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dren to grandparents", said Bill Benyard, BFTAW ProjectBDPA Focuses on Technology                                     Coor...
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Professional Development                                             Security Policies, Guidelines, and JOBS! If IT securi...
The BDPA Monthly Newsletter Speaks to:                     necessary to turn                                              ...
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Newsletter: National BDPA (Feb 2002)


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'BDPA Monthly Newsletter' published in February 2002.

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Newsletter: National BDPA (Feb 2002)

  1. 1. The BDPA Monthly Newsletter BDPA MISSION BDPA is a global member focused organization that positions its members at the forefront of the IT industry. BDPA is committed to delivering IT excellence to our members, strategic partners, and community. The official newsletter of the BDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders President’s Message Corporate Citizenship BDPA has sustained mutually beneficial relationships with BDPA great corporate citizens for many years. This is one of the main reasons BDPA is the Premier Organization for African WELCOMES Americans in Information Technology. These relationships help BDPA to position its members at the forefront of the information technology industry, which is very important in Its newest Milt Haynes this current economic climate. These great corporate citizens support BDPA with dollars, people, equipment and facilities. Chapter BDPA It is through their generous support that BDPA continues to National President broaden the Information Technology knowledge of the OKLAHOMA African American community as a whole. CITYGreat corporate citizens help BDPA achieve its mission by participating inCorporate Sponsorship programs designed to offer standard ways to invest in BDPA.These programs are predicated on the notion that corporations invest in BDPA as ameans to meet their own corporate objectives. Some of the reasons that corporationsinvest in BDPA are: “Good corporate • Technical Development and Skill Enhancement citizens help • Opportunities for Employee Development African American • Recruiting Mechanism people help • Community Recognition and Public Relations themselves by • Networking Opportunities and Technology Exchanges supporting African • Assist in Closing the Digital Divide AmericanWhat does it take to be a good corporate citizen? Good corporate citizens help businesses”African American people help themselves by supporting African Americanbusinesses, associations and community outreach programs. Good corporate citizens associations andunderstand that giving back to the community is the right thing to do. Good communitycorporate citizens target their IT budget to African American businesses and African outreachAmerican businesses in turn support community outreach programs. Corporations programs”benefit in so many ways by being actively involved in BDPA, it is only fitting thatthey reciprocate.Allstate Insurance is a perfect example. Allstate has been a consistent and stalwart Contents:BDPA supporter over time. Allstate engages Computer Resource Solutions (CRS), Letter from the President 1an African American owned business that supports BDPA. By providing high Black Family Awarenessquality and consistent service over time, CRS has the distinction of being one of five Week 3IT vendors on Allstate’s prestigious preferred vendors list. Allstate donates Corporate Ad 4equipment and computers and human resources to support community outreach Professional Development 5programs. For example, when BPDA Chicago built the BDPA Technology Center Blackwell Speaks 6and accompanying office space, Allstate donated a fine conference table and chairs ITSMF 6 (Continued on page 2)Volume 1 Number 2 February 2002
  2. 2. There are several other corporate supporters of note. (Continued from page 1 - President’s Special thanks to Bob Blackwell, newly appointed Outside Message) Director for the National BDPA Board of Directors for sponsoring this issue of the National BDPA Monthlyfrom excess inventory. Allstate has donated equipment to Newsletter and for sharing his perspectives in anbuild 2 community technology centers. accompanying article. And thanks to MichaelNot only has Allstate donated equipment in support of McCrimmon, National BDPA CIO and Director of TravelBDPA community outreach programs, Allstate has also and Transportation at IBM Global Services for providingprovided technical staff to conduct train-the-trainer conference call support for the National BDPA Executiveprograms to make the technology centers self-sufficient. Committee and 2002 Internal Conference Team.Allstate provided an Executive on Loan, to work full time Would you like more information on how to become ato develop a community technology center program at great corporate citizen? To find a local chapter to support,Bontemps Elementary School in Chicago. This center is visit To find out morebeing used to pilot an online tutoring program and about corporate participation opportunities for thetechnical resource center called Homework911 that is upcoming BDPA 2002 24th Annual National Conference,being shared with BDPA Chapters around the country. please visit and if youThis phenomenal program will help thousands of students would like information on the new Corporate Partnersimprove their grade point averages and standardized test program, please send email to me at Working together we can do great things!Allstate employees roll up their sleeves and get involved. Milt HaynesAn Allstate employee served as the Chair of BDPA National BDPA PresidentEducation and Technology Foundation. Three Executive February 2002Committee members of the BDPA Chicago Chapter areAllstate employees. The BDPA Chicago CorporateAdvisory Council Chair is an Allstate employee. An Welcome to theAllstate employee serves on the National BDPA Executive BDPACommittee. Allstate employees run the BDPA Chicagoand National BDPA Student Internship programs. Monthly NewsletterAllstate’s CIO served as an Honorary Chair for the 2001 Our new monthly newsletterNational BDPA Conference and enthusiasticallyvolunteered to serve again as Honorary Chair for the 2002 As a service to our members, the BDPA MonthlyConference. Newsletter is distributed to provide pertinent information on National BDPA activities.For several years, Allstate has consistently donatedprinting services to BDPA in support of the National The BDPA Monthly Newsletter will entail suchConference that has resulted in an annual savings of over things as: Career and Professional Development$50,000. Allstate has consistently donated $25,000 each guidelines, “hot” technical skills, jobyear to the BDPA Education and Technology Foundation opportunities, member profiles, upcomingin support of BDPA National and local chapter programs. Professional and Social events, vision andAllstate’s investment in BDPA not only helps Allstate thought leadership articles from the Nationalemployees to develop technical, leadership and Executive Committee as well as other BDPAinterpersonal skills, Allstate knows that by reaching back members.into the community to support elementary school, high Hopefully, you will find this publication to beschool and college programs, an endless supply of future informative and insightful. We welcome youremployment candidates will be available. input on the newsletter.Allstate Insurance is a great corporate citizen and there are Comments, suggestions, and opinions can be sentmany others too. Abbott Laboratories, ABN AMRO, Bank to: America, Boeing, Cap Gemini Ernst and Young, ENJOY!Compuware, Computer Resource Solutions, DePaulUniversity, ES Technology, First Union, Hewitt Respectfully,Associates, Hills Pet Nutrition, IBM, KeySpan Energy, Reginald J. GardnerKraft Foods, Mayo Clinic, Lucent Technologies, National BDPA Vice President, Member ServicesMicrosoft, Merck and Company, Prudential Financial, R.R. Donnelley & Sons, SAP, Sears Roebuck and Company, Publications CommitteeToyota Motor Manufacturing of North America, Walt Christopher A. Williams (DeVry Institute)Disney World have all sponsored BDPA programs in a Letitia Andrews (Nokia)major way. Reggie Gardner (Sears) Volume 1 Number 2 Volume 1 Number 1 2 February 2002 January 2002 2
  3. 3. dren to grandparents", said Bill Benyard, BFTAW ProjectBDPA Focuses on Technology Coordinator.During Black History Month! He noted, "We want to highlight positive role models and celebrate leaders in the field of technology. Urban com- 4th Annual Black Family munities across the nation will be encouraged to create or Technology Awareness Week expand local programs that train and motivate Black youngsters and adults currently in the workforce to be-Bill Benyard, BFTAW Project Coordinator for Black Data come the technological workforce of tomorrow."Processing Associates (BDPA) Information TechnologyThought Leaders ( announced that Other BDPA Chapters involved in the 2002 BFTAW ini-seven local BDPA chapters received national funding to tiative include: Atlanta, Boston, Chattanooga, Charlotte,bring the 4th Annual Black Family Technology Aware- Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Greater San Fernando Valley,ness Week (BFTAW) to their urban communities on Houston, New York, Olympia, Philadelphia, Seattle andFebruary 10-16, 2002. Southern Minnesota.BDPA was awarded funding ranging from $500 to $1000 It is worth noting that BDPA is the premier organizationfor chapter delivery of BFTAW programs in Cincinnati for African-American professionals in the InformationOH, Greater Columbia SC, Los Angeles CA, Newark NJ, Technology industry. Milt Haynes, National BDPA Presi-Orlando FL, Richmond VA, and St. Louis MO. There has dent stated, "For over 25 years, BPDA has fulfilled itsbeen great progress within the last few years to bridge the mission and worked to "bridge the digital divide" by pro-so-called Digital Divide. However, there still remains a viding career growth opportunities for its members. Wesignificant gap between the access & usage of technology have increased technology awareness in our communitiesfor people of color in our community. BDPA wishes to by providing educational and professional developmentuse the start of Black History Month to focus on getting opportunities through various programs in our chaptersthe Black family to use technology as a tool for educa- across the country. Our decision to promote BFTAW istional and economic equality. We live in an information another example of our commitment to our community &age. Those that have the best information will do the best membership."in the workplace, in school and at home. Utilization oftechnology leads to knowledge and knowledge is power. Learn about the BFTAW programs in your communityBDPA wants to use Black Family Technology Awareness from the national BFTAW website at http://www.Week ( as a catalyst to em- and show your support!power the community for the new millennium. The Black Data Processing Associates national headquar-BFTAW is a national event that was first brought to the ters is located in Largo, Maryland. Earl Pace and the latepublic by Career Communications Group [publisher of US David Wimberly founded the organization in 1975.Black Engineer Magazine & Hispanic Engineer Maga- BDPA has over 40 chapters in the US. Contact 800-727-zine] in 1999. IBM provides generous support. Organiza- BDPA or for additional information.tions throughout the country will participate in wide rangeof educational and fun activities related to technology dur-ing the week of February 10-16, 2002.Each day of the week has a suggested theme and recom-mended activities: High Tech Sunday (Sunday); Technol-ogy in the Home and Community (Monday); Family TechNight (Tuesday); Software Applications for the Home andSmall Business (Wednesday); Internet Day (Thursday);Corporate Open House Day (Friday); and BFTAW Clos-ing Festival (Saturday). BDPA has requested thatchurches and corporations in over a dozen urban commu-nities support BFTAW. Also, BDPA is requesting thatorganizations sponsor a day at their facilities or identifyindividuals (old and young) that can benefit from this in-formation."BDPA plans to demonstrate how technologies, such asthe Internet, reach all parts of the future workforce andhousehold affecting all generations from preschool chil- 3
  4. 4. BLACKWELL AD Page 4Volume 1 Number 1 2 February 2002 January 2002
  5. 5. Professional Development Security Policies, Guidelines, and JOBS! If IT security is a career option for you, are you prepared?IT Security According to Computerworld, Business Careers, IT SecurityThis month’s article, “IT Security”, is not so much on thevarious forms of security breaches that can occur (Nimba worm,“I love you” virus, firewall intrusions, personal privacyinvasions, etc.), but more on the growing need for IT SecurityProfessionals. As we attempt to “Bridge the Digital Divide”,the need for IT Security Professionals should be seriouslyconsidered.In today’s heightened awareness of security, IT is moreimportant than ever. Estimates place the IT Security market(authentication, authorization, and security administration) at $8Billion over the next three years. Companies recognize theirdata as an extremely valuable resource. Security of thatresource is critical. As a result, I would view the $8 Billionestimate as rather conservative.Within the last 100 days, proposals and suggestions for ITsecurity enhancements have come from three prominent figuresthat I would like to emphasize. Professionals’ salaries range from $60K/year for Network SecurityFirst, Senator Joseph Lieberman (D – Conn.), also Chairman of Administrators, to $140K/year for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, has called for the Project Managers.creation of a $1 Billion IT fund that “would enhance homeland For more information on careers in IT Security, as well as other ITand information security while providing a much needed boost professions, stay abreast of opportunities at the sagging economy.” Although Senator Liberman did NOT jobs.go into details on specific allocation percentages, he did Reginald J. Gardnermention four key areas the funding would cover: air travel, bio- NBDPA Vice President, Member Servicesterrorism, transportation, and border control.As an example, part of the money could fund and “earlywarning detection system” for the airlines industry. This system The BDPAwould identify suspected terrorists if they tried to book flights.It would also fund the use of bio metric-enabled “smart cards”to confirm passengers’ identities. Furthermore, the funds could MONTHLYpay for explosive scanner equipment for airports.Second, Mr. Harris Miller, President of the IT Association of NEWSLETTERAmerica (ITAA) has suggested “at least $10 Billion in federalfunding is needed to ensure adequate homeland cyber is mailed and electronically forwardeddefenses.” (ITAA is an industry group that represents more to over 10,000than 500 IT companies around the United States).Mr. Miller suggests the government provide $4 Billion in loans of our members, friends and supportersto small and medium sized businesses to allow for increasedtraining and tools to solidify IT systems, and lessen the impactof cyber attacks on businesses.” Mr. Miller proposes $3 Billionto go into government grants for upgrades to state and localgovernment critical systems, and enhance information security Ad Space istraining for state and local officials. Miller urged thegovernment to utilize approximately $2.5 Billion to upgradefederal systems and security, as well as increase the IT securityeducation and training offered to government employees. availableFinally, Miller suggests $500 Million in grants should be madeavailable to public and private universities to establish more IT in several 2002 issuessecurity programs. One-page rate $1500.00Third, Mr. Richard Clarke, Chairman of the U. S. President’s 1/2-page rate $1000.00Critical Infrastructure Board suggest that cyber attacks on thenations’ critical IT infrastructure could potentially cause Two page limit on ad space each month“catastrophic damage to the economy.” Although Clarke does Act right away!not give specific amounts, he does state that “…spending on ITsecurity and infrastructure protection has to increase in both the For information contactprivate and public sectors.” LaCresha Lightfoot, BDPA Corporate Relations (800) 727-BDPA lightfoot@WALK-ON.netWhatever the final outcome of these proposals and suggestions,I’m sure we can all look forward to seeing more National 5
  6. 6. The BDPA Monthly Newsletter Speaks to: necessary to turn these ideas into Bob Blackwell wealth producing companies. They Chairman and CEO need to understandBlackwell Consulting Services the grammar of busi- ness which is busi- ness planning, sales,Blackwell Consulting Services (BCS) is one of Chi- marketing, finance,cago’s premier information technology companies. It etc. They also need toopened its doors on October 1, 1992 with four employ- think big. We needees and at the close of business on December 31, companies teeming2002 it had almost 250 people in its employ. Although with people not soleits focus is on Application Development, Networking, proprietorships.and Package Integration, Blackwell Consulting Servicesis best known for its unusual ability to get projects or- On Corporate Responsibility and firms likeganized and done on time. This article however, is not Blackwell Consulting Services:going to focus on Blackwell Consulting Services but W. E. B. Dubois once said that “Life was not a push butrather is going to focus on its owner, Bob Blackwell who rather was a pull”. This was part of his “talented tenth”is an “Outside Director” of the Black Data Processing argument that says that once a firm like Blackwell Con-Associates (BDPA). sulting Services has made it then it had an absolute re-BDPA has asked Bob to speak to several questions: 1. sponsibility to reach back and “pull” someone else upThe value of organizations like Black Data Processing thereby improving the entire lot of our people. This isAssociates (BDPA) and the Information Technology my view of Corporate Responsibility.Senior Managers Forum (ITSMF), 2. Entrepreneurshipin the Black Community, and 3. The corporate respon-sibility of firms like Blackwell Consulting Services. The Information TechnologyOn the value of BDPA and ITSMF: Senior Management ForumMost Americans, this includes African-Americans, don’tassociate African-Americans with Information Technol-ogy and given the daily drumbeat of the “failing public ITSMFschools” code words for the dumbing down of black African-Americans represent only 3% of the senior ITkids have no expectation that this will change. The job executives nationwide. ITSMF is dedicated to creatingof BDPA and ITSMF is to change this perception by or- a future for African-American IT professionals asganizing and rallying those African-Americans who are senior managers by building the pipeline. Cultivatingin the field and by helping our children understand and tomorrow’s IT executives through mentoring willmaster this technology. It is also our job to help ourkids understand that they cannot master information enlarge and diversify the talent pool for the unless they can read, write, count and think. ITSMF focuses on developing skills and competencyLastly we must show our kids the thrill and excitement among African-American IT professionals so careerof our business so they can grow to love it as we do. advancement does not stop at middle management.On Entrepreneurship in the Black Community: ITSMF supports BDPA through seminars and panelSmall business is the economic engine of America andAfrican-Americans are not participating at the rate that discussions at the National Conference and through itswe should. We are also confused about the nature of mentoring 97% of African-American businesses are ITSMF members are senior managers throughout the ITsole proprietorships with no employees. We have so industry. Membership is extended by invitation of anmany people who got in business because it was a lastresort. They lost their job and they are trying to make existing member only.ends meet. That’s fine for them but we need a different ITSMFmodel if the community is to benefit from Entrepreneur- PO Box 641675ship. Chicago, Illinois 60664-1675We need bright, young people who are well trained to 708-557-1858jump off the high income, low wealth train of the bigcorporation and involve themselves in the wealth creat- Email: info@itsmfonline.orging world of the Entrepreneur. We need Entrepreneurs www.itsmfonline.orgwith good ideas who are willing to make the sacrifices Volume 1 Number 2 February 2002
  7. 7. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY THOUGHT LEADERS th 24 ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERNCE “Changing the Culture of IT: From Sponsorship Opportunities Access to Ownership” Contact BDPA Corporate Relations at (800) 727-BDPA For more informationBDPA, the premier organization for AfricanAmericans in Information Technology, is hosting its Visit our web-site www.BDPA.org24th Annual National Conference at Disney’sContemporary Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL, CONFERENCE and CAREER FAIRAugust 7-11, 2002. The 2002 National Conference Sponsorship Packageswill prove to be one of the most dynamic events inthe organization’s history. The conference serves asa catalyst for youth, high school students, college Advertisingstudents, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, IT Senior Program Guide B/WManagers, corporations, educational institutions and Career Fair Guide BWgovernment agencies, to explore information ***************************technology opportunities for professional growth andtechnical development. Conference Promotion Post Card Sponsorship Newsletter SponsorshipThis conference provides an opportunity for E-mail Banner Web Banneremployers, professionals, students and career Conference Tote Bags Conference Registrationseekers to network and pursue resources for starting Golf Outing Workshop Proceedings Bookand growing businesses. The conference providescritical information on technology trends, business Receptions & Meal Functionsskills, management training, and IT career skills Chapter Presidents’ Breakfast Board of Directors’ Luncheondevelopment. Dignitaries Reception Executive Reception Hospitality Receptions Opening Reception EXPERIENCE… Youth/HSCC Conference Breakfast LEADING EDGE SEMINAR TRACKS: Youth/HSCC Lunch Youth/HSCC Dinner I. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Plenary Session (3) Prayer Breakfast II. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Awards Banquet (10 per table) III. ENTREPRENEURS & SMALL BUSINESS IV. CAREER DEVELOPMENT Awards Banquet Package Prayer Breakfast (10 per table) V. ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT * Ten (10) invitations to Awards Banquet Executive Reception, one (1) banquet ta- IT SENIOR MANAGEMENT FORUM (ITSMF) ble, prime location for banquet table, 1 full-page ad in the banquet program book Network with CIOs and Senior Management (deadlines apply) Professionals IN-KIND HIGH SCHOOL COMPUTER COMPETITION (HSCC) Experience the excitement as high school students from over 25 Youth Conference Computers and printers urban communities display their skills and expertise in HSCC Computers and printers programming and technical presentations. Workshop/Internet Computers and printers YOUTH CONFERENCE Cyber Cafe Hands-on training and workshops in technology, PC Building Race and IT Knowledge Quiz Bowl HSCC Program Support NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES Youth Conference Program Support Meet IT Professionals from 45 BDPA chapters across the nation. • DIGNITARIES RECEPTION & CIO ROUNDTABLE • ENTREPRENEUR SHOWCASE • • COLLEGE & HBCU ROUNDTABLE TOWN HALL MEETING CAREER FAIR • AWARDS BANQUET sponsored by Walt Disney World® & • EXECUTIVE GOLF OUTING • PRAYER BREAKFAST TECHNOLOGY EXPO Friday and Saturday, August 9th and 10th, 2002 B D P A 20 0 2 th 2 4 A N N U A L N A T IO N A L C O N F E R E N C E “ C h a n g in g th e C u ltu re o f IT : F ro m A ccess to O w n ersh ip ” A ug ust 7 -1 1 , 2 0 0 2 D isn ey ’s C o n tem po ra ry R esort L a ke B ue n a V ista , F L P H O N E : (8 0 0) 7 27-B D P A F A X : (3 0 1) 3 50 -0 05 2 W E B S IT E : W W W .B D P A .O R G 9 3 15 L a r g o D r ive , Suite 2 60 – L ar g o, M D 207 7 4
  8. 8. FEBRUARY 2002 ISSUE BDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders MONTHLY NEWSLETTER UPCOMING EVENTS The newsletter designed to keep our members informed of news, events and perspectives important Black Family Technology Awareness Week to our community (BFTAW) February 10—16, 2002 We welcome your comments: Check the website for programs near you. 24th Annual National Conference Also read our Online Journal August 7—11, 2002 Walt Disney World Orlando, Florida for breaking news, information and updates: www.BDPAjournal.orgBDPA Information Technology Thought LeadersNational Headquarters9315 Largo Drive West, Suite 260Largo, MD 20774 The BDPA Monthly NewsletterFEBRUARY 2002 ISSUE