie Brabston with her for an additional $10 each.set up information on Kiwanis-family service also will bethe Key Leader week­ highlighted in New Orleans, where end. She recruited Kiwanis, Circle K, Aktion Club mem- about 50 students for bers and Key Club and Circle K alum- the 2012 session at ni will all gather at the same time. the Alabama 4-H Kiwanis members will have several Camp in Shelby options for service during the conven- County April 27-29. tion, including some involving other K-family members. Support Reading Is Fundamental with books, readers and donations
  10. 10. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 10 ALABAMA DISTRICT DINNER Thursday, June 28, 2012 Please join us at JACKSON BREWERY for our annual Alabama District Dinner. We will be joined by the TX-OK District and the New England District . A night full of Great Fun and Fellowship is being planned just for you. 6:00-7:00 Reception with Cash Bar 7:00-10:00 Wonderful New Orleans Style Dinner $80.00 PER PERSON Make checks payable to: Alabama District Kiwanis 85 Bagby Drive, Suite 206 Birmingham, Alabama 35209 Reservations are due by June 1, 2012Email news and photos to the Kiwanis Kourier, kiwaniskourier@gmail.com
  11. 11. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 11Mid-winter ConferencePrattville, Feb. 24-25, 2012 Photos by Patrice Stewart Deadline is June 15, 2012, for the summer online edition of the Kiwanis Kourier
  12. 12. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 12Mid-winter Conference Photos by Patrice StewartRemember your annual gift of $5 per club member to the Kiwanis International Foundation
  13. 13. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 13 Photos byMid-winter Conference Patrice Stewart Support Reading Is Fundamental with books, readers and donations
  14. 14. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 14 Mid-winter Conference Photos by Patrice StewartRegister to share the Kiwanis New Orleans experience June 28-July 1
  15. 15. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 15 Mid-winter Conference Photos by Patrice StewartEmail news and photos to the Kiwanis Kourier, kiwaniskourier@gmail.com
  16. 16. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 16 Mid-winter Conference Photos by Patrice Stewart When officers are elected for 2012-13, send that information, with address-Report election es, phones and e-mails for presidents and secretaries, to Pat Manasco, Ala­ bama District of Kiwanis, 85 Bagby Drive, Suite 206, Birmingham, AL 35209.of new officers Also fill out and submit to Kiwanis International the election form that can be found on the KI website. Deadline is June 15, 2012, for the summer online edition of the Kiwanis Kourier
  17. 17. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 17 Key Club International Board member Rebecca Riley of Birmingham addressed Kiwanians at the Friday evening Mid- winter Conference ban­ quet in Prattville. She was accompanied by her grandfather, former Alabama Governor Bob Riley, who is at left in the lefthand photo. Key Club Governor Jeremiah Stone is sitting next to Rebecca Riley.Leaders of Key Club, Circle Kstress connections to KiwanisBy Patrice Stewart While Rebecca’s chauffeur and Board started in July after she wasKiwanis Kourier Editor escort for the evening sat next to her elected at the Key Club International The Kiwanis Mid-winter Conference and drew plenty of attention, he was Convention in Phoenix, Ariz. Thenevening celebrating 25 years of female not the star of the evening’s show. she attended training sessions inmembers included all ages – including Rebecca’s grandfather is former two- Indianapolis, followed by visits to thesome not yet born when Kiwanis term State of Alabama Governor Bob three districts she counsels.admitted women but now reaping the Riley. He did not reveal whether he She told the audience that as one ofbenefits. has been grooming her for a future in 11 members elected to the Key Club Rebecca Riley of Birmingham, an politics or giving her tips on how to International Board, she works closelyelected member of the Key Club win Key Club International posts. with three of the 33 districts. She isInternational Board, addressed the assigned to Georgia, Kansas and Rebecca, a junior and member of thecrowd, which included Alabama’s Texas-Oklahoma, which together have Homewood High School Key Club, nearly 26,000 Key Club members.elected member of the Kiwanis served as a lieutenant governor for Key Club leaders are looking forInternational Board, Pam Fleming of Alabama Key Clubs in 2010-11. HerSheffield. 2011-12 term on the International (See YOUTHS, Page 18) During the Saturday luncheon, Kiwanis awarded RIF Barnett honors to current Key Club Governor Jeremiah Stone (left photo), a senior at Tuscaloosa County High School, and Circle K Governor Kyle Pierce from Gadsden, a junior at the University of Alabama. “Circle K in Alabama is posi­ tioned to grow strong and grow fast, but we need your help,” Pierce told Kiwanians. “We want to be your partner in service.” Stone asked for more communication between Kiwanis and Key Clubs, including attending each others’ meetings and board gatherings. Presenting the plaques were Governor Tammy Driskill, left, and RIF Director Cathy Gafford. Email news and photos to the Kiwanis Kourier, kiwaniskourier@gmail.com
  18. 18. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 18 Barnett Awards honor Kiwanians during Mid-winter Conference Several J. Mercer Barnett Fellowship Awards were given at the Mid-winter Conference by Alabama Kiwanis Foundation presi­ dent Mike Winstead. One went to Cecilia Ann Dailey (left photo), given by her husband, Lt. Governor Ervin Dailey, in recognition of her service to the Chickasaw Kiwanis Club and RIF. Others were presented Friday night to Loraine Harris (center photo), Chickasaw club, and Mary Jo Cragon, Vestavia-Hoover. On Saturday, a RIF Barnett was announced for Henry Phillips of the Chickasaw club; Tom Hayward, left, delivered the award to Phillips in Chickasaw during a club meeting. Each award means a $500 gift to the Alabama Kiwanis Foundation, which helps fund Reading Is Fundamental and other projects. children around, hold knit- Youths ting parties for the hospital’s (From Page 17) neonatal unit and make sandwiches and take them toways to let everyone know it a park to pass out to home-is the “coolest” club on cam- less people.pus. They have been busy Her recent travels havetranslating club application included trips to Newforms into other languages Orleans for the winter coun-and creating graphic overlays cil meeting and to Universalfor Facebook profiles that say Studios and Orlando, whereKey Club at the bottom. The the Key Club convention willboard also created a Key be held this summer. There’sClub Week celebration, as been time for fun, lake par- Save these dates!well as participating in many ties and shopping along thetraditional service projects –and some non-traditional way. “I love all the Kiwanis July 27-29, 2012ones, such as hosing down a women I’ve met, and I hopegolf course in winter so that to one day be among y’all,” Alabama Kiwanisit turns to ice for a charity Rebecca told the group gath- District Conventionchallenge, and holding “Stop ered at the Feb. 24 banquet. Embassy Suitesthe Music” days at schools, And that is exactly whatwhere students pay to stop in downtown Montgomery Kiwanians are hoping – thatsongs being played over the Rebecca and all her friendsintercom between classes. will want to move up from Hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Montgomery. In Alabama, Rebecca said, Kiwanis sponsored-youth Watch for registration information soon atthey paint wagons for service groups to Kiwanis http://alabama.kiwanis.org/.Children’s Hospital to pull club members. Remember your annual gift of $5 per club member to the Kiwanis International Foundation
  19. 19. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 19Distinguished Club awards Past Governor Colean Black presented certificates to representatives of Distinguished Clubs for 2010-11 during theMid-winter Interclub Luncheon. The following clubs worked hard to attain “Distinguished” status: Metro Huntsville Chelsea Montgomery Chickasaw Rogersville Anniston Tallassee Citronelle Tuscaloosa Pell City MonroevilleElsie Chaffin, active in Gadsden and state Kiwanis, dies at 94 Funeral services were held in Gads­ calula Falls Park. Mrs. Chaffin was graduated from Gadsden Businessden Jan. 22, 2012, for Elsie Manning active in the Gadsden-Etowah Patriots College and became an IRS agent.Chaffin, 94, a member of the Kiwanis Association and the Military Officers She is survived by a daughter,Club of Gadsden. Association of America, and in 2006 Glenda Selman of Gadsden, who For years she worked on Kiwanis she was inducted into the Patriots serves as the Alabama Kiwanisand other projects beside her husband, Hall of Honor. District’s Aktion Club administrator,Andrew A. Chaffin, a past Alabama She was past president of the and a son-in-law, Philip Selman, whoKiwanis governor and retired colonel Gadsden Woman’s Club and active in is the district K-Kids administrator.who died in 2003. Altrusa, the Gadsden Music Club and Other survivors include a son, Gari She worked closely with him to the Mountain Laurel Garden Club. Chaffin, and daughter-in-law Reneeadvance the Builders Club, a Kiwanis- She served as a board member of the Chaffin; two granddaughters, Rachelsponsored service organization for Gadsden Museum of Art and was a (Mark) Mason and Cornelia Lynnmiddle-school students. Together they longtime member of 12th Street Selman; and a great-grandson, Wyattfounded the North Alabama Kidney Baptist Church. Mason.Federation to help dialysis patients Mrs. Chaffin was born in Buzzard’s Mrs. Chaffin died Jan. 19. Followingwith transportation and medicine. Roost in Cullman County. She grew up visitation and the 3 p.m. service Jan. 22 The Chaffins also worked to estab- in Gadsden and lived all over the world at Collier-Butler Funeral Home chapel,lish the Veterans Memorial at Noc­ as a military wife. After high school, she burial was in Forrest Cemetery. Keep up with Kiwanis International news and information at www.kiwanis.org
  20. 20. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 20 Women (From Page 1)New Orleans in June. Emcee DiannaMichaels, Anniston television meteo-rologist who said she also was one ofthe early women in Kiwanis, puttogether a video featuring manyfemale members, with music, spaceshuttles, hurricanes and other eventsof 1987. Rish Wood shared emcee duties andsome history. The amendment approv-ing women members passed by two-thirds on July 7, 1987, during aKiwanis International convention inWashington, D.C. The first two clubs to admit womenwere in Great Neck, N.Y., andColorado Springs, Colo. More than3,000 women were added in sixmonths. In Alabama today, about one-third of Kiwanians are females. “It was controversial, but I think it’sthe best thing that ever happened toKiwanis,” Wood said. Karla Moons of Mobile’s Azalea City The Mid-winter Conference dinner celebrated 25 years of women inclub (20 years), first woman governor Ki­ anis. Special banner patches were distributed. wof Kiwanis in 2002-03, attended thebanquet, along with other women Tammy Driskill of the Gadsden club the Extension Service, joined thewho followed her in the top Alabama (15). Greater Tuscaloosa club 24 years ago.Kiwanis role over the past 10 years: Fleming, who helped build an acces- Others recognized included NanPam Fleming of the Sheffield club, sible playground while one of Moons’ Williams, Anniston (22); Betty Lester,Colean Black of the Homewood/ lieutenant governors in 2002-03, was Alexander City (19); Betty Hayes,Mountain Brook club (18 years) and one of the first women elected to the Dadeville, (19); Mary Prather, Auburn Kiwanis International Board and will (19); Gayle Cunningham, Kiwanis complete her three-year term this year. Club of Birmingham (17); Ginny Among early women members hon- Hulsey, Huntsville (11); Maggie Glass, ored were Cathy Dean Gafford, direc- Chelsea (5); and Jean Phillips, Pell tor of Jean Dean Reading Is Funda­ City (4). They have been active as club mental and the first female president officers and directors and lieutenant of the Opelika Kiwanis Club (22); governors. Glenda Chaffin Selman, Gadsden (23), Some of these grew up in Kiwanis district Aktion Club administrator; Pat families; the fathers of Gafford and Manasco of Homewood/Mountain Selman were Kiwanis governors. Brook (20), who has gone from club Some married Kiwanis members and president to lieutenant governor to later joined themselves, becoming offi- District Secretary; and Patrice Stewart cers and committee chairs. Many have (20), editor of the Kiwanis Kourier. helped with K-Family service much The longest association was credited longer than they have been Kiwanis to Lyn Stuart, now an Alabama members. Supreme Court justice, who joined the Some, like Tracy Silas of Huntsville Alabama Kiwanis 2011-12 Gover­ Kiwanis Club of Bay Minette 25 years West (17), met their husbands throughnor Tammy Driskill handed an ago. “It was important to me that I K-Family activities such as Circle K,award to Past Governor Colean was wanted by Kiwanis while Rotary while others, such as Rachel MimsBlack, right, 2010-11. “I was recog­ was still fighting, all the way to the Taylor of the Kiwanis Club ofnized by KI president Alan Penn for U.S. Supreme Court, to not have Tuscaloosa (6), started in Buildershaving a new Young Professionals female members,” she wrote. Club and progressed through Keyclub in Alabama, so I’m passing this Ann Dial McMillan, retired bank Club and Circle K to Kiwanis.award on to Colean, who made it marketing executive, joined the Read more history of women inhappen,” said Driskill. She also gave Kiwanis Club of Birmingham — the Kiwanis at the KI website, and plan toBlack a Governor’s Home Club ban­ largest club in the world — 24 years participate in the 25-year celebrationner to mark 2010-11. ago, while Jo Ann Cook, retired from at the New Orleans convention. Save July 27-29, 2012, for Alabama District Convention in Montgomery at Embassy Suites
  21. 21. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Spring 2012 21Lt. Gov. Padgett,Div. 10 clubs arethe first to reachKIF giving goalBy Olivia HumphriesKiwanis International Foundation Alabama District Chair Congratulations to Division 10 Lt. Governor Pat Padgettof Auburn, who is the first 2011-2012 lieutenant governorto reach the $5 per capita goal. Thanks, Pat, for your concern and encouragement in getting the clubs in your division to participate in the Annual Club Giving Campaign that assists the Kiwanis International Foundation. Take a look below at the District statis- tics through April 15. I want to encourage each club to give to the Annual Club Giving Campaign. We need your help in getting the RIF donation honors governor Alabama District up to goal. We currently Kevin Yates, president of the Kiwanis Club ofOlivia Humphries are at $2 per capita, so we have quite a Gadsden, said during the Mid-winter Conference that hisway to go to reach our goal, but I know that we can make club is making a $100 donation to Jean Dean Reading Isit. Fundamental in honor of the 2011-12 governor. “This is A summary of divisions in the Alabama District is shown Governor Tammy Driskill’s home club, and we want tobelow. show her how proud we are of her,” he said.Division No. of No. of Membership Per capita clubs clubs giving1 9 3 315 $0.842 10 0 389 $0.003 5 1 113 $0.444 4 0 116 $0.005 8 2 232 $1.346 6 2 626 $4.547 7 2 357 $1.688 8 2 202 $0.829 7 1 529 $0.4110 9 8 387 $5.1911 9 2 216 $2.7812 7 1 337 $1.4813 6 2 146 $2.0214 5 2 138 $2.68 As you can see from the above data, we have a big hill toclimb since we are at mid-year. I want to thank each of you in advance for your concern Trailer for disaster suppliesand encouragement for the Annual Club Campaign. This trailer was recently purchased to help the Ala­ These funds all go in support of our SLP (Key Club, bama District haul supplies it has been collecting toCircle K, Builders clubs, K-Kids, Aktion clubs and Junior disaster sites around the state. George Aiken, a past gov­Leadership) units, grants, disaster relief, children of the ernor and current lieutenant governor, showed it off atworld, and training programs. the Mid-winter Conference in Prattville. Read about Alabama Kiwanis news online at alabama.kiwanis.org