Vice Governor Announcement 2012


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Brian S. Rodgers

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Vice Governor Announcement 2012

  1. 1. Brian S. Rodgers | Candidate for Vice-Governor, Alabama District 366 Woodward Drive Indian Springs, Alabama 35124 (205) 201-0122 June 1, 2012 Dear Kiwanis Friends:I am writing this letter to share that I intend to run for the office of Vice-Governor of the great Alabama District of KiwanisInternational at the upcoming District Convention in July. Kiwanis is something that has been a part of me and my familysince I joined the Kiwanis Club of Homewood-Mountain Brook in 2001. It is something that has made me a better memberof my community, a better spouse and a better parent. Whenever I get involved in an organization, I take membershipvery seriously. I have served in numerous capacities over the years and grown to call so many Kiwanians from around thestate friends.As a member of the Kiwanis Club of Homewood-Mountain Brook, I served in the following capacities: Board Member,Webmaster, Reading is Fundamental Chair and Distinguished President and was recognized form my service as a HixsonFellow. I recently became a member of the Kiwanis Club of Metro Hoover. I have been a regular supporter of the KiwanisInternational Foundation. On the District level, I have served as a Distinguished Lt. Governor, Communications Officer, andhave worked tirelessly to increase the impact of our service to the State through supporting clubs with technology relatedissues and presented at Midwinter and District Conventions. I am most pleased with the work that I have accomplished indeveloping a first-class website for the District that has been recognized internationally as an example for other districts. Ihave also worked to increase our impact through developing a monthly District email distribution that shares the Kourier,Eliminate Updates, and other pertinent information that members might find helpful. A key part of this strategy wasintegrating social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to make our District’s reach become global. We have followersfrom throughout the world.While these achievements have increased the effectiveness and impact of our organization, it is the connections that Ihave made through working on service projects with fellow Kiwanians that means the most to me. Whether it was buildinga first-class accessible playground in Helena, or joining division clubs to sort food for the United Way of Central AlabamaFood Bank, or seeing the smiling faces of children at the West Center Street Head Start on RIF Distribution and readingdays, or the smiles on the families at Children’s Hospital as we give them brief respite from being with their child as theyreceive compassionate care, these are the memories that I cherish most. Even more importantly it is the fact that I havebrought my son, Jack, along with me to so many of these service opportunities and that these experiences have shapedhim. He knows about the Eliminate Project and wants to contribute to save lives, too. He knows what Kiwanis is about andthat it changes lives. Little does he know that it is ours that have been changed for being a part of this great organization.It is for these reasons, that I feel called to take my service to the next level and submit myself as a candidate for the officeof Vice Governor of the Alabama District of Kiwanis International. I humbly ask for your support and encouragement alongthe way. I look forward to meeting many of you along the journey and hearing your Kiwanis stories.
  2. 2. Brian S. Rodgers | Candidate for Vice-Governor, Alabama District366 Woodward DriveIndian Springs, Alabama 201-0122With over 15 years of service and active participation in the nonprofit social services sector of Central Alabama, BrianRodgers serves as the Dean of Counseling and Residential Life at Indian Springs School. He is a Licensed ProfessionalCounselor, National Certified Counselor, and Counseling Supervisor in the State of Alabama. He is a graduate of theUniversity of South Alabama (BA-Psychology), University of Alabama at Birmingham (MA-Counseling), and attendedEastern Baptist Theological Seminary.Mr. Rodgers values service as a core characteristic of leadership and has modeled this through his service to the UnitedWay of Central Alabama, Childrens Hospital, Chi Sigma Iota (locally and nationally), the Kiwanis Club of Homewood-Mt.Brook and the Alabama Mental Health Counselors Association. He has not only served as an active member of theseorganizations, but has served in volunteer leadership capacities for each. Currently he serves as the Distinguished PastPresident of the Kiwanis Club of Homewood- Mountain Brook (2007-2008) and Distinguished Past Lt. Governor for theAlabama District of Kiwanis International. He currently serves as the Communications Officer for the District.Mr. Rodgers sees a balanced mix of clinical excellence, continued professional development, and compassion as essentialto making a lasting impression on the lives of the clients he walks with on their lifes journey.Mr. Rodgers is a member of the 2008-2009 Class of Project Corporate Leadership ( addition to his employment at The Amelia Center, Mr. Rodgers works as a Residential Life Houseparent at Indian SpringsSchool, located in Shelby County. ( He has served in this role since 2006.Mr. Rodgers has presented at local, state and national conferences on topics ranging from work-life balance to loss-relatedissues. His presentations receive high positive outcomes. His technical mastery and engaging presentation style helps himconnect with audiences and leaves them better equipped for service and self-care.Mr. Rodgers has been married to Margaret “Holly” Rodgers for thirteen years and has three beautiful children: Jack (7),Maggie (3), and Laura (2).