Newsletter: National BDPA (Oct 2002)


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This 'BDPA Monthly Newsletter' was published in October 2002.

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Newsletter: National BDPA (Oct 2002)

  1. 1. BDPA MISSION The INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY THOUGHT LEADERS BDPA is a global member focused organization that positions its members at the forefront of the IT indus- try. BDPA is committed to Monthly Newsletter delivering IT excellence to our members, strategic partners, and community. The official newsletter of the BDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders Volume 1 Number 10 OCTOBER 2002National BDPA Presidents Message try the opportunity to meet, network, and exchange ideas about Information Technology. Conference Program Summary: CareerThe National BDPA Executive Committee (NEC) met in Orlando Fair and Technology Expo, Town Hall Meeting, IT Showcase andduring the conference to kick off the 2003 Strategic Planning College Expo, Entrepreneur Showcase, IT Senior Managementcycle. The NEC weighted and prioritized a long list of proposed Forum, 2-Day High Tech Workshops, BDPA IT Golf Classic,initiatives, programs and issues and came up with the top 10 ini- Leading Edge Workshops and Seminars, Academic Mini-tiatives for 2003. We used this list to drill down into the 2003 Conference, College Student Track, High School ComputerBusiness Plans. I also presented the Top 10 Initiatives at the Competition (HSCC), and Youth Conference.General Membership meeting at the conference on Wednesday. Fiscal Responsibility: This business process, through the manage-The NEC met September 13-15 to finish the strategic planning ment of all committees and activities associated with the Financeprocess and establish objectives, goals, strategies and metrics Business Area, seeks to ensure that the entire BDPA organizationfor the business areas. The 2003 Business Plans will be present- remains financially solvent by employing generally accepteded to the National BDPA Leadership at the 4Q02 NBOD Meeting accounting principles to execute financial record keeping andin early November 2002. reporting activities. Additionally, this includes activities to buildTop 10 BDPA Initiatives for 2003 financial reserves and alternative revenue streams. Major objec-1. Corporate Relations tives are to maintain financial controls and adhere to generally2. Membership Recruitment/Retention/Administration accepted accounting principles, build financial reserves to support3. National Conference operating expense during periods of economic downturn and to4. Fiscal Responsibility seek alternative revenue streams to fuel growth and expansion5. Career Development Career Development: This business process involves support6. Strategy activities for BDPA members who want assistance with advancing7. Communications their career. In this extremely competitive job market, it has8. Community Outreach become even more important to plan your career every step of9. Organization Development the way. BDPA helps by providing training and access to career10. International Activities opportunities. The traditional career path entails climbing up theCorporate Relations: The business process through which corpo- corporate ladder through the technical and management ranks.rations are contacted to solicit corporate funding for National However, developing a business as an entrepreneur is anotherBDPA programs and activities. It includes the steps from making career path option that is gaining popularity. BDPA assists mem-the initial contact through closing the sale, along with the develop- bers with career development by providing counseling as well asment of corporate relationships and producing promotional materi- access to employment opportunities online and at the Nationalals. Key Initiatives are: Conference Corporate Relations, Conference. BDPA also assists by providing technical training andCorporate Sponsorship Program, Corporate Partners Program, professional development seminars to help members improveHigh Profile Executives, and Honorary Chairs. their skills and marketability and to stay abreast of technology trends. Through a strategic alliance with the InformationMembership Recruitment/Retention/Administration: This is the Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF), BDPA offers akeystone of the growth strategy for BDPA in 2003. Expect a 20% mentoring program where middle managers learn how to advanceincrease in membership growth per month with membership into the senior management ranks.exceeding 8,600 by the end of 2003. Key initiatives are: (Continued on page 2)Membership Drives, Career/Job Fairs, New Chapters, CorporateSponsor Memberships, Student Chapters, Program Participantsand Internet Access. To support the planned growth, Membership INSIDEManagement Administration has to be expanded as well. Key ini- FleetBoston Financial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3tiatives are: Membership Database Updates, Transmittal Process, BETF Announces... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4and Membership Lists. BDPA IT International Connection . . . . . . . . . .4National Conference: Continues to be the major activity managed 25th Annual National Conference . . . . . . . . . .5by National BDPA. This initiative, through the management of all Africas Hope for Sustainable Development . .6committees and activities associated with the National BDPA Scholarships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7Conference, seeks to ensure that the BDPA National Conference BDPA Internet Radio Show . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7is held annually and successfully meets its goals. The annual BDPA Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8conference affords computer professionals from across the coun- The BDPA Monthly Newsletter
  2. 2. TOP 10 BDPA INITIATIVES FOR 2003 (Cont. from page 1) Welcome to the BDPA Monthly Strategy: The BDPA strategy is to position itself as Information Technology Thought Leaders and the Premier Organization for African Americans in Information Technology. A key component of Newsletter this strategy is how we portray our image and develop a brand that depicts who we are. Every year BDPA engages in a strategic planning process to identify Objectives, Goals, Strategies and As a service to our members, the Metrics (OGSM). Key deliverables from the Strategic Planning Process are the Annual Business BDPA Monthly Newsletter is Plan and the Annual Budget. The business areas use strategic plans to drill down into tactical and distributed to provide pertinent operational plans. Every two years as the leadership transfers from one administration to the next, information on National BDPA transition plans are developed to provide continuity across administrations. And to facilitate conti- activities. nuity over a 6-year period, the Immediate Past President, President, President-Elect, and the Founder, who are all active members of the National BDPA Executive Committee (NEC), meet The BDPA Monthly Newsletter with the VP of Strategy and Planning to brainstorm and document a 6-Year Plan. will entail such things as: Career and Professional Development Communications: This business process spans several business areas in support of the goal of guidelines, “hot” technical delivering effective and honest communication through multiple channels to members and strate- skills, job opportunities, member gic partners. Networking is a key component of BDPAs success. Successful networking involves profiles, upcoming Professional the constant sharing of information. BDPA utilizes numerous communication channels to spread and Social events, vision and the word . Through the web site, email, the online Journal and the Internet Radio Show, communi- thought leadership articles from cation is provided electronically. . Hardcopy communication is disseminated in the form of the the National Executive BDPA Monthly Newsletter. Public Relations efforts to gain media exposure on TV, Radio, in maga- Committee as well as other zines and in newspapers are becoming more important as BDPA strives to become a household BDPA members. name. Press releases are issued regularly, and media partners are engaged to help carry the BDPA message to the masses. The BDPA Ambassador program is another vehicle for reaching Hopefully, you will find this pub- hundreds of thousands throughout the year through a public figure with wide media exposure who lication to be informative and highlights awareness of BDPA. insightful. We welcome your input on the newsletter. Community Outreach: The mission of Community Outreach is simply to increase the number of computer literate African- Americans in BDPA chapter cities by offering a challenging, competitive, Comments, suggestions, and esteem-building, state-of-the-art program, that will train youths and adults in todays technology. opinions can be sent to: The Community Outreach department is responsible for all outreach programs at the national level. This includes existing programs (Student Internship Program, Black Family Technology Awareness Week) and programs that have yet to be fully implemented (Mentor Program, Youth ENJOY! Technology Seminar Series (YTSS), College Student Initiative, HSCC Alumni Program, BDPA Reginald J. Gardner Computer Camps, BDPA Senior Citizen Technology Education, and so forth). This department National BDPA Vice works closely with local chapter leadership to nurture best practices and support the local chap- ters in their search for facilities, books, equipment, instructors and other resources in support of President, Member Services these programs. There is a high degree of interaction with the High School Computer Competition (HSCC) at both the local and national level. Many Community Outreach programs Publication Committee: will serve as a feeder of talented youth to HSCC. Additionally, all HSCC Alumni will become cus- Letitia Andrews tomers of Community Outreach programs and services. (Nokia) Organization Development: This business process is an oversight activity performed by the Reggie Gardner National BDPA President. Continuous process improvement is needed to bring BDPA up to a level (Sears, Roebuck & Co.) of productivity and effectiveness needed to meet the many demands of our members, strategic partners, the community, corporations, chapters and other constituents. Dependable and repeat- Wayne Hicks able processes have to put in place, along with the needed staffing, equipment, databases and (Hicks Enterprises) resources. By constantly reviewing the organizations capacity at a high level and making adjust- ments in strategic, tactical and operational plans, the President ensures and promotes consistent Anita L.Vega progress. (OCCI-NY) International Activities: This key initiative, through the management of all committees and activi- ties with an international focus, is dedicated to establishing a global presence for BDPA. With the dawn of the Internet era, expanding geographically through cyberspace is not only plausible but absolutely necessary to meet the needs of all African Americans interested in helping to bridging (Continued on page 7) The BDPA Monthly Newsletter BDPA Internet Radio Show Mailed and electronically forwarded to over 15,000 of our $75 per 30-second ad members, friends and supporters. $350 per 15-minute sponsorship 1-Page rate: $1500.00 $650 per 30-minute sponsorship 1/2-Page rate: $1000.00 $900 per 60-minute sponsorship Two page limit on ad space each month. Act right away! For information, contact BDPA National Office at :(800) 727-BDPA or info@BDPA.org2 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter
  3. 3. FleetBoston Financial becomes Platinum Level Partner for BDPA 25th Anniversary National ConferenceThe 2003 National Conference, to be held August 13-17, 2003 at the Marriott Hotel inPhiladelphia, PA. will provide a total information technology (IT) experience to high school and col-lege students, IT professionals and senior managers, IT entrepreneurs, corporations, academia,government agencies and the research community. The value-packed slate of conference offer- Volume 1 Number 10ings will exemplify the BDPA commitment to provide state-of-the-art training, professional growth,technical development, entrepreneurial opportunity, and access to leading-edge technology to itsmembers, strategic partners, and the community.BDPA, a national organization, is the premier IT professional association for African Americans.Founded in 1975, it is celebrating its 27th year of commitment to closing the digital divide. "BDPAis pleased to announce this significant partnership with FleetBoston Financial" said National BDPAPresident, Milt Haynes. "FleetBoston is dedicated to giving back to the community and helping tobridge the gap in the digital divide."FleetBoston Financial, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, is the seventh-largest financialholding company in the United States with assets of $191 billion. The companys principal busi-nesses, Personal Financial Services and Wholesale Banking, offer a comprehensive array of inno-vative financial solutions to 20 million customers. Fleet has approximately 1,500 branches andmore than 3,500 ATMs in the Northeast, and offers Fleet HomeLink, one of the nations leadingonline banking platforms. Fleet also offers commercial banking, commercial finance, capital mar-kets, and global processing services.Fleet complements its commitment to customers with an equal responsibility to support andstrengthen the communities where it does business. A wide range of Fleet corporate programsfocus on community service activities, including contributions and sponsorships, employee volun-teerism, and community development programs.Joe Smialowski, FleetBoston Vice Chairman for Technology and Operations, affirmed Fleets per-spective when he said, "It is vitally important that Fleet reflect the diversity of the communities weserve. Equally critical is the maximization of the potential of all members of our IT staff to ensurethe delivery of excellence to our customers and our neighbors. We are dedicated to partnering October 2002with organizations like BDPA to support professional development for our technology staff and toshare technology with communities and students. Our support of the 2003 National Conference,and local chapters in Rhode Island, Boston, New Jersey and Albany, represents real commitmentto bridging the digital divide."This Platinum Level Partnership facilities the mutual objective of both BDPA and Fleet to advancethe professional opportunities and development, and to implementing innovative outreach throughcollaboration with leading centers of influence. This special yearlong relationship will offerFleetBoston Financial visibility through many of the BDPA outlets. It will also establish a signifi-cant foundation for the 2003 "Classroom to Boardroom" BDPA theme. FleetBoston Financial will be featured in the November edition of the BDPA Monthly Newsletter The BDPA Monthly Newsletter 3
  4. 4. BDPA Education & Technology Foundation Announces Appointment of Frank Pollard to Board of Directors [College Park, MD, September 20, 2002] - BETF (, the BDPA Education & Technology Foundation, is pleased to announce the appointment of Frank Pollard, Chief Information Officer, Allstate Insurance Company, as a member of the BETF Board of Directors. "This is a tremendous and welcome addition to our Board" states BETF Chair, Reginald J. Gardner. "Frank Pollards commitment and dedication to BDPA has been exemplary. Franks work, with his Allstate team, has continuously provided significant contributions (in resources, equipment, and dollars) to BDPA. We are extremely excited about this appointment." Frank Pollard has announced his retirement from Allstate, effective December 31, 2002. At that time, Frank will begin his role with the Foundation. BDPA IT-IC : Information Technology International Connection Ambassador Gbenga Sesan was appointed as Nigerias pleteness, accuracy, and timeliness. first Information Technology Youth Ambassador. One of Provides monthly status report to the VP-Business his many articles is featured in this newsletter issue. Management. BDPA is reaching out to Ambassador Sesan to explore the possibility of future collaboration between IT professionals Detricks current challenges are to: of African descent in America and those in his country. Establish a monthly conference call for the committee BDPA will be engaging Ambassador Sesans experience, volunteers. ideas, and expertise regarding ways African-Americans in Improve accessibility of the membership form (web site) IT can assist with increasing information technology aware- for International Members ness and offer coaching classes and training to Nigerian Working with Eugene Kortee in Liberia youth across the country. Establishing relationship with Paul Swider of E- for possible MOU Wayne Hicks, National BDPA President-Elect, explains: Establishing relationship with Ayesha Hakeem of "Ideally we would like to create a mutually beneficial strate- African Connections for possible MOU gic alliance between BDPA & the government of Nigeria in Establishing relationship with Magdala Randolphe of this IT space. Weve asked our International Activities the Global Haitian Fundamental Society for possible Department Director (Detrick Deburr, Dallas) to explore MOU these possibilities." Awaiting response regarding GIIT from Executive Board Mr. Hicks further states: the "Major impact for BDPA is that Awaiting response regarding Nigerian IT ambassador we will move closer towards our mission statements focus on being a "global" organization. Any steps that we take to Detrick V. DeBurr ( ) has seven expand beyond the borders of our country simply must plus years of computer industry experience, five years include our motherland...Alkebulan, or Africa”. Software Application Integration experience, and five years E-Application Development experience. Mr DeBurr is In August 2001, Detrick DeBurr was appointed BDPA presently pursuing a Master of Business Administration International Activities Department Director. His major from Keller Graduate School of Management in Oak Brook responsibility is to ensure that BDPA is addressing interna- Terrace, Illinois. In 1997, he received his Bachelor of tional issues as they pertain to Information Technology. Science in Computer Information Systems from DeVry Institute of Technology in Irving, Texas. He has taken con- Additionally, the International Activities Department tinuing education classes in: Oracle Developer 2000, Perl, Director: Building Active Server Pages, Building an Online Organizes BDPA events and procedures at an interna- Community, Internet Advertising, JavaScript, Web Site tional level. This includes grant writing, seminar public- Design and XML. Mr. DeBurr is certified in Brain Bench ity, marketing, post-event reports and other related Active Server Pages. services. Directs BDPA involvement in International activities through a variety of means. This includes serving as a moderator for BDPA-Africa and BDPA-Canada eGroups. Researches and develops resources and alliances that create timely and efficient BDPA participation on an international scope. Establishes uniform international correspondence pro- cedures and style practices. Manages BDPAs International projects to ensure com-4 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter
  5. 5. BDPA 2003 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY THOUGHT LEADERS 25th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE "Information Technology: From the Classroom to the Boardroom"BDPA, the premier organization for African Americans in Information Technology, is hosting its 25thAnnual National Conference at Philadelphias Marriott Hotel in Philadelphia PA, August 13-17 2003.The 2003 National Conference will prove to be one of the most dynamic events in the organizations his-tory. The conference serves as a catalyst for youth, high school students, college students, IT profes-sionals, entrepreneurs, IT Senior Managers, corporations, educational institutions and government agen-cies, to explore information technology opportunities for professional growth and technical development.This conference provides an opportunity for employers, professionals, students and career seekers to net- Volume 1 Number 10work and pursue resources for starting and growing businesses. The conference provides critical infor-mation on technology trends, business skills, management training, and IT career skills development. AUGUST 13th-17th, 2003 PHILADELPHIA, PA CAREER FAIR & TECHNOLOGY EXPO EXPERIENCE… Friday and Saturday, August 15th and 16th LEADING EDGE SEMINAR TRACKS: I. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Two exciting days of information, education, and II. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT demonstrations by some of the top companies in the IT III. ENTREPRENEURS & SMALL BUSINESS industry. IV. CAREER DEVELOPMENT V. ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT VI. COLLEGE STUDENT TRACK IT SENIOR MANAGEMENT FORUM (ITSMF) Network with CIOs and Senior Management Professionals HIGH SCHOOL COMPUTER COMPETITION (HSCC) Experience the excitement as high school students from over 25 urban communities display their skills and expertise in programming and technical presentations. YOUTH CONFERENCE Hands-on training and workshops in technology, PCBuilding Race and IT Knowledge Quiz Bowl, and IT Showcase NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES Meet IT Professionals from over 40 BDPA chapters across the nation. · CIO ROUNDTABLE · ENTREPRENEUR SHOWCASE October 2002 · COLLEGE & HBCU ROUNDTABLE BDPA 2003 · TOWN HALL MEETING 25th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE · AWARDS BANQUET "Information Technology: · BDPA IT GOLF CLASSIC From the Classroom to the Boardroom" · PRAYER BREAKFAST August 13-17, 2003 PHILADELPHIA MARRIOTT 1201 MARKET STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19107 PHONE: 215-625-2900 FAX: 215-625-6097 MEMBER / NON MEMBER CONFERENCE PRICING REGISTER NOW! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE Register By Member Non-Member DISCOUNT RATES!! ADULT-FULL TO CONTACT BDPA: 12/31/02 $350 $500 06/30/03 $450 $600 PHONE: (800) 727-BDPA, (301) 220-2180 after 6/30/03 $550 $700 FAX: (301) 220-2185 WEBSITE: COLLEGE STUDENT WWW.BDPA.ORG 12/31/02 $150 $200 6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Suite 450 , after 01/01/03 $200 $250 Greenbelt, MD 20770 HSCC/YOUTH $150 $150 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter 5
  6. 6. AFRICAS HOPE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Paradigm Initiative Nigerias input into the World Summit on Sustainable Development "Meetings have held, seminars have been hosted, commu- Quo Vadis? niqués have been issued but it appears that the face of things If we must not repeat the trend of meetings-declarations- in Africa remains the same, if not deteriorating. We believe its meetings, we must join forces in charting a path out of this high time we took the bull by the horns and exert the force that state to our desired place. My challenge is to the youth of will take Africa from its place of inertia, and place it on the path Africa. Young people must decide to ensure sustainable of action and relevance." development because we are the bridge between today and ITU AFRICA 2001 Youth Forum Declaration tomorrow. Here then is what I suggest, in order that the youth of our continent will break this undesirable cycle of poverty - The average African Youth does not place too much premium and weave the New Africa: on his continent, but this must come to an end if we must cre- ate an enviable tomorrow for the next generation, and possi- 1. Create a network of all young people who are presently bly ourselves. He has been affected by wars, famine, dis- actively involved in initiatives that point to Africas develop- eases, and of course poverty. One way or another, now - and ment. This can be facilitated via physical contact, not later - we must raise Africas hope for sustainable devel- theInternet & the World Wide Web, and even old media opment by employing the opportunities that ICTs offer. (which covers over 60% of Africa) 2. Identify present youth efforts towards a New Africa in the In The Beginning, It Was Not So areas of ICTs, Child Labour/Employment, Gender issues, Africa was not always like this! We once led the world into Health, Environment, Education, etc innovative creations such as the enduring Pyramids of Egypt, 3. Identify common bottlenecks, from discussions and our sons - though on foreign soil - kept the spirit of cre- 4. Identify strong points, from inputs, stories and discussions ativity on. The world will never forget the inventors of the ele- 5. Analyse problems and discuss possible solutions vator, automatic gearshift, super charge system for internal 6. Identify possible partners and supporting organizations - combustion engines, traffic signals, the electric trolley and the Global Youth Networks, African NGOs, African Union and street sweeper. They are all of African origin. Need we say related agencies, African governments, African tertiary much about what Africas sons and daughters still do in their institutions and the African private sector new locations today? Why then is our garden filled with thorns 7. Map out an action plan based on points 3 to 5 and put the while we help keep other gardens? content together as presentable documents, standard pre- sentations and/or a website. Target dates should be set, While Men Slept with individuals working in Specialized Committees that are If we call a conference to discuss where Africa went off the most relevant to their action paths path, there may be countless suggestions - slavery, leader- 8. Get full-time workers who are committed to the success of ship, maintenance, and the list goes on. What is more impor- the Action Plan, as this will ensure commitment and seri- tant is that things went wrong somehow and we must get back ousness. Representation should cut across the Western, on track. Poverty has almost become Africas middle name Eastern, Northern, Central and Southern regions of Africa. and children grow up praying for the things that should be This step (8) may be taken care of by an existing organiza- readily available. While men slept, the garden grew thorns… tion (if any) whose objectives match that of the Action Plan as this will save us from re-inventing the wheel. Poverty In The Midst Of Plenty Africa is blessed with both natural and human resources. The beauty of this 8-point suggestion is that it is built around Mineral resources, population and cultural diversity are oppor- a network of young people who are currently involved in the tunities that we should maximize but the paradox of poverty in work they will be required to do. There are various youth-led the midst of plenty is real in Africa. What is our problem? Little initiatives presently but it looks like there is no central coordi- wonder that our best are always attracted to the dangling car- nation, hence the round-the-circle feeling for the few that are rots across the high seas… brain drain has become the norm involved in such projects. rather than the exception. Small Steps And Giant Strides Attitude And Altitude Since consistent tiny drops of water can produce a mighty It has been said that a mans attitude will determine his alti- ocean, we have decided to take a small step in Nigeria, and tude. We fly so low because our attitude is more-often-than- hope to follow it with giant strides. Built on our current efforts not not right. There is nothing we can do about the past and aimed at Bridging the Digital Divide in Nigeria, we are present- its attendant woes but what about tomorrow? Maybe we can ly trying to raise funds for a Youth Summit on the Information even influence today! We can not keep blaming yesterday for Society to help harness the strength of the Nigerian Youth cur- our today because that will kill our tomorrow before it ever rently involved in ICT for Development (ICT4D) initiatives. We hopes to arise… hope to feed the outcome of the Summit into the country-level processes and also into the Youth Caucus of the WSIS. I Can See The Sun All hope is not lost… things are looking up. Recent study by Paradigm Initiative Nigeria believes that it is not a question of the International Telecommunications Union revealed that if Africa will enjoy sustainable development, its a question of Africas ICT sector has grown significantly. The African Union when and who. Can we stand up for Africa? I will, PIN will … has been born, NEPAD sounds great and the Economic will you? Commission for Africa is not resting. Africans in the Diaspora are creating pro-Africa networks and young people are taking For further enquiries, please contact: up the responsibility of carving a New Africa. I can see the sun Gbenga Sesan | | about to rise, and darkness giving way for the dominating FOR: Paradigm Initiative Nigeria | | pin@gbengas- presence of light! esan.com6 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter
  7. 7. AROUND & ABOUT BDPABDPA SCHOLARSHIPS THE BDPA INTERNET RADIO SHOWFirst, it should be noted that BDPA has two scholarship fundsthat we promote. Details on both can be found on the BETF BDPAers,website * One of the two funds (Jesse BemleyScholarship Fund) is reserved for students from the 1st & 2nd The BDPA Internet Radio Show has been renewed for a sec-place teams at each years national HSCC. ond season! We will be coming back bigger & better than ever. Franne McNeal is back onboard as the Voice of BDPA.Second, much of the information shared re: scholarships is She is looking for seven volunteers to get involved with her onbeing shared on our BDPA-Students eGroup. That eGroup is the planning, production and delivery of our weekly radioutilized primarily by HSCC Alumni and college students. show. Contact her directly (radio@ if you are inter-Anyone on BDPA-Leaders is invited to join that online commu- ested in becoming a part of the magic that is the BDPAnity. Just click --> Internet Radio Show as a volunteer.dents/join Once you are there you will see that there areLINKS and FILES related to scholarship opportunities. You can We are also looking to get our guests & advertisers lined up Volume 1 Number 10also review the MESSAGES archives to see other specific for the upcoming 13-week season. Would you, your chapter,scholarship opportunities. your chapters entrepreneurs or your chapters corporations be interested in advertising on our BDPA Internet RadioThird, our recently concluded 2002 Conference had a compo- Show? Just share the possible lead with us and we will makenent called the College Expo in which financial aid and other the corporate marketing sale. Your chapter can promotescholarship information for those seeking entry into undergrad- itself, its programs, its members, its volunteers for as little asuate IT programs was shared. $75. Or a corporation or entrepreneur can sponsor a com- plete show for $900. Contact me (whicks@ if youdAll of the 100 Youth Conference registrants took advantage of like to customize an advertising plan for the BDPA Internetthis College Expo venue. We also had a plenary session on Radio Show.Saturday morning in which six African American Ph.Ds in thecomputer science field talked with us about the challenges and Also, we are looking for guests for the upcoming 13-weekopportunities that are available for those seeking season. We have 3-4 guests for each show. Our focus is thepost-graduate degrees in Information Technology. BDPA Mission Statement...and we will begin to look towards the 5th Annual Black Family Technology Awareness Week asFinally, our theme for the 2003 Conference is Information a theme for many of the upcoming shows. If you know ofTechnology: From the Classroom to the Boardroom. You guests that would be interested in talking about their activitiesshould see quite a bit of information for Black families and oth- as it relates to the IT industry...especially the impact on peo-ers in advance of the conference through our work with the ple of African descent....then wed love to talk to them aboutBlack Family Technology Awareness Week being on our Radio Show as a guest.(BFTAW) activities * Finally, it is important to us that each of you listen to the show.TOP 10 BDPA INITIATIVES FOR 2003 (Cont. from page 2) Please go view the archives from the BDPA Internet Radio Show, Season #1. The archives can be accessed by goingthe digital divide. Using the internet for online discussion to: into international memberships and eventually,international chapters. I look forward to hearing from each of you....BDPA is a volunteer run organization. Our volunteers have a Wayne Hicks, President-Electpassion to give back to the community and it is through their National BDPA * whicks@ bdpa.orgenthusiastic support that we are able to deliver best in class October 2002programs year after year. Please take this opportunity toreview 2003 plans so that you can pick an area where you BDPA PROJECT MANAGERS:would like to volunteer. We have exciting times ahead of Cecil Jones has made an offer to assist anyone that might beus. It is by working together that we will accomplish great studying for the PMP certification. Anyone here fit thatthings! description? If so, please contact Cecil directly.In closing, please join me in welcoming FleetBoston Columbus ChapterFinancial as our first 2003 Platinum Level Conference Cecil Jones - PresidentPartner. Stay tuned to future newsletters to find out more P.O. Box 172about the exciting conference programs we are planning and Columbus, OH 48085mark your calendars for the BDPA 2003 25th Annual Phone 1: 614-292-6180National Conference to be held August 13th through August Phone 2: 614-801-049917th in Philadelphia, PA. E-mail: Cjonesmba@ E-mail: COLUMBUS@ bdpa.orgWant to find out more about BDPA? Please visit our websiteat or give us a call at 800-727-BDPA.Milt Haynes If you are interested in contributing an articleNational BDPA President to be published in the BDPA MonthlyOctober 2002 Newsletter, please contact: The BDPA Monthly Newsletter 7
  8. 8. UPCOMING EVENTS OCTOBER 2002 ISSUE OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2002 Information Technology Thought Leaders Every Thursday @ 10:30am ET - BDPA Internet Radio Show The BDPA Monthly Newsletter OCTOBER The newsletter designed to keep our members informed Annual Scholarship & Awards Banquet of news, events and perspectives important to our BDPA New Jersey Chapter community. NOVEMBER 2nd Annual Anniversary We welcome your comments: BDPA Virginia State Universary Chapter 5th Annual Scholarship & Awards Banquet BDPA Greater Columbia (SC) Chapter Read our Online Journal for breaking news, information Annual Scholarship Banquet and updates: BDPA Atlanta Chapter Annual CIO Reception BDPA Chicago Chapter Annual Education Banquet BDPA 2003 BDPA Greater Tampa Bay Chapter 8 NEC Meeting (Columbia SC) 25th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE 9-10 4Q-2002 NBOD Meeting (Columbia SC) “Information Technology: "Strategy and Planning From the Classroom to the Boardroom” (Business Plan, Project Plan, Budget)" 16-21 Fall Comdex (Las Vegas) August 13-17, 2003 *NOTE: Not a BDPA Event!* 16 Annual Awards Banquet Philadelphia Marriott Hotel - Philadelphia, PA BDPA Northwest Indiana Chapter Platinum Level Conference Partner: Chapters may send their information on upcoming events to: FleetBoston Financial PRE-SORTEDBDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders FIRST CLASSNational Headquarters U.S. POSTAGE PAID6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Suite 450 PERMIT NO. 24460Greenbelt, MD 20770 MERRIFIELD, VA