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How to record spoken words or vocals


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I’ll try to show in this presentation the steps to you can record a speech (spoken word) or your vocals with a good quality.

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How to record spoken words or vocals

  1. 1. Recording Spoken Words or Vocals A short overview about how to recording voice Week 1 Introduction to Music Production By Athila Dias
  2. 2. Introduction Hi, my name is Athila (and I’m not the joker). I’m editor of two podcasts that I’ve started this year; one about relationships and humor (TD Altas Cast), and the other about wine (Vinhocast). I’m a certified Sommelier by theWSET from London too. And at last but not least graphic designer. I’m from Brazil, and I love work with sound!!! I’ll try to show in this presentation the steps to you can record a speech (spoken word) or your vocals with a good quality.
  3. 3. Microphone Cables Interface DAW That’s what you need to start recording spokens words or vocals.
  4. 4. The equipment: Microphone Exist many types of microphones but let’s focus only on these two types: Dynamic Microphone Condenser Microphone OR Hint:The XLR connector of the microphone is always male, so “MIC is MALE”.
  5. 5. The Equipment: Cables Is recommended to use a XLR cable, because it’s balanced, helping you to avoid to capture some noisy signals in your record. It’s used in long distance Connections.
  6. 6. The Equipment: Audio Interface It’s the way you get all the audio in and out of your computer. Is a very importante equipment (research a lot when you go to buy one). MIDI XlR andTS connector HeadphonesPad Gain (Volume) Gain Stage Phantom Power
  7. 7. The Equipment: DAW DAW or DigitalAudioWorkstation is where you going to edit, mix and manipulate the sound in a huge variety of ways. Is the central hub of the musical production process. Exist so many DAW to work with. Choose the best for you and begin the production!
  8. 8. The work process Warning: Before you connect your microphone, make sure to reduce the input gain of the interface, off the phantom power (condenser mic), reduce the levels of the speakers. This way you avoid the horrible noise from the connection and to damage your equipment. Connect the mic in the cable. Connect the cable output in the interface input. Connect the interface in your computer to work with your DAW. Setup the levels Start recording! The mic convert the pressure variations into voltage variations . The interface converts the analog signal to digital which is represented by ones and zeros (binary information). The balance XLR cable reduce the eletrical Interference.
  9. 9. Thank you! Hope you like it. With these simple instructions you be able to record your voice easily.