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Alabama District of Kiwanis        CATHY DEAN GAFFORD, PO BOX 848, OPELIKA, AL 36803-0848 334-745-4935 FAX: 334-741-0510  ...
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Exhibitors at MidWinter Conference


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Exhibitors at MidWinter Conference

  1. 1. Alabama District of Kiwanis CATHY DEAN GAFFORD, PO BOX 848, OPELIKA, AL 36803-0848 334-745-4935 FAX: 334-741-0510 jeandeanrif@gmail.comFebruary 19, 2012To: Exhibitors at Alabama Kiwanis ConventionsFrom: Cathy Dean Gafford, committee member, Young Child Priority OneRe: 2012 Alabama Kiwanis District Mid-Winter Conference Exhibits on February 25 Marriott Legends-Prattville, 2500 Legends Circle, Prattville, AL 36066 1-800-468-3571 --Please be sure we have your response right away so we can reserve a table for you!Dear Friends,This letter is to invite you again to bring your exhibit to Prattville on Saturday, February 25, for the AlabamaKiwanis District Mid-Winter Conference. As mentioned in years past, your presence at these conventionsis important to Kiwanis. We feel the exhibits are very valuable for our young children programs and thankyou again for your participation both past and future. For several years, we’ve not had the advantage of beingable to have a suitable exhibit area and your presence has been missed. It is my fault this year that you areonly receiving notice of exhibit availability a week ahead of the convention. I am sorry- Governor Tammyauthorized use of an exhibit area a while back and I was unable to send this out until now. I hope you will stillmake every effort to take advantage of this opportunity and forgive me for not getting this invitation out earlier.The 2012 Alabama District Mid- Winter Conference will be held February 24 & 25. The meetings on Saturday,Feb. 25, when we have exhibits, will be held at the Marriott Legends in Prattville (address above). Parkingis free. The exhibits will be set up in the hallways between the rooms where our workshop sessionsare held so your exhibit should have good exposure. All conference attendees will have to walk throughthe exhibit area to reach the workshops and the interclub luncheon. We’re expecting over 200 Kiwaniansfrom clubs all over the state. Set-up starts at 6:00 am and must be complete so you can be ready to greetconference attendees by 7:30am. Please plan to take your exhibit down shortly after 2:30 pm.Each exhibitor is encouraged to develop a one-sheet handout, which tells a Kiwanis Club how theycan partner with you to achieve your organization’s mission. Be sure to include contact info on this sheet.Please bring at least 200 copies of this (How can Kiwanis help…”) handout. You don’t have to stay with yourexhibit, but it’s advisable. Many people want to ask questions, especially while waiting for sessions to start.I need to receive the enclosed form no later than noon on February 22, earlier if you can- so we can reservetables for all exhibitors. Please be sure to include your area code, phone number (with area code), completeaddress and email address on the form. We produce an exhibitors list for conference attendees so we wantto have your info current and correct!I look forward to seeing you soon!With best regards and for the best of Kiwanis. I remainSincerely,Cathy GaffordPS The Marriott charges $10 for electrical hook-up and $25 per internet connection to anybody who needs it.