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Updated mlearning


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Updated mlearning

  1. 1. The Odyssey English 202  Ms. Stellway  Ms. Davis  Ms. Tyra Period 2, August 5, 2012 Have your cell phone ready, on SILENT mode and follow our class policy for mobile technology
  2. 2. A summary from last nights reading…
  3. 3. Question 1
  4. 4. Question 2
  5. 5. Group Time! Pick a piece of paper out of the container. Meet with the group that is designated by the color of your paper.  Green - Frankenstein  Red - The Scarlet Letter  Blue - The Great Gatsby  Purple – To Kill a Mockingbird If you have a star on your paper, come see us first!  To get instructions about your mobile learning leader role.
  6. 6. In your group… In the next five-ten minutes, develop a short script based off of the main ideas of your assigned book and record it.  The script must include:  Name of your group members, a short plot summary, themes of the book, and recurring symbols that are important.  The written script can be just enough for you to remember what you are going to say (bullet points are fine).  The recording should be NO more than 2 minutes.  Each group member must dial-in as a guest and have a part in the script; the group leader must dial-in as the host and must also have a part in the script. (Decide the order that you are speaking in before you dial-in to record).
  7. 7. Let’s take a listen…We will randomly pick one group’s script to listen to.
  9. 9. Main IdeasTargeted grade : 8thSubject : EnglishIncorporating Poll Everywhere Phone Conferencing
  10. 10. Poll Everywhere Create an account at: Create a new poll  Pick a format for your poll: Multiple Choice, Open-Ended, or Fundraising Insert poll into PowerPoint  Have a PowerPoint presentation open on your computer.  On, use the right sidebar on the same page as your created poll, click on “Download as PowerPoint”  Open the PowerPoint Show when the dialog box appears.  Drag the last slide of this PowerPoint (may be blank on your screen) into your open PowerPoint presentation.  In Slide Show view, of your original PowerPoint, the poll will appear and can be used as a live poll (with a P.C.).
  11. 11. Poll Everywhere Continued To use poll:  Have students text in their responses based off of the provided numbers from the poll.  Ex: In our poll, they texted the response number 282250 (to indicate loneliness) to contact number 22333.
  12. 12. Phone Conferencing Create an account at : Create a recording number  This can be any number you design. Give everyone in your group the number to call : (512) 400- 4820 and the guest access code (this is chosen for you by the company) When you call in you must use the host access code (this is chosen for you by the company) As the host, after all guests have dialed-in to the call, dial *9 to begin recording. After you have recorded everything you wanted, as the host dial *9 to end the recording. Have everyone hang up to end the call.
  13. 13. Phone Conferencing Continued To listen to your recording:  Dial (512) 400- 4886  Enter the host access code  Enter the recording number (that you created)