the walt disney company


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the walt disney company

  1. 1. By – Akash Tyagi (66)
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONoThe Largest Media And Entertainment Company In TheWorldoThe Walt Disney Company was founded on October 16, 1923in Los Angeles, California by brothers Walter Elias Disney(1901-1966) and Roy Disney as the Disney Brothers CartoonStudio.oWalt disney was the voice of Mickey Mouse for two decadesoWalter Elias Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois onDecember 5, 1901. After years of chain-smoking, Disneypassed away on December 15, 1966 from lung cance hris firstmotion picture (a 1928 short titled "Steamboat Willie")oWalt Disney Didnt Graduate From High School
  3. 3. oThe walt disney compnay have its headquarter in burbank,california,U.SoThe president and CEO of the company is robert lger since2005 and chairman is John E. Pepper, Jr.oWalt Disney first motion picture in 1928 short titled"SteamboatoInternational sales of Disney-branded products now outstripUS saleWalt Disney won a total of 32 Oscar Awards- more than anyoneelse ever has!- during his 43 year career
  4. 4. HISTORY OF WALT DISNEYCOMPANYoWalt arrived in California in the summer of 1923 with dreams anddetermination, but little else.oOn October 16, 1923, a New York distributor, M. J. Winkler,contracted to release the Alice Comedies, and this date became theformal beginning of The Walt Disney Company. Originally known asthe Disney Brothers Cartoon Studioo The Company initially housed in a succession of storefront buildingsin Hollywood before becoming established on Hyperion AvenueoWalt made his Alice Comedies for four years, In 1927, he decided tomove to an all-cartoon series, and for its star he created a characternamed Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.
  5. 5. oWith his chief animator, Ub Iwerks, Walt designed a mouse whom Walt firstwanted to name Mortimer, but his wife Lilly preferred Mickey. And so a star wasborn.oNovember 18, 1928, Walt Disney soon produced another series -- the SillySymphonies.oa Silly Symphony and the first full-color cartoon, won the Academy Award forBest Cartoon for 1932, the first year that the Academy offered such a category.For the rest of that decade, a Disney cartoon won the Oscar every year.oOne night in 1934, Walt brought his animators together to tell them they weregoing to make an animated feature film, and proceeded to act out the story ofSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs.oWalt Disney was always anxious to try something new. And so, as his motionpictures and television programs achieved steady success, he looked for otherentertainment mountains to climb. One area that intrigued him was amusementparks.
  6. 6. o, the new park opened July 17, 1955, Disneyland hasserved as the inspiration for every amusement park builtsince its opening, attracting hundreds of millions ofvisitors from around the world.oIn the 1960s came more classic films, like 101Dalmatians and Pollyanna, Also in 1964 came MaryPoppins,oWalt Disney died December 15, 1966oRoy was determined to realize his brothers vision, andhonored him by naming it Walt Disney World. It openedOctober 1, 1971 with a Disneyland-style theme park,hotels, campgrounds, golf courses, shopping villages anda monorail connecting them all.
  7. 7. Media networkParks and Consumer resorts products
  8. 8. Walt Disney Motion Pictures GroupoWalt Disney Motion PicturesGroup, Inc. (formerly known asBuena Vista Motion Pictures Groupis a corporation which develops scriptsand oversees theatrical production forThe Walt Disney Companys productioncompanies and imprintsoThe Group in its current form wasinitiated in 1998 by then StudioChairman Joe RothoThe President of the Group is MarkZoradi who reports to Rich Ross,Chairman of the Walt Disney Studios.
  9. 9. DIVISONS OF WALT DISNEY MOTION PICTURE GROUPS 1. WALT DISNEY PICTURES AND TELEVISON o Touch stone pictures o Walt disney pictures o Disney nature o Hollywood pictures 2.WALT DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIOS oDisney toon studios 3.PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS
  10. 10. WALT DISNEY PARKS AND RESORTS oThe Parks and Resorts division was founded in 1971 oThe chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is Thomas O. Staggs oIn 2009, the companys theme parks hosted approximately 119.1 million guests, making Disney Parks the worlds most visited theme park company oThe major divison of WDPR are as follow: Disney Land Resorts Walt Disney World Resorts Disneyland Paris Hong Kong Disney Land Resorts Disney Cruise Line Disney vacation club
  11. 11. Disney land resortoDisney land was dedicated as a single park byWalt Disney on July 17, 1955, and opened to thepublic on July 18, 1955 in Anaheim, CaliforniaoIt consist of two hotels, one new and one rethemed;and the Downtown Disney retail, dining andentertainment district. The resort occupies 500 acresTokyo Disney ResortoTokyo Disney Resort, located in Urayasu Chiba,Japan, opened April 15, 1983.oIts properties, listed below, are divided into parks,shopping centers, and lodging Parks
  12. 12. Disney Cruise LineDisney Cruise Line was formed in 1995. Its fleet is currentlycomposed of three ships: Disney Wonder,Disney Magic,DisneyDream,Disney FantasyoDisney Cruise Line offers three, four and five-night cruises in theBahamas; seven-night Alaskan cruises; seven-night MexicanRiviera cruises; and seven-night Caribbean cruises. The Bahamasand Caribbean itineraries include a stop at Disneys private islandin the BahamasDisney Regional EntertainmentoDisney Regional Entertainment was the division of WaltDisney Parks and Resorts which developed and operated uniqueconceptsoProjects: ESPN Zone, a chain of sports-themed restaurants. Club Disney, a now-closed chain of childrens entertainmentcenters.
  13. 13. Walt disney consumer productsoDCPs origins trace back to 1929 when Walt Disney licensed theimage of Mickey Mouse for use on a childrens writing tabletoThe Disney Store which first opened in 1987, also falls underDCP. Disney is the worlds largest licensor with global retail salesof $23 billion for 2006oAndy Mooney The Chairman And Anne Gates Vice PresidentAnd Chief Financial Officer of DCPoThe major divisons of DCP are as follows: Disney Fashion and Home Consumer Electronics Health and Beauty (FHB) Publishing and Retail Sales and Marketing Toys
  14. 14. Disney-branded merchandise is inspired by characters fromSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs - to more recent films likethe Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and Enchanted.oDCP has a sharp focus on the creation of products derivedfrom Disneys television entertainment, including popular tweensensations High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Wizards ofWaverly Place and Jonas BrothersoSales of licensed Disney Princess merchandise have balloonedfrom $300 million since its 2000 launch at the Disney Stores toabove the $4B mark with products now available globallyo, Pooh blankets for babies, books for preschoolers or digitalmusic players for teens, DCP is about The Walt DisneyCompanys broad content and the magical products it inspires
  15. 15. Board Of Directors
  16. 16. Financial Condition & Market Poistion Year 2010 2009 2008 Particular Operating 6,627.0 5,658.0 7,402.0 income Gross Profit 6,726.0 5697.0 7,443.0 Total 38,063.0 36,149.0 37,843.0 Revenue EPS 2.07 1.78 2.34
  17. 17. Business Operation Of Walt Disney in Indiao The company has it’s Headquarters in Mumbai.o Anotonie Villleneuve is the senior vice president of waltdisney company in indiaoDisney initially was telecasted in India as a one hour show on ZeeTV as Disney Hour and later on SonyoThe major divison of walt disney company in india are as follow: Hungama Tv Disney Xd Disney Channel India Play House Disney India
  18. 18. Business Of Walt Disney Company In IndiaoDisney India tied up with Yash Raj Films to produceRoadside RomeooThe walt disney india had a tie up with utv in which utvwill be handling sales and distribution and disney willhandle marketingoDisney Publishing Worldwide (India), has announced alicensing agreement with local publisher Junior Diamond topublish Disney comic books, both in English and Hindi.Featuring Disney’s characters, Mickey Mouse and DonaldDuck.oThe channel has bought two Aamir Khan movies, Hum HaiRahi Pyaar Ke and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander
  19. 19. Case Study On Walt Disney Company
  22. 22. Theme parks
  23. 23. SOLUTIONoThe main change for the next year concerns Walt Disney Studio. Thecompany is going to reduce 20% of the employees belonging to theStudio and reduce 1/3 of its annual production.othey are thinking about a new organisation of the studios creating 2different branches: “Buena Vista Worldwide Marketing & Distribution”dedicated to the ditribution and the other “Buena Vista WorldwideHome Entertainment” dedicated to the sales od DVDoAccording to Robert A. Iger to reach this goal, it is important to“identify local tastes and market trends for global industry”, especiallyin the growing markets of China, Russia and India, which cultures areso differentoThe future strategy of the company to face and adapt to Globalizationaccording to President and CEO Robert A. Iger is a “Brand Depth, NotBreadth, is key to Effective GlobalizatioN
  24. 24. CONCLUSIONThe walt disney company is a dream of walter elias disney and roydisney which proves us you don’t need to be extra ordinary in life youjust need to think extra ordinary out of ordinary things in life.I will conclude with the words of walt disney:“Success means having the courage,the determination, and the will tobecome the person you believe youwere meant to be” THANK YOU