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Ebook readers


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A simple guide on preparing to be able to download and read eBook from library. eBook readers used Adobe Digital Edition and Bluefire Reader.

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Ebook readers

  1. 1. eBook readers: • Adobe Digital Edition • Bluefire Reader
  2. 2. • enables to download and purchase digital content for online or offline use • Adobe Digital Edition and Bluefire Reader • free tools • Compatible to any device • both use Adobe ID eBook readers
  3. 3. • Install Adobe Digital Edition for PC editions/download.html • Mobile App: App Store & Google play eBook reader: Adobe Digital Edition
  4. 4. After installing, you will be prompted to sign in. If not, open the help menu and select ‘Authorize Computer …’ option Adobe Digital Edition
  5. 5. Option 1 Option 2 Two option to read eBooks: 1. By signing in using Adobe ID. This is recommended as you can sync and read across your devices 2. By authorizing current device only. Adobe Digital Edition
  6. 6. • Install the software from the following link for Windows PC • Mobile apps available: >APPLE iOS >ANDROID eBook reader: Bluefire Reader
  7. 7. Bluefire reader • Ones you install, you will be prompted to sign in. • Sign-in if you have Adobe ID. If not, create Adobe ID.
  8. 8. 1 To create Adobe ID click ‘Sign-in’ Create Adobe ID
  9. 9. 2 Create Adobe ID 4 3 For more help with Adobe ID, please check the Adobe Support page.
  10. 10. Sign-in with your Adobe ID (your email) and ‘Authorize’ Adobe Digital Edition
  11. 11. Your device is authorized and ready to contain eBooks. ‘Ok’ and proceed to download your eBook eBook. Adobe Digital Edition
  12. 12. Need more help? Contact: Or Drop your query at ‘Ask-A-Librarian’ tab in BIO1000F library guide Search box.