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Disney Presentation


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Disney Presentation

  1. 1. Research   October 16, 1923  Walt signed a contract with M. J. Winkler to produce a series of Alice Comedies — this date is considered the start of the Disney Company first known as The Disney Brothers Studio.  Roy Disney handled the financing  The birth of the company may well have been Walt’s brainstorm, on a cross-country train ride from NY to LA, to create a little mouse character named MORTIMER MOUSE. Walt’s wife, Lillian, however, insisted that Mortimer was too formal a name. How about Mickey?
  2. 2. Research  Holdings:  ABC TV and radio networks.  10 US TV stations; 21 US radio stations.  Disney channel  ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews  holdings in Lifetime, A&E and History channels  Americast (interactive TV joint venture with telephone co.s)  Several studios: Disney, Miramax, Buena Vista.  Magazine and newspaper publishing (Fairfax, Chilton)  Book publishing (Hyperion, Chilton)  Music labels (Hollywood Records, Mammoth, Walt Disney)  Theme parks (Disneyland, Disney World, partial ownership in Japan and France)  Disney cruise line  Disney quest (high-tech arcade game stores)  NHL Anaheim Might Ducks; Anaheim Angels  Consumer products (including 700+ Disney retail stores worldwide)
  3. 3. Disney  Disney specialize in animation and is more remembered for its animated movies but they do other genre’s that are not animated for example Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lone Ranger. Other Films that are not animation do you use similar techniques in the films for special effects just like Alice in Wonderland and OZ, The Great and Powerful.
  4. 4. Gross And Rating.   The Lion King (1994) world wide gross of $952,000,000.00 in 1994 had the same buying power as $1,499,177,997.26 in 2013.  Which if you compare to Avengers Assemble which had a gross profit of $1.51 billion. (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures released this Marvel Studios production)  The Lion king (1994) is also the highest rated film that Disney has made.
  5. 5. Other Corporations  Each of these has and are created to bring in more money and publicity for the company. To help fund movie productions.  Disney World Florida.  Disney World Paris.  Disney Console Games.  Disney Merchandise.
  6. 6. Success and Strengths   Disney is predominately animation films which is what Disney became famous for, as they are enjoyed by a wide range of audiences but mainly families.  Disney specialised in these family films and succeeded by including adult humour and references to provide entertainment for the parents as well as the childish fairy-tale story line that are included in most films that were made in the studio or produced by Disney.
  7. 7. The Disney Greats   Disney have had a lot of very successful films as they have made most childrens books into films including all the classics such as Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, The Lion King and Beauty and The Beast.  But in saying this we were surprised to find out that Marvels “The Avengers” as the most successful film in gross terms, making a total of $1.501 Billion Dollars. We noticed that “The Lion King” didn’t seem that successful as we thought with $940 million dollars but that was in 1994, but in todays currency value it is worth $1.499 Billion Dollars so that is a very close 2nd.
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