Newsletter: National BDPA (Dec 2002)


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This 'BDPA Monthly Newsletter' was issued in December 2002.

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Newsletter: National BDPA (Dec 2002)

  1. 1. BDPA MISSION The INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY THOUGHT LEADERS BDPA is a global member focused organization that positions its members at the forefront of the IT indus- try. BDPA is committed to Monthly Newsletter delivering IT excellence to our members, strategic partners, and community. The official newsletter of the BDPA Information Technology Thought LeadersVolume 1 Number 12 DECEMBER 2002 Joseph Smialowski, Vice Chairman PRESIDENTS MESSAGE FleetBoston Financial Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts 2002 Year In Review Joseph Smialowski is Vice Chairman, for Every year-end since I have been privileged to Technology, Corporate Administrative Services serve as a BDPA Leader, I always kick up my feet, and Bank Operations, of FleetBoston Financial --- sit back, relax and reminisce on the good times the Platinum Sponsor of the 2003 BDPA Annual gone by. This has been a good year. We built a 1st Conference. class leadership team to execute on our member focused strategic initiatives. We developed a solid In his role since 1998, Joe is responsible for pro- infrastructure that would support the phenomenal growth that we antic-viding oversight leadership on information systems matters, bank oper- ipated for 2002, 2003 and beyond. We created the CIO business area andations, real estate management, procurement and other administrative improved back-office systems like the membership database, e-com-functions. He advises Fleets Chairman and Chief Executive Officer merce conference registrations, and National Office support. I am proud(CEO), and serves as a liaison into the Office of the CEO for Fleets to say that we accomplished quite a bit in 2002.Connecticut-based leaders.Prior to joining Fleet, Joe was Senior Vice President and Chief We focused on delivering programs and services to our members. ThisInformation Officer at Sears, Roebuck and Co., where he was responsi- has led to substantial membership growth from 1,800 to 3,500! We con-ble for information technology worldwide. His tenure at Sears was pre- tinue to focus on membership growth as we reach out to corporations,ceded by a Partner role with Price Waterhouse in New York where he led educational institutions, local chapters and community organizations tothe management consulting practice for the general merchandise retail recruit new members in support of new and innovative programs andindustry. activities.In recent years, Joe has been active in several industry groups, including We chartered almost 10 new chapters this year and firmly established athe Banking Information Technology Secretariat. While at Sears, he strategic initiative to fuel chapter growth. We delivered on this initiativeserved as the Chairman of the National Retail Federations Information by conducting chapter assessments and by providing leadership trainingTechnology Council. He is nationally recognized as an innovative IT and coaching. National BDPA also provided financial assistance to helpleader and was named as a "Top 25 People to Watch in IT" by chapters bring High School Computer Competition teams to the confer-Computerworld Magazine. ence.Joe holds a Master of Science degree from Rochester Institute ofTechnology, is a member of its Presidents Council, and received a We formed strategic alliances with over 25 organizations expanding ourDistinguished Alumni Award in 1997. He has a Bachelor of Arts from reach nationally and globally. We introduced the BDPA MonthlyMerrimack College. Newsletter, the Internet Radio Show and Tech TV, membership and cor- porate marketing brochures and other ways to get the word out onJoes was introduced to BDPA while at Sears. He was impressed by the BDPA. We continued to expand our Community Outreach Programs likeenergy and commitment of the Chicago chapter and was motivated to High School Computer Competition, College Student Intern Program,facilitate Sears support of the organization. His enthusiasm for BDPA Black Family Technology Awareness Week and Communityhas continued and he has now marshaled FleetBoston Financial to sup- Technology Centers.port the BDPA mission. Joe sums up Fleets community and employee continued on page 2commitment, as well as BDPAs contribution to that commitment, thisway "It is essential for Fleet to maximize the potential of our IT staff, INSIDEensuring the delivery of excellence to our customers and our neighbors. BDPA Annual National Conference. . . . . . . .2Along with that, it is equally important that we reflect the diversity ofthe communities we serve. We are dedicated to partnering with organi- BITePRO and BDPA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3zations like BDPA to support professional development for our technol- Strategies for Success . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3ogy staff and to share technology with communities and students. I am PR-Mayo Clinic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4pleased to have the opportunity to champion the BDPA 2003 Conference Why E-Learning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4and to serve as an Honorary Chair. Fleets support of the 2003 National Job Search Advice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6Conference, and local chapters in Rhode Island, Boston, New Jersey and 101 JOB-HUNTING TIPS 2002 . . . . . . . . . . . .7Albany, attests to our mutual commitment to important values," states BDPA Chapter Anniversaries . . . . . . . . . . . .7Joe. I foresee an exciting alliance between our two organizations." BDPA Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter
  2. 2. continued from page 1 We continued to partner with the Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) and intro- Welcome to the duced more BDPA protégés into the mentorship program. In addition to filling the executive pipeline, BDPA offered key programs for entrepreneurs to help them every step of the way from creating, financing and man- BDPA Monthly aging a successful business. And through the BDPA Entrepreneur Showcase, we created a forum where up and Newsletter coming entrepreneurs could network and learn from African American CEOs with multi-million dollar busi- nesses.As a service to our members, the We had a very successful conference at the Walt Disney World Contemporary Resort that was supported byBDPA Monthly Newsletter is dis- over 60 corporations, along with more than 1,000 registrants and career fair attendees. We offered over 35tributed to provide pertinent workshops and seminars and gave over 250 Highinformation on National BDPA 2002 ACCOMPLISHMENTS School Computer Competition and Youth Conferenceactivities. 1. Built a 1st class leadership team. students a unique behind the scenes look at the tech- 2. Developed a solid infrastructure. nology that runs Walt Disney World. As BDPA attractsThe BDPA Monthly Newsletter 3. Created the CIO business area and and develops a diverse mix of talented individuals, it iswill entail such things as: Career improved back-office systems. no wonder that corporations continue to attend theand Professional Development 4. Focused on delivering programs and National Conference career to tap into our high techguidelines, “hot” technical skills, services to our members. talent pool. Corporations like our corporate sponsorsjob opportunities, member pro- 5. Chartered 10 new chapters this year. of the year, Allstate Insurance and Walt Disney World,files, upcoming Professional and 6. Provided financial assistance to help encourage their employees to get involved in BDPA,Social events, vision and thought sponsor High School Computer not only because it gives them an opportunity toleadership articles from the Competition teams. enhance their skill sets, but also because it gives themNational Executive Committee as 7. Formed strategic alliances with over 25 a way to exercise good corporate citizenship by givingwell as other BDPA members. organizations. back to the community. 8. Introduced the:Hopefully, you will find this publi- -BDPA Monthly Newsletter We had a great year and all of this could not have beencation to be informative and -Internet Radio Show done without the help of our dedicated and committedinsightful. We welcome your -Tech TV volunteer members, our great corporate sponsors andinput on the newsletter. -Membership & corporate marketing supporters and the tireless efforts of our BDPA leader- brochures ship. Thanks for a productive year in 2002 as we stepComments, suggestions, and 9. Expanded our Community Outreach up to meet the challenges we face in 2003 and contin-opinions can be sent to: programs. ue to focus on helping African Americans in 10. Introduced more BDPA protégés into the ITSMF mentorship program. Dont forget to mark your calendars for the BDPA 2003ENJOY! 25th Annual National Conference to be held August 11. Offered key programs for entrepreneurs.Reginald J. Gardner 13th through August 17th in Philadelphia, PA. 12. Hosted a successful 2002 nationalNational BDPA Vice conference.President, Member Services 13. Secured FleetBoston Financial as a Finally, I am pleased to announce that FleetBoston Platinum Level Conference Partner. Financial has come on board as a Platinum Level Publication Committee: 14. Secured FleetBoston Vice Chairman, Conference Partner and their Vice Chairman, Joe Joe Smialowski, as a conference Honorary Smialowski, has joined the BDPA Conference Team as Reggie Gardner Chair. an Honorary Chair. (Sears, Roebuck & Co.) Should you want to find out more about BDPA, we encourage you to visit our website at or Wayne Hicks give us a call at 800-727-BDPA. (Hicks Enterprises) Milt Haynes Anita L.Vega National BDPA President (OCCI-NY) December 2002 REMINDER Register and pay for the BDPA 2003 25th Annual National Conference by December 31, 2002 to take advantage of the $200 discount Discount is based on the price of full registration after 6/30/03. The BDPA Monthly Newsletter BDPA Internet Radio Show Mailed and electronically forwarded to over 15,000 of our $75 per 30-second ad members, friends and supporters. $350 per 15-minute sponsorship 1-Page rate: $1500.00 $650 per 30-minute sponsorship 1/2-Page rate: $1000.00 $900 per 60-minute sponsorship Two page limit on ad space each month. Act right away! For information, contact BDPA National Office at :(800) 727-BDPA or info@BDPA.org2
  3. 3. Volume 1 Number 12Leading Canadian and American Black IT Associations Strategies for Success Find Common Ground BDPA Taking Steps to Close the Digital Divide "BITePRO and BDPA announce alliance" Jovan Roberts, president of Detroits BDPA chapter, walked away from the national conference in August with a mission. After attending a ple-[Greenbelt MD & Toronto ON [April 16, 2002] - The Black Information nary session where she learned of BDPAs involvement with buildingTechnology eProfessionals (BITePRO), a non-profit, professional organ- computer labs in underprivileged areas, she knew she wanted to beization geared at providing networking opportunities for Blacks working involved. "The time is right - and its time for us to take things to the nextin the information technology field is pleased to announce its alliance level," she said.with BDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders (BDPA, of the United States. What sparked Robertss interest is the Computer Technology Center (CTC) initiative; a three-pronged approach that places BDPA in a leadWhen asked to comment on the alliance, Wayne Hicks, president-elect of role to help close the digital divide. To implement the CTC strategy,BDPA commented, "BDPA is excited to be forming this strategic alliance BDPA fosters relationships with two other organizations - a sponsoringwith the largest organization of Black information and technology pro- and a recipient organization. The sponsoring organization provides thefessionals in Canada. Per our mission statement, BDPA is a global mem- hardware and software for the CTC while the recipient organization ber focused organization hosts and maintains the computer lab and offers the community access that positions its members at to technology. Examples of recipient organizations include schools and the forefront of the IT indus- community centers. try. Our relationship with BITePRO is a concrete Once the sponsoring and recipient organizations are identified, BDPA example of our intentions to leads the partnership until a CTC is successfully built and operating. The truly be global in our think- idea is to work together to create a progressive path from the "classroom ing and actions. We look to boardroom" by linking organizations and support processes over a forward to meeting lifetime. BITePRO members at our national conference Roberts learned that BDPA has already been instrumental in building ( CTCs in the Chicago and Cleveland areas. The sponsoring organization, ference.cfm) and during our Allstate Insurance Company, assisted with building of CTCs at travels north." Bontemps Elementary School of Chicago and John F. Kennedy High School of Cleveland. Both are currently operational and piloting web- Leesa Barnes, founding based tutorial software that will help teachers reinforce their lessons president of BITePRO, is with live, one-on-one tutoring via the web. Other chapters who are mak- very enthusiastic about the ing efforts with the CTC initiative include Boston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, alliance. Barnes said, "This Dallas, Memphis, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, alliance represents a huge Richmond, Seattle, and Washington D.C. accomplishment for both groups as it helps to increase Returning home to Detroit after the conference, Roberts began research- the awareness of Blacks in ing how the Detroit chapter could make the CTC initiative a reality. the IT field across North Immediately, Roberts recognized a need existed, so the CTC initiative America. Not only do Black seemed like a natural fit. Children could gain assistance with their IT professionals in both homework while the community could gain access to technology - America and Canada benefit learning about primary PC skills, standard software and the Internet. from this alliance, so do the After identifying these needs, Roberts and the Detroit chapter began Black communities that both their next steps. groups are targeting throughoutreach programs." As part of Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatricks KIDS, COPS, CLEAN DECEMBER 2002 initiative, the city has already pledged to building eight computer labsThe Black Information Technology eProfessionals (BITePRO, throughout the city, which are designed to provide after school mission is to advance and promote excellence of and keep children off the street between the hours of 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.Black professionals within the Information Technology field. BDPA Roberts also wants to introduce the web-based tutorial software compa-( national headquarters is located in Greenbelt, Maryland. ny, LearningIDEAS, to be included as part of the computer labs. RobertsEarl Pace and the late David Wimberly founded the organization in 1975. is a supporter of web-based tutorial learning because she feels that itsBDPA has over 3,000 members in over 40 chapters in the US. an excellent way to help children with their homework while becoming proficient with technology. "If kids cant read and write - IT becomesFor more information about BDPA or BITePRO contact: null and void," she said. "We literally can change lives with this, " Roberts said speaking of the web-based tutorials. "This can give our Ed "Dr. Vibe" Gough, Jr. children what they need to survive," she continued. Tel: (416) 684-4377 Email: Roberts and the Detroit chapter are currently in the process of drafting a proposal to begin using web-based tutorial software as a pilot in one of Donna McKay the citys eight computer labs. If the pilot is considered, Roberts is hope- Tel: (800) 727-BDPA ful that the web-based software will ultimately be used in all eight of the Email: continued on page 4 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter 3
  4. 4. continued from page 3 PRESS RELEASEcitys computer labs. She feels strongly that the tutorials will help toimprove the childrens test scores and grades. MEDIA ADVISORY FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:To date, the city of Detroit has expressed a strong interest. The Detroit Contact Twanda Bradley, PR Department Directorchapter is also in the process of securing corporate sponsorship. (800) 727-BDPA Email: http://www.bdpa.orgContact Jovan Roberts at for more information MAYO CLINIC RENEWS SPONSORSHIP WITH BDPAon the progress of the CTC initiative in Detroit. Mayo Clinic joins growing roster of corporate sponsors for the high-tech recruitment, and training organization BDPA ( announces that Mayo Clinic (www.may- a charitable, not-for-profit organization based in Rochester, Why E-Learning? Minnesota, is a Gold-Level Corporate Sponsor. Mayo Clinic was also By Ajia Computer Training a conference partner at the BDPA 2002 24th Annual National Conference held at Disneys Contemporary® Resort in Lake BuenaMicrosoft Press Release Vista, FL earlier this year. This sponsorship is part of outreach efforts"Within 2-3 years 75% of all computer training worldwide will be con- by BDPA and Mayo Clinic to improve the employment and advance-ducted through e-Learning. . ." ment opportunities for people of color in the still-growing high-technol- ogy field.E-learning (Electronic Learning) refers to the use of Internet technolo-gies to deliver a broad array of solutions that enhance knowledge and "Mayo Clinic continues to be a great and respected corporate sponsor ofperformance. E-learning is networked, which makes it capable of BDPA," says Renee McClure, Immediate Past President of Nationalinstant updating, storage/retrieval, distribution and sharing of instruc- BDPA. Ms. McClure continued, "Mayos strong support on both thetion or information. Training is delivered to the end-user via a comput- local and national level is to be commended. This support is helping toer using standard Internet technology. bridge the digital divide in communities in which the Mayo/BDPA alliance provides an important and valuable service."Despite outward appearances, e-learning is often the most cost-effec-tive way to deliver instruction (training) or information. It cuts travel Mayo Clinic is part of the Mayo Foundation. Its mission is to provideexpenses, reduces the time it takes to train people, and eliminates or the best care to every patient every day through integrated clinical prac-significantly reduces the need for a classroom/instructor. tice, education and research. Principal entities of Mayo Foundation include 3 clinics with an over two thousand physician group practice, 4E-Learning is easy and engaging. Individuals can take courses, and all hospitals, 245-unit retirement community, and a world-class health sys-they need is a standard browser, like Internet Explorer or Netscape tem - a network of clinics and hospitals in 60 communities in southernNavigator, and there is no installation or CDs. Its all done over the Minnesota, northern Iowa, and western Wisconsin. Mayo Clinic hasInternet. been a major supporter of programs and services in the Southern Minnesota chapter since the chapters charter in the late 1990s. The cor-IDC source: poration provided support for the 2002 Awards Banquet held in that"One in Ten homes will acquire an E-Learning package within the next chapter earlier this year. It is worth noting that Southern Minnesota was2-3 years." 1st runner-up as 2001 BDPA Chapter of the Year.Online courses are interactive. A hyper linked index lets you zero in BDPAs activities are both broad and targeted. They provide skill-basedon a specific topic or subject, and get the information you need, when and corporate jobs databases, sponsor educational and executive pro-you need it. E-Learning can help you master a new topic or help you grams, and provide online resources to members. BDPA also focusesfind the answer to a question when time is of the essence. efforts on training high school and college students and to attract them into the technology field with such programs as internships, seminars,Learning is 24/7 and people can access E-Learning anywhere and any computer camps, and high school competitions. Each year, BDPA hon-time. Its "just in time - any time" approach makes an individuals ors the students, parents and volunteers at an annual conferencelearning tools truly global. ( will evolve and expand, but it will not go away. Now is the Some other BDPA corporate sponsors include ABN AMARO, Allstatetime to improve on your IT technology skills. Insurance, Compuware, Computer Associates, Hewitt Associates, Household International, Kraft Foods, Procter & Gamble, Verizon andJohn Chamber, CEO Cisco Systems Wachovia Bank."E - Learning will be bigger than e-mail." Learn more about BDPA and their corporate sponsorship program by sending e-mail ( or visit the website ( BDPA national headquarters is located in Greenbelt, Maryland. Earl Pace and the late David Wimberly founded the organization in 1975. BDPA has over 3,000 members in over 40 chapters throughout the US and Canada. Contact 800-727-BDPA or for additional information.4 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter
  5. 5. Volume 1 Number 12THE BEST IS YET TO COME! BDPA congratulates Allstate senior vice president and CIO Frank W. Pollard on his retirement from Allstate. We appreciate the strong partnership Frankhas sponsored between Allstate and BDPA and look for-ward to our continuing work with him on closing the digitaldivide.Frank - congratulations on an impressive 35 years withAllstate and best wishes on your future endeavors. Small, Effective PR by Wayne Hicks, National BDPA President-Elect Within BDPA we often complain that we are the best-kept secret in America. We have tremendous programs and services that are offered in all of our communities, yet we dont receive coverage from our local media. Nationally, we have worked under the leadership of Twanda Bradley (Greater Tampa Bay), who serves as our Public Relations Department Director, to create press releases that are shared to over 700 subscribers to our BDPA-Press-Release eGroup and often shared with a majority of the 16,000 subscribers to BDPA-related eGroups. Recently I heard from a public relations professional who said we had it all wrong. "Dont tell people to send their release to thousands of media. Tell them to find one media, figure out what the editor needs, then DECEMBER 2002 get that information to the editor. Youll get a lot more media coverage that way." No question, hes right. Your chapter wont be able to reach media nationwide that way (unless you spend many thousands to hire a publicity agency), but your chapter can get covered by a limited number of media. Take time to study the media in your city...especially the media that is focused on information technology, youth education or economic development. Read their publications. Watch and listen to their shows. Look for topics that keep coming up. Try to figure out who their audience is and what kind of information their audience likes. Now look for ways you can tailor information about your chapter to match what the editor is looking for. Call the editor or send a personal email. Briefly lay out your story, getting to the meaty, juicy parts first. Follow up with a press release and company bio. Fax it, mail it, or email it. An excellent article about how to write a press release may be found at the following website: The BDPA Monthly Newsletter 5
  6. 6. Job Search Advice: Practical Tips for Managing Your Job Search By: Deena M. Bogan, BDPA Chicago ChapterGreetings fellow Job Seekers! I have been pounding the pavement Market Yourself(and my keyboard) for the past 15 months in search of a career oppor- Carry your business cards and/or copies of your resume or profiletunity. I am primarily a Technical Writer but also have skills and expe- EVERYWHERE you go! You never know who youll run into thatrience as a Business Analyst, Change Management Coordinator, you didnt anticipate!Software Trainer, and Help Desk Analyst. During my search for anopportunity in these areas, I amassed/acquired/developed several Remember that EVERY contact is a potential JOB contact! Example:strategies for managing the search. With so many of us looking for I had some issues dealing with my local IDES office, that were notwork, I am delighted to share my tips and advice for managing the job getting resolved/addressed. Out of frustration, I found out the namesearch project! and address of the Director of the IDES (Gertrude Jordan) and wrote a letter explaining the issues. In closing, I segued into a summary ofSubscribe to Job Search Email Groups what type of work I was looking for, offered my services, and For starters, subscribe to "BDPA Jobs" at attached my resume to the letter. I DID get a response in writing from, the "BDPA Chicago Ms. Jordan, my issues were resolved, and I got a job lead out of the Jobs" groups at deal. I didnt get the job (overqualified) but at least I got some action Jobs/), or your local chapters "Jobs" group on Yahoo. You can post and satisfaction - AND resumption of my benefits! your resume for FREE and you can view (and apply for) the many position announcements posted there by employers and recruiters! Preserve Your Sanity! Continue doing the (free/inexpensive) things you enjoyed when you Join organizations in your field (like BDPA)! There are hundreds! had a job (hobbies, reading, exercising, etc.). Or pursue another activ- The membership fee can be pricey, so choose wisely. Take advan- ity that you always wanted to do but didnt have time for when you tage of any FREE info/meetings/newsletters/listservs, message were working. This could be through volunteering or something on boards, etc. they may have. Give priority to those that offer medical your own. (I found an affinity for "city gardening".) Whatever it is, benefits at a discounted rate! COBRA doesnt last forever! In some you need to do or find something to connect with your normal life, fields, it lasts only 30 days from your end date! or to at least provide a short distraction from the grueling task of find-Organize and Manage Your Email ing your next career. After all, when you had a regular job, you were Create a separate email account for Personal Search allowed to take personal days/time off, right? In those days Agent (PSA), Job Alert, and other job search-related you were still paid (in dollars) for your time off. In this Incoming messages. Check every day - including week- new "job", you may only be paid in sanity. But thats worth ends, several times a day. Keep it clean! If youve delet- something too! ed messages during a session, remember to empty trash Evaluate Your Salary Requirements versus before logging out of the account. Immediately unsub- Expectations scribe from and block non-job search messages. Employers want a lot more (skills, talent, dedication, Instead of creating folders within your email account to loyalty, hours, experience, certification, and education) for store messages, create those folders on your hard drive. a LOT less money! Figure out the minimum salary you This conserves storage space for incoming email mes- need to cover your bills/basic expenses. Im not advocating sages. (For a suggested directory and file setup, see the lowering your salary standards up front. But consider this: full article at "BDPA-Jobs, Files, Job Seeker Advice".) What if you were offered your IDEAL job, but at half (or less) your current salary? Would you take it? Could you Do NOT save a copy of the emails that you attach your afford to take it? Just something to consider. And remem- resume to!!! This quickly uses up your limited storage ber, getting a foot in the door counts for something. The space by keeping multiple copies of your resume in the gravy train days of being offered a salary for what you Sent Items folder. (For complete instructions, see the full are REALLY worth appear to be over, at least for the time article at "BDPA-Jobs, Files, Job Seeker Advice".) being. Desperate times, for both employers and potential employees, call for desperate measures. But you cant appear to be desperate! NorIdentify Potential Job Leads can the employer! Play the game; play it to your advantage. Youre For your "target companies", dont forget the ones you already do already unemployed - what do you have to lose? business with or patronize. Most if not all have IT jobs and a web- Searching for your next career is, in itself, a full-time job that involves a site to post your resume. lot of overtime! It requires at least as much, if not more, of the energy, Read the Business section of your favorite newspaper regularly. enthusiasm and commitment you had at your previous job. But you have Often youll see articles about how a company is doing, if theyre to try everything, and keep trying it. It is definitely an employers mar- planning to hire or lay off, expand or downsize, AND sometimes the ket. All we can do is continue the search as proactively and creatively as article mentions who is in charge of what at the company which we possibly can! gives you a contact name. In closing, I am happy to say that I was recently offered a full-time posi- If your former job involved working with external clients/vendors tion and I have accepted it! There is light at the end of this job-search and you had a good relationship with them, let them know youre tunnel! looking and keep them in your Keep in Touch" network. Search and you shall find!(For potential leads, AND more ways to identify potential job leads, DMBsee the full article at "BDPA-Jobs, Files, Job Seeker Advice".)6 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter
  7. 7. Volume 1 Number 12AROUND & ABOUT BDPA 101 JOB-HUNTING TIPS 2002 By: Aundrae M. Romeo BDPA 2003 25th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE1. Contact the hiring manager / decision-maker . "Information Technology: From the Classroom to the2. Use contacts - networking Boardroom"3. Find-out / Research who is the decision-maker August 13-17, 20034. Sell yourself well5. Practice the 2-minute sell yourself speech PHILADELPHIA MARRIOTT6. Talk about your background 1201 MARKET STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19107 PHONE: 215-625-2900 FAX: 215-625-60977. Learn the business; customers8. Know / Understand the competition9. Figure how you could contribute to the companys CAREER FAIR & TECHNOLOGY EXPO bottom-line. Friday and Saturday, August 15th and 16th10. Study how to create ROI for the company.11. Demonstrate that you can work well with others. LEADING EDGE SEMINAR TRACKS:12. Highlight your communication skills especially with others I. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY13. Speak clearly and precisely II. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT14. Ensure that your resume truthfully matches everything on III. ENTREPRENEURS & SMALL BUSINESS the job description IV. CAREER DEVELOPMENT15. Recast your resume to fit the job description V. ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT16. Tell others about your job-search and your skill-set - you VI. COLLEGE STUDENT TRACK never know who knows whom IT SENIOR MANAGEMENT FORUM (ITSMF)17. Get to know the technology landscape Network with CIOs and Senior Management Professionals18. Be flexible with respect to location, travel, pay19. Keep current with your skills HIGH SCHOOL COMPUTER COMPETITION (HSCC)20. Upgrade skills Experience the excitement as high school students from over 2521. Leverage relationships urban communities display their skills and expertise in program-22. Use new skills as opportunities ming and technical presentations.23. Think about learning another (foreign) language24. Have resume professionally prepared YOUTH CONFERENCE25. Look for IT resume writers - may be costly Hands-on training and workshops in technology, PCBuilding26. Research companies Race and IT Knowledge Quiz Bowl, and IT Showcase27. Get back to mailing resumes with cover-letters NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES28. Work for free - to pick-up experience Meet IT Professionals from over 40 BDPA chapters across the29. Volunteer / assist small-businesses or non-profits nation.30. Apply for and work with small or medium-sized business · CIO ROUNDTABLE or organizations to bridge the gaps in your resume. · ENTREPRENEUR SHOWCASE31. Rehearse interviews with friends or relatives · COLLEGE &32. Use criticisms as steps to improvement HBCU ROUNDTABLE33. Dress professionally - conservative in tough times · TOWN HALL MEETING · AWARDS BANQUETTo read part-2 and part-3 as well as other related tips & · BDPA IT GOLF CLASSICarticles, visit: · PRAYER BREAKFAST MEMBER / NON MEMBER CONFERENCE PRICING DECEMBER 2002 If you are interested in contributing an article to Register By Member Non-Member be published in the BDPA Monthly Newsletter, ADULT-FULL please contact: 12/31/02 $350 $500 06/30/03 $450 $600 after 6/30/03 $550 $700 COLLEGE STUDENT BDPA CHAPTER ANNIVERSARIES 12/31/02 $150 $200 after 01/01/03 $200 $250 DECEMBER 2002 HSCC/YOUTH 11th Annual Anniversary $150 $150 Northwest Indiana Chapter 13th Annual Anniversary BDPA Cincinnati Chapter REGISTER NOW! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE DISCOUNT RATES!! 14th Annual Anniversary TO CONTACT BDPA: BDPA Ft. Wayne Chapter PHONE: (800) 727-BDPA, (301) 220-2180 FAX: (301) 220-2185 16th Annual Anniversary WEBSITE: WWW.BDPA.ORG BDPA Phoenix Chapter 6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Suite 450 , Greenbelt, MD 20770 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter 7
  8. 8. UPCOMING EVENTS DECEMBER 2002 ISSUE Information Technology Thought Leaders DECEMBER 2002 / JANUARY 2003 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter Every Thursday @ 10:30am ET - BDPA Internet Radio Show The newsletter designed to keep our members informed DECEMBER of news, events and perspectives important to our 6 Annual Kwanzaa Celebration community. BDPA Washington DC Chapter 13 Annual Kwanzaa Celebration BDPA Washington DC Chapter We welcome your comments: 7 5th Annual Scholarship & Awards Luncheon BDPA Greater Columbia (SC) Chapter Read our Online Journal for breaking news, information 14 Annual Holiday Giving and Social and updates: BDPA Greater Columbia Chapter 19 Annual Awards Banquet BDPA Charlotte Chapter JANUARY BDPA 2003 8 NEC Conference Call 25th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE “Information Technology: 10-12 1Q03 Conference Leadership Team Mtg (Philadelphia) From the Classroom to the Boardroom” August 13-17, 2003 Chapters may send their information on upcoming events to: Philadelphia Marriott Hotel - Philadelphia, PA Platinum Level Conference Partner: FleetBoston Financial PRE-SORTEDBDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders FIRST CLASSNational Headquarters U.S. POSTAGE PAID6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Suite 450 PERMIT NO. 24460Greenbelt, MD 20770 MERRIFIELD, VA