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Q.3 - What have you learned from your audience feedback?

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Q.3 - What have you learned from your audience feedback?

  1. 1. What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  2. 2. Poster “Follows common conventions with text and single character.” “Opacity and layers edited well” “Really good, very nice composition and effect on character.” “Good contrast between the two images.” “I like the fade.” “Simple yet effective, clear brand image.” “Looks professional.”
  3. 3. Magazine Cover “Good use of lighting.” “Looks very realistic.” “Very nice use of colours – red, white and grey.” “The EMPIRE and Acceptance titles look professional and the clear theme creates a brand image. The low key lightning on the character create a tone of mystery around him.” “I love the colour scheme – looks professional and the outline removed really well.”
  4. 4. Teaser
  5. 5. What we changed From the audience feedback we gathered comments on needing a soundtrack in the background of a teaser that will correspond with the genre of our film. We then went into Garage Band and put together a short 50 second sound. Also, for our teaser there was a comment saying that there were too many action shots of the BMX stunts and our character walking so we decided on which clips we thought were best for our teaser and cut the walking shots shorter.