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13 14 AC Progress Report Webinar


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These slides accompanied the Webinar for the 13-14 AmeriCorps Progress Report. The Report is due to the Foundation on April 9th, 2014.

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13 14 AC Progress Report Webinar

  1. 1. March 28, 2014 AmeriCorps Progress Report Guidelines
  2. 2. Agenda ✤ AmeriCorps Reporting Overview! ✤ Eligible Placements ! ✤ After-School Program ! ✤ Capacity Building ! ✤ Reporting Spreadsheet ! ✤ Position Descriptions
  3. 3. 2013-2014 AmeriCorps Reporting ✤ For the National AmeriCorps Grant, we are required to collect data for Performance Measures through! ✤ A Progress Report in April ! ✤ A End of the Year Report in October
  4. 4. HowWe Collect Data ✤ Pre and Post Assessment Surveys ! ✤ Data Reported Through Reporting Spreadsheets ! ✤ Survey Monkey in October for Recruitment and Great Stories
  5. 5. 2013-2014 Eligible Placements ✤ Capacity Building ! ✤ After-School Programs
  6. 6. After-School Programs ✤ In order for an after-school program to serve as a placement site for a Bonner AmeriCorps member, the following must be true:! ✤ The population served should be from an at-risk population, defined as at least 51% eligible for free or reduced lunch.! ✤ In the academic year, the students (youth participants) should participate in programming at least 5 hours/weekly for 16 weeks.! ✤ In the summer year, the students (youth participants) should participate in programming at least 10 hours/weekly for 4 weeks.
  7. 7. ASP Performance Measures ✤ Number of students that completed participation in after-school programs.! ✤ Number of students who completed participation in after-school programs and demonstrated improved academic engagement.
  8. 8. ASP Assessment Survey ✤ These surveys remain on file in your campus office.
  9. 9. Capacity Building ✤ A set of activities that expand the scale, reach, efficiency, or effectiveness of programs and organizations. ! ✤ Volunteer Management including volunteer recruitment, volunteer training and/or volunteer recognition! ✤ Training and Program Development including curriculum development, implementing new programs and/or organizing staff training! ✤ Fundraising including organizing a fundraising event, identifying grant or other funding sources, and/or writing grants (but limited to no more than 10% of your originally agreed-upon hours)  ! ✤ Communications including website development and/or social media implementation to facilitate outreach efforts of the non-profit site! ✤ Research including program surveys and/or community-based research (CBR)
  10. 10. CB Performance Measures ✤ Number of organizations that received capacity building services.! ✤ Number of community volunteers managed by organizations or participants. ! ✤ Number of community volunteers recruited by organizations or participants.! ✤ Number of organizations reporting that capacity building helped to be more efficient.! ✤ Number of organizations implementing effective volunteer management practices.
  11. 11. Key Definitions ✤ Volunteers Recruited- Minimum of 5 hours ! ✤ Volunteers Managed- Minimum of 25 hours! ✤ Efficiency: Improved outcomes with the same level of resources; improved or consistent quality of services with fewer resources.! ✤ Effective Volunteer Management Practices
  12. 12. CB Assessment Survey ✤ These surveys remain on file in your campus office.
  13. 13. Reporting Spreadsheet ✤ How to Use it! ✤ Due April 9th
  14. 14. CheckingYour Position Descriptions ✤ A Descriptive Title - Use key words to indicate position responsibilities and the name of non-profit site!! ✤ In addition, please include the following signifier after the title! ✤ (CB) for a Capacity Building position! ✤ (ASP) for After-School Programs ! ✤ A brief summary of the Mission Statement of the Organization! ✤ A one-sentence statement to Identify the Population Served at the Site! ✤ A Description of the Compelling Community Need which will be addressed by the Member's service! ✤ A two- or three-sentence Description of the Direct Service Responsibilities related to the position! ✤ Include Capacity Building Statement