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Gonzo Art


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Gonzo Art, my current work in painting and photography.

Published in: Design, Education, Technology
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Gonzo Art

  1. 1. Gonzo  Art     Mark  Melnykowycz  
  2. 2. Gonzo  Journalism   Fear   and   Loathing   in   Las   Vegas   is   a   failed   experiment   in   Gonzo   Journalism.   My   idea   was   to   buy   a   fat   notebook   and   record   the   whole   thing,   as   it   happened,   then   send   in   the   notebook   for   publica>on   -­‐   without   edi>ng.   That   way,   I   felt,   the   eye   and   mind   of   the   journalist   would   be   func>oning   as   a   camera.   The   wri>ng   would   be   selec>ve   &   necessarily   interpre>ve   but   once   the   image   was   wriEen,   the  words  would  be  final;  in  the  same  way  that   a   Car>er-­‐Bresson   photograph   is   always   (he   says)  the  full-­‐frame  nega>ve.  No  altera>ons  in   the   dark-­‐room,   no   cuMng   or   cropping,   no   spoMng…no  edi>ng.   -­‐Hunter  S.  Thompson  
  3. 3.  Crea>ve  Invite  
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