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Frankfinn Grooming Presentation ...


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Frankfinn Grooming Presentation by Syed Shabbir Hussain B1/AHS ...

Frankfinn Grooming Presentation ...

  2. 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT• I am very grateful for the strong support and guidance provided to me by my grooming teacher Mrs.Nina Ramachandran,who helped me to be well groomed and also helped me in preparing this project. I am very thankful to her for the same.
  3. 3. CONTENT• Personal qualities required for working in Aviation and Hospitality Industry.• Personal Grooming Treatments.• Techniques to Improve and Maintain Condition of Skin. Types Of Skin. My Skin Type. Home Made Face Packs. Tips For Taking Care Of Your Skin.• Techniques to improve and Maintain Condition of Hair. Types Of Hair. My Hair Type. Home Made Hair Packs. Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hair.• Suitable Diet with Justification with a weekly menu.• Weekly Exercise.• Personal Hygiene.• Tips for Healthy Living• Tips on Shaving.• Etiquette and Manners.• Why do you think it’s important to present yourself as a professional in an interview.• Conclusion.
  4. 4. Personal Qualities Required For Working In Aviation And Hospitality Industry• PATIENCE.• WELL GROOMED.• HUMBLE.• CONFIDENT.• PHYSICALLY FIT.• GOOD COMMAND OVER ENGLISH.
  5. 5. PATIENCE• A person who is working in aviation or hospitality industry has to be patient at all times.• He/she may many a times come across a person who may be irritated for some reason or another or may remove all the frustration on the one who is serving them and that may unfortunately be you.At such a time you must know how to deal with the situation without loosing your patience and hurting your guest’s sentiments.
  6. 6. WELL GROOMED• A person has to make sure that he/she is Well Groomed and looks presentable at any given point of time may it be at the start of the shifts or the end of it because they are the ones that represent the brand he/she is working for and creates the impression of the organization in the guests mind.This is very important as it helps in generating future business.
  7. 7. HUMBLE• A person must be very humble as he/she has to constantly deal with guests and has to make sure that every guest that he/she deals with feel comfortable in his/her presence.
  8. 8. CONFIDENT• Who is working in Hospitality Industry has to be very confident while dealing with guests.• He/she must be able to answer the questions that a guest may ask and while answering these questions one must be clear and understandable.
  9. 9. PHYSICALLY FIT• Hospitality Industry will include working for long and odd hours,a person may even have to work for 12- 14 hours if situation arises.Hence it is very important for a person to be physically fit to cope up with such tight schedules and at the same time to put in his/her best effort.
  10. 10. GOOD COMMAND OVER ENGLISH• In Hospitality Industry a person should has a good command over english as he/she has to constantly interact with guests and provide them with the necessary information And assistance,at such moments if he/she fumbles it creates a negative impact on the guests mind about the person and even the entire organization.
  11. 11. PERSONAL GROOMING TREATMENTS• I take bath twice a day,because it can improve blood flow and promote relaxation and also helps to wash off bacteria and dert.• I comb my hair daily and apply oil/curd once in a week for thick and shinny hair.• Keeping my nails trimmed and clean will be both attractive and healthy.Good hand wash habbits can help us protect from flu,colds and illnesses.• I regularly brushes my theet two times a day to prevent gum disease and bad breath.• I wash my face 3-4 times a day and had also avoided using of soaps.
  12. 12. • I use Besan powder/curd mixed with rose waterand apply on my face for 15-20mins,curd can alsobe used for hair.• I drinks 12-15 glasses of water daily,because ithelps in digestion and water always gives a positivesign to our health.• I have a half glass of methi mixed butter milk oncein a week,because it cleans the stomach.• I use head and shoulder shampoo for myhair,because it keeps away dandruff and hair fall.• I also apply Henna mixed with egg on my hair oncein 2-3 months.
  14. 14. OILY SKIN• Oily skin is shiny,thick and dull colored.Often a chronically oily skin has coarse pores and pimples and other embarrassing blemishes. It is prone to blackheads.The oil oozes and gives the skin a greasy shine.The pores are enlarged and the skin has a coarse look.
  15. 15. COMBINATION SKIN• Combination skin occurs when two or more different skin types occur on your face at the same time.Typically, combination skin is when some parts of your face are dry or flaky,while the center part of your face,nose,chin, and forehead (called the T-zone) is oily.
  16. 16. SENSITIVE SKIN• A sensitive skin is a thin or a fine-textured skin.It reacts quickly to both heat and cold; therefore,it sunburns and windburns easily. It is commonly dry,delicate and prone to allergic reactions.Temperature changes, some detergents,cosmetics and alcohol (used on the skin) can all cause irritation, leaving the skin red and blotchy,with visible surface veins
  17. 17. DRY SKIN• Dry skin has a low level of sebum and can be prone to sensitivity.The skin has a parched look caused by its inability to retain moisture.It usually feels "tight" and uncomfortable after washing unless some type of moisturizer or skin cream is applied.Chapping and cracking are signs of extremely dry, dehydrated skin.
  18. 18. MY SKIN TYPE• I have a COMBINATION SKIN i.e. certain areas of my face are dry and other parts are oily.On most days,my skin will probably feel normal or dry.• On most of my face the oily part will be concentrated in the (T-Zone),the area across my my forehead and down my nose and chin.These areas are prone to having acne problems a lot.• I wash it daily with an oil control face wash.• I moisturize the dry areas and I apply face packs and get a facial done once in a month or two.
  19. 19. HOME MADE FACE PACKS• Take Aloe vera and apply the pulp directly to your face and wash with water.After that apply sunscreen lotion.• Take sandalwood powder,add ambe haldi,add malai or add not boiled milk,add some amount of honey in it and make thick and dray paste.Apply on face and hands let it dry and scrub it.• Multani mitti,Aloe vera pulp,sandalwood powder,orange juice/lemon juice,Rose water.Apply on face let it dry than wash it off.• Take egg white add 1-2 drops of almond oil/coconut oil.Make a paste and apply on face & let it dry. Note:After applying the face pack avoid Talk.
  20. 20. TIPS FOR TAKING CARE OF YOUR SKIN• Remember to feed and nourish your skin with proper foods.• Keep your face clean and away from germs.• To prevent all types skin issues,get serious about stress reduction.• Use a good sunscreen lotion that helps prevnt the pollutant from being absorbed to the skin.• Drink atleast 12-15 glass of water in a day.
  22. 22. OILY HAIR• Hair which develops a lank, flat, stringy or oily appearance is often referred to by hairdressers and hair consumers as "greasy" hair. This type of hair is hard to control, clumps together easily and doesnt hold a style well.
  23. 23. DRY HAIR• When oil and moisture escapes your hair,it becomes dry and lacks the sheen and soft texture you desire.As the issue worsens, hair becomes brittle and dull.• At some point in time, dry hair becomes inevitable, as strong hair care products;over-processing;or elevated exposure to the sun and wind causes hair damage.
  24. 24. NORMAL HAIR• Not too fine or coarse,normal hair is the most manageable hair type with the largest range of possible styles.Though it’s fun to experiment,even the easiest-to-care- for hair requires a regimen of regular maintenance.Proper styling tools with varying heats are crucial for keeping a healthy-looking shine, maintaining balance,and adding…
  25. 25. DAMAGED HAIR• Unhealthy/Damaged hair that is dry,frizzy or has noticeably split ends.Damage can be caused by an improper diet, texture of hair or the excessive use of styling products (i.e. Colour treatments,gel,spray,wax).Damage can be reversed with products such as hot oil treatments and deep conditioners.
  26. 26. MY HAIR TYPE• I have a NORMAL HAIR,I apply oil once in a week and also washes my hair 3-4 times a week with a conditioner.• I use Head and Shoulder Shampoo,it keeps my scalp clean and free from Dandruff.• I also apply curd and henna on my hair once in 2-3 months.
  27. 27. HOME MADE HAIR PACKS• Take Mehndi Powder,add egg,amla powder,coffee and if u have dandruff add Lemon in it and apply on ur hair for an Hour.• Take methi seeds,soak them over night and make its paste & apply on hair.Wash it when it gets dry.• Take Curd and one smashed Banana and mix it properly and apply it.
  28. 28. TIPS FOR TAKING CARE FOR YOUR HAIR• Stick with gentle cleansers: Harsh, chemical- filled shampoos can strip our hair of natural oils and make it even drier.Look for all-natural products made specifically for dry hair to help add moisture back in. Also, consider changing shampooing schedule: Instead of washing hair daily, scale back to once or twice a week to help preserve natural oils and give hair a rest.• Avoid rough handling: All that combing, blow- drying, and straightening can take their toll on hair. Avoid overscrubbing when you’re washing, let your hair air dry, and comb or brush only as needed.
  29. 29. • Limit your processing: Colouring,perms,and other chemical treatments can dry and damage hair even further.Go easy on hair — put off the harshest treatments until hair regains its health.• Don’t expose yourself: The sun, wind, and cold can dry out hair. Wear a hat during the winter to protect it from the cold, and look into hair-care products with sunscreens to minimize sun damage.• Try an all-natural treatment: Mayonnaise, bananas, and avocados are all excellent moisturizers for hair. Leave any of these on hair for at least 15 minutes, then shampoo and rinse out.
  30. 30. SUITABLE DIET WITH JUSTIFICATION WITH A WEEKLY MENU PRE- BREAK-FAST MID- BEFORE DAYS LUNCH SNACKS DINNER BREAKFAST SNACKS SLEEP 2Almonds & A bowl of A cup of Black A bowl of glass of 2-3 Chapattis with Rice with Daal Tea with Rice with Daal A glass of MONDAY Biscuits lemon Juice. Omelet. and fried biscuits. and fried Milk. potatoes. potatoes. 2Almonds & 2-3 Chapattis with A Bowl of rice A cup of Black A Bowl of rice A glass of glass of Masoor ki Daal. Biscuits with Daal and Tea with with daal and Milk. TUESDAY lemon Juice. Ladies Finger. biscuits. Ladies Finger. 2Almonds & 2-3 Chapattis with A Bowl of rice A cup of Black A Bowl of rice A glass ofWEDNESDAY glass of Nahari. Biscuits with Daal and Tea with with Daal and Milk. lemon Juice. Fried Meat. biscuits. Fried Meat. 2Almonds & 2-3 Chapattis with A Bowl of rice A cup of Black A Bowl of rice A glass of glass of Rajma. Biscuits with Daal and Tea with with Daal and Milk.THURSDAY lemon Juice. Spinach curry. biscuits. Spinach curry. 2Almonds & 2-3 Chapattis with A cup of Black A glass of glass of Omelet. Biscuits Fried Rice. Tea with Fried Rice. Milk. FRIDAY lemon Juice. biscuits. 2Almonds & A Bowl of rice A cup of Black A Bowl of rice A glass of glass of Noodles Biscuits with Daal and Tea with with Daal and Milk.SATURDAY lemon Juice. Cauli Flower. biscuits. Cauli Flower. 2Almonds & A Bowl of rice A cup of Black A Bowl of rice A glass of glass of Dosa/Idly Biscuits with Fried Tea with with Fried Milk. SUNDAY lemon Juice. Chicken. biscuits. Chicken.
  31. 31. MY HEIGHT AND WEIGHT• My Height: 177cms (5’10)• My Weight: 66kgs.• My BMI is: 21.07 [Normal]• I Am Normal In Weight.
  32. 32. WEEKLY EXERCISE• I have a daily Walk for 30- 60mins.• Goes for swimming once in a week.• Some times does skipping, but not regularly.• I also does cycling once in a week.
  33. 33. PERSONAL HYGIENE• Hygiene and body style are visible parts of our identity. It is important how we look and smell.• Personal Hygiene involves properly caring for our body by keeping clean and healthy while allowing us to look and feel our best.
  34. 34. Following are some of the points/tips which I follows:• I bath daily because it can improve blood flow & promote relaxation & also helps to wash off bacteria & dirt.• I comb my hair daily & apply oil once in a week,for thick & shinny hair.• I keeps my nails trimmed & clean will be both attractive and healthy.Good hand wash habit can help us protect from flu,colds & illnesses.• I regularly brushes my teeth 2 times a day to prevent gum disease & bad breath.• I wash my clothes separately with a good detergent & always iron my clothes whenever i goes out.• I keep my room clean and deity and my clothes always in cupboard.• I want my surrounding to be clean,because it is also one of the reason that we fell sick.
  35. 35. TIPS FOR HEALTHY LIVING• Enjoy a pint of water or greenery first thing in the morning.• Grab a few fresh fruits on your way out.• Avoid going to junk food shops with your work mates.• Exercise on the go.• Drink herbal teas.• Eat a handful of nuts.• Say yes to freshly squeezed juice.• Deep breathing.• Have a glass of milk every day.• Sleep on time.minimum 8hrs sleep is compulsory.
  36. 36. TIPS ON SHAVING• Its best to avoid shaving the very first thing in the morning. If possible, let your skin wake up a while.• Use an exfoliate such as a facial cleanser or scrub to open up the pores of the skin to prepare it for a close shave.• Stubble should be wetted with warm or hot water before shaving. This swells the hair shaft allowing the blade to cut the hair, not your skin.• A vitamin and Aloe Vera based shave cream will provide a close soothing shave and protect against razor rashes and burns.• Use a sharp blade. A dull blade is responsible for many shaving cuts as it drags over your face and catches your skin along with the hairs of your beard.• Rinse the blade often in hot water when shaving and use slow short strokes. Take your time.• After shaving, apply an oil-free moisturizer to soothe and protect the face.
  37. 37. ETIQUETTE AND MANNERS• Always greet others according to the time.• Give first preference to ladies.• Always behave mature with every one.• Give appreciation for good work.• Be Punctual.• Be helpful and friendly.• Be patient and good listener. Its very essential to be a professional because,then only we can get a job easily
  38. 38. TIPS WHILE GOING FOR AN INTERVIEW/MEETING• Be punctual or even better turn up a bit earlier. If this is not possible, arrive at the scheduled time at the latest. But dont be late!• When invited to a business meeting, be sure to reply if a reply is requested.• Dont expect others to fill you in during or after the meeting.• Come prepared with pen and paper.• Dont interrupt the speaker unless he/she has encouraged open discourse throughout the meeting.• Dont talk during a meeting with other colleagues. This is disruptive to other attendees and inconsiderate of the speaker.• Silence your electronics,e.g. cell phones,pagers etc.
  39. 39. WHY DO U THINK ITS IMPORTANT TO PRESENT YOUR SELF AS A PROFESSIONAL IN AN INTERVIEW? It is very important to present yourself as a professional in an interview because:• The first impression is the “LAST IMPRESSION”.• The world takes you seriously when you are well groomed.• A well groomed personality speaks volumes about your character.• We must always dress as per the occasion or requirement and not as per our desire.
  40. 40. FOR MEN• A two piece suit in navy or another dark color.• A tie in a simple pattern that matches the color of your suit.• Button down dress shirt (white or pastel).• Polished dress shoes in a dark color.• No earrings! If u normally wear one take it out.• Get a hair cut.Short hair always fares best.• Clean trimmed finger nails.• Light Briefcase or Portfolio case.
  41. 41. WHAT ARE EMPLOYERS LOOKING FOR?• Leadership Skills.• Interpersonal Skills.• Negotiation and Communication Skills.• Assume team,not individual approach.• Handle Ambiguity/Flexibility.• Positive and focused.• Enthusiastic.
  42. 42. BEFORE JOINING FRANKFINN• My Communication was not upto the mark.• I didn’t use to take much care about my hair and skin.• My dressing was not upto the mark.• I didn’t practice regular exercises.
  43. 43. AFTER JOINING FRANKFINN• I had improved a lot in my Communication.• Now I am taking care of my Hair and Skin.• My dressing sense too improved a lot.• I am maintaining Healthy Diet.• I am practicing regular exercise to keep my body fit.
  44. 44. MY STRENGTHS• Good Communication Skills.• Pleasing Smile.• Focused.• Hardworking.• Warmth.• Reasoning.• Leadership Qualities.
  45. 45. MY WEAKNESS• Openness to change.• Storing unnecessary things in mind.• Perfectionism.• But now a days I am trying to overcome this weakness.
  46. 46. BIBLIOGRAPHY• Frankfinn Magazines.• News Papers.• Internet.• Friends Advices.
  47. 47. CONCLUSION• It is quit difficult to conclude from my side.I’m a learner,what I have experienced in learning,only I can share my happiness with the experiments practiced with self participation. I once again like to thanks my grooming teacher, Mrs. NINA RAMACHANDRAN who helped me to be well groomed and also helped me in preparing this project. Hence being a student i can express about my self ideology:• My attire is now different and collection of clothes are professional.• Health Conscious.• Food Conscious and,• I can see a lot of change in me.