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Company Brochure[1]

  1. 1. This is Arbonne pure swiss skin care formulated in switzerland | made in the u.s.a.
  2. 2. Arbonne … It Begins with You The essence of Arbonne is empowerment. At Arbonne, we create possibilities for people to change their lives and others’ by sharing exceptional products, offering a life-changing opportunity and partnering with a network of phenomenal people … starting with you! Through this opportunity, over a million Arbonne Independent Consultants change lives and work with a network of enthusiastic people to bring prosperity through community. The Arbonne vision of total well-being started in Switzerland when entrepreneur Petter Mørck founded Arbonne, a company built upon creating innovative products, unsurpassed in results for more radiant health and beauty. Since 1980, Arbonne has made use of the earth’s natural resources to create pure Swiss skin care and beauty products with high- quality, effective ingredients. We’re honored to continue that tradition and to take it to amazing new levels of success.
  3. 3. About the Product Our proprietary formulas are: Botanically based: A proprietary blending Formulated without animal products or by-products: Plants and herbs together with of science and nature, based on herbal and science and technology offer superior benefits. botanical principles. Formulated without mineral oil: Occlusive pH correct: Skin care pH of 5.5 ensures oil can interfere with skin functions as well as maximum benefit. advanced delivery systems. Hypoallergenic: Voluntary human testing meets hypoallergenic substantiation Formulated without dyes or chemical fragrances: Dyes and fragrances are known claim criteria. irritants and can cause allergic reactions.* Dermatologist tested: Voluntary human *From time to time, Arbonne will incorporate fragrance in tests are done under the watchful eye of an specialty bath and body skin care products. This inclusion independent dermatologist. will be clearly marked as fragrance on the ingredient list. Keep in mind, products must pass voluntary Repeat Insult Never tested on animals: Safety and Patch Tests to ensure safety to the consumer prior efficacy substantiation is performed at to introduction. independent laboratories on human panels. Arbonne Institute of Research and Development (AIRD®) Arbonne premium skin care products are formulated in Switzerland under the expert direction of global cosmetic chemists. Arbonne uses independent test laboratories to ensure that its skin care products are proven safe, beneficial, hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested. In addition, all Arbonne skin care products are manufactured in accordance with U.S. FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. These are only a few of the ways Arbonne combines the best of science and nature, for beneficial results.
  4. 4. Arbonne products are based on natural, botanical principles with science and technology and are now shared worldwide through our network of Arbonne Independent Consultants.
  5. 5. Skin and Body Care Arbonne skin care products are formulated to combine the best of science and nature for maximum results. They are extensively tested to ensure consumer safety, and are formulated to provide targeted benefits to the skin. The Arbonne skin care lines include Anti-Aging, Detox, Beyond Basics, Color, Teen and Baby. “My family and I feel so great using the NutriminC® RE9® products. It’s amazing how using these products helped me to build my self-esteem. Now I walk out of my home with such positive energy because I feel so good.” — Michelle Hammer
  6. 6. The Products Anti-Aging RE9 Now you can look as young as you feel … with Arbonne’s REvolutionary anti-aging prod- uct lines. Botanically based formulas support the special skin care needs of both men and women. From face, body and supplement to sun protection, these REsult-oriented formulas help firm and brighten the appearance of the skin, while leaving skin feeling smooth and younger-looking. FC5™ Fresh Cells 5 (FC5) is innovative new skin care from Arbonne. Groundbreaking technology extracts cell nutrients from 5 fruits and vegetables, encapsulated until they are applied to the skin, where they release precious nutrients and antioxidants. These exclusive formulas help keep skin looking younger longer. SeaSource Detox Spa™ Seasource Detox Spa personal care formulas and the supplement harmonize the purifying properties of botanical ingredients to help wash away external and internal toxins. Seasource Detox Spa formulas stimulate, strengthen and support total body cleansing. Arbonne Color ® The Arbonne Color line makes it simple to select the shades that are right for you based on your eye, hair and skin color and tones. We’ve taken the guesswork out of color selection. Arbonne Color: A color collection that’s beautiful, convenient, customizable and simple. Virtual Illusion™ Based on similar principles that propelled the success of our skin care products, Arbonne expanded to the next level of beauty care with these innovative Virtual Illusion color products. Science and beauty meet with magical results. Aromatherapy Arbonne Aromassentials is a unique line of products for mind, body and spirit … formulated with Arbonne’s proprietary essential oil blends. Experience a sense of well-being throughout the day with products designed to Awaken, Reactivate and Unwind your senses. Arbonne Aromassentials: Begin and end the day in harmony. f.y.i. Arbonne® Every teenage girl wants to match her unique personality and style with fabulous products — and f.y.i. Arbonne delivers! With sweet body and color products, beauty benefits and jaw- dropping results are just the beginning.
  7. 7. Weight Loss & Nutrition Weight Loss The Figure 8® products include the best of science and nature, forming a safe, weight program. With an emphasis on vegetable protein, plus being low in carbohydrates and low in fat, these products are based on high-quality, nutritionally sound principles and ingredients. The Figure 8 program includes a combination of products that: Are high in vegetable protein Have no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors • • Are low in carbohydrates Have no animal products/by-products (vegetarian) • • Are low in fat/have no saturated fat Help curb appetite so you don’t feel hungry◊ • • Have no cholesterol Boost metabolism/increase energy◊ • • “I have been using the Figure 8 products for over a year now and as a result, I dropped two sizes down. Thanks to the Figure 8 line I have learned to live a healthy lifestyle.” — Valerie Edwards; Paola, KS Scientifically Advanced Nutrition Products Based on the principles that propelled the success of our skin care products, Arbonne expanded into total body care with Arbonne Bio-Nutria® and Arbonne Smart Nutritional Hybrids®. Developed for every stage of life, these nutrition, fitness, life enhancement and remedy products are convenient, safe and backed by the latest scientific research. These products contain: Standardized botanicals and herbs • Proprietary herbal blends that work synergistically with active components for optimal results◊ • ◊ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  8. 8. All of Arbonne’s dietary supplements are formulated: To meet U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP) disintegration time standards (30 minutes) • Without artificial colors • To provide maximum absorption with highly bio-available ingredients • Arbonne Smart Nutritional Hybrids and Arbonne Bio-Nutria Arbonne Smart Nutritional Hybrids is a perfect combination of superfood antioxidants and digestive enzymes with core vitamins and minerals, in conjunction with targeted botanicals, to meet the dietary needs of men and women.◊ These unique dietary supplements work synergistically with Arbonne Bio-Nutria, a dynamic, four-part system of products based on goals of Health, Fitness, Longevity and Remedy.
  9. 9. About the Business Extraordinary Opportunity It’s rare to have the ability to change someone’s life. Arbonne is that opportunity, every day. Once you make the decision to join Arbonne, a new journey awaits: It begins with sharing exceptional products, then leading phenomenal people toward their dreams and offering a life-changing opportunity; and wherever the journey takes you — around the corner, exotic getaways, prestigious recognition, events, a Mercedes-Benz dealership — you have the support of Arbonne’s Corporate Office every step of the way. The Power of Network Marketing Network marketing is the term for the cutting-edge distribution system that channels goods or services directly from the manufacturer to the consumer through a “network” of independent distributors or consultants. According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, the network marketing industry is the frontier of business in the United States, growing from $16 billion to over $30 billion in direct sales over the last 10 years with over 14 million salespeople, and globally, there are over $105 billion in sales with over 61 million distributors! Benefits of Direct Selling or Network Marketing: Low start-up cost | Minimal overhead | Hands-on way to sell product one-on-one | Face- to-face selling builds tremendous long-term client loyalty | Business impacts an Arbonne Independent Consultant’s life directly with rewards and compensation. According to the 2007 Direct Selling Association 2007 U.S. Retail Sales = $30.80 Billion 15 Million U.S. Salespeople 32.8% of Sales were Personal Care 21.4% of Sales were Wellness “As more and more direct sellers come to understand the global marketplace they are in, they will continue to expand their businesses. And more and more corporate executives and entrepreneurs will come to realize the appeal of the person-to-person selling model.” — Joseph Mariano, Direct Selling Association (DSA) Secretary, Board of Directors
  10. 10. Deciding on a Company Success in direct sales depends on your choice of company. Your vehicle to success needs all parts working. Four key business principles have to be present, according to Dr. Charles King, Harvard graduate, University of Illinois at Chicago professor and business consultant: Marketplace Demand, Consumable Product, Timing and Leveragability. Arbonne supplies the demand and the consumable product. The best timing is now. And leveragability is ensured by how the Arbonne business community works. Business Principle Why it Matters How Arbonne Fits Product-driven company in grow- Marketplace Demand Demand = Sales ing industries of health, personal care and weight management All Arbonne products Consumable Product Everyday Use = Repeat Sales are consumable Our products and business cater Today’s Consumer = to the Baby Boomers, who control Timing Baby Boomers two-thirds of U.S. spending and want anti-aging and health products* If you work just 10 hours a week Network Marketing = and find 10 people to do the same, Leveragability Team Effort you benefit from 110 hours of earning power *Source U.S. Census Bureau 2002 Sponsoring Preferred Clients and Consultants gives you the opportunity to build a team. In traditional business, the company just leverages you. With Arbonne, you earn based on your sales and the sales of your team. You gain and they all gain, sharing effort just like you share the product. The spirit of the business is team building and building sales opportunities. Choose which scenario fits your schedule, and goals, best: 1. Client — Purchase skin care and related 3. Consultant — For those seeking financial, products that are unique in quality and results. professional, social, cultural and intellectual compensation. · Extraordinary skin care, color, aromatherapy and nutrition products · 35% product discount with toll-free and online ordering · Excellent customer service and delivery · 15% Preferred Client Commission on Retail · Product gifts for referrals and Volume (RV) orders, excluding RV on hosting Presentations product promotions, placed by personally 2. Preferred Client — Enjoy great products at sponsored Preferred Clients. Note: 15% a discount. commission rolls up to the next Consultant · Low start-up cost in the genealogy if Consultant status is not maintained · 20% product discount with toll-free and online ordering · Unlimited income potential · Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus Program · Personal freedom · Help others achieve their goals and dreams
  11. 11. The Value of Time Leveraging Preferred Clients/Consultants1, Managers and Vice Presidents can earn commissions, overrides and bonuses, based on their own sales of products and the sales of their downline of sponsored Arbonne Independent Consultants in the United States, its territories2, Canada and the International Markets in which Arbonne does business. Arbonne also sells promotional materials — known as Business Aids — that do not generate overrides and bonuses to Arbonne Independent Consultants because these are sales support tools, not products. During 2007, the Company paid in excess of $226 million* in overrides and bonuses to Arbonne Independent Consultants in the United States and its territories2. These payments are reflected in the table below: AVERAGE % OF TOTAL ACTIVE AVERAGE NUMBER TOTAL AVERAGE AVERAGE QUAR- CONSULTANTS 4 OF MONTHS TO QUARTERLY OVER- TERLY OVERRIDES RECEIVING AN PROMOTE TO DESIG- TITLE RIDES & BONUSES & BONUSES3 OVERRIDE/BONUS NATED RANK5 Preferred Clients6 $1,104,111 $182.64 0.55% N/A and Consultants District Managers $8,827,354 $589.83 1.37% 5.3 Area Managers $12,864,934 $2,761.01 0.43% 11.7 Regional $15,114,543 $10,616.01 0.13% 21.7 Vice Presidents National Vice $18,680,252 $48,805.36 0.03% 32.5 Presidents THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES REGARDING INCOME, AND THE SUCCESS OR FAILURE OF EACH ARBONNE INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT, LIKE ANY OTHER BUSINESS, DEPENDS ON EACH ARBONNE INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT’S OWN SKILLS AND PERSONAL EFFORT. YOU SHOULD NOT RELY ON THE RESULTS OF OTHER ARBONNE INDEPENDENT CONSULTANTS AS AN INDICATION OF WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT TO EARN. ARBONNE IS A PRODUCT- DRIVEN COMPANY THAT STRONGLY ENCOURAGES CONSUMERS TO USE ITS PRODUCTS BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO BUILD A BUSINESS. Preferred Clients are eligible for overrides and bonuses, but are not eligible for commissions. 1 United States and its territories includes the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. 2 Virgin Islands. Since not all active Arbonne Independent Consultants earn overrides and bonuses, these 3 numbers represent the average quarterly overrides and bonuses paid to the individuals who did. These percentages are calculated by taking the average number of people qualified for each 4 level during an entire quarter, adding all four quarters up and dividing by four. Average number of months to promote to designated ranks is based on all promotion results 5 for 2007. These are the individuals who are Arbonne Independent Consultants and received an 6 override or bonus check. These numbers were attained by dividing the Total Average Quarterly Overrides and 7 Bonuses paid by the quarterly number of average active Arbonne Independent Consultants.
  12. 12. The Facts About the Arbonne Opportunity The Arbonne program offers an exceptional opportunity to earn a highly lucrative income, but it should not be mistaken for a financial panacea. Persons providing testimonials in this brochure are among the most successful Independent Consultants in the Arbonne program. Owning your own independent Arbonne business takes hard work, dedication, skill and the ability to be self-motivated. Your success as an Arbonne Independent Consultant depends on how well you exercise these qualities, and Arbonne does not guarantee your success. To ensure that prospective Arbonne Independent Consultants are informed of the annual financial success rates achieved by all Arbonne Independent Consultants, and not just the highly compensated, Arbonne posts its annual Independent Consultant Compensation Summary (ICCS) at The ICCS can also be ordered online or by calling 1.800.ARBONNE. While owning your own business presents the opportunity for business-related tax deductions under proper circumstances, you should consult with a tax professional to determine which, if any, deductions your business may qualify for. Why Start an Arbonne Business? • Tax advantages • Work from home • Work for yourself, be your own boss • Set your own hours • Great income potential • Enjoy more time with your family contact the person who gave you this brochure to learn more about the arbonne opportunity. 2673r09 01 9400 jeronimo road, irvine, ca 92618 ©2009 arbonne international, llc 1.800.arbonne all riGHtS reServed.