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The Roadrunner          Bimonthly Publication of the Kern-Kaweah Chapter of the Sierra Club — Nov./Dec. 2001     Sierra Cl...
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THE ROADRUNNER                                                                                                   3court in...
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THE ROADRUNNER                                                                                               5received the...
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THE ROADRUNNER                                         9times. This crisis has reawakened us to theimportance of protectin...
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November-December 2001 Roadrunner Newsletter, Kern-Kaweah Sierrra Club


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November-December 2001 Roadrunner Newsletter, Kern-Kaweah Sierrra Club

  1. 1. The Roadrunner Bimonthly Publication of the Kern-Kaweah Chapter of the Sierra Club — Nov./Dec. 2001 Sierra Club Candidates Forum Kern 2nd Dist. Supervisorial Race Chapter Executive Committee needsBakersfields Beale Library, 7 PM, Tues, Dec. 4th. volunteers to raise their hands and sayI The Chapter and the newly-formed Buena Vista would like to help!Group will host our first-ever forum for candidates in Step right up and run for one of the open spotsKern County’s second district supervisorial race on the Kern Kaweah Chapter EX-COM. The electionfrom 7 to 9 PM on December 4, 2001 at the Beale proper, done by mail, will be in January. MeetingsLibrary, 701 Truxtun Ave, Bakersfield. This forum is are held approximately once a month, usually on aa major undertaking of the Club and we need your Saturday afternoon. Call Georgette Theotig—and your attendance—in making it a success. 822.4371 for more details as to what is involved after All five candidates in the race have agreed to you say you want to take part.participate: Mary Beth Garrison, Bernita Jenkins, Don It is easy to say that one doesn’t have enoughMaben, Gary Sperling, and Linda White. experience, not enough time, can’t do it! But then As Club activists know, county supervisors have a you will never know what you are missing—greatprofound effect on the environment. They not only discussions, great learning opportunities, and greatset policy, but they also set the tone of public dis- camaraderie are just some of the benefits, and everycourse. Current Kern County supervisors, for exam- once in a while you can rightfully indulge yourselfple, openly attacked formation of the new Sequoia in the feeling that you are truly doing something forNational Monument and Carrizo Plain National the natural world that you love and appreciate.Monument and encouraged others to do so. If running for the Chapter Ex-com sounds like a Its already apparent we’ve got our work cut out bit too much to begin with, talk with your local Ex-for us in educating the candidates. One stated pub- com and offer your services there. There is a 99.9licly that he’s “concerned about public access to percent chance you will be welcomed with openpublic lands” and that “there was a tendency to arms. Call the number at the head of your groupclose these lands to the public.” And when asked listing, p. 6, and find out how you can serve locally ifabout urban sprawl he replied, “Urban sprawl? We not in a chapter-wide position.don’t have it here."”(That was probably news to the Give yourself the gift of new experiences .Bakersfield audience.) Another candidate replied tothe same question with “I am for private property Yes, YOU ARE NEEDED!rights” as though sprawl was enshrined in the con-stitution and clean air is not. Gifts to Buy? Sierra Club Calendars The event is open to the public, so bring your How to Shop? Call Georgette, Stephanie!friends and neighbors—and your questions. Mod- Order those beautiful Sierra Club productionserator Harry Love will ask some questions on behalf today: the traditional, always terrific Wildernessof the Club, but he will also be taking written Calendar to hang on your wall that features a new,questions from the audience. large-size photo every month and the Engagement Some of the topics we hope to discuss are urban Calendar, spiral bound book format to put by yoursprawl in Bakersfield (yes, Virginia, there’s sprawl in telephone with a different picture each week. Just $10Kern County), air quality in the southern San Joa- each, and they can be delivered to your door via thequin Valley, preservation of agricultural land, pro- postman. Call Stephanie Ruosso (Bakersfield area)tection and management of our national monuments, 661.393.8286 or Georgette Theotig (rest of theimproper use of off-road vehicles, environmental Chapter) 661.822.4371 to put in your order now.justice for all, protection of the Kern River Wildland Quantities are limited and that’s no joke! You dontcorridor, energy development within the county, want to be disappointed. Remember too—profits goamelioration of impacts from wind energy projects in to support Chapter conservation efforts!Tehachapi, and concentrated animal feeding oper-ations (aka milk factories). For updates, contact Paul Gipe at 661.822.9150 SEE YOU AT THE CANDIDATES FOR 2NDor visit SUPERVISORAL DIST. FORUM, DECEMBER 8TH!
  2. 2. 2 THE ROADRUNNER #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*# Threat of Chapter-supported Lawsuit VICTORY: Giant Sequoia NationalRequires Air Pollution Control Board to Monument Lawsuit Dismissed. take Positive Actions for Clean Air. Carla Cloers response to the news that the Giant Sequoia Naiional Monument Lawsuit was dismissed follows below: This past July, Earthjustice threatened the AirPollution Control Board with a lawsuit on behalf of As you may remember, the County of Tulare, theour Chapter, two other Sierra Club Chapters, the timber industry and a couple of individuals filed aFresno Medical Alliance for Healthy Air, Latino lawsuit against the Administration in an attempt toIssues Forum, and the Center on Race, Poverty and undo the new Clinton-designated Giant Sequoiathe Environment. The suit would have asked the San National Monument.Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District After G. W. Bush won the election, severalto adopt and enforce six ozone pollution control environmental organizations including the Sierrameasures it had promised to enact by 1998. These Club, NRDC, Tule River Conservancy, the Wildernessare rules regulating architectural coatings, organic Society, and the State of California filed with theliquid storage, organic solvent disposal, commercial court to become Intervenors so that they could arguecharbroiling and replacement of two other rules with in support of the Monument. We knew that the issuesnewer, more effective pollution-control measures raised in the lawsuit were frivolous, but we couldn’twithin six months. The Air District, in the settlement, be sure that the Bush administration would stronglyhas now agreed to do this under court supervision. defend the suit. Kevin Hall, with the Fresno Chapter of the Sierra The judge did not act for several months: FinallyClub, noted, “This is a positive move by the Air some news to report, and it’s GOOD! On Friday,District. But we will continue to monitor them September 28, 2001, Judge Urbina granted thecarefully to ensure their continued compliance with government’s motion to dismiss in its entirety Tularefederal law.” County et al.’s lawsuit challenging the Giant Sequoia “This is a victory for everyone who breathes in National Monument.the San Joaquin Valley and the Sierra Nevada Moun- Essentially, the judge strongly reaffirmed thetains,” said Bruce Nilles, an attorney with Earth- validity of the Antiquities Act against the plaintiffs’justice. “We are pleased with this outcome because it claim that it is an unconstitutional delegation ofwill eliminate more than 6 tons per day of pollu- authority to the president; reaffirmed in general thetion.” Nilles cautioned,“But, this is just the be- authority of the president to establish national mon-ginning. The District must reduce ozone pollution by uments under the Antiquities Act, and in particular300 tons per day over the next four years to meet the President Clinton’s exercise of that authority in thisfederal ozone standard.” Do you need further case; ruled that establishment of the Monumentconfirmation that this threatened suit was necessary? violated neither the National Forest Management Act, Breathing is more dangerous in Bakersfield, the National Environmental Policy Act, nor theFresno, and the Visalia-Tulare-Porterville area than in Administrative Procedure Act; and held that estab-any other place in the nation except Los Angeles. lishment of the Monument did not violate any "It continues to be hazardous to your health," said supposed pre-existing rights the plaintiffs may haveDr. David Pepper of the Medical Alliance for Heal- had within the Monument, including rights theythy Air. "Each year, we see more children and elderly claimed under the 1990 Mediated Settlement Agree-people in the emergency room because of air ment. Because the lawsuit was dismissed, our motionspollution. It’s a sad situation that can be addressed to intervene were moot. In any event, for now thewith a little political backbone. Today, the Air Monument is safe, at least from the legal challenge,District is taking an important first step in the right and we should all declare victory.direction.” A big thank you to our attorneys at Earthjustice! We are most grateful to Bruce Nilles, the attorney As for the ongoing USFS planning process for thewith Earthjustice, who represented the coalition, new Monument Plan, we continue to have manyskillfully handling the legal activities and to you, our many concerns that the process is not leading toChapter members for your financial support of the something that will follow the intent and purpose ofSierra Club and the Kern Kaweah Chapter. This has the Proclamation that created the Monument. Manyhelped to bring about this obviously much needed of us, including local volunteers and Sierra Clubaction that is a giant step forward toward attaining staff, are working hard to get this plan on the rightclean air in the communities that we call home. track and/or to lay the groundwork for a legal There is still more to be done. If you want more challenge should the USFS not be up to the chal-information and/or want to help, call 661.323.5569 lenge of managing this irreplaceable natural find out what you can do. We hope that it will not be necessary to head to
  3. 3. THE ROADRUNNER 3court in future years to save the Sequoias once again! National Forest and the Giant Sequoia NationalBut, that is what we will do if it is required! Monument through monitoring, enforcement, edu-Carla Cloer, Sequoia Task Force Chair/Sierra Club cation, and litigation. The Sequoia ForestKeeper will serve as the eyes, Sequoia ForestKeeper: Organization’s ears, and voice for the forest. The plan for action First Meeting is Grand Success. includes: (a) to effectively participate in the planning About six members of the Kern Kaweah Chapter of our national monument in order to create awere among the fifty or so who attended the launch management plan that truly protects the Sequoias,of the new Sequoia ForestKeeper organization at preventing logging under the guise of forest health,noon on 20 September 2001 in front of the same fuels reduction and resource management fromginat sequoia tree where President Clinton signed the destroying the ecosystem as a whole, (b) to educateGiant Sequoia National Monument Proclamation. the public as to the wonders of this great forest andRepresentatives of the California environmental to the potential threats to its well being, and (c) tofoundation, Environment Now, the Monache Inter- monitor the health of the forests’ many ecosystemstribal Association, John Muir Project and Range- so that future generations can share in the wonder ofWatch made preliminary statements. Following Ara this magnificent forest.Marderosian’s keynote message (see excerpts below) Quote from a fitting observation made by the poeta nicely catered lunch and a stroll among the giants William Blake: “The tree which moves some to tearsended the celebration for most, with some taking a of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing thatfurther tour with Martin Litton to view the des- stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule andtruction in the forest caused by the Forest Service deformity—and some scarce see nature at all. But tologging. the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagi- Following are excerpts from Marderosian’s nation itself."speech: Marderosian urged each individual “to make a It is due to the perceptive awareness of the need promise to yourself that you can make a differencefor a focused organization and the support of the and you can help to preserve this magnificentdirectors and staff of the California environmental ecosystem. Be accountable, tell a friend, and be partfoundation, Environment Now, that we are here today of the solution.”to launch the Sequoia ForestKeeper. For further information with details on how to Sequoiadendron giganteum. John Muir called become a member, contact 760.376-4434 or 866.Sequoias “natures masterpiece,” “the greatest living 533.7873. Web site is www.sequoia forestkeeper.orgthing,” and a “king tree.” News from the legislative front. Sequoia trees are the worlds largest living things.These majestic trees have reached ages of 3,200 Mainly +++! Hooray!years, diameters of 38 feet, and individual weights of You have seen the articles on Sequoia Monument600 tons. To put it in perspective, some Sequoia trees and air pollution. No more need be said.have been in existence since 1000 BC, a time that State news: Signed: authorization for a state-widepredates Plato, Confucius, and Buddha to name a vote in March on a 2.6-million dollar bond issue forfew. The Sequoia, a relative of the Coast redwood, parks: purchase of land, renovation, etc.grows in natural groves only in California. Sequoia Signed: Bills coordinating local water supply andNational Forest and the Giant Sequoia National land use decisions to help provide California’s cities,Monument contain more than half of the world’s farms and rural communities with adequate andSequoia groves. assured water supplies. As well as being a sanctuary to these giants, the Signed: Bill that gives local governments the op-Sequoia National Forest is a complex and abundant portunity to deny build-out of antiquated subdi-forest ecosystem that is home to hundreds of plant visions in places where development should notand animal species, including the California Spotted occur and should end the practice of artificiallyOwl and Pacific Fisher. In spite of its stature, how- inflating land values for the purpose of extortingever, the Sequoia ecosystem is threatened. exorbitant sums of money out of land trusts and Logging continues to occur in the Sequoia public agencies that wish to acquire the land affectedNational Forest and in the Giant Sequoia National (Hearst Lands plus several others!).Monument, and logging loopholes exist in the Giant Yet to Come: Support for the Roadless Area Con-Sequoia National Monument Proclamation. servation Rule, the law that will prevent road The Sequoia ForestKeeper has been created to development in our national forests. In just 60 days,ensure that this ecosystem will endure and evolve 850,000 comments! Took a year to gather the lastthrough future windows of time. Its mission is to 1.5 million comments, response is amazing but doesprotect and restore the ecosystems of Sequoia not mean success! When this and drilling in ANWR
  4. 4. 4 THE ROADRUNNERcomes up again, YOUR VOICES WILL BE VITAL. Unger, SC speaker, was the only person opposed to Sept. Joint RCC Meeting Report. Next the Kern River Freeway; many other individuals and groups spoke against putting the freeway near their meeting: Southern Section. Sunday, Jan 6th. property. LA Sierra Club Office. Unger pointed out that instead of a freeway, we All members welcome! could use a small fraction of 1,500 million dollars Twice a year delegates from the California Chap- to subsidize frequent bus service. He also said thatters meet in San Luis Obispo to discuss the current the freeway was opposed because it will bring airenvironmental issues facing the state. Many of the pollution and noise to those who recreate by thetopics discussed are often the same at each meeting river and facilitate suburban sprawl onto farmland.but have reached different stages of necessary action. Unger thinks the Kern River Freeway can still be On the weekend of September 18–19, the RCC stopped by preventing its funding. Kern is the most(Regional Conservation Committee) from both populous county in CA that does not have a sales taxnorthern and southern parts of the state met. A grass dedicated to building roads; so, the state will have toroots organization spoke on behalf of an initiative pay for the Kern River Freeway. Since the plan is tothey plan to place on the ballot regarding old-growth exclude trucks from the Kern River Freeway, the statetrees. It would prevent the removal of a commercial might not want to pay for it. On August 20,grade tree that was older than 150 years. They were Governor Davis said California will not build anyseeking Sierra Club approval. A topic of concern to more freeways.the Central Valley, that of urban sprawl into agri- Please write to Davis, thank him for his couragecultural lands, may be addressed through a proposed and foresight in making this proclamation (Addressinitiative for the Nov, 2002 ballot that would require on p. 8) and express your wishes for not supportingtowns to establish urban growth boundaries that the proposed freeway.would contain growth and encourage in-fill devel- Over one hundred flyers to homes and businessesopment. Another legislative bill, now law, should at the eastern end of the freeway have been dis-help to control growth by stating that water supply ributed. Call 661.323.5569 if you can help with thismust be assured prior to development. effort and/or desire more information. On coastal issues a proposed national seashore forthe Gaviota-Santa Barbara area was discussed along Letter to the editorwith the concern that the governor is seeking to Save the Arctic Wildlife Refugeweaken the power of the Coastal Commission. After the terrorist attacks on New York, now, more The long-term issues of additions to Wilderness than ever, we need to realize that oil dependence island, the Yosemite National Park plan to reduce what makes this country vulnerable to outside at-human impact, and the continued threat to the Arctic tacks. Far from encouraging more oil drilling inNational Wildlife Refuge rounded out the discussion places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, toissues. defend our national security we need a huge pro- The amount of time, knowledge, and fortitude that gram to encourage sustainable energy productionboth our member volunteers and Club staff dedicate and a move to solar, wind, and much greater energyto these issues attest to our degree of success in the conservation.past. It also indicates the degree of vigilance we must As someone who wants America to be able tomaintain to keep our victories coming. The final retain its freedom, civil liberties, and environmentlesson learned is that your letter writing, e-mail rather than giving them up like the Terrorists want usmessages, and presence at meetings is the only way to, I am urging our United States Senators to opposewe can win. Harry Love opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil Kern River Freeway drilling. I hope you will agree, and write our two still needs your help. California Senators to ask them to oppose oil drilling in the Arctic. Harold Wood A joint meeting of the Bakersfield City Counciland the Kern County Board of Supervisors, on July Around the Chapter23, unanimously choose Alternative 15 of the Ba- * Buena Vista Group Meeting in Patriots Park inkersfield Systems Study. Alternative 15 consists of September provided a nice opportunity for clubthe Kern River Freeway plus an extension of the members to “be normal” after the Sept 11th occur-freeway through town to state routes 178 and 58 rence. Delicious potluck contributions provided aplus a north beltway that will be built several years great meal with an “ice cream social” at the endafter the Kern River Freeway. Alternative 15 paves with, incidentally, enough ice cream to share with the350 homes and 520 businesses; it costs $1.5 billion, neighborhood kids playing in the park.if eight lanes wide and no cost overruns. Arthur The Buena Vista group is very sorry to have
  5. 5. THE ROADRUNNER 5received the resignation of Leah Hagemeier, its chair. Nov.19 (mon) Owens Peak Gp. Program to beLeah is now located permanently in Los Angeles. determined. Maturango Museum, 100 E. Las Flores;Glenn Shellcross, the vice-chair, is filling in and has 7:30 PM . Call Dennis for more info. 760.375.7967.expressed hope that volunteers for this job and other Nov. 20th (tues) The Kangaroo Rat. Speaker:positions on the group’s ex-com will step forth. Call Ellen Cypher. Buena Vista Group. Beale Library.661.832.3382 if you want to submit your name or Bksf. 7 PM.recommend someone to be contacted. Nov 24th (sat) Pacific Crest Trail Section* Great Job, Paul. Paul Gipe, Chapter Chair, has Liebre Mt. Strenuous. Beautiful views overbeen most generous with his expertise and time in Antelope Valley. PMC tennis courts, 8 AM. Flying J,putting on Energy Seminars all over the Chapter’s 8:30 PM. Call Ches, 661.242.0423 for more details.geographical domain—Visalia, Pine Mountain Club, Nov 27th (tues) Birding at Carrizo Plain. Meet 8Bakersfield, and still more to come. We are very AM for full day trip, 1 PM for half day trip. PMCfortunate to have a person with his background and tennis courts. 2000 to 6000 sand hill cranes, hawks,willingness to share in our Chapter. Thanks, Paul. etc. congregate in the late afternoon. Bring snack*Great Job, Elizabeth Saba & Ann Williams who and plan for late return. Details? 661. 242.2137.recognized that a friend, the Kern River, needed help Dec. 1 (sat) Mineral King Group Outing toas it wandered thru Bakersfield proper. These two Marble Falls, Sequoia National Park. For info callwere the spearheads who have led to a group called Theresa Stump 559.731.0594 or Harold Wood atRivercare. Rivercare is dedicated to cleaning up the 559.739.8527.river’s banks from the incredible amount of trash Dec. 1st (sat) Condor Group Holiday Party. 6that is left along its course. You can read more about PM. PMC, Pool Pavilion Room. Bring potluck itemit in the on-line version of Midgebuzzings and there to share, white elephant for gift exchange.will be more of an update in the next issue of the Dec 4th (tues) 2nd Supervisorial DistrictRoadrunner. So now, more power to you, Elizabeth Candidates’ Forum. Beale Library, Bksf. œ7PM.and Ann, and your fellow members of Rivercare. (Details p. 1) Dec. 8th (sat) Chapter’s Christmas Party. 6 PM . All Kern-Kaweah Chapter members are invited to WINTER WANDERINGS celebrate at the home of Gordon and Eva Nipp in Bakersfield. Please bring your special potluck dish. For directions call 661.872.2432.Nov. 1st (thur) Kern River Specific Trails Plan. Dec. 9th (sun) Mineral King Groups AnnualPublic meeting. 6 PM. Kern Co. Public Services Holiday Party, at Harold and Janet Wood’s house,Bldg, 2700 M St, Bksfld. Hiker advocates are needed. Visalia, 4 PM . All Sierra Club members welcome, CallNov. 3rd (sat) 9 AM Unrecognized Tribes of to R.S.V.P. 559.739.8527.California Rally. All day walk through Bakersfield Dec 14th (fri) 6 PM. Mineral King Group Socialto Elk Hills. Transfer of Elk Hills oil fields from Gathering at Borders Books Coffee House, Visalia.Federal control to Occidental Oil Company, threatens Dec. 15th ( sat) Timosea Peak (8664ft), west oftheir heritage . Details? Call 661.637.1851. Nov. 8th Owens Lake. Good winter workout with great view of(thur) Public Meeting on Proposed Forest Cottonwood Creek and Owens Valley. Meet at theManagement Plan for Four Southern Ridgecrest Cinemas at 7:00 AM. Call Dennis atCalifornia Forests (includes Los Padres). Frazier 760.375.7967.Park Community Center. 6 to 9 PM. Your voiceneeds to be heard. Looking Ahead to 2002Nov. 9th. (fri) Mineral King Group Social Feb 1-3 (fri-sun) Cross Counry Ski Tour inGathering at Brewbaker’s Brew Pub, Visalia. 6 PM. Sequoia National Monument. Feb 16-18 (sat-mon)Nov.10 (sat) Excursion to Aquarium of the Cross Country Ski Backpack to Trail of thePacific. Long Beach. Call Gita, 661.242.8258 for Giants, Sequoia National Monument. Limit 8. Thesemore deta ils. two trips will be led by Gary and Paulette Landers,Nov. 17th (sat) Pinto Peak (7508ft), near Towne Call now for details: reservations 714.529.8154Pass. We will probably start from Emigrant Pass, Interested in attending ex-com meetings of yourusing the abandoned jeep track. Meet at the CalTrans group? of your Chapter? Call relevant telephonePark and Ride Lot, E. Ridgecrest Blvd, at 7:30 AM. number listed in the Chapter Roster, p. 6.Call Dennis at (760)375-7967.
  6. 6. 6 THE ROADRUNNER MIDGEBUZZINGS For many years I’ve subscribed to National Public want another place to look for beauty and poetryRadio, where I have found comprehensive coverage besides your own perceptive imaginations, you willof the news at a very early hour. It was NPR that first find it in this column, insofar as I am able to discoveralerted me to the terrorist attack on the World Trade and share exquisite things with you.Towers in New York City and provided me with the I hope that I have not lost entirely the sense ofbest information during those first awful days. I tune wonder I enjoyed for so many years as a every morning while I do the daily chores of mak- Dulling occurs with degradation of the environmenting coffee and getting breakfast. as we have seen it in the nearly thirty years that I Yesterday morning, however, I found that I have been writing this column. In my case it iscouldn’t listen any more. Someone was discussing attributable partly to advanced age and the wearingterror as the current mode of warfare, and I re- down of faculties and senses. But part of it, also, ismember his saying: “We have to be ready for many owing to constant inundation with bad news. Wemore horrifying surprises.” That’s not news to many cannot tune out current events, because we know thatof us. We have been expecting an attack like the one social morality includes the obligation to be in-in New York for some time, and have said as much to formed, and because in knowledge there is someeach other. Part of the reason for that sense of security. But right now we are all oversensitive toimminent peril has been regular attention to the best horrors, both in the environment and in society. Younews sources, and reading about the wretched don’t need to hear any more about them from me.conditions in which the majority of the people in the What many of you may need now is to look with meworld are living. In other words, to be informed at what the clearest light reveals to us about themeans to know that we are in danger. Even so, we magnificence of being alive and loving the earthcan’t think about it constantly. For starters I am leaving in a couple of days for a For the last couple of years or so I have used the full week in Zion and Bryce National Parks. In theprivilege of this column mainly to address environ- next Roadrunner I will share with you my im-mental issues and problems: the awful quality of our pressions of the beauties of those places, and afterair; poisons in ocean waters; threats to forest lands, that, from now on, I will be looking for beautyoverdevelopment of farm lands and so on. But anywhere I can find it. If this endeavor does notthanks to that moment yesterday, I am throwing enhance your lives, at least it may help to sharpen mydown, if not a gauntlet, then a silken glove, in own vision again. Ann Williamsresolution. I have decided that if you, my readers, Kern Kaweah Chapter Roster, 2001Executive Committee Paul Gipe, Chair 661.324. 1923. Buena Vista Grp G.Shellcross, 661.589.0595 (Bkfd);Condor Grp. Ches Arthur, Chair 661.242.0423 (Pine Mtn. Club);Kaweah Grp Theresa Stump, Chair 559.781.0594 (Porterville);Mineral King Grp Harold Wood, Chair 559.739.8527 (Visalia)Owens Peak Grp Dennis Burge, Chair 760.375.7967 (Ridgecrest)************************************************************************ MANY THANKSto all of you who have submitted information, articles, letters to the editor and helped with the mailing. Thatreally makes the Roadrunner your newsletter! Keep it coming in 2002!************************************************************************ Holiday Wishes for Patience, Perseverance and Hopeto all our members, readers, families, and friends—and dont forget the President’s admonition to try to get back to some normalcy in our personal lives. Enjoy happy days—
  7. 7. THE ROADRUNNER 7 Sierra Club President addresses Sierra Club Membership Excerpts from letter written by Jennifer Ferenstein, Pres. of Sierra ClubDear Sierra Club Family, “As individuals and as an organization, we share in an awareness of the pain and suffering that directlytouches many, and indirectly touches all.” September 11th is being called “the day that changed the world.” Even if much is different today, thecore values that define us as Americans—tolerance, generosity, freedom and love of country—have notchanged. Nor has the mission of the Sierra Club changed. Now is the time for these values to emerge strongerthan ever ... to ensure that appreciation ...f or our living planet endures. As our nation ... plans for the future, environmental issues will continue to arise. The Sierra Club willengage in these discussions; we believe that protecting our air, land and water is a critical part of protectingour homeland. As policy-makers take up the nation’s environmental agenda, we will continue to be vigorous,forceful and effective advocates for environmental protection. We will conduct our advocacy in a fashion and tone that helps Americans unite around our commonenvironmental values. We can, and will, disagree without being disagreeable, but our public lands, waters, airand wildlife must not be sacrificed by those who would choose to exploit the recent tragedies for short-termgain. Preserving and protecting the quality of our natural and human environments have been the Sierra Clubsmission for 110 years. Today we re-affirm our commitment to this mission. Now, more than ever, we arededicated to the defense of “America the Beautiful”—our communities, our forests, wetlands and wilderness—and to the values infusing our international work and human rights campaigns. As we redouble ourcommitment, I ask you to share our resolve and to join us in our vigilance as we stand watch to protect theenvironment for our families, for our future. Sincerely, Jennifer Ferenstein UNEXPECTED ENCOUNTER special from Jack Solomon, Condor Group It was a good thing I hadnt yet read that article on mountain lions in Discover Magazine when I decidedto take a brief overnight jaunt to Sawmill last August, because if I had, I would have been thoroughly alarmedwhen a lioness and her cub practically stumbled over me at sunrise. As it was, I was thoroughly enchanted,blissfully unaware of the new data suggesting that mountain lions appear to be changing in their behaviortowards us, in one case or two seeming to regard us as a good source of protein. From the mountains nearby where I visit there is a dazzling site for an overnight stay, tentless beneath thestars, with the southern San Joaquin Valley sparkling out to Bakersfield It is also a very difficult place to finda level open space for a sleeping bag. This I finally found, with room for just one, and passed a pleasant nightunder the stars, only to be greeted at dawn by a sight even more impressive than petroglyphs or evencondors: my mountain lion and cub. These things just happen, you know. One minute I was munching a breakfast bar and talking to Sonia (mywife) on a walkie talkie, and the next, I found myself staring at the gorgeous golden head of a mountain lion,who was watching me intently from a distance of about fifty yards. As I reported the exciting news to Sonia, aspotted cub, speckled like a fawn, suddenly bounded out of the rabbit brush about thirty yards from me, backtowards mom. I suppose that if it had decided for an even closer look at me I wouldnt be telling you thisstory now, but the tale has a happy ending. Mom and kitten gave me one last look and majestically (this is theonly word) vanished into the brush. A few minutes later, a deer completed the tableau by bounding away tothe east (exactly the opposite direction from the lions), and, with my bottle of water running out, it was timefor me to return home. And as I now think of it, maybe I should contact Discover Magazine and tell them that their tales ofmountain-lion-devoured joggers just might be a bit too alarmist. Well, one cant be certain, of course, but Iam certain that the mountain lions belong just where they are, and it is up to us visitors to their realm to becareful when we tread there. Who knows, in another lifetime or so I may be lucky enough to see the samesight again.
  8. 8. 8 THE ROADRUNNER NEWS FROM THE LEGISLATIVE THE ROADRUNNER FRONT. HOORAY! MAINLY +++! November, December, 2001 You have seen the article on Sequoia Monument! No You can find it on the web more need be said. State news: Bill signed authorizing a state-wide vote Activities, alerts, and special features six additional numbers of Ann William’s Midgebuzzings, Write Ann in March on a 2.6 million dollar bond issue for Williams, 3112 LINDEN AVE, BAKERSFIELD, CA, 93560. if parks: purchase of land, renovation, etc. you need copy.Web questions? Signed: Bills coordinating local water supply and General Publication Information land use decisions to help provide Californias cities, Deadline: Dec 5th for Jan. Feb issue farms and rural communities with adequate waterAddress: or M. Lockhart, Editor, supplies.Roadrunner, PO GG, Frazier Park, CA 93222 Submit an article? 650 words max., shorter is better. Signed: Bill that gives local governments the Submission after deadline? we will try to get it in. opportunity to deny build-out of antiquated ****Want to sign up to receive ACTION ALERTS?**** subdivisions in places where development should notSend to WE NEED MORE OF YOU! occur and should end the practice of artificially Not a member of Sierra Club and/or Kern Kaweah inflating land values for the purpose of extorting Chapter? Want this newsletter? Send $5 to exorbitant sums of money out of land trusts and L. Unger, 2815 La Cresta Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93305 public agencies that wish to acquire it (Hearst Lands plus several others!) handy list for calls, writing letters! Support for the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NUMBERS: law that will prevent road development in ourWhite House Comment Line: 202.456.1111 or 800.374.6702 national forests. In just 60 days, 850,000 comments!e-mail : |White House Address:1600 Took a year to gather the last 1.5 million comments,Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500 response is amazingSenators Barbara Boxer, 312 N Spring St. Suite 1748, LA90012. TP:213.894.5000 and Diane Feinstein, 11111 Santa BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN SUCCESS! WHENMonica Blvd., Suite 915, LA 90025 . TP:310.914.7300 THIS AND DRILL IN ARCTIC WILDLIFECall US Capitol Switchboard - 202.224.3121 ask by name REFUGE COMES US AGAIN, YOUR VOICE WILL BE VITAL. WATCH FOR ALERTS!Dir. Gale Norton, c/o Tom Fulton, , U.S. Department of theInterior, 1849 C Street, NW,Washington,DC 20240 Organic Milk AvailableDir.Ann Venneman. U.S. Dept of Ag, 14th & Independence Milk Certified by California law to be organic Ave. SW, Washington, D.C. 20250. can be found in two big Bakersfield stores that I know of. The milk is produced by small family CALIFORNIA NUMBERS: farms in California without the use of hormones,Gov. Davis: 1-916-445-2841 antibiotics orCalif. Legislative Switchboard (receptionist will help youcontact your Senator and/or Assembly member if you are unsure): pesticides. Many of the cows are raised in pastures, 916-322-9900 not barns. It is available with and without fat. If you are willing to pay substantially more for what I consider an environmentally superior product, andYes, I want to join the Sierra Club. Check enclosed. can not find this in your store, please contact me.Name....................................................................... Arthur Unger 323 5569 alunger@juno.comCity.....................................State.............. Zip.........Check one: Quote of the Day: "In my view, we need to knowIntroductory $25........ that vast natural areas such as the Arctic Refuge existRegular $39....... Joint $47......... as we cope with the events of the past month. Nature Any of the following $24: reminds us of the eternal rhythms of life of which weSenior..... Student....... Limited Income... are a part and which will endure over time. EnsuringF94QW 0600-1 Send to Sierra Club, POBox an enduring refuge in the Arctic, no matter how52968, Boulder, CO, 80322. uncertain other parts of our life may seem right now, . provides us solace and perspective in these trying
  9. 9. THE ROADRUNNER 9times. This crisis has reawakened us to theimportance of protecting our values, and I believethat the Arctic wilderness has a place on that list. "Sen Joe Lieberman (DConn). October 2nd