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A HOT composting BIN that lets you put more food & garden waste IN. The smart way to reverse overnight how much waste you send to landfill.

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The hotbin slide show

  1. 1. The HOT newcomposting BINthat simply letsyou put more food& garden waste IN
  2. 2. The three key home composting problems: 1. The limitation on what food waste you can compost 2. The time it takes to get results 3. Remove the odour that attracts rats and fliesThe HOTBIN: 1. Recycles more types of household food waste 2. Generates compost rapidly 3. Delivers efficient hot aerobic composting
  3. 3. A story of science,technology anddetermination tofind the solutionto compostinghousehold foodwaste efficiently.
  4. 4. The HOTBIN is a200 litre hot aerobichome composting bin. Eats more food waste Great for your garden Kinder to the environment
  5. 5. Gardeners will love thespeed and the rich compostand keen recyclers willbe impressed by itsenvironmental benefits.The small changes wemake today in how wedispose of food and gardenwaste will help protectour world tomorrow.
  6. 6. Simple controls tomanage the temperatureand a filter to reduce odour.
  7. 7. You can put more in your HOTBIN.What goes ‘in’ now exceeds what stays ‘out’. The HOTBIN takes cooked food, meat and fish unlike traditional home composting methods. Our clever design ensures there are no odours, flies, or rats to worry about.Use our simple tips to ensure that you have richcompost quickly and effortlessly.
  8. 8. WHAT GOES INbulking agent
  9. 9. WHAT GOES INkitchen peelings
  10. 10. WHAT GOES INgarden pruning
  11. 11. WHAT GOES INautumn leaves
  12. 12. WHAT GOES INall types of food waste
  13. 13. WHAT GOES INgrass cuttings
  14. 14. EASY TO USE • No assemblyEASY IN • Easy to fill • Chop and follow a straightforward recipe • Just needs an occasional stirEASY TO • Simple temperature and airflow • A fully aerated system with odour filterCONTROL • 60-70°C kills pathogens and weed seeds • No rats or flies due to a sealed lid and hatchEASY OUT • Rapid breakdown (7 - 30 days typical) • Big hatch for regular removal of compost
  15. 15. GREAT FOR GARDENSMORE • Works through winter • Composts all your cooked food wasteCOMPOSTFAST • 7 - 30 days mulchingCOMPOST • 30 - 90 days fine, rich compostGREAT • Weed seeds killed by high temperatureCOMPOST • Rich in humeric substances
  16. 16. KIND TO NATURELESS • A positive impact on the food waste to landfillLANDFILLLESS • Less transport, fuel and energy usedRESOURCESMORE • More food and garden waste can beRECYCLING recycled in your own backyard
  17. 17. YOU GET OUTRich compost
  18. 18. The HOTBIN is onlythe beginning.To make a positiveenvironmentalimpact you need tostart recycling allyour food andgarden waste today.
  19. 19. The smart way to reverseovernight how much wasteyou send to landfill.