frankfinn grooming assignment


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assignment (ppt) on grooming by ayushi arora

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frankfinn grooming assignment

  1. 1. Acknowledgement
  2. 2. • Grooming is very important for creating good image. • For enhancement of outer appearance. • important in facing the interview. • It is the theme of our professional personality. • Further it is important in our career like in aviation and hospitality.
  3. 3. • Personal qualities required for working in aviation in hospitality industry. • Personal grooming treatments. • Techniques to improve n maintain condition of skin. • Techniques to improve n maintain condition of hair. • Suitable diet with justification with a weekly menu. • Exercise regimen. • Why do you think its important to present yourself as a professional in an interview.
  4. 4. Personal qualities required for working in aviation in hospitality industry. • • • • • • • • • Fixed smile Patient Carm and polite Well groomed Confident Excellent communication skills Presence of mind Physical fitness Time management
  5. 5. Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. Time management may be aided by range of skills ,tools ,and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks ,projects and goals complying due to date.
  6. 6. A person must be very carm and polite as he/she has to constantly deal with customers and has to make sure that every guest he/she deals with feel comfortable in his/her presence.
  7. 7. Confident Confidence is generally described as a state of being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective. Selfconfidence is having confidence in oneself.
  8. 8. communication skills
  9. 9. Presence of mind Taking decisions by mind and not by your heart. the best way to be a rational person is to start conditioning your mind. Presence of mind has many benefits such as: Easy Success Sign of maturity Rise in self-esteem
  10. 10. Personal grooming treatments. I hake bath twice a day because it improve blood flow and promote relaxation. I refresh my skin with rose water every morning. After washing my face I apply sunscreen and moisturizer I also use scrub weekly.
  11. 11. Types of skin and Techniques to improve n maintain it Skin is one of the visible outer part of our human body which plays a very important role. It is very important to recognize the nature of skin and to give it proper care accordingly. There are four types of skin  Oily skin  Dry skin  Combination skin  Sensitive skin
  12. 12. • It has a greasy slippery texture and is prone to develop acne. • It is typically thicker and firmer than normal skin and are often not well textured. • Pores are widely open and secrete oily liquid which in turn makes skin shiny n oily.
  13. 13. • Dry skin Is usually thin, dull and rough in texture. • The reason for its dryness is it has very small and closed pores which internally makes it very itchy, flaky and irritating
  14. 14. • Combination skin refers to the skin which is both dry and oily. People with combination skin consist of oil on the “t” zone i.e. forehead, nose and chin and have dry texture on the “v” zone i.e. cheeks and
  15. 15. Skin care I have combination skin and for care of my skin I mainly do three simple steps Cleansing Toning Moisturizing
  16. 16. Types of hair and Techniques to improve and maintain its condition
  17. 17. People who have oily have over of secretion of oil. Hence the scalp and hair gets too oily Due to this they have to wash their hair everyday. These type of hair are easily recognizable. It looks greasy even after shampoo and attracts more dirt.
  18. 18. Damaged hair Damaged hair refer to the heir who have lost their nutrition and are dry ,rough in texture and have split ends
  19. 19. Hair care I have dry hair •At night ,I apply oil and do massage for 20-25 minutes •I use shampoo for my hair thrice a week. •I also use hair mask weekly. •I have started using egg and curd to give nourishment to my hair.
  20. 20. Products I use
  21. 21. I follow the following exercise schedule daily • 20 minutes of walking • 15 minutes cycling • 10 minutes cross trainer • Upper body exercise 5 raps • Lower body exercise 5 raps • Abs exercise
  22. 22. MORNING 7:00 AM GLASSES WATER GLASSES WATER BREAK FAST 9:00 AM Sandwich with milk 2-3 egg with milk MID MORNING 11:30 AM Fruit juice Fruit juice LUNCH 2:00 PM Vegetable and 2 chapattis EVE 5:00 PM A glass milk with toast DINNER 8:00 PM Dal with a Fruit chapatti chat GLASSES WATER GLASSE S WATER GLASSES WATER GLASSES WATER A bowl Kellogg's with milk Sandwic h with milk 2-3 egg with milk A bowl Kellogg's with milk Fruit salad Fruit salad Fruit juice Fruit juice Vegetable Dal with and 2 boiled rice chapattis Vegetabl e and 2 chapatti s Vegetable and 2 chapattis Vegetable and 2 chapattis A glass milk with 5 soaked almonds A glass milk with 2 biscuits A glass A glass milk with milk with toast 5 soaked almonds Dal with a chapatti Dal with a chapatti Suitable diet plan A glass milk with 2 biscuits Fruit chat Fruit chart
  23. 23. BMI
  24. 24. Why is it important to present yourself as a professional in an interview? • The first impression is the “LAST IMPRESSION” • The world takes you seriously when you are well groomed. • A well groomed personality speaks volume about your character. • We must always dress as per the occasion or requirement and not as per our desire.
  25. 25. BIBLIOGRAPHY w w w. g o o g l e . c o m w w w. f r a n k f i n n . c o m