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1st Ignite Zurich - Art Rarity and the Web


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I gave this talk at Ignite Zurich on Dec. 2nd, 2011 at the Hub in Zurich. The focus was on art, rarity, and the internet. How art gets value in the context of society and my idea for an Art Death auction as a way to create context for my paintings.

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1st Ignite Zurich - Art Rarity and the Web

  1. 1. Doktor of Science Engineer Painter Photographer … .etc. @americanpeyote 1 st IgniteZurich – Dec. 2nd 2011 The Hub Zurich
  2. 2. What is Art? Physical Idea Container Whatever Nonlinear? Painting, drawing, sculpture Installation, video, multi-media Dance, movement, beauty
  3. 3. worthless An Idea is not Art Art is physical idea execution Value = ? This will Rock!
  4. 4. Important Art Adds to the conversation Something new Reinterpret old themes for current time It sucks It rocks!
  5. 5. Art is Idea Evolution
  6. 6. Value of Art One sold for €124,000 in 2007 One for £97,250 in 2008 Container for an idea What is your shit worth? Context is king
  7. 7. Picasso There are literally thousands of shitty Picasso's in the world Not all new, important, evolved ideas Picasso had over 50,000 works when he died
  8. 8. An Economic System Have = Resources Have Not = Wants Supply Demand Price
  9. 9. Rarity Something you can't have when you want it. Limited or no Future Supply Accuracy of reproduction not certain Limited Edition Supply Demand Price
  10. 10. Andy Warhol “quit” painting in 1965 to manage the Velvet Underground Artificial Rarity Supply Demand Price
  11. 11. Art Value Time Rarity Uniqueness Context Logically the artist should commit suicide to ensure rarity of the work
  12. 12. The Web Content is king What can I... Do, learn, play, buy? Who can I... Email, talk with, connect to?
  13. 13. Rarity and the Internet Ideas are for free Using ideas costs money (licensing) Pay to access Time = Rare
  14. 14. Perception of rarity makes us buy stuff Learning from UX Amazon, eBay, many buying sites use inventory counters Rarity can be created by design Only 2 left in stock! Buy NOW! Ending Soon!
  15. 15. Learning from F&F Kunst Schule Value of art tied to the current conversation My art is undefined in this context Zurich Art Scene ?
  16. 16. Can I create the context? Designed rarity Make good art Art is timeless
  17. 17. Create my own conversation Life is limited Art is life
  18. 18. Art Death Auction 14:39 01:13 $60 (min $500) $470 (min $500)
  19. 19. The Dramatic End 00:00 $470 (min $500)
  20. 20. Art Death Psychology Voyeurism = the internet can watch Rarity = unique supply diminished Time limit = lost buying opportunity Self-destruction = Fight Club 00:00 $470 (min $500)