AlabamaSummer 2012	                                      Kiwanis                                 Published by Alabama Kiwa...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012                            2Alabama’s Driskill swaps ideaswith fellow female governor...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012                       3                      Governors                     (From Page...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012                        4Anniston Kiwanian Dr. Warren Sarrellhas helped more than 350,...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012                               5              Doctor           (From Page 4)view at th...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012                           6                                                          ...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012                          7Weekend cultivates young leadersBy Jamie BrabstonKey Leader...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012              8                              Key Leader Conference                    ...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012                         9  The Kiwanis Club ofVulcan’s Gala honoredbusinessman Larry ...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012                        10Clubs use many funding strategiesto help moms, babies beat t...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012                         11Big time, big plans in Big EasyHighlights of Kiwanis Intern...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012                           12  At left, Toni and Phil Allen of Mon­roeville enjoy the ...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012                           13  Kiwanis International board member Pam Fleming ofSheffi...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012                             14                                                       ...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012     15International Convention     New Orleans, June 27-30, 2012                     ...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012         16                                                       International       ...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012                          17          International Convention                    Phot...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012   18    Districts’ dinnerAlabama, Texas-Oklahoma, New England                        ...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012                         19                                                           ...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012      20Delegates at work   at International Convention                               ...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012                          21Bikers make Ride to Read a success,defying 100-degree heat...
Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012                       22                                              Tentative sched...
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Kiwanis Kourier: Summer 2012

  1. 1. AlabamaSummer 2012 Kiwanis Published by Alabama Kiwanis Foundation Kourier 22 pagesCapital convention July 27-29 Kiwanians and guests attending the July 27-29 District Convention can explore the Montgomery riverfront andmany new sights downtown. (Spyder Monkey photo via Wikimedia Commons)Kiwanians from around the state will hold their 94th annual meetingBy Patrice Stewart Hotel, 300 Tallapoosa St., where a Jane Erickson, who led the KI commit­Kiwanis Kourier Editor breakfast buffet and evening reception tee marking 25 years of women in Kiwanians from all over the state are are included for hotel guests. Kiwanis this year.invited to bring their families and A Friday evening barbecue dinner Incoming officers for 2012-13 will beguests to the Alabama District Con­ and Saturday interclub luncheon are installed during the Saturday eveningvention July 27-29 in Montgomery, included in the registration fee. governor’s banquet, which requires awhere they can check out the many The jazz ensemble from Booker T. separate sights, museums and nightlife Washington Magnet High School innear the riverfront. Montgomery will entertain at the bar­ The Friday evening barbecue will be becue dinner. held at the Montgomery Visitors’ The Kiwanis Club of Montgomerywill host this 94th annual District The luncheon speaker will be Center, which is adjacent to the hotel,Convention at the Embassy Suites Kiwanis International board member (See MONTGOMERY, Page 19)Brian Rodgers says he’ll run for vice governor Brian Rodgers, who earned 2014-15, following Wayne Sisk “Distinguished” status, and he “Distinguished” status for his in 2012-13 and Bill Phillips in was recognized with a Hixson efforts as a Birmingham area 2013-14. No other candidates Fellow for his service. He lieutenant governor, has had announced plans as of July recently became a member of announced he will be a candi­ 1. the Kiwanis Club of Metro date for vice governor at the Rodgers joined the Kiwanis Hoover. Alabama District Convention in Club of Homewood-Mountain Rodgers served the Alabama Montgomery July 25-27. Brook in 2001 and served as a District as a lieutenant gover­ The vice governor position is board member, webmaster and nor, again earning “Distinguished” honors. He is designed to lead up to gover­ Reading Is Fundamental chair­Brian Rodgers nor-elect and then governor in man. As president, he earned (See RODGERS, Page 14)Have you donated to the Eliminate Project yet? Read about it at
  2. 2. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 2Alabama’s Driskill swaps ideaswith fellow female governorsBy Patrice StewartKiwanis Kourier Editor When Tammy Driskill started climb­ing the Alabama District officer ladderseveral years ago, she did not realizethat she would be governor duringthe 25th anniversary year of womenin Kiwanis. “I had no idea then, but I think it’sso cool. I’ve made friendships withother women governors who I thinkI’ll be friends with the rest of my life,”said Driskill, 2011-12 governor. “Wecan go out and have fun, support eachother in service, and share the issuesthat come up in overseeing a district.” She said it helps “to have someoneto bounce ideas off of, such as wheth­ Alabama, New England and Oklahoma-Texas shared a party room at Jaxer boards ought to be more supportive Brewery for a joint district dinner in New Orleans. From left are KI Firstor less supportive of clubs and what Lady Jeri Penn, Alabama Governor Tammy Driskill, New England Governorto bring home to try with our folks.” Vesta Browne, KI President Alan Penn and Texas-Oklahoma Governor Susan For example, she learned from her Hennum.friend and Texas-Oklahoma GovernorSusan Hennum about their strong membership in the New England Gadsden put her to work. She wasbackground check program, where District,” Driskill said. vice president, president-elect andevery Kiwanian gets a background “We don’t all need to be cookie cut­ president, along with working oncheck. ters,” she noted, but it’s good to hear many projects. And from another buddy, New from others around the country about Then Driskill served as lieutenantEngland District Governor Vesta governor and later as district Key how a new program worked.Browne, the Alabama governor Leader administrator. She earnedlearned about how the family mem­ Driskill, 53, a bankruptcy attorney in Distinguished honors as president andbership plan works. “They tried some­ Gadsden, first joined the Metro lieutenant governor before being elect­thing new when they did a trial run of Birmingham Kiwanis Club in April ed to move into the lineup for gover­the family membership idea, and they 1997. The next year she moved to nor. She is the fourth female to servethink it has helped increase their Gadsden, where the Kiwanis Club of the Alabama District as governor over about a decade. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier “My class of KI governors is the one that kicked off the Eliminate Project,” she said. “I hope more Kiwanians will step up to be club coordinators, etc., Published by Alabama District Kiwanis Foundation because I think there’s a lot more edu­ Address news, photos and other correspondence to: cation that has to take place before we Patrice W. Stewart, Editor can raise what we need to eliminate 4519 Arrowhead Drive S.E., Decatur, AL 35603 maternal/neonatal tetanus.” 256-303-1668 n Driskill is proud of the celebrations Design and technical assistance by Steve Stewart, assistant professor, Troy University marking 25 years of women in Tammy Driskill of Gadsden (������������������������������� Governor Kiwanis that have taken place this Wayne Sisk of Alexandria (���������� Governor-elect year – and especially her idea for the Bill Phillips of Pell City ( ����������������������������� Treasurer event the Alabama District held in Colean Black of Leeds (������������� Past Governor Prattville during the February Mid- Pat Manasco (������������������� District Secretary winter Conference. DISTRICT OFFICE: 85 Bagby Drive, Suite 206, Birmingham, AL 35209 “It gave us a reason to get back to Phone (205) 945-1334 or (800) 745-1334, Fax (205) 942-5348; (See GOVERNORS, Page 3) E-mail news and photos to the Kiwanis Kourier,
  3. 3. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 3 Governors (From Page 2)those Friday night dinners — I think that’s important —and I hope that next year we can get back to giving recog­nitions on Friday night.” Her women friends and fellow governors have remi­nisced and held special activities in their districts toobserve the 25th anniversary.New Jersey Rosemarie Gibardi, governor of the New Jersey District,said they held a brunch at McLoone’s at the beach in April.Ten of the 50 attendees were celebrating 25 years, and theyrecognized them with the Legion of Honor award. “No one mentioned this was coming up two years agowhen I ran for governor-elect,” said Gibardi, who is thethird woman governor of the New Jersey District. “This is a special year. You have a lot of obstacles and Sharing time in the exhibit hall at the 25th anniversaryhurdles you’ve got to jump, but you hope your member­ of women in Kiwanis booth are, from left, Susan Hennum, Tammy Driskill and Rosemarie Gibardi, gover-ship will be up and you’ll walk away having had a suc­ nors of Texas-Oklahoma, Alabama and New Jersey.cessful year.” Gibardi, 59, did not waste any time before becoming gov­ Texas-Oklahomaernor. “In seven years I was club president, secretary, lieu­ Susan L. Hennum, governor of Texas-Oklahoma, was onetenant governor twice, governor-elect and governor,” she of the first women to join Kiwanis. She will have 25 yearssaid. “And I’ve been sitting on boards for ages.” in February 2013, and she was presented the Legion of She was in Kiwanis in New York for two years and in Honor at the New Orleans convention.New Jersey for seven years. She is the charter president of Her lieutenant governors decided to call Tom, her hus­the Marlboro, N.J., club, because she decided to start her band of two years, “the First Dude,” and he loves it, sheown club when she moved to New Jersey. She has built said. He just joined the Richardson Kiwanis Club inthree clubs. February (they are in different clubs) and helps out on the Her husband, John Gibardi, said the first two women district’s “Geek Squad.”governors of New Jersey were widows, so he “became the For four years Hennum, 53, was a member of thefirst first gentleman.” He became a charter member of a Richardson club, while her daughter was in middle club. She had originally joined the Garland, Texas, club and has returned to it. Hennum served as president three times,New England lieutenant governor and governor. Her dis­ Vesta Browne of Longmeadow, Mass., trict project was collecting shoes for therecalled the early days when it was often dif­ needy, and she most enjoys working with ele­ficult for a woman to join Kiwanis. She was a mentary children on service.high-school teacher of business education and “My whole focus has been on kids,” saidalso adviser to the Key Club. When she went Hennum, who was KI chair for K-Kids, asto a Kiwanis meeting to talk to them about well as district administrator for K-Kids andthe Key Club, they said she couldn’t speak for Builders Clubs.because she was not a member of the club. The Texas-Oklahoma aim this year has been “So I joined the club in 1999, and boy, were creating a movement of Kiwanis change. “Ithey sorry, because then I talked and talked,” want everyone to see that Kiwanis is aboutsaid Browne. They would tell “dumb blonde” service, not food,” Hennum said.jokes, and she would counter with “how For the 25th anniversary of women,many men does it take to screw in a light­ Hennum and her district have been highlight­bulb” type humor. ing the service of Texas-Oklahoma female Kiwanis members all year. They have also She has served as co-president and lieuten­ created scholarships for high-school leader­ant governor and is now in a New England ship conferences, shirts and other merchan­internet club (Sheffield-Springfield eKiwanis). dise for the 25-year celebration, and put “After I retired from teaching, I thought ‘I money to work supporting at-risk children.could do this’ (governor),” she said. “And I’m Alabama Governor The Class of 2011-12 has six other femalestill very involved with Key Club. Tammy Driskill waves governors. They are from Michigan, “Making sure every child’s needs are ful­ from the stage as she is Pennsylvania, Nebraska-Iowa, Easternfilled no matter what his background – it’s introduced in New Canada and the Caribbean, Ecuador, andsomething I believe in strongly.” Orleans. New Zealand-South Pacific. See you at the District Convention in downtown Montgomery July 27-29, 2012
  4. 4. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 4Anniston Kiwanian Dr. Warren Sarrellhas helped more than 350,000 childrenBy Sherry Kughn When it comes to improving children’s dental health,Kiwanian Dr. Warren Sarrell, a retired cardiologist fromAnniston, has made milestones. He founded a dental center to help under-served chil­dren that has grown to include 14 facilities throughoutAlabama. They are called the Sarrell Dental Centers, andthey have helped more than 350,000 children since openingin 2004 in Anniston. Included in that number are children in Alabama’s ruralareas who have received full dental-care services through amobile unit. Sarrell’s program has become a model studied by otherstates. A program that was to air June 26 on the PublicBroadcasting Service, presented by “Frontline,” explainshow Sarrell and the centers’ CEO, Jeff Parker, and theirstaff achieved such success. One key element is throughpatient education.Club member since 1954 Sarrell also has improved the lives of thousands of otherchildren throughout his long membership in the AnnistonKiwanis Club. He first became a member in 1954, backwhen “Popeye” comic strip artist Tom Sims was president. Since then, Sarrell and fellow Kiwanians have raisedhundreds of thousands of dollars through ticket sales forthe club’s annual Kiwanis Pancake Day fundraiser. TheBack-to-School project helps children in Calhoun Countyobtain new clothes, shoes and coats for the start of eachschool year. During the years prior to the Pancake Day program,Sarrell and his fellow Kiwanians raised money to help chil­dren by selling tickets to a travel series shown with a film­strip projector. Dr. Sarrell, an octogenarian of slight build and a kind, Anniston Kiwanian Dr. Warren Sarrell founded a seriesquiet voice, sat down one sunny April afternoon in his East of dental centers that helped Austin Jones and 350,000Anniston home and looked back at his life. He talked more children since 2004. (Photo courtesy of Bill Wilson,about several of his past projects, none as vast in scope as Anniston Star photographer)the dental centers, but important nonetheless. ous Anniston schools on a regular basis to spend 30 min­Driver-education program utes to an hour tutoring students or reading to them. One program he started likely saved the lives of several Dr. Sarrell’s dedication to improving the lives of childrenteenagers. While working as a physician, he said he grew inspires awe among fellow Kiwanians. They help carry outconcerned about the large numbers of youths killed in car his ideas, and they know him as a friend.wrecks. He met with city leaders and educators and insti­ One such friend is the lieutenant governor for Division 7tuted a driver-education program for students at Anniston of the Alabama District of Kiwanis. Paul Jackson, who livesHigh School. His program ended when driver-education in Anniston, describes Dr. Sarrell as a great leader andcourses became part of the curriculum for students. humanitarian. “I admire him,” said Jackson. “He has great ideas and “Even of late,” said Dr. Sarrell, “I have been talking to knows how to make them work, how to get things done.”others about getting some video games in schools to Parker, the centers’ CEO, said he has never met anyoneimprove students’ driving skills.” else like Dr. Sarrell. He also recalled how, about 13 years ago, he helped insti­ “He inspires me by the way he leads his life and by histute another program for students, engaging his fellow caring attitude toward others,” said Parker during an inter­Kiwanians to take part in a tutoring/reading program inAnniston. Today, about a dozen Kiwanians still visit vari­ (See DOCTOR, Page 5) Deadline is Sept. 30, 2012, for the fall online edition of the Kiwanis Kourier
  5. 5. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 5 Doctor (From Page 4)view at the Anniston Sarrell Center’soffice. “The only time he was evermad at me was when I named theclinics after him.” Dr. Sarrell talked about his ownchildhood during the interview. Hewas raised during the 1930s and 1940son a 17-acre farm in Copperhill, Tenn.There were many children growing uparound him, both siblings and cous­ins.GI Bill for med school Life was modest then, Dr. Sarrellsaid. He described it as rich in happi­ness, hard work and lots of playing.When many of the children on thefarm grew up, including Dr. Sarrell,they were tapped for service in WorldWar II. He served in the U.S. Navy,and after the war ended he used theGI Bill to earn a degree at CornellMedical School in New York City. Later, he returned to service for hiscountry during the Korean War. He and Martha Jean Pope were mar­ Dr. Sarrell, a cardiologist, has received many honors, but he is more com-ried in 1950 before he went to Korea. fortable talking about his six children and 15 grandchildren or the children After the war, he returned to Emory who come to the dental centers than himself. (Photo courtesy of Bill Wilson,University in Atlanta for specialized Annis­ on Star photographer) ttraining in cardiology. often spends time at their place on a photo to be made among the plaques He and Martha moved to Anniston lake in Heflin, where he has taught and framed news 1954. He established a private prac­ the grandchildren to fly fish. His honors include Kiwanian of thetice and worked to establish a special Year from the Anniston Kiwanis Clubheart unit at what was then Anniston “I don’t know why I love children so well,” he said. “I guess I was in 1969; Outstanding Service Award asMemorial Hospital. They had five chairman of the Driver Educationchildren, and she focused on raising always used to being around kids.” Project from Anniston Kiwanis inthem until, after 17 years of marriage, 1973; George Hixson Fellow ofshe developed melanoma and died. Motivation for clinics Dr. Sarrell’s faith comes into play Kiwanis International in 2000; and the Dr. Sarrell had to give up his com­ Alabama District of Kiwanis J. Mercermunity work as a Kiwanian for a few when he talks about the success of the dental clinics. Barnett Fellow honor in 2005.years to raise and support his chil­ There are other honors, but Dr.dren. About 1970, he met a teacher of “This has been the greatest bless­ ing,” he said. “God started this thing, Sarrell was more comfortable talkingpediatric nursing, Lela Blocker, and about the dental centers or his ownthey later married. He credits her with and he is looking after it. I told Jeff that (God was in this) the first time I children’s accomplishments.his success, because she “took on an As he walked slowly back to the liv­old man and five children” and gave met him.” ing room, a telephone began ringing.up her career as a nurse and a teacher. Dr. Sarrell attributes part of the suc­ A female voice left a message, and he Dr. Sarrell worked with the cess of the dental centers to his smiled.Anniston hospital, which had become Kiwanis club. They pledged $10,000 “That’s one of my daughters,” heRegional Medical Center, to help per year for the first three years, but said. “She’s worried about me, but I’llestablish the first heart catheterization after two years, the center no longer call her back later.”lab in Anniston — the first, in fact, in needed the Kiwanis money, and it wasAlabama. He also began to focus on diverted to other programs. Weathering stormshis community work again and Money was not the only thing hisrejoined Kiwanis at the invitation of fellow Kiwanians gave him. Dr. Sarrell also talked of the strug­Charlie Fuller. gles involved in seeking to improve “They encouraged me,” he said. He the cardiac unit at RMC and how he He and Lela later had a daughter of picked up a cane that had been lean­ worked with the hospital leaders totheir own, and they now enjoy spend­ ing against the couch and stood to bring in doctors and equipment toing time with 15 grandchildren and a walk toward an office where hisgreat-grandchild. The entire family Kiwanis awards hung, allowing his (See DOCTOR, Page 6) The next Kiwanis International Convention will be in Vancouver, B.C., June 27-30, 2013
  6. 6. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 6 Now, Parker hires dentists, hygienists, assistants and Doctor managers to provide quality care. (From Page 5) “The Alabama Legislature unanimously approved the bill (to allow a dental clinic to be owned by a non-den­make the unit an outstanding facility. He recalled the hard tist),” said Dr. Sarrell, “voting 90 to zero.” He smiled. Thenwork involved in starting the dental centers and how he he told how Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, who is alsoobtained help initially from local dentists. He remembered a retired physician, signed the bill into law. Dr. Sarrell ishaving to raise money for the remodeling of the old glad that the centers are now free to continue serving chil­Medical Arts Building in Anniston, which still houses the dren throughout the state.Anniston center. There and at some other sites, eye clinicshave been added through the years. Perseverance pays off He said he was unsure, in the initial months after thedental center started, how it would succeed. But Dr. Sarrell Dr. Sarrell said knowing he has helped children haspersevered, sometimes contributing his own money made his life worth living, and he is happy thinking thattoward the project. Soon, Sarrell Dental Centers were up his own children are proud of him. The success of the den­and going, aided by a contract with the University of tal centers has been an unexpected and rewarding experi­Alabama at Birmingham’s Dental School. ence. There was still controversy, though, with several dentists Another fellow Kiwanian, retired Gen. Gerald Watson,objecting to the existence of Sarrell Dental Centers. That said he is amazed how much time Dr. Sarrell has contribut­ultimately led to the end of the UAB/Sarrell partnership in ed to Kiwanis projects.2010. A lawsuit was filed, and the resulting publicity “It is phenomenal what he has done,” said Watson, “bothcaught the attention of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, in giving to Kiwanis and to so many people.”which intervened on the side of Dr. Sarrell. Watson, who is a member of Anniston Kiwanis because In the meantime, a bill that would settle all issues and of Dr. Sarrell’s invitation, said he has enjoyed knowing theensure the right of the Sarrell Dental Centers to exist was doctor as a friend.introduced in the Alabama Legislature. The bill passed “He truly practices what he believes in,” said Watson.unanimously. In a gesture of goodwill, the Centers “He’s an unusual man to have done so much work for oth­dropped their lawsuit the day after the bill officially ers.”became law. (Sherry Kughn is a writer for The Anniston Star.) E-mail news and photos to the Kiwanis Kourier,
  7. 7. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 7Weekend cultivates young leadersBy Jamie BrabstonKey Leader Administrator, This exercise mayAlabama District It was an amazing weekend. The look like fun and2012 Alabama District Key Leader games, but it actu-event was a great success! ally helped teach leadership skills to More than 50 students attended those attending thefrom all over the state, and many have Key Leader pro-already expressed interest in attending gram at theKey Leader again next year. Alabama 4-H Students attended from Divisions 1, Center in3, 4, 5, 7 and 10. Divisions 1, 5 and 10 Columbiana Aprileach sent more than 10 students to 27-29. (A full pageKey Leader. Amazing! of photos follows.) The students’ own feedback bestexemplifies the impact and impor­tance of the Key Leader experience: port of the Key Club and the Wanschek, Alan West, Kevin Yates n “Make sure it happens next year! I Foundation for their generous finan­ and Sabrina Young. They exemplifyhad an amazing time and can’t wait to cial scholarships which aided several the meaning of Key Leaders!come back next year, hopefully as a students to be able to attend, who oth­ With sadness, I recognize and honorstudent facilitator.” erwise may not have been able to do one of our precious volunteers and a n “I had an awesome time at Key so. dear friend, Ted Brostrom, whoLeader and plan on returning in the Of course, Key Leader cannot hap­ passed away May 1. In fact, after eightfuture.” pen without the dedication of many years of battling cancer, Ted spent his n “I’m so grateful I got this opportu­ adult chaperones. We were so fortu­ last days with us, in service at the Keynity and I would definitely want to nate to have amazing chaperones who Leader weekend. We were so blessed come back.” gave up an entire weekend to devote to know Ted and spend his last days n “I got to meet to our emerging leaders. with him, serving the youth of our new people, and I First, site coordinator Michael district. also learned how to Hodge deserves recognition for his In case you’re still asking yourself make my community enthusiastic promotion of Key Leader “What is Key Leader?” … better.” all year. He also engaged the support Key Leader is Kiwanis Interna­ n “I learned a lot of of two wonderful Army recruiters, tional’s service leadership program for stuff to become a bet­ Capt. Meagan Florea and Sgt. James students in eighth through 12th ter leader. Thank you Edwards, who drove a van to the grades. It is a fun-filled weekend very much!” event with 10 students from North event comprised of small and large n “I wish we didn’t Alabama. Sgt. Florea and Captain group activities, interactive events,Jamie Brabston have to leave so Edwards spent the weekend with us and presentations from a professional early. I feel like the as two of our chaperones and their facilitator that focus on servant leader­people here are my family and like I presence was thoroughly enjoyed by ship. It is an incredible opportunityknew them forever.” the students and adults alike. for “emerging leaders” who need that As you can see, the students who We are thankful for the Army’s con­ extra push to become true leaders inattended had fun, made friends, tinued support of Key Leader, pursu­ their schools and communities.learned how to become better leaders ant to the Memorandum of Under­ We have not set the date for 2013and to improve their communities – standing signed by the Army and but anticipate that it will be in latethat is what Key Leader is all about. Kiwanis International last year. Their April. Space is limited to 60-70 partici­ Key Leader would not have been “gift” to all students through the pants, so make plans now to sponsorsuccessful without the dedication of “march2success” program, which pro­ and encourage the emerging leadersthe entire Alabama District Leadership vides a free resource for students that in your community to, who spread the word, recruited includes SAT and ACT preparation And remember, Key Leader is openstudents and also provided financial work and practice tests, is extremely to all students, not just those who aresupport for students. Thank you all. generous and beneficial. already serving in Key Club or Build­ We appreciate the time and enthusi­ The rest of our fabulous Key Leader ers Club. In fact, one of our Key Lead­asm of the five students who partici­ team of chaperones/volunteers also er participants this year has initiatedpated as student facilitators: Jeremiah brought their own gifts, talents and the process for starting a Key Club atStone, Ashlyn Edde, Steven Griffith, diversity, including great attitudes her high school!Nichole Morris and Will Palmisano. and flexibility! We absolutely could For more information, visit www.The other students enjoyed and were not have gotten by without Kim and or contact me,rewarded by their leadership. Jeff Clark, Betsy Hodo, Charissa (256- We also appreciate the financial sup­ Lambert, Melissa Purdy, John 679-6341). Deadline is Sept. 30, 2012, for the fall online edition of the Kiwanis Kourier
  8. 8. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 8 Key Leader Conference Columbiana, April 27-29, 2012 Photos by Patrice Stewart and Kevin YatesHave questions? Call the District Office in Birmingham toll-free at 1-800-745-1334
  9. 9. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 9 The Kiwanis Club ofVulcan’s Gala honoredbusinessman Larry D.Thornton and the A.G.Gaston Boys Girls Club.The event featured enter-tainer Belinda GeorgePeoples, as well as Cam­eryn Carlisle, who sang“The Greatest Love of All.”Vulcan Gala raises $3,500 for youths The inaugural “Children Are Our Jackson, an award-winning journalist youth of all backgrounds, especiallyFuture” Gala sponsored by the Kiwan­ and weekday anchor for CBS 42 News those from disadvantaged circum­is Club of Vulcan in Birming­ am was h at 5, 6 and 10 p.m. stances, become responsible citizensa big success, raising $3,500 for schol­ Jarmon presented the Kiwanis mis­ and caring adults,” he said.arships and youth programs, accord­ sion. A highlight was a moving rendi­ Jarmon said the evening was cappeding to club president Luther Jarmon Jr. tion of “The Greatest Love of All” by by “a heart-stopping concert by one of The event, held May 18 at Boutwell Cameryn Carlisle, a member of the Birmingham’s premier entertainers,Auditorium, began with a reception to A.G. Gaston Boys Girls Club. Belinda George Peoples, an electrify­meet the honorees, followed by a ing performer with outstanding tal­silent auction. Honorees, singers ents as a vocalist and an actress.” The gala honored Larry D. Her talents have taken her across theSilent auction Thornton, president and owner of nation to entertain at the Smithsonian The silent auction was led by Chris Thornton Enterprises Inc., for his Institute in Washington, D.C., a WhiteOsborne, regional communications numerous contributions to the com­ Sox baseball game in Chicago and theofficer of the American Red Cross in munity. SWAC championship game in Atlanta,Birmingham and former award-win­ “As a McDonald’s franchisee who as well as overseas to countries suchning reporter and videographer at owns and operates five McDonald’s as Spain and Sweden.Birmingham’s ABC affiliate. restaurants, Larry provides opportuni­ The meal was provided by Creative Jordan Frazier, gala chairperson, ties, jobs and careers for numerous Catering by Ambrosia.opened the program with a welcome. youth,” said Jarmon. Jarmon said the success of the eventSponsors and contributors were recog­ Also honored was the A.G. Gaston was due to the event planners, Glorianized by Mistress of Ceremony Sherri Boys Girls Club, “which helps Dennard and Janice Jefferson. Support RIF with readers and donations, and help at Tri-K Day Aug. 25, 2012, in Opelika
  10. 10. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 10Clubs use many funding strategiesto help moms, babies beat tetanusBy David BeasleyAlabama District Eliminate Coordinator Congratulations go to the Kiwanis Club of Tri-CitiesFlorala for raising $1,635 for the Eliminate Project to savelives worldwide by battling maternal and neonatal tetanuswith immunizations. Deborah Stokes, club secretary, reported that 55 peopleattended a $25-per-person dinner June 1 at the Havana House in Florala. The RSVP-only dinner included appetizers, meal and dessert and offered a wine station and a beer sta­ tion. Music and dancing by the pool also were enjoyed. Tri-Cities Florala is a club of 19 mem­ bers. Contact Deb­ rah Stokes (shebboop@ o for more information. The Florence club brought in over $200 for the Eliminate Project by eating out at the local Texas Roadhouse. Once a quar­David Beasley ter, the restaurant offers not-for-profit organizations a 10-percent donation ontotal sales for people who present an invitation to dine at Armand St. Raymond, left, receives a plaque for histhe Roadhouse. This was the club’s second such event. Eliminate Project 100K Club, the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham, onstage during the Kiwanis International Jim Durrett and I met with the Kiwanis Club of Jasper convention in New Orleans. He serves as an AlabamaJune 4 to discuss the Eliminate Project. I also spoke to a District division coordinator for the Eliminate group June 6 about Eliminate’s potential as achurch ministry. by saving and donating $2 per week to Eliminate. A dona­ tion of $2 per week from now until 2015 will save at leastMore volunteers needed 173 lives. Checks for larger amounts are also appreciated. A conference call for the Alabama Eliminate team We have the technology to save lives from maternal/neo­brought together 12 Alabama Kiwanians to discuss meth­ natal tetanus. We can eliminate the disease and preventods of strengthening our project. millions from suffering an excruciatingly painful death. Each club needs to appoint a club coordinator to manage Educate your club about Eliminate with an old-fashionedand encourage Eliminate activities within the club. spelling bee. This will provide a humorous program andVolunteers are needed for these important club positions. inform members about the Eliminate Project. Your division coordinators are: Susan Anderson, Jim Add a birthday gift for the person who has everythingDurrett, Jim Jaynes, Armand St. Raymond, Hammond by donating a gift to Eliminate in that person’s honor.Cobb, Teri Williams, Thomas Lott, Patricia Bedgood and Contact me for details about how to do the spelling beeKim Bush. and the birthday card. Thank you, Hammond Cobb III. In Alabama ...Hammond has been successful in recruiting Progress madefive club coordinators for the seven clubs in n Eliminate pledges and Alabama’s pledges and donations toDivision 9: Phil Knight, Neva Conway, John donations now exceed Kiwanis International’s Eliminate ProjectBurch, Whit Moncrief and Percy Blackmon. $215,000. now exceed $215,000! Other club coordinators are Michael n Model clubs pledged: Kiwanis Club of Florence, The worldwide funding total as of MayBroder, Bob Renie, Vernon Crowe, Kathy 10 was $11,847,186. That is an increase ofAlldredge and Paul England. Kiwanis Club of Rogersville n Pending model club about $800,000 for one month and can save Alabama District Eliminate multi-divi­ more than 6,581,770 lives.sional coordinators are: Ernest Hulsey for pledge: Kiwanis Club of Troy Because of the progress in fundraising forDivisions 1-7 and Teri Williams for Eliminate, Kiwanis International Founda­Divisions 9, 10, 11. We still have volunteer n 100K Club: Kiwanis Club of Birmingham tion has transferred $700,000 to UNICEF.slots vacant for Divisions 8, 12, 13 and 14. n Number of Zellers for This will save and protect 388,889 mothers Be part of solving a worldwide problem Alabama: 16 and their future babies from maternal andand saving millions of lives! You can do so neonatal tetanus. E-mail news and photos to the Kiwanis Kourier,
  11. 11. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 11Big time, big plans in Big EasyHighlights of Kiwanis International meeting in New OrleansBy Patrice StewartKiwanis Kourier Editor Jazz and hurricanes. Beignets and café au lait. New offi­cers, new ideas and new beginnings. Here are some of the highlights from the KiwanisInternational Convention in New Orleans June 27-July 1.… n Hearing the smoking-hot jazz of the Big Easy’sSmoking Time Jazz Club talented musicians, singers anddancers, who performed at the opening session. The nextday, candidates for KI office campaigned with bands andjazz tunes in the Ernest Morial Convention Center lobbyand Atrium Café while Kiwanians downed lunches withCajun flavors. Branford Marsalis and his saxophone in thefirst half and Aaron Neville and his songs in the secondthrilled Kiwanians attending a ticketed concert Fridaynight. And the musical highlight of the closing session wasCajun fiddler Amanda Shaw from the movie “Hurricaneon the Bayou.” Those still wanting more headed for Cajunmusic and dancing at Mulate’s, hurricanes in the piano baror courtyard at Pat O’Brien’s, Preservation Hall, BourbonStreet and other nightspots. n Seeing photos of the teddy bear that traveled withKiwanis International president Alan Penn and wife Jerifrom Medina, Ohio, during 2011-12, both overseas and in At the close of the convention, President-designate Tomthe United States. One of their photos showed the duct- DeJulio and wife Rosemary shared plans for 2012-13 “totaped bear after he was kidnapped and held for ransom make children healthier and happier,” he to benefit a project. Kiwanis Bear visited with chil­dren at all types of fundraisers and camps and entertained Page 13).adults, too. n Being entertained while learning about service and n Hearing plans and priorities for 2012-13 of KI presi­ more from keynote speakers Sean and Leigh Ann Tuohy ofdent-designate Tom DeJulio of Bronxville, N.Y., who wants Memphis, who reached out to offer a young man hope,Kiwanians to connect, inspire and advocate. He and his love and opportunity. They changed his life and theirs andwife, Rosemary, honored a niece with a Zeller award and ended up with a book and movie called “The Blind Side.”invited a children’s choir to sing at the close of the conven­ She challenged Kiwanians to “continue what you’re doing,tion. “Our mission next year is to make children healthier do more, and don’t ever, ever, ever give up.” Closing ses­and happier,” he said, asking Kiwanians to recommit, sion speakers were James Carville and Mary Matalin of“because now is not the time to rest; the children are New Orleans, a husband and wife who are authors, politi­depending on us.” DeJulio added, “The future of the cal consultants and broadcast commentators on both sidesworld’s children is our future, too.” A former Key Club of the political fence.and Circle K member, DeJulio has been a Kiwanian since n Hearing about the successes of the Eliminate Project1973 and served as a distinguished club president, lieuten­ from KI Eliminate chairman Randy DeLay, who said moreant governor and New York District governor before join­ than $14 million has been raised so far, and he is seeinging the Kiwanis International Board in 2005. membership growth along with it. The Eliminate team is n Seeing Alabama District Kiwanians shine on stage: Pam 2,500 strong and growing. “Get involved to enrich yourFleming of Sheffield as she was recognized as a KI board life, to add passion to Kiwanis and to save lives of motherstrustee completing a three-year term, introducing others and babies,” he said. During the convention, an Eliminateand participating in the celebration of women members; walk raised more than $72,750 and saved or protectedTammy Driskill of Gadsden introduced as one of the 2011- more than 40,400 lives.12 class of governors; Armand St. Raymond accepting a n Checking out dozens of exhibits and workshops toplaque for his Kiwanis Club of Birmingham as a major make the Kiwanis experience better, along with manycontributor to the Eliminate project; Ed and Olivia designed to improve your life, such as clinical therapistHumphries of Dadeville introduced with the Kiwanis Jenny Craig’s presentation on 10 steps to make a positiveInternational Foundation board; Russ Dunman of the impact. In the exhibit hall, there were plenty of opportuni­Kiwanis Club of Montgomery on a workshop panel shar­ing sponsorship insights for fundraising projects. ties to meet and greet, with everyone from fitness guru n Sharing in the observance marking 25 years since Richard Simmons, whose brother Lenny is a member ofwomen were admitted to Kiwanis (story and photos on (See NEW ORLEANS, Page 12) Deadline is Sept. 30, 2012, for the fall online edition of the Kiwanis Kourier
  12. 12. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 12 At left, Toni and Phil Allen of Mon­roeville enjoy the hotel hospitalityroom. At right, Pam and David Flem­ing of Sheffield on the riverfront. New Orleans (From Page 11)Kiwanis in New Orleans, to Kiwanians from around theworld and even a service dog at one booth. n Sharing sessions with Circle K and being entertainedby their dedication — and flash mob — as well as sharingmeeting space with Aktion Club members and admiringtheir enthusiasm. Kiwanians, Aktion Club and Circle Kmembers were each given stuffed animal mascots to makephotos with and post on Facebook. In the Kiwanis exhibit hall, Circle K shared service Colean Black Ervin Dailey Cecilia Ann Dailey projects ranging from crayon recycling and mud volley­ These three Alabamians were officially declared ball to wildfire relief and 24 “Distinguished Members” in their Kiwanis work and straight hours of service. service. A program was passed out with the names of n Electing new leaders, Distinguished Kiwanians from each district for 2010-11, including Tom DeJulio of including, from left, Past Governor Colean Black, Lt. New York as president, Governor Ervin Dailey and his wife, Cecilia Ann Dailey. Gunter Gasser of Austria as Guojonsson of Iceland, who was elected during the KI president-elect and John European Federation Convention. Button of Ontario as vice n Watching the numbers following an electronic vote in president. Trustees elected to three-year terms on the KI which a proposed increase in membership dues did not board are Dennis Oliver of pass but was referred to a committee. The House of Gulfport, Miss.; James Delegates defeated proposals to add a new Kiwanis Object Rochford of Peoria, Illinois; and to establish a new standing committee of past Kiwanis and Elizabeth M. Tezza of International trustees. Approved were amendments to clar­ Mt. Pleasant, S.C. Kevin ify discipline of Kiwanis International officers; provide that Dean of Morgantown, W.Va., clubs will investigate an allegation that a member has com­ was elected to finish the mitted “conduct unbecoming” and appropriately disci­ term of the late Oscar Knight pline that member if the allegation is found to be true; Olivia Humphries split III. Also new to the board extend the freeze on tiered dues rates; establish the mini­her time between attend- will be Colin Reichle of mum number of members to charter a new club at 15; anding sessions and helping Alberta, who was elected at several amendments that will allow implementation of ain the Kiwanis Inter­ a­ n the Western Canada District new Standard Form for Club Bylaws. See more at www.tional Foundation booth. Convention, and Iskar Send your information on officers elected for 2012-13 to Pat Manasco, Ala­ Report election bama District of Kiwanis, 85 Bagby Drive, Suite 206, Birmingham, AL 35209. Include addresses, phones and e-mails for presidents and secretaries, of club officers Also fill out and submit to Kiwanis International the election form that can be found on the KI website. Remember your annual gift of $5 per club member to the Kiwanis International Foundation
  13. 13. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 13 Kiwanis International board member Pam Fleming ofSheffield checks out merchandise in the Kiwanis Store, left,and talks about women in Kiwanis during a Saturday pro-gram. At far right, she is next to last on the right onstage.KI throws a party in pinkConvention celebrates 25 years of women in KiwanisBy Patrice StewartKiwanis Kourier Editor NEW ORLEANS — This ­celebration was 25 yearsin the making. During a KiwanisInternational conventionin Washington, D.C., inJuly 1987, the all-male del­egation voted to admitwomen to membership. The 25th anniversary At left, Kiwanis Inter­was marked at the New national president Alan PennOrleans convention with and wife Jeri (left) present apink lemonade, pink-dec­ Legion of Honor to one of theorated cake, pink foil-cov­ early members. Above, KIered chocolates and pink- board member Jane Erick­ onsthemed anniversary mer­ (right) talks with an attendee.chandise at the KiwanisStore. served children and communities over the last 25 years. The party began during the Wednesday opening recep­ You have guided, mentored, loved, shared, and role mod­tion in the exhibit hall and continued throughout the con­ eled for all of us. You have shown us the true spirit of ‘Ivention, with many early women members featured on care!’ with your integrity, compassion, accountability,videos at each session. Guests of honor were more than 40 respect, excellence and passion,” Erickson said.women who were among the first to become official mem­ On Saturday morning of the New Orleans convention, KIbers after the House of Delegates approved the measure in trustee Pam Fleming, a past Alabama District governor1987 (read more history on the KI website). from Sheffield, presented a program on 25 years of women Current KI board trustee Jane Erickson, who served as in Kiwanis. She noted that Lisa McCoy was the firstchairwoman of the Task Force for the 25th year of Women woman to serve on the KI board in 2001-2004. The firstin Kiwanis observance, announced the Legion of Honor female governor was elected in the Philippines for thehonorees during the opening reception. KI president Alan 1993-94 term.Penn and his wife, Jeri, presented each with a certificateand lapel pin. The Legion of Honor award recognizes Fleming was recognized as a departing board membermembers with 25 or more years of Kiwanis service. who will complete her three-year term Sept. 30. Among the “Congratulations to all the Kiwanis women who have (See WOMEN, Page 14) Support RIF with readers and donations, and help at Tri-K Day Aug. 25, 2012, in Opelika
  14. 14. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 14 Professionally, Rodgers serves as the dean of counseling Rodgers and residential life at Indian Springs School. He is a (From Page 1) Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and Counseling Supervisor in the State ofcurrently its communications officer, working to increase Alabama. He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychologythe impact of Kiwanis service by supporting clubs with from the University of South Alabama and a master’s intechnology-related issues and giving programs at conven­ counseling from the University of Alabama at Birminghamtions. and also attended Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. A primary accomplishment, Rodgers said, has been Rodgers, a member of the 2008-2009 class of Project“developing a first-class website that has been recognized Corporate Leadership, has also volunteered with Unitedinternationally as an example for other districts. I have also Way of Central Alabama, Children’s Hospital, Chi Sigmaworked to increase our impact through developing a Iota and the Alabama Mental Health Counselorsmonthly District email distribution that shares the Kiwanis Association.Kourier, Eliminate Updates, and other pertinent informa­ He and his wife, Holly, have three children, Jack, 7,tion that members might find helpful.” Maggie, 3, and Laura, 2. A key part of Rodgers’ strategy was integrating social Rodgers has enjoyed bringing his son along for Kiwanismedia tools like Facebook and Twitter “to make our service opportunities. “He knows about the EliminateDistrict’s reach become global. We have followers from Project and wants to contribute to save lives, too. Hethroughout the world.” knows what Kiwanis is about and that it changes lives. However, he said, “It is the connections that I have made Little does he know that it is ours that have been changedthrough working on service projects with fellow Kiwanians for being a part of this great organization,” he said.that mean the most to me. Whether it was building a first- “It is for these reasons that I feel called to take my serviceclass accessible playground in Helena, or joining division to the next level and submit myself as a candidate for theclubs to sort food for the United Way of Central Alabama office of vice governor.Food Bank, or seeing the smiling faces of children at the “Kiwanis has made me a better member of my communi­West Center Street Head Start on RIF Distribution and ty, a better spouse and a better parent,” said Rodgers.reading days, or the smiles on the families at Children’s “Whenever I get involved in an organization, I take mem­Hospital as we give them brief respite from being with bership very seriously. I have served in numerous capaci­their child as they receive compassionate care, these are the ties over the years and grown to call so many Kiwaniansmemories that I cherish most.” from around the state friends.” The KI president said that only Women (From Page 13) about 11 percent of members are women in civic organizations such as Kiwanis Rotary and Lions trustees elected to join the KIboard Oct. 1 was one woman,Elizabeth Tezza of Mt. Pleasant, S.C. Penn also said that during the New Orleans convention, he met the dates Fleming shared her favorite quotefrom another distinguished woman woman who started the Kiwanis ball rolling with a lawsuit. “I told her I to note …from her home area of Alabama, was proud of her,” said Penn.Helen Keller: “Alone we can do so lit­ There are still plenty more potentialtle; together we can do so much.” members out there, however. A list of Alabama District At the closing convention session percentages of women in Kiwanis by Conventionthat afternoon, Fleming and other district was posted at the anniversarywomen board members and leaders July 27-29, 2012were onstage at the closing session as booth in the exhibit hall, showing thatan anniversary video aired and early Alabama, with 20.5 percent women Tri-K Day for RIFmembers were recognized. Afterward, members, is almost at the bottom of in Opelikathey asked the men who voted for the the United States districts.measure at the Washington conven­ Aug. 25, 2012 The Carolinas were behind Alabamation 25 years ago to stand, too. at 20.3. Leading the U.S. districts with Mid-winter Conference “I am proud to be part of the 26 per­ the most women are Southwest at 35.4cent of this organization that is percent and West Virginia at 37.7 per­ in Prattvillefemale,” said Erickson. “We have cent. Numbers vary widely in other Feb. 23-24, 2013come so far … and for all of us it is a countries, depending on cultural cus­great time to be a Kiwanian.” Kiwanis International toms. The 25th anniversary is a year-long Conventioncelebration, and each district and club See female membership statistics,can plan similar recognitions this year. stories of early women members, 25th Vancouver, B.C.Alabama held a celebration banquet at anniversary video and merchandise June 27-30, 2013its Mid-winter Conference in and more at women. See you at the District Convention in downtown Montgomery July 27-29, 2012
  15. 15. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 15International Convention New Orleans, June 27-30, 2012 Photos by Patrice Stewart E-mail news and photos to the Kiwanis Kourier,
  16. 16. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 16 International Convention Photos by Patrice StewartDeadline is Sept. 30, 2012, for the fall online edition of the Kiwanis Kourier
  17. 17. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 17 International Convention Photos by Patrice Stewart and Pam FlemingCitronelle club will celebrate its 65th anniversary on July 15 The Citronelle Kiwanis Club invites “He will be receiving his 65-year cer­ tion of the Citronelle Rescue Unit inother Kiwanians and the public to join tificate during the celebration.” the its 65th anniversary celebration Refreshments will be served, and “The Citronelle Kiwanis Club is afrom 2 to 4 p.m. July 15 at the club scrapbooks will be available for huge part of the Citronelle communi­Citronelle Depot Museum. people to look through and see the ty, holding fundraisers to support our The club was chartered on July 17, many projects the club has been local children and surrounding areas1947, said president Waynetta Black. involved in through the years. with reading, books, school uniforms “William Ted Newberry is the only The club’s first major project was the and scholarships, as well as support­living charter member and is still construction of a swimming pool at ing the Boy Scouts, a softball team,attending Kiwanis meetings, leading Memorial Park, Black said. Members Key Club, Fire Department, areathe pledge at each meeting,” she said. also were instrumental in the forma­ schools and many more,” said Black. The next Kiwanis International Convention will be in Vancouver, B.C., June 27-30, 2013
  18. 18. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 18 Districts’ dinnerAlabama, Texas-Oklahoma, New England Photos by Patrice Stewart and Steve StewartRemember your annual gift of $5 per club member to the Kiwanis International Foundation
  19. 19. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 19 Alabama caucus Preparing to cast Kiwanis International votes during New Orleans convention Photos by Patrice Stewart general and business sessions and the Registration for the Saturday night Montgomery interclub luncheon. Training for those governor’s banquet is an additional (From Page 1) taking leadership roles such as club $40.said Andrea Screws, executive director president and secretary and division Those who wait to register at theof the Kiwanis Club of Montgomery. lieutenant governor is also planned. A convention and pay with cash or tentative schedule is on Page 22. Kiwanis Governor Tammy Driskill’s check will be charged an additional While the earlybird registration processing fee of $30. For more infor­theme for 2011-12, “More Hands = deadline was June 26 for $85,More Service,” will be the theme for mation, email ascrews@montgom­ Kiwanians may still register through or call 334-260-7996.the convention, which will begin with July 20 online from the conventionboard meetings on Friday and end link on the District website with a Hotel reservations should be madewith a memorial prayer breakfast and credit card for $115, plus a processing directly with the hotel or by callinganother board meeting Sunday. fee. The fee for spouses and guests is 1-800-Embassy or online at www. On Saturday, workshops to help $45 ($15 for those 12 and under). All Kiwanis rates ofmembers and clubs deal with a vari­ those fees include the Friday barbecue $124 double (group code KCM) wereety of topics are scheduled, along with and Saturday interclub luncheon. due by June 26. Keep up with Kiwanis International news and information at
  20. 20. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 20Delegates at work at International Convention Photos by Patrice Stewart Mark your calendars for June 27-30, 2013 and the Kiwanis International Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaHave you donated to the Eliminate Project yet? Read about it at
  21. 21. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 21Bikers make Ride to Read a success,defying 100-degree heat of late JuneBy Cathy GaffordExecutive director, Jean Dean Reading Is Fundamental Big-hearted bikers from across Alabama came together atBig Swamp Harley-Davidson in Opelika on the last day ofJune — a day of record temperatures and record efforts —to help Jean Dean Reading Is Fundamental/Kiwanis putbooks in the homes of 25,000 at-risk young children acrossAlabama. Close to 40 riders and another 20-plus faithful RIF volun­teers braved the heat for a 60-mile ride that included stopsat the Big Swamp, Chewacla State Park, the OpelikaSportsplex and Cambridge Place. This was less than half the group of riders expected butno one had expected the high temperatures when the ridewas planned. We were thrilled to see the folks who didcome and endure the heat. Riders came on a variety of bikes and we still had a lot offun and netted more than $3,200 to help at-risk young chil­dren get books in their homes — for many, the first books Auburn News, Frederick’s Funeral Home and Kohl’s, and in their homes. additional sponsors EAMC, JoAnn and Sidney Lanier Our grand prize winner, Daks Gentry, (Wedowee), Opelika-Auburn Emblem Club #280, ALFA got a $750 trip to Wind Creek Casino and Insurance (Valley), BancorpSouth (Opelika), Millbrook- Hotel, including a two-night stay, dinner Coosada Kiwanis, Zaxby’s (Tigertown, Valley), Howard E. for two at the Fire Restaurant, two spa Rearden D.M.D., P.C., PMF Promed, Suzi and Kervin Kelley treatments and two cooking lessons. (Montgomery) and Xi Beta Iota Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi. Tori Sands’ second-place hand won a It is a pleasure to work with Big Swamp Harley- Harley-Davidson leather jacket. Our Davidson each year to raise funds for RIF. We appreciate worst hand winner, John Gore, went the donations from Big Swamp that add so much to our home with some new sunglasses. ride, and we look forward to the 2013 Ride to Read. Folks attending enjoyed a breakfastCathy Gafford bake sale compliments of the Auburn- Dropped from federal budget Opelika Emblem Club #280, the upbeat This year it is more important than ever for Jean Deanmusic of Auburn Audio, a Outback Steakhouse lunch, and RIF to have good support for its fundraisers. Reading Isbidding on finds at the auction from Story’s, Gatherings, Fundamental Inc., the oldest children’s literacy organiza­Rick Bell, the Hal Smith Store and more. They got great tion in the United States, was dropped from the federaldeals at the Big Swamp, won door prizes from The Village budget in 2011. The federal grants which Jean Dean RIFCookery, Waffle House and Big Swamp, played bike games had applied for and received to cover some of the poorestcompliments of the CMA Trinity Riders #295 and drank a kids across Alabama for many years (children with averagelot of cold water from Dean Barrett. Everyone received a annual family incomes of $10,000 or less) are no longerfoam cover for a beverage can from Kinnucan’s and a cou­ available to even apply for, effective 2012. Jean Dean RIF ispon from Zaxby’s. trying hard not to have to drop 8,000 of the nearly 25,000 children who had been given three books every year.Prizes, volunteers, sponsors Jean Dean RIF was started in 1990-91 by Joe Dean, then John VanNostrand won the travel door prize, which this governor of the Alabama District of Kiwanis, and is namedyear, was a one-night stay at the Hampton Inn in for his wife, Jean Torbert Dean, who died in 1990. JeanBirmingham. Rick Bell won the $50 Outback Steakhouse Dean RIF is the signature service project of the Alabamagift card early-bird drawing. Kiwanis Foundation. It is the largest RIF project in the Volunteers came from Kohl’s, Beta Sigma Phi, Kappa nation serving preschoolers and serves more sites than anyKappa Gamma, Auburn University, CMA Trinity Riders other RIF project in the country.#295, Kiwanis and the Ride to Read committee. Sylvia Tax-deductible donations can be mailed to Jean Dean RIF,Watts, widow of Ride to Read founder Truel Watts, came PO Box 848, Opelika, AL 36803-0848. Volunteers are alwaysfrom Millbrook to help us again this year. welcomed; call 334-750-9974 or email jdrifvolunteer@gmail. We appreciate all of our sponsors, including major spon­ com. The program web site address is www.jeandeanrif.sors Kiwanis, Big Swamp Harley-Davidson, Opelika- org. Put the Mid-winter Conference in Prattville on your calendar: Feb. 23-24, 2013
  22. 22. Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Summer 2012 22 Tentative schedule 94th Alabama District Convention Kiwanis International July 27-29, 2012, Montgomery Friday, JULY 27 C: The Eliminate Project, Noon-6:30 p.m. Registration David Beasley 1-2:30 p.m. RIF Advisory Committee 11 a.m.-11:45 a.m. Second group of workshops meeting A: Incoming Club Presidents 2:45-4 p.m. Foundation Board meeting and Incoming Club Treasurers, Joel Williams and Coke Clark 6 p.m. Opening ceremony, dinner and entertainment B: Social Media, Brian Rodgers (near hotel) C: Pancake Day Success, Jerry Ware SATURDAY, JULY 28 (See info packet) Excursion for youth and spouses 7:30 a.m.-noon Registration Noon-2 p.m. Interclub Luncheon 7-8:15 a.m. Buffet breakfast, Speaker: Jane Erickson, welcome from mayor Kiwanis International Trustee 7-7:45 a.m. Past governors’ meeting 2:15-3 p.m. Third group of workshops 7-7:45 a.m. Past and current lieutenant governors’ meeting A: Incoming Board Members, Ernest Hulsey 7-7:45 a.m. RIF meeting B: Building and Supporting 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Kiwanis Family Store a Circle K Club, 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Exhibits CKI Governor Kimbrlei McCain 7:30 a.m.-4:45 p.m. Silent Auction C: Representative of KI board (checkout 4:45 – 5 p.m.) (See info packet) Excursions and free time 8:30-9:30 a.m. General session: 6-7 p.m. Honors Reception House of Delegates business 7-9 p.m. Governor’s Banquet 9:45-10:30 a.m. Workshops A: Incoming Club Presidents and Incoming Club Secretaries, SUNDAY, JULY 29 Ernest Hulsey and Paul England 8-9 a.m. Nondenominational Memorial B: Building and Supporting Prayer Breakfast an Aktion Club, (buffet breakfast in atrium) Glenda Selman 9-11 a.m. District Board meetingRiley to lead Key Silent auction itemsClubs worldwide needed at convention Another Alabama student has been elect­ Bring silent auction donations and buy items toed president of Key Club International ­ — help raise funds for Jean Dean Reading Is Funda­the 10th during the group’s nearly 70-year mental and other projects during the Ala­ ama bhistory. District Convention in Montgomery July 27-29. Homewood High School senior Rebecca Proceeds are split 50/50 between the AlabamaRiley was elected 2012-13 head of the Kiwanis Foundation and Jean Dean RIF.260,000-member youth service organization Items can be turned in on Friday, and the auc­sponsored by Kiwanis International. The tion will be held all day on took place July 7 during the Key Club Cathy Gafford, executive director of Jean DeanInternational Convention in Orlando. RIF, says this auction is “a WIN-WIN-WIN event The 17-year-old is the daughter of Robert every year” because businesses and individualsand Leslie Riley of Homewood. She was get tax deductions for gifts; buyers save on itemselected to the KCI board last year and they want, such as travel packages and auto­addressed Kiwanians at the Mid-winter graphed footballs; and children benefit. You canConference in Prattville, accompanied by Rebecca Riley at regift items and home treasures or give cash.her grandfather, former Alabama Governor Alabama’s Mid- You can obtain a donation form fromBob Riley. winter Conference. and fill it out in advance. Have questions? Call the District Office in Birmingham toll-free at 1-800-745-1334