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Walt Disney

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Walt Disney

  1. 1. Submitted by: Darshali Patel (26)
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Headquarter: California, United States. Employees: 1,56,000 Founded: 16th Oct. 1923 Founder: Walt and Roy Disney Key people: Bob Iger(Chairman & CEO) Parent: Disney Group Subsidiaries: Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel entertainment, LLC, ABC Inc., Radio Disney, UTV Software. Products: Television, radio, publishing, movies, theme parks Revenue: US$ 40.893billion Net profit: US$ 4.807 billion
  3. 3. 4 P’s of Walt Disney
  4. 4. 4 P’s of Walt Disney 1) Price While at the Walt Disney World theme parks you are continuously offered other products / services to purchase. * Upon exiting attractions, you enter a store themed to that attraction with gifts. * During travel on trams, monorails, trains, boats, etc. there are always marketing announcements. These recordings inform you of ways to upgrade your ticket, to stay longer, to visit other parks, to dine at restaurants, to stay at resorts or to go to other attractions. * Booths in the parks have representatives selling Disney vacation packages for future visits. * Stores with gifts and restaurants with food areClara Clurk on every corner for your convenience. Disney knows that current customers are the easiest customers to up sell. As a result, they take every opportunity to sell you more.
  5. 5. 4 P’s of Walt Disney2)Place Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL attracts visitorsfrom all over the world, as does Disneyland in California.However, Disney realized they could grow their business ifthey offered their product to other marketplaces outside ofthe USA. As a result, Disney developed country specifictheme parks and delivered them to these marketplaces.Disney built a Disneyland Paris, a Tokyo Disney and mostrecently a Hong Kong Disneyland. These parks bring in manyvisitors, as well as many repeat visitors who would not havetraveled to the USA. Disney has increased their marketplaceand expanded their brand worldwide by building thesecountry specific theme parks. Your Internet business canagain follow this business principle and do it with less of aninvestment. It’s as easy as developing your site in other Goofylanguages and then submitting your site to search engines inthose languages.
  6. 6. 4 P’s of Walt Disney 3) Promotion Walt Disney World is always advertising. They do not start, stop and then start again. They have a marketing budget and plan that’s designed to keep their message in front of audiences. You regularly see their ads on TV, in print publications, on the Internet and I’ve even gotten their ads on grocery store coupon print-outs! Disney also continually sends direct mail pieces to past customers with varying offers. Disney’s promotions are designed to keep them in your mind. So when it’s time for vacationing, you think of going to Disney World or perhaps another (undefined) destination. But as Disney has kept itself in your awareness it is always a consideration. Other vacation destination have notDonald Duck established themselves nearly as well! Your Internet business should consider the advantage of continuous promotion.
  7. 7. 4 P’s of Walt Disney4) Product Disney is never complacent. They are alwaysgrowing, building, expanding and improving. With their existingtheme parks they continuously work to add in new attractionsand shows. They update old outdated rides, as well asrefurbish and modernize long standing favorites. Disney isconstantly creating new products to sell. The most well knownof their products are their movies. Disney studios is alwaysworking to create new motion pictures. Constantly making andreleasing movies to the marketplace brings in consistent profitsfor Disney. In addition, Disney further leverages their moviesby creating products – dolls, toys, games, etc -. as well asincorporating them into their theme park attractions. Thesynergy Disney has developed between their theme parks and Plutotheir movies, helps drive movie sales in theaters as well as ondvds, leads to increased sales of their dolls, toys, games, etc,and continues to bring visitors to the parks.
  8. 8. Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning According to the marketing process of segmenting, targeting and positioning,it is crucial that Disney select profitable segments in order to be success in theiroperations. After identify the most worthwhile target market, the company shouldbe able to provide them additional value that competitors cannot provide. Byfollowing this principle, Disney must then position itself basis on the targetedcustomers demands. Therefore, the consumers are being regarded as the drivingforce behind Disney, and setting positioning strategies which can fit properly with itsmarketing mix is the key element of successful marketing process. Another part ofmarketing mix that is affected by Disney Studios positioning strategy is thepresentation utilized by the company, it is especially important for service sector.The physical environment is instrumental in customers assessment of the qualityand level of service they can expect, for Disney Studio, in fact, the physicalenvironment is part of the product itself. As the two founders, Walt and Roybelieved that they had to always stay one step ahead of the competition.
  9. 9. Product line & width of Walt Disney
  10. 10. Walt Disney: StrategiesWalt Disney Studio - To serve the current innovation of the entertainment industryParks and Resorts - A place “ Where Dreams Come True” - Disneyland Resort, Anaheim California - Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida - Tokyo Disney Resort, Urayasu, Chiba - Disneyland Resort Paris, Marne La Valle, France - Hong Kong Disneyland, Penny’s Bay, Lantau Island
  11. 11. Walt Disney: StrategiesDisney Consumer Products - Disney Consumer Products and affiliates (DCP) extend the Disney brand - Toys, books, magazines, interactive games, foods and beverages, stationery, electronics and fine artDisney Interactive Media Group - Responsible for the creation and delivery of Disney branded interactive entertainment and informational content across multiple platforms such as: i) online ii) mobile and video game
  12. 12. Promotion mix• The Walt Disney Company is very strong in entertainment and animation, the two areas do fairly well in the global market, but just because a company has its strengths doesnt mean its going to successfully sell its product without advertising.• Advertising is essential because lets face it, without advertising we wouldnt know about half the products we use. In this case we are talking about Disneys animated films, therefore Disney uses product advertising which is a form of advertisement that touts the benefits of a specific good or service.• In order to advertise a product, a company must first select an advertising appeal which identifies a reason for a person to buy a product. Disney uses the "Fun and Pleasure“ appeal to advertise their animated films. Next, the company must choose a style to execute their message. Disney uses the "Mood or Image" executional style for advertising which builds a mood or image around the product such as love, happiness, or inspiration.• For example, whenever you feel a certain emotion after watching a Disney movie trailer, thats their "Mood or Image" tactics working on you.
  13. 13. • After the company has established how they are going to advertise, they must determine which types of media will best communicate the benefits of their product or service to the target audience and when and for how long the advertisement will run, this is called media planning. Disney advertises through newspapers, their own radio station - 1560 AM ©Radio Disney, television, internet, and outdoor media. Of course each media type has its advantages and disadvantages, but because Disney has such a powerful brand name and history, they end up having more benefits than losses.• Due to this powerful image, Disney can sell almost anything by just putting one of their famous animated characters on the product. For example, because Disney had teamed up with McDonalds and Mattel toy makers many years ago, each time it comes out with a new film they simply let Mattel make toys out of their characters of the upcoming film who distribute the toys to McDonalds who advertises them with their Happy Meal for kids, which brings Disney more fame and customers. As a result, the child begs the parent to take him or her to the movie theater to watch the new Disney film the child now knows of just by eating McDonalds.
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