The joy of composting at home


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The joy of composting at home

  1. 1. The Joy of composting at Home Bhargavi S.Rao Trustee Environment Support Group 1572, 100 feet Outer Ring Road Banashankari 2nd Stage Bangalore-70
  2. 2. The beginning• Most of us have grown up in homes with a backyard composting pit, composting is not new! Living in an apartment we first tried composting in a bucket. Once we harvested our first compost, a love affair was born and soon we got a Daily Dump Kumbha. Vegetable, Fruit, Flower and garden waste promptly go into the top most Kumbha every morning.
  3. 3. The Three tier Kumbha• Composting is easy and has great benefits for you and your community. The three tier Daily Dump Kumbha is easy to use, does not occupy space, no smell and no flies!• The 3 tier Daily Dump Kumbha in the small balcony that helps a family of four compost their Biodegradable waste
  4. 4. The process• Vegetable, Fruit, Flower and garden waste filled in the topmost kumbha that goes to the second position when full. Occasionally we threw in some turmeric powder if we happened to think of it.• Composting is fun! Its great to finish cooking a great meal and then dump all the kitchen waste into the daily dump
  5. 5. Compost• It is fascinating witnessing the alchemy of organic decay, when banana peels, coconut shells, eggs shells, peels, used coffee and tea powder can become life-sustaining. Its amazing to see the volume shrinking before our eyes! In a matter of weeks this once kitchen garbage magically transforms into dark, earthlike organic matter to enrich the soil of a garden or even potted plants. Home made Compost ready to use for home and kitchen garden. It smells fantastic — a faint but rich earthy fragrance!
  6. 6. Balcony Garden• Our own patch of greenery in the urban concrete jungle. A place where we can grow vegetables is no longer a farfetched dream. With composting at home, a home garden begins.• The benefits of composting and Home gardening are plenty. Composting must be made mandatory in every home and ward. Dry recyclables must be collected and sent to respected recycling units, only hazardous and Biomedical waste will have to be scientifically landfilled. And the city will not have any garbage to throw out!