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From the 2003 Conference Director        Welcome to the                                         Since our first conference...
Volume 2 Number 1                              BDPA Wins Outstanding Organizational Advocacy AwardIt was networking at its...
BDPA - High School Computer Competition Participants                                                Where Are They Now?   ...
Volume 2 Number 1                  New NATIONAL BDPA                                                                      ...
Lean Software Development : Expect Zero Defects                                 Cycle time for software development is mea...
Volume 2 Number 1                                      The BDPA 2003 25th Annual National Conference                    20...
UPCOMING EVENTS                                                            JANUARY 2003 ISSUE                             ...
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Newsletter: National BDPA (Jan 2003)


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This 'BDPA Monthly Newsletter' was published in January 2003.

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Newsletter: National BDPA (Jan 2003)

  1. 1. BDPA MISSION The BDPA is a global member focused organization that positions its members at the forefront of the IT industry. BDPA is committed to delivering IT excellence to our INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY THOUGHT LEADERS members, strategic partners, and Monthly Newsletter community. The official newsletter of NATIONAL BDPAVolume 2 Number 1 JANUARY 2003Presidents Message Organization for African American in Information Technology toDiversity In the Workplace develop the IT talent pool. Elementary School, High School, and College programs feed the IT Professional workforce that feedsI am pleased to announce that I have joined the the technical, management and executive resource pool. ThroughITAA Blue Ribbon Diversity Panel chaired by BDPA, Corporate America can tap into the Talent Pool throughRobert Knowling, Chairman, SimDesk Job Postings, Resume Databases, Summer Internships, newslet-Technologies. The panel has been formed to: ter advertising and by attending the BDPA Conference Ando Identify key barriers and challenges to IT Career Fair. workplace diversity;o Consolidate existing research on the topic; Diversity Retention: There is still an obvious lack of diversity ino Identify best practices on IT diversity; and Senior Management Ranks. To bridge this gap, companies cano Issue concrete industry-based recommendations on how to tap into the executive level talent pool through BDPA and the better advance underrepresented groups in the IT industry. Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF). More importantly, companies have to offer career path opportu-For more information and a full list of panel members, please nities that develop leadership through internal and externalvisit assignments. They have to offer training for business, team build- ing, inter-personal, and leadership skills through best in classIdentifying key barriers and challenges to IT workplace diversi- professional development programs like those offered at thety is not new to BDPA. When Earl Pace, Jr. and the late David National BDPA Conference in August 2003. Finally, to groomWimberly founded BDPA in 1975 they voiced their concerns as: promotional candidates and to retain good employees, companieso Lack of minorities in middle and upper management need to support internal and external "birds of a feather" diversi-o Poor preparation of minorities for these positions ty affinity groups.o Low number of minorities being recruited for upper management positions Diversity Vendors: Pursuing diversity in the workplace is noto Lack of career mobility of minorities limited to the hiring and promotion of Blacks in IT. Black busi-o Lucrative minority placement services dominated by ness is another growing area of concern as many companies non-minorities report that they cant find qualified Diversity Vendors. To address this concern, companies need to set diversity financial objectivesBDPA was founded in order to address the need for diversity in (e.g. "buy black"). Without clear financial targets, companies arethe workplace. Year after year, BDPA volunteers offer programs just playing lip service to their Minority Vendor Programs. Thereand activities to position its members at the forefront of the IT are many opportunities to tap into the Black Entrepreneur talentindustry. Through years of research and program development Pool like the online BDPA Entrepreneur Forum and theexperience, BDPA has determined that the following best prac- Entrepreneur Showcase held at the National Conference. This istices are essential to the development of a diverse workforce. another area where companies need to share best practices. For example, Minority Business Relations program at Walt Disney World has anDiversity Leadership: Any and all solutions must begin with Continued on page 2.Senior Management setting diversity objectives as an integralpart of the balanced scorecard and by establishing a corporate INSIDEculture that values diversity. From the 2003 Conference Director . . . . . . . . . . .2 BDPA Wins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3Diversity Recruitment: Cant find qualified employment candi- Where are they Now? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4dates? Companies need to first set diversity hiring objectives PR-Centralian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5from the top down. This drives their commitment to invest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5resources (e.g. people, money, facilities, equipment, curriculum, Lean Software Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6organization) to develop the IT talent pool. BDPAs "Classroom BDPA 25th Annual National Conf. . . . . . . . . . . . . .7to the Boardroom" Life Cycle Program is a prime example of BDPA Chapter Anniversaries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7how Corporate America has partnered with the Premier BDPA Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter
  2. 2. From the 2003 Conference Director Welcome to the Since our first conference -- back in 1978, when there existed only a handful of BDPA BDPA Monthly members and IT technologies - the focus on the opportunities available for African Americans in IT has exploded. Predictably, as this growth continues, so too does the Newsletter complexity of the business and its challenges.As a service to our members, the BDPA has been a global member focused organization that positions its members at theBDPA Monthly Newsletter is dis- forefront of the IT industry and has been addressing and discussing thosetributed to provide pertinent challenges in the grade schools through the college years, in the corporate environment, and on the entrepre-information on National BDPA neurial front.activities. The BDPA 2003 25th Annual National Conference:The BDPA Monthly Newsletter Information Technology: From the Classroom to the Boardroomwill entail such things as: Career As IT professionals we have unprecedented opportunities today to capitalize off the technological innovationsand Professional Development of new millennium. The BDPA Conference offers speakers and sessions designed to provide a total informa-guidelines, “hot” technical skills, tion technology experience to students (high school and college), information technology professionals, entre-job opportunities, member pro- preneurs, IT senior managers, corporations, academia, government agencies and the research community.files, upcoming Professional and Those that are new to the industry also have the opportunity to benefit from meeting and listening to the pio-Social events, vision and thought neers in the IT industry that will be present at this years Conference.leadership articles from theNational Executive Committee as Here are just a few of the highlights of the 2003 Conference. We will have over 30 Conference workshopswell as other BDPA members. ranging from technical topics to career advancement issues, and over 60 Career Fair participants for those looking for or changing careers like Merck, Fleet Boston, Kraft Foods to name a few. Well have anHopefully, you will find this publi- Entrepreneurs Showcase, which is a full day of seminars to assist those that are looking to go into business forcation to be informative and themselves as well as existing business owners. We will have our Youth Conference, a College Expo, and aninsightful. We welcome your IT Showcase, where students will have an opportunity to showcase their IT talents for prizes. This is only ainput on the newsletter. sampling of what youre in store for!Comments, suggestions, and And lets not forget the abundance of networking opportunities available throughout the week.opinions can be sent The mood of the conference is always friendly, informative and, of course, a LOT of fun! Get a head start and register today at before the price of registration increases!ENJOY!Reginald J. Gardner I look forward to meeting you at the BDPA 2003 25th Annual National Conference in Philadelphia.National BDPA Vice The city that loves you back!President, Member Services Roxanne Clinton Publication Committee: National Conference Director Reggie Gardner President’s Message continued from page 1. (Sears, Roebuck & Co.) excellent track record of working with African American businesses and non-profit organizations. Wayne Hicks (Hicks Enterprises) I am also pleased to announce that BDPA has formed a strategic alliance with to rec- ognize the Top 10 Companies for Blacks in Information Technology that have demonstrated a superior com- Anita L.Vega mitment to workplace diversity. BDPA will poll its members, corporate sponsors and supporters to develop a (OCCI-NY) list of companies that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to address barriers to a diverse workforce. One company of the top 10 will be presented with the first annual Best Company for Blacks in Technology Award at the National BDPA Conference Awards Banquet. To find out more about BDPA, please visit our website at or give us a call at 800-727-BDPA. The BDPA Monthly Newsletter BDPA Internet Radio Show Mailed and electronically forwarded to over 15,000 of our $75 per 30-second ad members, friends and supporters. $350 per 15-minute sponsorship 1-Page rate: $1500.00 $650 per 30-minute sponsorship 1/2-Page rate: $1000.00 $900 per 60-minute sponsorship Two page limit on ad space each month. Act right away! For information, contact BDPA National Office at :(800) 727-BDPA or info@BDPA.org2
  3. 3. Volume 2 Number 1 BDPA Wins Outstanding Organizational Advocacy AwardIt was networking at its finest as leaders in business, technology and government gathered at the Royal Palm Crowne Plaza (SouthBeach, Florida) for the 2002 Regional Excellence Awards on November 20th to usher in the new award winners. This was theAwards 9th anniversary, which was sponsored by AT&T, the Lesesne Media Group, IN FOCUS INTERACTIVE Magazine and IN-FORMATION MANAGEMENT.Tony and Woodie Lesesne eloquently hosted the evening. A fabulous reception, with exotic fruits and cheeses internationale, pro-vided the backdrop for party-goers to meet, greet, press the flesh and exchange business cards. As the evening unwound withwarm welcomes, a succulent presentation of salmon with all the trimmings was served for dinner.Miami-Dade County Manager, Steve Shiver, provided an informed and entertaining keynote as he waxed philosophic and talked ofcutting-edge trends in e-Government centered around a growing menu of County services to citizens via the Internet. The successof the November election and his humorous treatise of the earlier events found friendly harbor with the audience. JANUARY 2003The remainder of the evening was studded with bright and worthy nominees in four (4) categories. The categories and 2002 win-ners were:◗ Corporate Spirit of Progress Award: South Florida Water Management District◗ Leadership and Visionary Award: Randy Dewitt, Miami-Dade Community College School of Entertainment Technologies◗ Institutional Excellence Award: Nova Southeastern UniversityThe crowns jewel, in this authors eye, was the Outstanding Organizational Advocacy Award. Nominees were: The GeorgiaMinority Supplier Diversity Council, Technology Alliance of Georgia, South Florida Technology Alliance, Techlinks (Atlanta Georgia),NSBE, University of Miami, Association of Internet Professionals, Black Data Processing Associates, Black MBA (of South Florida),Women in Technology and Minority E-Commerce Association. According to IN FOCUS Chairman and President, Tony and WoodieLesesne, respectively, "Though organization is important, it is not what earned these honorees their nominations. Instead, these areorganizations that give small groups a big voice. They are advocates for diversity, gender equality and the furtherance of their spe-cific groups. They rally their peers and co-workers, inspiring them to action in the workplace and in their communities. In short, theyget things done."And the winner is… The BDPA Monthly Newsletter 3
  4. 4. BDPA - High School Computer Competition Participants Where Are They Now? By Dr. Terralyn Renfro My name is Dr. Terralyn Renfro and I am a 1991 alum- in Forensics. Today, I am a Licensed nus of the very first computer team established by the Psychologist/Independent Contractor with the State of San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of BDPA. Participating California Department of Corrections. Although my in the weekly computer camp and traveling to New York spare time is limited, I have found it extremely necessary City that year for the annual national competition was an (and healthy) to create a balance between my career invaluable experience. Working closely with the coaches and personal life. Thus, I take great joy in participating in and my teammates enabled me to acquire new comput- church/community activities, mentoring/tutoring youth, er skills and boosted my confidence in a field in which I spending time with family, traveling, sports, and have had minimal prior experience. It further provided me with recently begun taking piano lessons. valuable lessons in teamwork and leadership, as I was sometimes called upon to represent and/or speak on I would like to thank the San Francisco Bay Area behalf of my team. Chapter of BDPA for the privilege of being chosen to participate in Upon graduation from high school in the computer camp. Although I did 1992, I was accepted to Hampton not ultimately pursue a career in a University in Hampton, Virginia where I business or computer-related entered with a double major in psychol- field, the skills I acquired have ogy and business management. As a been an integral part of my every- sophomore in college, I dropped busi- day life. These critical thinking, ness management as my second major problem-solving, teamwork, and and began to pursue my interests in the leadership skills can be general- up-and-coming field of Forensic ized to all professional fields, and Psychology - the study of psychology with the rapid changes in technol- and the law. I became so engrossed in ogy, it is virtually impossible to the research of this budding field that my work and live without having to professors began to informally refer operate a computer or other elec- other students with similar career aspi- tronic devices on a daily basis. rations to me for academic advisement. It was also about this time that I found a I would like to encourage current professional mentor whom I could shad- and future HSCC students to thor- ow and learn the more practical applica- oughly research your tion of the business. My journeys took academic/career interests, set me in and out of the Norfolk and short and long-term goals to make Portsmouth, Virginia jails where I these interests into a reality, do observed as my mentor conducted inter- not be afraid to change your mind views to determine criminal offenders or try new things, seek out a pro- competency to stand trial and mental status at the time fessional mentor for guidance and support, and manage of offense, and provided expert testimony in court. It was your time in a way that will allow for the incorporation of this combination of research and practical experience leisure activities. Finally, it is important to recognize that which assured me that I wanted to pursue graduate we as alumni and current HSCC students are living proof studies in this area. that planning, perseverance and hard work equals suc- cess. Therefore, we have a responsibility to set a posi- In 1996, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in tive example and share our knowledge with other young Psychology from Hampton University (HU). During my people who may not have the same opportunities with final semester at HU, I applied, interviewed and was which we have been blessed. Each one teach one, each accepted directly into a four-year doctoral program. In one reach one! addition to academics, my training and related employ- ment included conducting psychological evaluations for the courts, and providing group and/or individual therapy with various types of adult and adolescent offenders in correctional, probation, and parole settings. In 2000 at the age of 26, I earned my Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree in Clinical Psychology with a personal emphasis4 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter
  5. 5. Volume 2 Number 1 New NATIONAL BDPA NATIONAL BDPA AND WORKPLACEDIVERSITY.COM FORM Member Services Benefit Announcement PARTNERSHIP Affordable Online Training Services provides Organization for African Americans in IT and Leading Diversity BDPA Price Discounts up to 15% Job Board form partnership to recognize Best Companies for Blacks in Technology[Greenbelt MD, December 3, 2002] - National BDPA (BlackData Processing Associates * ( and Centralian GREENBELT, MD and LIVINGSTON, NJ (December 2, 2002) - - -Consulting Services ( have formed an (, the sourcealliance to provide members with training tools to adopt, adapt for diversity talent, and National BDPA (Black Data Processingand advance their individual technology and business skill sets. Associates * ( today announced a joint ven-This alliance is part of ongoing outreach efforts by BDPA to pro- ture to recognize the ten best companies for Blacks in technologyvide value-based member services in the areas of educational, as well as to honor one of the ten companies as Company of thecareer and employment advancement opportunities in the tech- Year. The award for Company of the Year will be presented atnology field. BDPAs 2003 Annual National Conference to be held August 13-17, BDPAs activities are both broad and targeted. They provide 2003 at the Marriott Hotel in Philadelphia, PA.skill-based and corporate jobs databases, sponsor educational is a job search web site for corporateand executive programs, and provide online resources to mem- recruiters who make a concerted effort to reach experienced diver-bers. BDPA also focuses efforts on training high school and col- sity talent. The site bridges the gap between companies that sup-lege students and to attract them into the technology field with port diversity and experienced diversity candidates by providingsuch programs as internships, seminars, computer camps, and one central location to post open positions.high school competitions. BDPA, a national organization, is the premier IT professional Centralian Consulting Services is offering curriculum from association for African Americans. Founded in 1975, BDPA is cele-some of the worlds best suppliers, including New Horizons and brating a 27- year commitment to closing the digital divide. "Wetheir online ANYTIME LEARNING product and Element K tech- are very pleased to partner with to recog-nical skills products. These web-based and computer-based nize the best companies for Blacks in technology," said Nationaleducation libraries are perfect for busy professionals who want BDPA President, Milt Haynes. "In this economy, many Africanto gain a competitive advantage in their employment search, at Americans in technology are concerned about opportunities fortheir workplace or simply to be more knowledgeable for general both employment and advancement. BDPA andprinciple. Families can also use these courses to provide assis- feel that it is important to recognize thosetance for student homework and home businesses. exceptional companies that have provided African Americans with Online courses can be used to prepare for certification opportunities to break the glass ceiling in IT."examinations (i.e. MCSE, CNE, A+, INet+, Network+, CCNA, "BDPA is the voice of African Americans in IT," said Wayne E.etc…) and to earn continuing education unit. The Office Pollard, president and co-founder of GOLD Library is an ideal training resource for " is honored to be working with BDPABDPA Chapters that prepare students throughout the year for because it is committed to closing the digital divide and helpingthe National High School Computer Competition. It includes African American IT professionals advance. " Added Pollard, "WeHTML 4.01, Web Authoring levels 1&2, HTML Programming are very pleased to recognize ten companies that are truly practic-4.0; Introduction and Advanced, NetMeeting 3.0, DHTML ing workplace diversity in their IT departments."Cross-browser techniques part 1&2, Quark XPress 4.0 andmuch more! About "Maintaining an edge by taking advantage of the tools to do ( is theso provides individuals with more confidence when approaching source for diversity talent. The first career web site for companiesthat new employer for a position or a current manager for a that want to recruit experienced diversity candidates, it combinessalary increase says George Williams, Business Strategist with leading technology with diversity and career information from overCentralian. "My experience with members and corporations 2,500 sources. enables experiencedduring tenure as BDPA National President has provided me diversity talent to find open positions at companies that supportwith a perspective that many of the best hiring candidates are diversity, and get information and resources that will help them JANUARY 2003BDPA members. Companies want to hire those members who attain their career goals. For more information aboutcan prove they are the best.", please visit, or call (973) 992-7311.About Centralian Consulting Services:Centralian is a five year-old performance improvement consult-ing firm set forth to aid the local, national, and global communi-ty in the adoption of, adaptation to and advancement towardinformation technology. The company is committed to addingvalue to the Internet community for novice and expert usersthrough strategic planning, target marketing, web services,diversity initiatives and professional training. As trusted busi-ness & technology stewards, Centralian works primarily withsmall to mid-size companies and organizations taking their firststeps online and those currently online that seek to gain com-petitive advantages through the use of Internet technology. Thefirm also works as MBE/FBE subcontractors with larger firmsand government agencies on a variety of short- and long-termprojects. The BDPA Monthly Newsletter 5
  6. 6. Lean Software Development : Expect Zero Defects Cycle time for software development is measured in the number of days - Mark Windholtz, needed between feature specification and production delivery. This is called: Software In Process (SIP) . A shorter cycle indicates a healthier$59.5 Billion wasted! The U.S. gross domestic product loses 0.6% a project. A Lean project that deploys to production every 2-weeks has ayear because of software defects. Currently, over half of all errors are not SIP of 10 working days. Some Lean projects even deploy nightly.found until "downstream" […] or during post-sale software use. This Going to production every 2-weeks may raise fears of introducing newoccurs even though vendors already spend 80% of development costs on defects. Lets deal with that. In order to achieve short cycle time wedefect removal. need to eliminate defects. Doesnt that sound pretty straightforward?The software industry is becoming increasingly interested in removing Start by expecting zero defect software production.defects after they are created. A focus on defect removal sounds like a Expect Zero Defectsgood idea. What if the defects are not created in the first place? What If you expect zero defects a fundamental change in thinking occurs. Do Iwould that be worth? Is it realistic to suggest that software can be built mean to say that no single defect will ever occur? No. I mean that wewithout defects? Teams using Lean Software Development are demon- treat every defect as something really, really bad, and figure out how tostrating that it can be done. To see what we mean by Lean, lets start prevent that class of defect from occurring again. Expect zero defectswith what is not Lean. and you realize that the way you schedule, test, program, and release"Scientific" Project Management software all needs to change to accomplish your goal. And since 80% ofHenry Ford built his early automobiles using "scientific" management current software project dollars are spent removing defects the goal oftechniques. Every production step was optimized for return on invest- Zero Defects becomes financially justifiable.ment. Cars were shipped directly from the factory to the dealer without Extreme Programming has a practice of Test-First coding that is funda-testing them. The focus was on efficient, not quality production. As the mental in achieving the goal of Zero Defects. Test-First coding requiresauto industry grew factories added testing and repair stations at the end that an automated unit-test is written before the production code.of the line to catch defects before the customers did. It was a helpful Additionally, acceptance tests are built directly from the requirementsinnovation. Quality assurance became focused on that final phase. before the production code is written. All tests are built one at a timeWhen defects were found components were disassembled and fixed. immediately before each piece of production code. Moving the tests toThe cost of this re-work was high. the front of the process gains efficiencies in providing a tight disciplineParallels can be found in how most of the software industry builds soft- and direction to the team.ware today. Programs are either released to the customer for testing, or Increasing The Business Payback of Projectsthey are tested as the last step before release to the customer. And Finally, there are two ways to increase the payback on a software project:much of the current focus of quality assurance is on finding defects at the lower the cost or increase the value. Lower costs can be accomplishedend. Is it reassuring that we are following the same path as the automo- with offshore development. Understandably, corporate executives aretive industry? Certainly if we do a good job of testing at the end, many of unhappy with paying high dollar rates for poor quality software built local-the defects will be caught. ly. Instead they reduce labor costs by moving projects offshore. OffshoreTesting cars at the end does find the defects. But since a mass-produc- programming gets low-cost, & talented programmers to produce thetion factory produces in large batches, many cars are built with the same same poor quality software as before. Reducing cost increases payback.defect before the defect is detected at the end. Consequently many cars An alternative way to increase payback is to increase project value. Thisneed to be re-worked because of the same defect. When cycle time can be realized by savings of time to market, closer understanding of thebetween error, detection, & correction is long it causes repeated errors to real customer requirements, and customer goodwill by providing defectoccur before correction. Now that is expensive! free applications. Lean Software Development provides the businessCould this be why 80% of development costs are spent on defect case for this approach. Extreme Programming provides the most popularremoval? If we wait until the end of a month-long cycle to test, program- way to implement Lean Software Development.mers will introduce similar kinds of defects across the system. Repeated A closing thought. In the 1980s Japanese Lean Auto Manufacturersdefects in software occur when communication with the customer breaks established engineering and production facilities in the U.S. Did theydown causing multiple wrong features to be built; when wrong assump- move development off-(Japanese)-shore for lower U.S. labor rates? Notions are propagated; or when programmers dont share information way! They now build cars in Ohio and Michigan, in order to be closer toamong themselves and multiple programmers make the same mistake. the customer, to ship quicker and to understand more deeply. TheyThese defects show the limitations of long cycle times. moved closer to customers to produce more profitably.Lean Manufacturing The same occurs in companies that adopt Lean Software Development.In the 1950s a revolutionary concept was introduced. The Toyota Motor Offshore may be less expensive, but when software is business critical,Company began testing at every station. They also reduced batch sizes locally built Lean Software Development with short cycle times and lowso that cycle time was reduced, defects appeared quickly, and were cor- defects are the cost effective option.rected quickly. When cycle time is short, the number of componentsassembled with the same defect is reduced. This means less rework and References:lower costs. i The Economic Impacts of Inadequate Infrastructure for Software Testing A report by the National Institute of Standards and TechnologyStill today most software is built in long cycles from three months to many and often not tested until the final step of the process. Lean ii The Machine That Changed the World: The Story of Lean ProductionSoftware Development provides a different vision. Quick cycles, rapid, by James P. Womack, et al, 1991continuous, automated testing, & close interaction with the customer pro- iii Lean Development: A Toolkit for Software Development Managersvide the software that the business needs when it is needed. Mary & Tom Poppendieck (Draft), June 2003Lean Software Development software industry finds itself in a situation today similar to automobile iv Software-In-Process, A New/Old Project Metricmanufactures in 1970s. Defects are sapping resources and angering Kent Beck, Three Rivers Institutecustomers. Defects and long cycle times are reducing our ability to to new business opportunities. The most heavily marketed solu- v Test-Driven Development, by Exampletion is to add more bulky process steps and to do more testing at the Kent Beck, June 2003end. This approach lengthens cycle times. Meanwhile the Lean The Goal, A Process Of Ongoing Improvementapproach is delivering successful projects using processes with unlikely E. M. Goldratt, 1984names like: Scrum, DSDM, and Extreme Programming (XP). LeanSoftware Development reduces defects and cycle times while delivering asteady stream of incremental business value.6 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter
  7. 7. Volume 2 Number 1 The BDPA 2003 25th Annual National Conference 2003 CONFERENCE PRICING LIST ADVERTISING BDPA 2003 Program Guide Black & White Full Page $1,000 25th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE ½ Page $750 "Information Technology: From the Classroom to the Inside Front Cover $1,500 Boardroom" Inside Back Cover $1,500 August 13-17, 2003 Career Fair Guide Black & White Full Page $1,500 PHILADELPHIA MARRIOTT ½ Page $1,000 1201 MARKET STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19107 PHONE: 215-625-2900 FAX: 215-625-6097 CONFERENCE PROMOTION Newsletter Sponsorship $2,500 Web Banner $1,500 (3 months) CAREER FAIR & TECHNOLOGY EXPO Conference Tote Bags $10,000 Internet Radio Show $900 Friday and Saturday, August 15th and 16th RECEPTIONS & MEAL FUNCTIONS Sponsorship Attendees LEADING EDGE SEMINAR TRACKS: BDPA IT Golf Classic $35,000 144 I. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY golfers II. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Chapter Officers Luncheon $5,000 150 Chapter Presidents Luncheon $7,500 250 III. ENTREPRENEURS & SMALL BUSINESS Community Service Recognition Dinner$10,000 250 IV. CAREER DEVELOPMENT Corporate Hospitality Suites $3,000 250 V. ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT Chapter Presidents Brunch $2,500 55 VI. COLLEGE STUDENT TRACK Board of Directors Luncheon $3,000 80 Dignitaries Reception $15,000 350 Awards Executive Reception $5,000 250 IT SENIOR MANAGEMENT FORUM (ITSMF) Executive Reception $3,500 150 Network with CIOs and Senior Management Professionals Hospitality Receptions $6,000 each 250-300 Evening Hospitality Suites $2,000 each 100 HIGH SCHOOL COMPUTER COMPETITION (HSCC) Opening Reception $15,000 500 Experience the excitement as high school students from over 25 Youth/HSCC Conference Breakfast $3,500 each 250 Youth/HSCC Lunch $5,000 each 250 urban communities display their skills and expertise in program- Youth/HSCC Dinner $7,500 each 250 ming and technical presentations. Plenary Session (3) $4,000 each 200 YOUTH CONFERENCE Prayer Breakfast $10,000 350 Hands-on training and workshops in technology, PCBuilding Awards Banquet Reception $6,000 400-600 Awards Banquet Sponsorship $50,000 800-1000 Race and IT Knowledge Quiz Bowl, and IT Showcase Awards Banquet Table (10 per table) $750 /table NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES Awards Banquet Corporate Package* $2,000 Meet IT Professionals from over 40 BDPA chapters across the Prayer Breakfast (10 per table) $400 /table nation. * Ten (10) invitations to Awards Banquet Executive Reception, one (1) ban- · CIO ROUNDTABLE quet table, prime location for banquet table, full page ad in the banquet pro- · ENTREPRENEUR SHOWCASE gram book (deadlines apply) · COLLEGE & HBCU ROUNDTABLE IN-KIND · TOWN HALL MEETING Youth Conference Workstations 30 Computers and printers · AWARDS BANQUET HSCC Workstations 30 Computers and printers · BDPA IT GOLF CLASSIC Workshop/Internet 30 Computers Cyber Café 20 Computers · PRAYER BREAKFAST HSCC Program Support Contribution Youth Conference Program Support Contribution MEMBER / NON MEMBER CONFERENCE PRICING JANUARY 2003 Conference Printing Program Guide, Proceedings Guide, Youth, Career Fair Guide Register By Member Non-Member ADULT-FULL ENTREPRENEUR SHOWCASE 12/31/02 $350 $500 Breakfast $4,000 06/30/03 $450 $600 Lunch $4,500 after 6/30/03 $550 $700 CORPORATE Pay by Pay after COLLEGE STUDENT CONFERENCE PRICING 3/28/03 3/28/03 12/31/02 $150 $200 Platinum Conference Partner $50,000 $50,000 after 01/01/03 $200 $250 Gold Conference Partner $20,000 $20,000 Silver Conference Partner $8,000 $10,000 HSCC/YOUTH Bronze Conference Partner $4,500 $5,000 $150 $150 JANUARY CHAPTER ANNIVERSARIES REGISTER NOW! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE DISCOUNT RATES!!Northwest Indiana Chapter 11th Annual Anniversary TO CONTACT BDPA:BDPA Cincinnati Chapter 13th Annual AnniversaryBDPA Ft. Wayne Chapter 14th Annual Anniversary PHONE: (800) 727-BDPA, (301) 220-2180 FAX: (301) 220-2185BDPA Phoenix Chapter 16th Annual Anniversary WEBSITE: WWW.BDPA.ORG 6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Suite 450 , Greenbelt, MD 20770 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter 7
  8. 8. UPCOMING EVENTS JANUARY 2003 ISSUE Information Technology Thought Leaders JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2003 The BDPA Monthly Newsletter Every Thursday @ 10:30am ET - BDPA Internet Radio Show The newsletter designed to keep our members informed of news, events and perspectives important to our JANUARY community. 8 NEC Conference Call We welcome your comments: 10-12 1Q03 Conference Leadership Team Mtg (Philadelphia) Read our Online Journal for breaking news, information and updates: 25 Annual Awards Banquet BDPA Chicago Chapter FEBRUARY BDPA 2003 7 NEC Meeting 25th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE “Information Technology: 7-9 1Q-2003 NBOD Meeting (Philadelphia) "Leadership/Conference Kick-Off" From the Classroom to the Boardroom” August 13-17, 2003 Chapters may send their information on upcoming events to: Philadelphia Marriott Hotel - Philadelphia, PA Platinum Level Conference Partner: FleetBoston Financial PRE-SORTEDBDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders FIRST CLASSNational Headquarters U.S. POSTAGE PAID6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Suite 450 PERMIT NO. 24460Greenbelt, MD 20770 MERRIFIELD, VA