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Welcome to the          BDPA Monthly            Newsletter      As a service to our members, the      BDPA Monthly Newslet...
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at 5:00p.m., unless other instructions are provided at the confer-                         BDPA 2002                      ...
DATA QUALITY ASSURANCE FOR IT PRACTITIONERS                                                  BY Mark Ofori-Kyei and Jimmie...
ESTABLISHING A BDPA CHAPTER                                     4. The plan should show how the proposed chapter will furt...
BDPA IT Golf Classic at           Disneys Osprey Ridge Golf® Course                                                       ...
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Newsletter: National BDPA (Jun 2002)


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This is the 'BDPA Monthly Newsletter' published by National BDPA in June 2002.

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Newsletter: National BDPA (Jun 2002)

  1. 1. BDPA MISSION The INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY THOUGHT LEADERS BDPA is a global member focused organization that positions its members at the forefront of the IT indus- try. BDPA is committed to Monthly Newsletter delivering IT excellence to our members, strategic partners, and community. The official newsletter of the BDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders Volume 1 Number 6 JUNE 2002 The IT Job Market for Displaced Professionals By Reginald J. Gardner, National BDPA Vice President, Member ServicesAccording to "Financial Times, Technology Job Watch", there were placed BDPA members have a clear picture of the fierce competitionover 300,000 IT job cuts in the United States from July 2000 to March they face in looking to continue their IT Careers, and the necessity for2002. Two years of corporate merger activity, followed by the "dot- preparation. I might also add that this is noteworthy information forcom" crash, and a downturn in the economy (a.k.a. recession), has BDPA members that feel their jobs are "safe".shifted the IT market to an employers market. The result is the largestpool of unemployed IT workers EVER! According to "Computer World", April 29th edition, the "typical" H- 1B visa worker is: Male, Indian, Systems Analyst or Programmer (withThe IT unemployed can readily be slotted into one of three categories. multiple IT skills), makes around $53K annually, possesses a MastersFirst, there are employees "squeezed out" by mergers and acquisi- Degree (or higher), and is seeking a permanent position in the U.S.tions. 80% of layoffs in 2001 were due to some form of corporate BDPA member, can you compete with this individual for an IT job?restructuring. Second, there are the Dot-com refugees. There havebeen over 105,000 job cuts announced by Internet Companies since No one has all of the answers on how to compete in this job market.January 2001. Third, skilled veterans with experience in a particular Your skills, attitude, timing, and luck will all play a part. However,job or industry, but with skill sets in older technologies (Assembler, here are some tips that will hopefully help.Cobol) were let go. Stay positive. Keep your skills up to date. If theyre not; seek additionalThere are approximately 10.4 Million IT professionals in the United training to get them up to date.States. Of those, 200,000 (or 2%) are now unemployed. Even as theeconomy bounces back, new IT jobs wont be added in significant Make sure your resume can sell your proven skills and experi-numbers. Many companies have adapted to operating with fewer ence. Be as specific as possibleemployees, and are reluctant to grow labor costs. Target companies that are financially sound. Consider opportu- nities in Non-IT companies. There are more Non-IT than IT com-As displaced IT Professionals search for that next assignment, they panies.are sure to find out that the competition is fierce. Not only is there Network - keep in touch with trends in the industry. Keep incompetition from other recently displaced veterans, but there is also touch with your BDPA contactscompetition from two other formidable entities. First, there are the Register and attend the BDPA Conference in Computer Science graduates. This group comes equipped with Enroll in Seminars and Workshops of your choice. Hopefully,four years of computer training in the "state of the art" technology. In this experience will assist you in landing that next opportunity.addition, their starting salaries are much lower than what an employ- would have to pay for an experienced worker (along with the addi-tional training expenses for "retooling"). Second, and most impor- Join BDPA-Jobs yahoogroups to post your resume and totant, are the H-1B visa employees. For those of you who dont know, get access to postings for job opportunities and contractorH-1B visa holders are workers from foreign countries that have gov- assignments.ernmental approval to work in the United States. Numerous compa- Send mail to: in the U.S. utilize H-1B workers to fill employment gaps because I hope to see you in Orlando, August 7th - 11th.of a "perceived" shortage of qualified U.S. workers.Let me clearly state that I am NOT against foreign workers in the U.S. INSIDE THIS ISSUEjob market. College Student Track . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Annual Youth Conference . . . . . . . . . . . . .4As an IT manager in Corporate America, and a dedicated BDPA Data Quality Assurance for IT Prac. . . . . .5member whose mission is to "Bridge the Digital Divide", I fully Establishing a BDPA Chapter . . . . . . . . . .6understand both sides of this issue. In my IT Manager role, I have NAACP Career Fair Schedule . . . . . . . . . .6hired extremely qualified U.S. workers (by the way, I dont seem tohave a problem finding them), and yes, I also have H-1B visa work- Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities . . .7ers on my team. (I am a firm believer and advocate, of a Diverse, BDPA IT Golf Classic Sponsorship . . . . .7High Performing Team). This article is an attempt to ensure that dis- BDPA Events Calendar . . . . . .Back Cover
  2. 2. Welcome to the BDPA Monthly Newsletter As a service to our members, the BDPA Monthly Newsletter is distributed to provide pertinent information on National BDPA Your world is complex. activities. The BDPA Monthly Newsletter will entail such things as: Career and Professional Development Work doesn’t have to be. guidelines, “hot” technical skills, job opportunities, member profiles, upcoming Professional and Social events, vision and thought leadership articles from We trust what you know. the National Executive Committee as well as other BDPA members. Hopefully, you will find this pub- lication to be informative and insightful. We welcome your input on the newsletter. Comments, suggestions, and opinions can be sent to: ENJOY! Reginald J. Gardner National BDPA Vice President, Member Services As an industry leader in human resources and management consulting, Hewitt is afforded the opportunity to consult to the largest corporations Publication Committee: in the world. For information on how to become an Associate at Hewitt, please visit us online at Letitia Andrews (Nokia) Hewitt Associates is an equal opportunity employer. Reggie Gardner (Sears, Roebuck & Co.) Anita L.Vega (OCCI-NY) The BDPA Monthly Newsletter Christopher A. Williams Mailed and electronically forwarded to over 15,000 We have a new address! (DeVry University) of our members, friends and supporters Ad Space is available in several 2002 issues BDPA NATIONAL OFFICE: 1-page rate $1500.00 Suite 450 1/2-page rate $1000.00 6401 Golden Triangle Drive Two page limit on ad space each month. Greenbelt, MD 20770 Act right away! Phone: (301) 220-2180 For information, contact Fax: (301) 220-2185 BDPA National Office at : Email: (800) 727-BDPA or info@BDPA.org2 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter
  3. 3. BDPA 2002 CONFERENCE CENTRAL COLLEGE STUDENT TRACKThis conference provides an opportunity for college students to network with expe-rienced IT professionals, secure internships and employment interviews with majorcorporations and increase both technical and professional skills.CONFERENCE REGISTRATION INCLUDES:LEADING EDGE SEMINAR TRACKS IT Leadership Development ZIP DRIVE Your Career with the RIGHT MENTOR "DSL" Your Career - 5 Key Steps to Relationship Building Parlay Your Skills in Technology into Entrepreneurial Success Wealth Building StrategiesDYNAMIC OPENING CEREMONYNetwork with over 500 IT Professionals from around the countryMeet some of the nations top ranking CIOsSIGNATURE PLENARY SESSIONS “Changing the Culture of IT: From Access to Ownership” “ “From Classroom-To-Boardroom:Distance Learning & Community Technology Centers” “Digital Divide Solutions: From University to Community to IT Professionals”CAREER FAIR & TECHNOLOGY EXPO Friday, August 9 10:00am to 6:00pm Saturday, August 10 10:00am to 4:00pm Free admission with resume Admission into BDPAs town hall meeting Demonstrations by top companies in the IT industry Employers ready to hire for : programming, web development, engineering, IT sales, management and more.BRING PLENTY OF RESUMES FOR ON SITE INTERVIEWS Volume 1 Number 6OUTSTANDING NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES Dignitaries Reception Entrepreneurs Forum Awards Banquet (sponsored by Walt Disney World) Prayer Breakfast …AND MORE!! Register at BDPA NATIONAL OFFICE: June 2002 SUITE 450 6401 GOLDEN TRIANGLE DRIVE GREENBELT, MD 20770 PHONE: (800) 727-BDPA FAX: (301) 220-2185 3
  4. 4. at 5:00p.m., unless other instructions are provided at the confer- BDPA 2002 ence. CONFERENCE CONFERENCE REGISTRATION INCLUDES: CENTRAL LEADING EDGE BDPA SEMINAR TRACKS Higher Education: The Right Choice Effective Writing/Resume Writing BDPA Presents its Annual Youth Conference !! Time Management Skills for Beginners Wednesday, AUGUST 7th - Friday, AUGUST 9th The Real World: After High School At Disneys Contemporary® Resort Designing a Free Web Page PC Building Workshops The Youth Conference provides an environment where young Using PowerPoint for School Presentations people in grades nine through twelve have an opportunity to take part in a conference with a focus on Youth and IT topics. WALT DISNEY WORLD SEMINARS & TOURS The Youth Conference will include interactive, hands-on work- Write Your Own Ticket to Disney Magic shops and Seminars by which participants will gain valuable The Gadget Gang exposure to leading-edge technology. The Youth Conference Disneys Magical Connections Tour" will also provide networking opportunities with executives and Experience firsthand Disneys use of technology young entrepreneurs who are pursuing academic and profes- sional futures in the computer technology industry. OUTSTANDING NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES Meet other outstanding High School peers Youth Conference participants will also take part in the College Expo where they will secure information on Colleges and High School Computer Competition Universities with Information Technology programs and have a Awards Banquet (sponsored by Walt Disney World) chance to meet with college representatives to learn more High School Student Dance about these programs. …AND MORE!! The Youth Conference will take place Wednesday, August 7th through Friday, August 9th, from 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. The con- High School Student Registration Only $150 ference will be during the day only, except for a possible Register at evening activity the evening of Thursday, 8/8. The cost of the Phone: 800-727-BDPA Conference is $150 per Youth. More details will be provided later. Parents or guardians of Youth Conference attendees are Dont miss this opportunity to take part in a conference responsible for picking up their child(ren) at the end of each day specifically tailored to meet the needs of todays Youth! WORKSHOP 1 WORKSHOP 2 Write Your Own Ticket to Disney Magic The Gadget Gang This workshop describes the technologies and skills needed to This workshop provides an insiders view into how Walt Disney create and support ticketing and systems at Walt Disney World World Resort creatively applies new technologies to increase Resort. Biometrics, wired and wireless networks, the innova- Magic for the Guest. Presenters from the IT New Technology tion of Disneys FastPass are among the topics to be covered Group will provide a glimpse into a typical day -- one in which in this Show and Tell session. Your hosts will be technicians they get paid to play with digital toys, robots and other fun stuff. who actually work in the Magic Kingdom, DisneyQuest and Find out about the next cool innovation that may be coming to other entertainment venues at the Walt Disney World Resort. Disneys Theme Parks and Resorts. Talk with the Gadget Learn about the education and skills you need to succeed in a Gang and learn how technologies are applied to enhance every technical support role. aspect of your Guest experience. Come prepared to learn and have fun! 2002 CORPORATE SPONSORS* GOLD LEVEL ASSOCIATE LEVEL Compuware (Detroit) Blackwell Consulting Services (Chicago) CincyTechUSA (Cincinnati) PRESIDENT LEVEL Convergys (Cincinnati) ABN AMARO (Chicago) Fifth Third Bank (Cincinnati) Computer Associates (Chicago) Global Lead Management Consulting (Cincinnati) Hewitt Associates (Chicago) Performigence (Detroit) Household International (Chicago) PlanetFeedback (Cincinnati) Kraft Foods (Chicago) Westinghouse Savannah River Site (CSRA) DIRECTOR LEVEL Procter & Gamble (Cincinnati) (*List of Corporate Sponsors as of press time) GE Aircraft Engines (Cincinnati) Contact BDPA at 800.727-2372 or by e-mail ( to learn more about the corporate sponsorship program4 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter
  5. 5. DATA QUALITY ASSURANCE FOR IT PRACTITIONERS BY Mark Ofori-Kyei and Jimmie ListerThe use of information technology in business has exploded bling of data. In its simplest form, data cleansing involves theglobally. Access to data is no longer a luxury, its a business definition of error types, the search for errors, and the correc-requirement. Data is passed between many systems via multi- tion of errors. The data quality assessment is the forum for doc-ple interfaces. Internets, intranets, Enterprise Resource umenting the reasons that the data cleansing activity is neces-Planning systems, and Customer Relationship Management sary. It is critical for data product all need data. Getting Started:The fact that data is constantly being changed to satisfy system It is important to make management aware of data qualityrequirements has led to many data quality problems. The most issues and gain their support to address these issues. The bestrecent large scale data quality problem was the infamous Year way to do this is by executing a data quality assessment on a2000 date problem. Companies spent a large part of their IT pilot project. This will provide management some insight tobudget to solve the Y2K problem and in many cases they were existing data quality issues and the potential impact on the bot-forced to put off their investments in ERPs, CRMs, etc. Now tom line. When selecting the pilot project, it is valuable tothat the Y2K scare is over, it is time to make the change from select a project that has a lot of interfaces. The assessmentlegacy systems to the latest and greatest applications. This will should be limited to a single data entity in the system so thatinvolve the creation of numerous interfaces, data migrations this data item can be analyzed thoroughly and quickly. It willand conversions, and the obseletion of defunct systems. All of also emphasize to management the far reaching effects of athese activities contribute greatly to data quality problems. single data entity.Keep in mind that todays latest and greatest applications willsomeday become legacy applications. Conclusion: This article is a brief introduction to data quality. It is imperativeData quality is the ability of data to consistently meet cus- to learn more about the topic to prevent major data qualitytomers expectations. In order for data to meet customer problems. The number of data quality resources available to ITrequirements, it must be accurate, timely, clearly defined, valid, professionals is increasing. Two of the best resources on thecomplete, precise, accessible, non-redundant, etc. If data does web are the INFOIMPACT site maintained by Larry P. Englishnot have these attributes, many expensive problems may ( and the site maintained by MITs Totaloccur. For example, a company discovered that it was not Data Quality Management Program ( 4 percent of its orders. This amounted to $80 million These sites are an excellent launching pad because they pro-in unpaid orders. vide you with links to other resources as well as current infor- mation on the topic.Addressing Data Quality Issues:It is important to realize that data quality problems exist andthat there are formal methods to uncover and solve these prob- References:lems. These methods include data quality assessments, data English, Larry, Improving Data Warehouse and Business Informationdefinition and architecture improvement, and data cleansing. Quality, Wiley Computer Publishing, 1999The data quality assessment is critical to improving data quali- Jonathan I. Maletic and Andrian Marcus, Data Cleansing: Beyondty because it is the catalyst to uncovering problems and pro- Integrity and Analysis, Proceedings of the 2000 Conference onvides the basis for process and product improvement. Information QualityA data quality assessment involves evaluating a system or a Roger Drabick, A Process Model of Software Quality Assurance /group of systems for compliance to data quality requirements. Software Quality Engineering, Software Quality Professional, VolumeThe assessment will address areas such as data definition Two, Issue Four, September 2000quality and data architecture quality as well as accuracy, preci- Laure Berti, From Data Source Quality to Information Quality: Thesion, timeliness, etc. It is valuable to gather metrics associated Relative Dimension, Proceedings of the 1999 Conference onwith these assessment areas so that process improvement Information Quality.activities can be measured against a baseline. The assessmentprocess involves interviews of technical support personnel as Volume 1 Number 6 Authors:well as system users to gain a better understanding of system Mark Ofori-Kyeidata flows and potential data quality flaws. Customer surveys Mark is an IT Specialist at ON Semiconductor where he is primarilycan also be used to shed light on problem areas. responsible for the implementation and maintenance of Oracle applica- tions. He is certified as a Software Quality Engineer by the American Society for Quality. Mark is Vice President of the Phoenix Chapter.Data definition and architecture improvement is the process of Marks email address isimproving the definition of data to ensure that the documented .definition of the data is represented properly in the system. Arethe data names representative of the data item and do they fol- Jimmie Listerlow data naming standards ? Does the data conform to the Jimmie is a Data Base Administrator at ON Semiconductor who isbusiness rules ? Does the system definition of the data meet responsible for supporting Oracle and DB2 databases as well as pro-the customers expectations ? Does the data meet the require- viding technical guidance to the corporate data center opera-ments for valid value sets ? All of these questions should be tions. He also has expertise in the data administration area.considered when trying to improve data definition and architec- Jimmie is the Treasurer for the Phoenix Chapter. Jimmies email June 2002ture. address is . Data cleansing is the process of reengineering data to meetthe customers requirements. This may include updating arecord with good data, data decomposition, and the reassem- 5
  6. 6. ESTABLISHING A BDPA CHAPTER 4. The plan should show how the proposed chapter will further the knowledge of the information technology industry in the We have had many requests about starting a BDPA chapter in community your town. There are three very important documents you 5. The plan should show how the proposed chapter will attract need: corporate sponsors 6. The plan should demonstrate how your chapter will field a 1. The BDPA Bylaws team in the National High School Computer Competition 2. The New Chapter Interest Group Start-Up Guide If any of the charter members are members of another chap- 3. Chapter President Guide ter, their membership dues must be current. Their member- ships will be transferred after the chapter becomes chartered These documents will guide you through the process of estab- Once the chapter becomes chartered, the National Finance lishing a local chapter. It explains the mission, vision, objec- Vice President will forward the local chapter portion of dues tives, benefits & goals of this organization. Listed below are the to the new chapter Finance Vice President. 8 things you need to do initially. If the chapter is not accepted, the individuals who are mem- bers of a current chapter will remain as such. Those indi- 1. Recruit business associates and friends that are interested viduals who are not currently members of an existing chap- in BDPA. ter have the option of becoming members of the chapter 2. Contact the BDPA National Office to receive BDPA materials nearest to them or of any chapter of their choice. and identify the chapter closest to the Chapter Interest Group. New Chapter Administration 3. Contact the closest chapter and develop a mentor relation- ship. Each Chapter Interest Group must elect officers to manage the 4. Schedule an interest group meeting. The National Office, business operations of the chapter. At start-up these officers National Membership Management Vice President and cur- should include: President, Vice President Business rent BDPA members can assist with the presentation on Management (President Elect), Vice President of Finance. BDPA and to answer questions. Chapter Interest Groups should also appoint a Vice President 5. Prepare a project plan identifying a date to complete the of Membership Management, Vice President of Business Chapter Interest Group charter application package. Management, Vice President of Strategy and Planning and a 6. Establish a meeting schedule identifying the Chapter Vice President of Member Services. Before elections, it should Interest Group charter tasks to be completed. be determined how long the term of office will be. Currently, the 7. Provide monthly status reports to the National Membership majority of chapters have two-year terms. Management Vice President on the Chapter Interest Groups progress. 8. Access the Internet regularly to network and receive valu- able information from the National BDPA Web site. Brooks C. Baker Vice President of Membership Management New Chapter Application Policy To establish a new local chapter of Black Data Processing Associates, the following are required and must be submitted to the National Membership Management Vice President, 30 days prior to a quarterly National BDPA Board of Directors Meeting: Site of the proposed new chapter must be at least 50 miles from the nearest chartered BDPA chapter. If a BDPA chap- ter exists within a 50-mile radius of the proposed new chap- ter, the chapter interest group must submit a letter of support from each of the chartered BDPA chapter(s) nearest to it. CORPORATE A letter of intent signed by a minimum of 15 "full" paid mem- berships. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES A listing of the local chapter officers for the first year of oper- Contact BDPA Corporate Relations at ation. (800) 727-BDPA A copy of the local chapter bylaws (see national bylaws). For more information, visit our web-site: A copy of the application for article of incorporation. Full dues for the 15 charter members - $75 for full members and $15 for students must be remitted with corresponding membership applications A written action/strategic plan for the first year of operation: NAACP Career Fairs 1. The plan is to show what the proposed chapters plans are June 4 Miami Miami Beach Convention Center for the coming year to further the mission of BDPA. June 11 Atlanta Georgia World Congress Center 2. The plan should reflect the programs that the proposed June 25 Boston Boston Marriott Newton chapter will used to increase the knowledge and marketabil- ity of its members. 3. The plan should show how proposed chapter will attract new members6 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter
  7. 7. BDPA IT Golf Classic at Disneys Osprey Ridge Golf® Course SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES August 10, 2002 Contact BDPA Corporate Relations at (800) 727-BDPA REGISTRATION FEES: For more information. Visit our web-site $200.00 per Individual / $800.00 per FoursomeIncludes: CONFERENCE and CAREER FAIR Green fees & golf cart for 18 holes of golf (Scramble format) Sponsorship Packages Round trip transportation from Disneys Contemporary® Resort toDisneys Osprey Ridge Golf® Course. Advertising Arrive at course 7:00am, Shotgun start at 8:00am Program Guide B/W Complimentary use of the driving range Career Fair Guide BW Breakfast Souvenir gift package On course snacks and beverages CONFERENCE PROMOTION Golf Award Luncheon following tournament Post Card Sponsorship Newsletter Sponsorship Contest/Prizes/Awards E-mail Banner Web Banner SPONSORSHIP LEVELS: Conference Tote Bags Conference RegistrationDriving Range Sponsorship $500 Golf Outing Workshop Proceedings Book Signage at the driving range RECEPTIONS & MEAL FUNCTIONS Registration table signage Chapter Presidents Breakfast Board of Directors Luncheon Recognition in selected conference publications** Dignitaries Reception Executive ReceptionBogie Sponsorship $500 Hospitality Receptions Opening Reception Signage at a hole Youth/HSCC Conference Breakfast Golf Award Luncheon table signage Youth/HSCC Lunch Youth/HSCC Dinner Recognition in selected conference publications** Plenary Session (3) Prayer BreakfastBeverage Cart Sponsorship $1,000 Awards Banquet (10 per table) Prayer Breakfast (10 per Signage on beverage cart table) Registration table signage Awards Banquet Package* 1 Golfer* * Ten (10) invitations to Awards Banquet Executive Recognition in selected conference publications** Reception, one (1) banquet table, prime location for ban-Souvenir Items Sponsorship $1,000 quet table, 1 full-page ad in the banquet program book Registration table signage (deadlines apply) Company logo on item Recognition in selected conference publications** IN-KINDPhoto Gallery Sponsorship $1,200 Youth Conference Computers and printers Photo gallery signage at the awards luncheon HSCC Computers and printers Registration table signage Workshop/Internet Computers and printers Recognition in selected conference publications** Cyber CafeBirdie Sponsorship $1,500 HSCC and Youth Conference Program Support Signage on golf carts Golf Award Luncheon table signage REGISTRATION: 2 Golfers* One day 2 invitations to the Dignitaries Reception Cost Pass Recognition in selected conference publications** Member $550 $200 Non-Member $700 $275Hole in 1-Sponsorship $2,500 Student $200 $100 Signage at 3 holes Contact us for Ala Carte Pricing on the Awards Banquet, Golf Award Luncheon table signage Plenary Sessions and Prayer Breakfast. 1 Golfer* Display car on golf course with company message Volume 1 Number 6 If (hole-in-1) is obtained (Presentation opportunity at the Golf Award Luncheon) BDPA 2002 Recognition in selected conference publications** 24th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCEEagle Sponsorship $3,000 "Changing the Culture of IT: From Access to Ownership" 18th Hole signage August 7-11, 2002 Golf Award Luncheon table signage Disney’s Contemporary Resort 4 Golfers* 4 tickets to the BDPA Awards Banquet Lake Buena Vista, FL 4 invitations to the Dignitaries Reception Banner at Golf Award Luncheon PHONE: (800) 727-BDPA Recognition in selected conference publications** F A X: (301) 220-2185Golf Award Luncheon Sponsorship $4,000 WEBSITE: WWW.BDPA.ORG Signage on podium at Golf Award Luncheon ADDRESS: June 2002 1 Golfer* Speaking opportunity at the Golf Award Luncheon 6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Suite 450 Recognition in selected conference publications** Greenbelt, MD 20770 7
  8. 8. UPCOMING EVENTS JUNE 2002 ISSUE Information Technology Thought Leaders JUNE The BDPA Monthly Newsletter 1 High School Computer Camp Graduation The newsletter designed to keep our members informed BDPA Greater Columbia (SC) Chapter of news, events and perspectives important to our 1 Education Banquet community. "From the Classroom to the Boardroom" BDPA Chicago Chapter We welcome your comments: 8 Midwest Regional HSCC (Cincinnati OH) Read our Online Journal for breaking news, information and updates: 8 Annual Awards Banquet BDPA Los Angeles Chapter 8 14th Annual Education Banquet "From the Classroom to the Boardroom" BDPA Dallas Chapter 14 14th Annual SITES Banquet BDPA 2002 BDPA Dayton Chapter 24th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE “Changing the Culture of IT: From Access to Ownership” 22 Southern Regional HSCC (Atlanta GA) August 7-11, 2002 Disney’s Contemporary Resort 28-30 Internal Conference Team Meeting Lake Buena Vista, FL Orlando, FloridaBDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders PRSRT STDNational Headquarters U.S. POSTAGE PAID6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Suite 450 Woodbridge, VAGreenbelt, MD 20770 PERMIT NO. 70