The Brand "Disney"


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  • great animated movie, but every time I see it cugnx to laugh, it helps me de yourself.
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  • great animated movie, but every time I see it cugnx to laugh, it helps me de yourself.
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The Brand "Disney"

  1. 1. GroupMembersAchsahSara DavidAustinaFrancisAtul PillaiDon LouisMary JoseSameer P
  2. 2. • Mission statement “Walt Disney Company is committed to balancing environmental stewardship with its corporate goals and operation through out the world”.
  3. 3. • The Walt Disney logo is a stylized version of the founder‟s signature that signifies the brand name and promises secure, cheerful and quality American mainstream entertainment.• Aside from the regular logo, the company has adopted different logos for the different products it provides.• For example, the castle on a blue background version is used for Disney‟s movie releases. Similarly, the Walt Disney signature with “world” added onto the end is used for the company‟s holiday resorts.
  4. 4. Vision statement
  5. 5. Disney SynopsisFounder : Walt Disney and Roy Disney in 16th October 1923Industry :Mass MediaArea Served :World WideKey People :Bob IgerProducts :Cable television, publishing, movies, theme parks, broadcasting, radio and web portals.Revenue :US$40.83BillionEmployees : 156,000
  6. 6. Through the History
  7. 7. 1. 1923–1928: The silent era2. 1928–1934: Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphonies3. 1934–1945: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and World War II4. 1946–1954: Post-war and television5. 1955–1965: Disneyland6. 1966–1971: The deaths of Walt and Roy Disney and the opening of Walt Disney World7. 1972–1984: Theatrical malaise and new leadership8. 1984–2004: The Eisner era 8.1 "Save Disney" campaign and Eisners ouster9. 2005–present: The Iger era
  8. 8. • May 18, 1922 Walt Creates Laugh-O- gram Films.• In early 1923, the Laugh-O-gram Films was nearly broke With the little money left .• What Disney does is go out and blow it all on the most lavish film he can possibly make, and it was called Alices Wonderland.”
  9. 9. • Having given up his Kansas City dreams, it seemed to Walt that there was only one way to go west. Months before the official Laugh-O- grams bankruptcy proceedings took place, Walt was ready for the next stage of his life. It was time to move to Hollywood.• So, with his few possessions in hand -- plus his half-finished cut of Alice‟s Wonderland -- he boarded the train in the last few days of July 1923. “I was just as free and happy, you know?” he recalled. “It was July 1923. So that would make me 21, 21 going on 22. But I‟d failed. I think it’s important to have a good, hard failure when you’re young.”• July 6, 1925 A week before Walt marries Lillian Bounds, the two brothers put a deposit down for a vacant lot at 2719 Hyperion Avenue where they plan to build their movie studio.
  10. 10. • July 25, 1925 Walt Marries Lillian Bounds.• January 31, 1927 Oswald was born.. Funny how the cartoon artists never hit on a rabbit before. Oswald, with his long ears, has a chance for a lot of new comedy gags and makes the most of them.• A Famous Train Ride on March 13, 1928 Lillian his wife remembered that famous train ride: “He was taking about different things, kittens and cats and this and that. Well, a mouse is awful cute, and he just kept talking about a mouse. So that‟s where he originated Mickey Mouse.“• Walt had originally thought about calling his mouse Mortimer, but Lilly said, „I don‟t think that would be good for a mouse‟s name. Let‟s call it Mickey.”
  11. 11. • The cartoon was completed on May 15, 1928, and Walt set about trying to sell Mickey to distributors. Meanwhile, the staffers who had deserted him for Mintz were now gone, and Walt could once again operate in the open.• 1929 Walt begins experimenting with music and animation• Walt decided to launch his experiments with color on a film that was already in the works. As he recalled, “I had a black-and-white picture in work called Flowers and Trees. I had photographed about half in black and white.”• The new cartoon was a huge success, and on November 18, 1932, it became the first cartoon to win an Oscar® From the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®
  12. 12. • March 16, 1934 The Academy Awards® are held at the Ambassador Hotels Fiesta Room and Three Little Pigs wins the Academy Award for Best Short Subject, Cartoon.• February 27, 1935 The Tortoise and the Hare Wins an Academy Award.• March 5, 1936 Three Orphan Kittens Wins an Academy Award
  13. 13. • March 4, 1937 The Country Cousin Wins an Academy Award• March 10, 1938 The Old Mill Wins an Academy Award.• February 23, 1939 Snow White Wins a Special Academy Award
  14. 14. • October 27, 1954 Disneyland Premieres on ABC. The Disneyland television show, hosted by Walt, premieres on ABC.• July 17, 1955 Opening Day at Disneyland• October 3, 1955 The Mickey Mouse Club Walt Disney Died-December 15, 1966 (aged 65) Burbank, California, U.S. Cause of death-Lung cancer
  15. 15. The Brand “Disney”
  16. 16. Brand Value2012 brand performance* 2011 brand performance* 2010 brand performance*Brand value $15,392m Brand value $15,424m Brand value $13,436mBrand rating AAA Brand rating AAA+ Brand rating AAAEnterprise value $49,680m Enterprise value $52,049m Enterprise value $44,984mValue / ent. value 31.0% Value / ent. value 29.6% Value / ent. value 29.9%Figures taken on 31st Figures taken on 31st Figures taken on 31stDecember 2011 December 2010 December 2009.
  17. 17. Brand Elements• Advertisement
  18. 18. Strapline• Disney uses various slogans for different branches of their business. The most well known slogan is „Where Dreams Come True‟ which is used to promote their Disney World theme park.
  19. 19. Walt Disney company owns39 Hotels11 Theme parks11 Cable TV networks8 Motion picture studios6 Record labels5 Vacation resorts2 Waterparks1 Terrestrial Television Network
  20. 20. Divisions o The Walt Disney Studios o Disney Media Work o Walt Disney Parks and Resorts o Disney Interactive Media Group o Disney Consumer Products
  21. 21. • Subsidiaries Walt Disney Pictures • Lucas film Ltd. LLC• Walt Disney Animation Studios • The Muppets Studio, LLC• Walt Disney Theatrical • ABC Inc.• Walt Disney India Ltd. • ESPN Inc.(80%)• Pixar Animation Studios • A+E Networks(50%)• UTV Software • Hulu (27%)• Communications • Marvel Entertainment, LLC• Radio Disney
  22. 22. The Four Ps of The Walt Disney CompanyPlaceThe stores are located in malls and super centres, in urbanlocations in order to for them to be visible, and they arenationally located within their theme parks where they will beheavily sought after by eager vacationing families. PromotionThroughoutThe Walt Disney Company, surfacing in theatricalproductions, books, consumer products and themeparks. Every aspect of Disney promotes not only itself butevery18 Disney other aspect as well in a circular rotation and, as RoyDisney was quoted earlier, “keeps[consumers] Mickey Mouseminded. "Since Disney is a family oriented company they wantto be able to attract families of median incomes.
  23. 23. PriceTherefore, the pricing, relative to the themeparks and true to the pricing strategy is, “thequickest element to change,” (Hair, Lamb &McDaniel, 2008, p.49). The prices foradmission are subject to the seasons. Disneyads on television are often seen offeringpackages for “round trip airfare for cheap,”“kids fly free,” and “hotel packages” all toattract consumers to their parks and resorts.
  24. 24. Product competitors &Product Differentiation
  25. 25. Product differentiation Walt Disney has additional brands such as ESPN, Miramax, touchstone, and Pixar. Disney stores located in malls and supercenters. Particularly in urban locations in order for them to be visible and accessible by public. Walt Disney studio produces films through imprints Walt Disney pictures, Disney animation, and Pixar, and its marvel entertainment a top comic book publisher and film producer.
  26. 26.  Walt Disney parks and resorts operates the company’s popular theme parks including Walt Disney world and Disney land. The Multiplan allowed the animator to re-use the same background, foreground, or any elements not in motion, saving hours of labour
  27. 27. SWOT
  28. 28. Future Plans• Finalizing new marketing initiatives in India, with the thrust on localization, interactivity and region specific approach.• Focus on family entertainment industry• Emphasizing family values and morals.