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The test of Puresophy soap and petrochemical synthesis lotion
Add water into cup and mix it, then add some vinegar and mix it:
Puresophy 100% natural soap with natural colorant:
(1) The bubble disappear. (2) Natural red becomes yellow.
Petrochemical synthesis lotion with artificial colorant or compound soap:
(1) The bubble keep there. (2) Artificial pink remains same.

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Puresophy Proposal English Without Video

  1. 1. • Background 1. Company profile 2. Business philosophy 3. R&D department • Products 1. Product classification 2. Product features • Video • Analysis Reports • Contact Information Outline
  2. 2. Company Porfile Puresophy Corp. •1999~now: has being studied Chinese herbal plants •2009~now: has researched soap with Chinese herbal plants •2010: were established and is located in Taiwan, specializing in manufacturing pure multicolored soaps.
  3. 3. Insisting on 100% natural quality soap •Method of production: Cold process •Main ingredients: Natural vegetable oil (Italy olive oil, France sweet almond oil, American wheat germ oil , Ghana shea butter), Chinese herbs, natural fragrance •Colorful pigments: Natural pigments extracted from Chinese herbs Business Philosophy
  4. 4. • The supervisor of R&D Dept. ─ Dr. Chou Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor • The vice supervisor of R&D Dept. ─ Ann Master of Institute of Food Science and Technology , National Taiwan University, certified Chinese medicine practitioner. • Puresophy R&D Dept. innovates quality soaps suitable for various skin types according to oil characteristics, calculation of saponification value, as well as percentage formula of soap and natural additives. • Selected carefully and processed appropriately Chinese herbal plants with alkali-resistant and is beneficial to skin. • Control and test the quality of products. R&D Department
  5. 5. Product Classification
  6. 6. • Puresophy Soap is a 100% Chinese herbal, handmade soap. • Puresophy Soap was produced through Cold Process Making Method. • Puresophy offers multicolored soaps; they all come from Chinese Herbs. • Puresophy Soap is proved containing natural ingredients, passing 7Analysis Tests. • Puresophy Soap creates gentle cleansing foam and effectively dissolves impurity. • Puresophy Soap makes your skin soft, clean, smooth, moist, fresh, and healthy. Product Features
  7. 7. Puresophy Soap manufacturing process 1st Video
  8. 8. The color from dipped oil to soap lye has been changing during making handmade soaps with natural colorants. Description of 1st Video
  9. 9. The test of Puresophy soap and petrochemical synthesis lotion 2nd Video
  10. 10. Add water into cup and mix it, then add some vinegar and mix it: Description of 2nd Video Brand Bubble change Color Change Color Difference Puresophy Soap (natural colorant) Bubble disappears Natural red becomes yellow. Select carefully Chinese herbal plants that natural colorant is extracted from. Natural colorant is not only causing the harm of skin, but taking care of your skin. Petrochemical Synthesis Lotion or Compound Soap (artificial colorant = tar pigment) Bubble keeps there. Artificial pink remains same. Tar pigment will destroy protein. Chemical synthetic surfactants will damage the protective layer of skin first. Then, the injury of tar pigment can penetrate basal cell through the layers of the epidermis and will cause cancer if seriously.
  11. 11. No Artificial colorant Analysis Reports No Plasticizer No Formaldehyde
  12. 12. No Fluorescent whitening agent No Sodium Dodecylbenzene- sulfonate No Heavy metals Analysis Reports
  13. 13. No Preservatives Analysis Reports
  14. 14. Puresophy Corp. Address: No.153, Wanda Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 10879, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel: +886-2-22395161 Fax: +886-2-29328223 Email : service@puresophy.com.tw www.puresophy.com.tw www.facebook.com/puresophy Contact Information