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The theft of seven corps in arico graveyard. tenerife

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The theft of seven corps in arico graveyard. tenerife

  1. 1. Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Seven corps in AricoVillage graveyard, Tenerife were stolen at NewYear Eve. It has been attributed to a sataniccult installed on the island, The bugliersweren’t local people as the Mayor EladioMorales explained. The theft was discoveredon Saturday, the 1st January 2012 by ThePresident of Old People Association , JuanaCoello, who had come to the graveyard to putflowers for her family. She was very scared.
  2. 2. She saw the graves, which belonged twobrothers who had died from an influenza in1920. The Other bodies were buried in thedecade of the 30s of the last century. Intotal, seven bodies were taken and fivetombs were opened. They were the oldestcorps of the graveyard. One of them was avery known seamstress woman. Thewitches crushed human bones to get dustfor other rituals.
  3. 3. There are many people from The SouthAmerica, Cuban and Africa who live inthe South of the island . Some of theirrituals are killing chickens and otheranimals for satanic practices. They usethe blood of animals and candles fortheir rituals and villagers found all thosethings at the entrance of the graveyard.A person was seen with his face,painted in green and white colour , hewas wearing a white coat ( budúmourning) and he was dancing satanicrites, doing witchcrafts. The Civil Guardis investigating the theft.
  4. 4. BY GROUP1Agnieszka Bednarz (Poland)Ewa Kijas (Poland)Karolina Barglik (Poland)Amanda Arvelo Bethencourt(Spain)Yara María Zamora (Spain)Elizabeth Santana (Spain)Miriam (Germany)
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