Newsletter: National BDPA (Apr 2002)


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This is the 'BDPA Monthly Newsletter' published in April 2002.

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Newsletter: National BDPA (Apr 2002)

  1. 1. The April 2002 Monthly Newsletter BDPA MISSION BDPA is a global member focused organ- ization that positions its members at the forefront of the IT industry. BDPA is committed to delivering IT excellence to our members, strategic partners, and community. The official newsletter of the BDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders Volume 1 Number 4 APRIL 2002 2002 Conference Receives STRONG Corporate Support The BDPA 2002 Annual National Conference is off to an impressive start with strong support and commitments from major corporations. In addition to event, equipment, program and service sponsorships, to date, the conference has secured seven high-level corporate executives as honorary chairpersons. Perry Cliburn, CIO at Hewitt Associates LLC ; Steve Finnerty, Senior Vice President PERRY CLIBURN, and Chief Information Officer for Kraft Foods, Inc.; James S. Hunt, Senior Vice JERRY MILLER CIO President and Chief Financial Officer Walt Disney World® Resort; Frank W. Pollard, Senior Vice President and HEWITT ASSOCIATES LLC Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Allstate Insurance Company; Chief Information Officer SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. Joshua Isaac Smith, Chairman and Managing Partner, The Coaching Group, LLC; Jerry Miller, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Sears, Roebuck and Co., and Jim Lewis, Senior Vice President, Multimarket Business Development & Public Affairs, Walt Disney World® Resort. The Honorary Chairpersons have committed to the mission and vision of the confer- STEVE FINNERTY ence and have pledged to bring more corporate support. Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer KRAFT FOODS, INC. The conference is BDPAs largest professional networking opportunity of the year. This event draws hundreds of professionals, students, entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, and corporate participants from across the country. FRANK W. POLLARD Some of the advantages for corporations supporting the conference are: Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer National exposure through over 40 chapters nationwide (over 2,000 members). ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY an opportunity to showcase their products, services and career opportunities. access to IT talent (entry, mid-level, top-level, executive/CIO) from across the nation. access to IT workshops & seminars JAMES S. HUNT Senior Vice President and ability to enhance corporate image in the African American community Chief Financial OfficerWALT DISNEY WORLD Resort ability to positively influence youth education towards technology ability to learn about cutting-edge technology ability to network with other IT executives at Golf Classic The BDPA Annual National Conference provides an invaluable opportunity for corpo- rations to invest in the future, while taking tremendous advantage of this event as a resource for recruitment of high-level talented IT professionals and students. The JOSHUA ISAAC SMITH BDPA Annual National Conference is a one-of-a-kind IT experience addressing areas Chairman and Managing Partner JIM LEWIS of IT from youth to high-level executives. See page 7 for sponsorship levels. THE COACHING GROUP, LLC Senior Vice President Multimarket Business Corporation interested in sponsorship may call 1-800-727-BDPA for more information. Development & Public Affairs INSIDE THIS ISSUE NEW Walt Disney World® Resort President’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 BDPA NATIONAL OFFICE: Ernst & Young College Scholarship . . . . . . .3 6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Suite 450 BDPA SpotLight On . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Greenbelt, MD 20770 Conference Sponsorship Program . . . . . . . .4 Phone: (301) 220-2180 BDPA & Household International . . . . . . .5-6 Fax: (301) 220-2185 Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities . . . . .7 Events Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . .Back Cover
  2. 2. President’s Message: Corporate Participation The main reason corporations participate in the BDPA National Conference is because they want to tap into the BDPA talent pool of highly qualified diversity candidates. BDPA is the Premier Organization for African Americans in Information Technology and our national conference attracts Information Technology professionals from all around the country. Corporations can expect to see over 2,500 Career Fair/Technology Expo attendees comprised of college grads, entry level job seekers, seasoned IT professionals, managers and executives looking for a career change. Corporations also participate in the BDPA National Conference because they value their African American employees and they want to offer them superior technical development and skill enhancement opportunities. For example, BDPA will offer 2 day workshops in DB2 and JAVA taught by top notch professionals from IBM Global Services and Sun Microsystems. These are MILT HAYNES the same courses that are offered elsewhere at a much higher cost. In addition to the 2 day work- BDPA shops, BDPA will offer over 30 workshops and seminars in topic categories such as Information National President Technology, IT Leadership Development, Entrepreneurs and Small Business, Career Development, and Academic. Corporations send their employees to the BDPA conference to take advantage of the unique opportunity to learn from their peers and to share best practices. This sends a clear message that they value technical skill development. Additionally, corporations encourage their employees to actively participate as volunteers in the “Corporations can delivery of the conference that enhances their coordination, leadership and program development expect to see over skills. For example, AJ Pearson, IT Director at Household International also serves BDPA as the Conference Delivery Manager for Workshops and Seminars. This is his second year serving in 2,500 Career that capacity. AJ has introduced many new ideas that has increased the level of quality of the tech- Fair/Technology nical training program. Through an extensive review of attendee feedback from previous confer- Expo attendees com- ences, AJ has gained valuable insights that have allowed him to enhance the program offering prised of college even more. Beyond his personal contribution, AJ has involved other Household employees in the grads, entry level job planning and execution of the conference to take advantage of this significant employee devel- opment opportunity. seekers, seasoned IT professionals, man- Some corporations participate in the conference because they are looking for qualified African agers and executives American businesses to hire for IT staff augmentation and other services. They are faced with the looking for a career challenge of diversifying their mix of vendors. They are looking for dependable vendors with change.” proven track records of providing exceptional services. By participating in the Entrepreneur Showcase, corporations can meet senior leaders and owners of African American businesses. The conference theme of "Changing the Culture of IT: From Access to Ownership" will attract greater numbers of African American businesses to the conference. Community Outreach and Industry Recognition are other reasons that corporations participate in the conference. They donate equipment, facilities, volunteer staff and dollars in support of com- munity outreach programs. By sponsoring and providing speakers at meal events for the students of the High School Computer Competition and the Youth Conference, and by participating in the Community Outreach Plenary Sessions, corporations continue their long tradition of giving back to the community. It is not just a coincidence that these are the same corporations that are highly rated as great places to work for African Americans.The BDPA Monthly Newsletter
  3. 3. ERNST & YOUNG College Scholarship Welcome to the BDPA Monthly The BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF), in conjunction with Newsletter Ernst & Young, have established the Ernst & Young/BETF Continuing Education Scholarship.As a service to our members, Selection Criteriathe BDPA MonthlyNewsletter is distributed to Scholarship winners are selected on the basis of academic aptitude,provide pertinent information academic achievement, community involvement, BDPA involvement and financialon National BDPA activities. need. Applicants are ranked according to GPA, cumulative GPA and financial need. Potential for success in post high school education is considered. Finalists will beThe BDPA Monthly interviewed by an awards committee to assess personal qualities such as motivation,Newsletter will entail such sincerity, and a sense of direction and planning. The interview plays an important rolethings as: Career and in determining the amount of the scholarship awarded.Professional Developmentguidelines, “hot” technical Eligibilityskills, job opportunities,member profiles, upcoming To be eligible for consideration for an Ernst & Young / BETF ContinuingProfessional and Social Education Scholarship, applicants must meet the eligibility requirements:events, vision and thoughtleadership articles from the 1. Reside in the continental United StatesNational Executive 2. Enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student in an informationCommittee as well as other technology field in a 4-year College or UniversityBDPA members. 3. Sustained a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.3 or higher in a 4-year College or UniversityHopefully, you will find this 4. Submit the Ernst & Young / BETF Continuing Education Scholarshippublication to be informative Application Package (obtain package and information at website below)and insightful. We welcomeyour input on the newsletter. For more information, refer to the BETF website., suggestions, andopinions can be sent!Reginald J. Gardner We have a new address!National BDPA Vice BDPA NATIONAL OFFICE:President, Member Services 6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Suite 450 Greenbelt, MD 20770Publication Committee: Phone: (301) 220-2180 Fax: (301) 220-2185 Volume 1 Number 4 Christopher A. Williams (DeVry Institute) Letitia Andrews The BDPA Monthly Newsletter (Nokia) Mailed and electronically forwarded to over 15,000 of our members, friends and supporters Reggie Gardner (Sears, Roebuck & Co.) Ad Space is available in several 2002 issues 1-page rate $1500.00 Anita L.Vega 1/2-page rate $1000.00 (OCCI-NY) Two page limit on ad space each month. Act right away! April 2002 For information, contact BDPA National Office at : (800) 727-BDPA or
  4. 4. Conference Sponsorship Program BDPA SPOTLIGHT ON... Tony C. Lesesne and Woodie LesesneThe Annual National BDPA Conference is our largest Chairman and PresidentProfessional networking opportunity of the year. This event The Lesesne Media Group and IN FOCUS INTER-draws hundreds of professionals, students, entrepreneurs, educa- ACTIVE Magazinetors, researchers, and corporate participants from across the They have been identified as one of Americas emerging "powercountry. couples" of the new millennium. Tony and Woodie Lesesne co- publish the award winning IN FOCUS INTERACTIVEDuring the 5-day event, African-American CIOs share their Magazine. While Woodie operates as President and Chiefexperience with their peers, while participants from across the Operating Officer, Tony Lesesne serves as chairman and Chiefcountry take part in the Career Fair, explore the displays at the Strategic Officer for IN FOCUS INTERACTIVE, and TheTechnology Expo, and attend seminars, plenary sessions and Lesesne Media Group.workshops reflecting leading-edge technologies and strategiesfor IT Professionals. Woodie guides IN FOCUS INTERACTIVE Magazine, promot- ing business innovation, integrity in leadership, cultural diversi-The BDPA Annual National Conference provides an invaluable ty and access to high technology and education. Woodie is moreopportunity for corporations to invest in the future, while taking than a successful publisher; she consistently provides support totremendous advantage of this event as a resource for recruitment women in business, youth and education, and small businessof high-level talented IT professionals and students. development. She has received numerous awards including the prestigious National Association of Women Business OwnersThis program is implemented by National BDPA and is the (NAWBO) Recognition Award 1997 and the Miami-Dademajor funding source for the organization. This program is Chamber of Commerce Small Business Administration Mediadesigned for corporations interested in the highest level of Advocate of the Year for the South Florida District and the Statenational exposure and is often used by Corporations as a recruit- of Florida in 1998. Woodie serves on several Boards, includinging mechanism at the Career Fair. The Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium, The Foot Soldier Student Leadership Development Program, theThere are four sponsorship levels for this program: Womens Business Development Center, and the Greater Miami BRONZE LEVEL CONFERENCE PARTNER $5,000 Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors. SILVER LEVEL CONFERENCE PARTNER $10,000 GOLD LEVEL CONFERENCE PARTNER $20,000 Her partner is the charismatic Tony C. Lesesne, truly a modern PLATINUM LEVEL CONFERENCE PARTNER $50,000 day renaissance man. An accomplished trainer in business and professional development with the INROADS organization, heVisit us online for more information on the conference sponsor- is also a writer, artist, and performance engineer. Tony is dedi-ship program * Or you cated to the development of people. As the founder of INcan call us at (800) 727-BDPA. FOCUS INTERACTIVE Magazine, Tony oversees the strategic and logistic goals for the market development and expansion of 2002 Confirmed Conference Partners IN FOCUS. He is the architect of The Lesesne Media Group, a (as of 3/15/2002) virtual organization focused on media, events, public relations,PLATINUM training and entertainment. The Stubbs Entertainment Group Your Corporation Goes Here! selected Tony as the 1997 J.M. Family African-AmericanGOLD Achiever in Business for South Florida and the Role Model of Walt Disney World the Year. He has received the Vista award for support of educa-SILVER tion after founding a non-profit organization called the Foot Hewitt Associates Soldiers in 1993. The Foot Soldiers focuses on teaching inner- Merck & Company city youth business and developmental skills as a preparation for Progressive Insurance real-life opportunities. Prudential FinancialBRONZE Together, they have crafted The Lesesne Media Group and IN Edward Jones FOCUS INTERACTIVE Magazine. IN FOCUS has elevated United Airlines the image and perception of women and minorities, as well asCONFERENCE EVENT SPONSORS: leaders, across the board that are "ahead of the curve" in their LearningIDEAS Classroom to Boardroom Plenary Session approach to economic and societal solutions. They are com- mitted to using their talents and resources to continue to make aCONFERENCE SUPPORTERS: difference. They are the loving and proud parents of four beau- LearningWare Inc. Software for HSCC tiful boys. So Florida Water Mgmt District Hardware for Conference Registration Area The BDPA Monthly Newsletter
  5. 5. BDPA Cultivates Strong Relationship with Household InternationalBDPA, over the years of its existence has grown to have a nation- seminars and workshops, having also led the seminar and work-al reach directly impacting the lives of thousands of African- shop team in 2001 for the Chicago conference. AJ has been aAmericans who either work in the IT profession or aspire to do member of the BDPA Chicago Chapter since 1992 havingso. The mission of BDPA is a noble one in that it aspires to served on the board as Communications Director 1994 - 1995,strengthen the IT industry in general and "…to position its along with Milt Haynes, National BDPA President, among oth-members at the forefront of the information technology indus- ers. AJ was honored as 1995 Director of the Year by the Chicagotry." Being a volunteer organization, BDPA relies heavily upon Chapter.the support of its membership to do critical functions necessaryto the survival of the organization. However, financially, being AJ is always looking to lend a hand to promote IT as a careernot-for-profit BDPA at the national level as well as at many of choice for African-Americans. In 1996 AJ and a handful of otherthe local chapters depend on relationships with corporations for Chicago area IT executives led by Carl Williams, then VP offinancial support. This support is amassed in a number of ways, Amoco and currently CIO of Principal Financial, founded thefor example: Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF). ITSMF is a national group of minority IT executives and IT Direct corporate sponsorship grants entrepreneurs. During 2000 and 2001 AJ served as Chair of the Grants from corporate philanthropic foundations Finance Committee and continues as an active member of Fundraising events such as awards and education banquets ITSMF. Advertising within BDPA publications Paying membership dues of employees Q: AJ, can you speak about how Household became a BDPA Chicago Sponsor. BDPA has carefully planted and cultivatedkey relationships with corporations, some of which AJ: Our then CIO attended the CIO Reception atare multinational in their scope of operations. BDPA Kraft, I believe back in late 1992 with one of ourrecognizes that many of the programs that are cur- HR Managers, Debra Jackson, who is a well-rently being offered would be much more difficult to known and very active member of BDPA. Debraexecute without partnering with many of the corpora- got the CIO to commit to making Household ations it counts among its supporters. President Level Sponsor that night at the reception and the rest is history. This level of support hasHousehold International is one such supporter that continued right into 2002. Over the yearsBDPA has built a strong partnership with since 1993. A.J. Pearson Households strong support of BDPA garnered it Director of Business Systems Household International the coveted Chicago Chapter Corporate Sponsor ofHousehold is a 124 year old 100 billion plus in assets the Year Award in 1993 and 1994. To qualify for thisFortune 200 consumer finance company headquartered in honor Household did a number of things:Prospect Heights, Illinois (a northwest suburb of Chicago) withover 35,000 employees worldwide in North America and Provided PCs for the Chapters student competition teamEurope. A few of its best known brands are Household Finance for two years running.Corporation (HFC), Beneficial Finance Corporation (BFC) and Sponsored the BDPA float in the annual Bud Billiken DayHousehold Bank Visa and Mastercard. There are over 2500 IT Parade on Chicagos Southsideprofessionals across the corporation who provide all Information Household employees were active on a number of the keyTechnology services to the corporation. William F. Aldinger is committees and teams such asCEO and Chairman of Household. Kenneth M. Harvey is the Marketing Department,Executive Vice President and CIO. High School Computer Club, Volume 1 Number 4 High School Computer Competition Team,AJ Pearson is one of the many corporate champions BDPA relies Communication Department,upon to help establish and maintain corporate partnerships. AJ, a Election Committee, etc.Chicago native, is Director of Business Systems at Household Household hosted a CIO Reception at its headquarters insupporting the HFC and BFC businesses. AJ has a staff of 45 1994.reporting to him through 5 managers. AJ has been a Household The lead coordinator for the High School Computeremployee for 16 years, having served in the Internal Audit Competition Team, Perry Mitchell, then a HouseholdDepartment, as Assistant VP (AVP) of Disaster Recovery, employee, led the team to place number one in the BDPAAssistant to the CIO, and AVP Retail Services Collections National High School Computer Competition two years run-Systems. AJ is one of the founding members of the Household ning, 1994 and 1995. It should be noted that Perry was hon-African-American Networking Group (AANG) which is com- ored by Household for his role in working with the Highprised of management level employees. School Competition team and helping them place first in the April 2002 nation by having lunch with the Chairman and CEO, BillAJ is currently working on the BDPA 2002 National Conference Aldinger"team serving as the Conference Delivery Manager (CDM) for
  6. 6. Q: That is really an impressive track record! Can you port of BDPA by the CIO and the positive impression thespeak about more recent activities of Household in relation organization has made on Household management in general,to BDPA? a number of these folks will be in Orlando at the conference in August. In addition, we are currently working with senior ITAJ: Household remains committed to supporting BDPA management to finalize Households role in this years confer-whenever and wherever. One of the most recent high points of ence in Orlando. We at Household expect to continue to havethe relationship between Household and BDPA was during the an increasing impact on BDPA.2001 BDPA National Conference in Chicago. Since Chicago isHouseholds home, Households CIO, Ken Harvey, Executive Q: Finally, Im curious. When and how did you first hearVice President, reasoned Household should play a major role about showing out-of-town guests of BDPA a really memorabletime. I met with Ken along with the VP of HR, Mike Wood AJ: From years back I have always been searching for award and two of Mikes managers, Al Crook and Brian Little. way to help myself and others make the most of opportunitiesOut of that meeting Ken decided to make Household a Gold that are out there. Back in the early 80s I was President of anLevel Conference Partners. Later, BDPA National asked Ken organization, Systems Programmers Society (SPS) of Chicago,to be a co-chair of the Chicago Conference. Ken didnt hesitate that aspired to be what BDPA has become. Henry Patrick, whoand personally lent his name to the conference and helped pro- is now also a member of BDPA Chicago, was the Chairman ofmote it. To lend weight to his commitment to be a co-chair not SPS. While we never got beyond the one Chicago chapter, Ijust in name only Ken decided to host a well-attended remember someone from BDPA giving a presentation at theThursday night cocktail reception open to all BDPA regis- DuSable Museum on the organization. It wasnt until yearstrants. As a memento of the occasion Household gave each later when I went to the 1992 BDPA Awards Banquet that Iguest a folding beach chair with the Household name and logo remembered that meeting. Since then I have been enthusedon the chair and its case. Household went even further by par- about helping BDPA prosper and grow, first working with theticipating in the Career Fair both days. Finally, Ken spoke at Chicago Chapter and later helping with the National confer-the Friday night Dignitaries Reception reiterating Households ence. BDPA has done a lot locally in Chicago and nationally.strong commitment to continue partnering with BDPA into the However, I continue to dream as many do such as Miltfuture. Haynes, Wayne Hicks, Renee McClure, Wendy Wonsley, and Ricky Penick that for BDPA, the best is yet to come! We areWe must not forget too that a number of Household employees on the edge of a break through that will catapult BDPA intoattended the conference and volunteered in a variety of areas ever growing national prominence. To the extent that I canto help the conference go over smoothly. help, I want to be a part of what one day will be a great legacy passed on to future generations of African-Americans.Q: Your CIO seems to be really supportive of BDPA. He is Hopefully, those yet to come IT professionals will be part ofa great example of how senior corporate management can an organization that will be international in scope with tens ofget involved. thousands of members who are supporting each other, for their mutual benefit and to help make the world a better place toAJ: I agree. Even prior to the conference I was able to live and work for generations to come.keep Ken informed on BDPAs activities and programs. Since Ihave represented Household as a Corporate Sponsor on the CORPORATEBDPA Chicago Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) for a num-ber of years, I try to keep Ken and his direct reports informed SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIESabout BDPA events. In 1999 and again in 2000, the CACinvited Ken to participate on a panel of local CIOs at the Contact BDPA Corporate Relations atannual BDPA Chicago CAC CIO Reception. In fact, Ken was (800) 727-BDPAso enthusiastic in his participation on the panel, the second For more information.year of his participation Ken was asked to emcee the panel. Visit our web-site:Q: What sort of things are you currently involved in rela- www.BDPA.orgtive to BDPA?AJ: This year me along with a number of Household staffcontinue to support BDPA by again helping to plan the 2002 NAACP Career Fairsconference seminars and workshops. I have had the assistance April 16 Chicago, IL Navy Pierof a number of Household staff who are BDPA members of April 17 Charlotte, NC Hilton Downtown Charlotte April 23 New York City, NY Madison Square Gardenthe Chicago Chapter that I just have to give credit to: Chris May 6 Woodland Hills, CA Hilton Woodland HillsCumberbatch, Johnny Garner, Adrian Greenwood, Namon May 7 Los Angeles, CA Radisson Airport HotelTarpley, Brian Little, Eric Gaydu, Ken Barber, Debra Jackson, May 14 Denver, CO Denver Marriott Tech Centerand Jim Burt. These folks have all been extremely supportive May 20 Falls Church, VA Fairview Park Marriottin helping with various tasks for BDPA. Given the huge sup-The BDPA Monthly Newsletter
  7. 7. BDPA IT Golf Classic at SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Disneys Osprey Ridge Golf® Course Contact BDPA Corporate Relations at (800) 727-BDPA August 10, 2002 For more information. Visit our web-site REGISTRATION FEES: $200.00 per Individual / $800.00 per FoursomeIncludes: CONFERENCE and CAREER FAIR Green fees & golf cart for 18 holes of golf (Scramble format) Sponsorship Packages Round trip transportation from Disneys Contemporary® Resort to AdvertisingDisneys Osprey Ridge Golf® Course. Arrive at course 7:00am, Shotgun start at 8:00am Program Guide B/W Complimentary use of the driving range Career Fair Guide BW Breakfast Souvenir gift package CONFERENCE PROMOTION On course snacks and beverages Golf Award Luncheon following tournament Post Card Sponsorship Newsletter Sponsorship Contest/Prizes/Awards E-mail Banner Web Banner SPONSORSHIP LEVELS: Conference Tote Bags Conference RegistrationDriving Range Sponsorship $500 Golf Outing Workshop Proceedings Book Signage at the driving range RECEPTIONS & MEAL FUNCTIONS Registration table signage Chapter Presidents Breakfast Board of Directors Luncheon Recognition in selected conference publications** Dignitaries Reception Executive ReceptionBogie Sponsorship $500 Hospitality Receptions Opening Reception Signage at a hole Youth/HSCC Conference Breakfast Golf Award Luncheon table signage Youth/HSCC Lunch Youth/HSCC Dinner Recognition in selected conference publications** Plenary Session (3) Prayer BreakfastBeverage Cart Sponsorship $1,000 Awards Banquet (10 per table) Prayer Breakfast (10 per Signage on beverage cart table) Registration table signage Awards Banquet Package* 1 Golfer* * Ten (10) invitations to Awards Banquet Executive Recognition in selected conference publications** Reception, one (1) banquet table, prime location for ban-Souvenir Items Sponsorship $1,000 quet table, 1 full-page ad in the banquet program book Registration table signage (deadlines apply) Company logo on item IN-KIND Recognition in selected conference publications** Youth Conference Computers and printersPhoto Gallery Sponsorship $1,200 HSCC Computers and printers Photo gallery signage at the awards luncheon Workshop/Internet Computers and printers Registration table signage Cyber Cafe Recognition in selected conference publications** HSCC and Youth Conference Program SupportBirdie Sponsorship $1,500 REGISTRATION: Signage on golf carts Pay by Pay after One Golf Award Luncheon table signage day 2 Golfers* 5/30/02 5/30/02 Pass 2 invitations to the Dignitaries Reception Member $350 $550 $200 Recognition in selected conference publications** Non-Member $500 $700 $275Hole in 1-Sponsorship $2,500 Student $200 $200 $100 Contact us for Ala Carte Pricing on the Awards Banquet, Signage at 3 holes Plenary Sessions and Prayer Breakfast. Golf Award Luncheon table signage 1 Golfer* Display car on golf course with company message Volume 1 Number 4 If (hole-in-1) is obtained (Presentation opportunity at the Golf Award Luncheon) BDPA 2002 Recognition in selected conference publications** 24th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCEEagle Sponsorship $3,000 "Changing the Culture of IT: From Access to Ownership" 18th Hole signage August 7-11, 2002 Golf Award Luncheon table signage Disney’s Contemporary Resort 4 Golfers* 4 tickets to the BDPA Awards Banquet Lake Buena Vista, FL 4 invitations to the Dignitaries Reception Banner at Golf Award Luncheon PHONE: (800) 727-BDPA Recognition in selected conference publications** F A X: (301) 220-2185Golf Award Luncheon Sponsorship $4,000 WEBSITE: WWW.BDPA.ORG Signage on podium at Golf Award Luncheon ADDRESS: April 2002 1 Golfer* Speaking opportunity at the Golf Award Luncheon 6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Suite 450 Recognition in selected conference publications** Greenbelt, MD 20770
  8. 8. UPCOMING EVENTS APRIL 2002 ISSUE APRIL Information Technology Thought Leaders 14 MOBE IT Awards & MOBE IT Expo The BDPA Monthly Newsletter JW Marriott Wall Street (New York City) *NOTE: Not a BDPA Event!* POC: Yvette Moyo [ymoyo@] The newsletter designed to keep our members informed of news, events and perspectives important to our com- 18-21 5th Annual Information Technology Conference munity. (Augusta GA) Augusta Technical College IT Center. We welcome your comments: 20-21 Tavis Smiley Presents Blacks In Technology Symposium Read our Online Journal for breaking news, information McCormick Convention Center (Chicago IL) and updates: 27 Annual Scholarship Banquet BDPA Dallas Chapter MAY 3 NEC Meeting (Detroit MI) 4-5 2Q-2002 NBOD Meeting (Detroit MI) "Metrics and Finance" BDPA 2002 24th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE 10-11 Tavis Smiley Presents Blacks In Technology “Changing the Culture of IT: From Access to Symposium Ownership” Javitz Center (New York NY) August 7-11, 2002 Disney’s Contemporary Resort Lake Buena Vista, FLBDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders PRSRT STDNational Headquarters U.S. POSTAGE PAID6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Suite 450 Woodbridge, VAGreenbelt, MD 20770 PERMIT NO. 70