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Infi campus Educational ERP


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This System covers all day to day activity of the educational institute. We also provides all possible reports.

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Infi campus Educational ERP

  1. 1. …A COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL ERP -By Projet Innovations LLP
  2. 2. PROJET INNOVATIONS LLP We would like to introduce ourselves as the multi skilled software services provider. At Projet Innovations, we are providing application development, mobile application development, creative website development, enterprise solutions, functional consultancy and innovations. We strongly believe in Operation as a Service methodology to serve our clients. We strive to be the leader in everything we do. This is possible because of our unique approach to leadership that is based on countless innovations. We take at-most efforts to provide the best services and support to our clients.
  3. 3. SCHOOL ERP SOLUTION: NEED  The need of school ERP solution lies in the era of digitization of work.  As ERP is conceptualized to provide many business solutions at one place, this school ERP is focused on providing better functioning of school.  The USP of our product is its functional service and customer satisfaction.
  4. 4. MODULES  Registration  Admission  Employee Management  Employee Leave Management  Students Attendance Management  Hostel Management  Exam Management  Subject Allocation  Inventory Management  Online Exam Management  Work load distribution  Library Management  Almanac/ diary module and many more…
  5. 5. WELCOME
  6. 6. REGISTRATION This module deals with student’s registration process.
  7. 7. ADMISSION This module deals with student’s admission process completely, along with fees structure and documentation process. Student’s can pay fees online, hence a payment gateway has been implemented.
  8. 8. EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT This module handles the employee data efficiently, which include personal details, qualification and experience details.
  9. 9. EMPLOYEE LEAVE MANAGEMENT This module handles the ‘leave’ component for school employees.
  10. 10. STUDENT’S ATTENDANCE MANAGEMENT Here the most important factor like attendance is handled. A report can be generated with this.
  11. 11. HOSTEL MANAGEMENT This module handles the student’s hostel allocation, payment process, and room allocation process.
  12. 12. EXAM MANAGEMENT This module handles student’s exam schedule, marks, result generation.
  13. 13. SUBJECT ALLOCATION This module is used to allocate the subjects to the teachers according to their designation and workload allotment.
  14. 14. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT In Inventory Detail, information about Inventory and their suppliers are stored.
  15. 15. ONLINE EXAM This module allows students to take up a online test
  16. 16. WORKLOAD DISTRIBUTION Here, you can add workload for every Teacher .
  17. 17. LIBRARY MANAGEMENT This module helps in library transaction such as issue, return books etc.
  20. 20. We have developed the mobile app for InfiCampus. And many more functionalities… you think.. its there….
  21. 21. TO CONCLUDE… We would like to assure you the best service and most cost effective product to handle your day to day complicacies. Thank You!
  22. 22. FOR MORE DETAILS , CONTACT US Bharat Deshmukh Director Projet Innovations LLP 9823294773