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armenian                                                      D inner                                                     ...
Historically, if there is a dip in the general economy, the restaurant industry is usually effected farless that the overa...
provides an authentic surrounding that at times seems to distract everyone as they analyze thewealth of artifacts on displ...
mastered these and began experimenting with his own dishes rediscovered from ancient Armenianmanuscripts and ethno-botanic...
Both this dishes originated from ancient Armenian Basen region. (Sources: S.Orbelian andG.Hakobyan)3. Lalva Apur/ Black be...
Direction: Place ready made onion in the centre of plate and put the olives on the top. Add the olive oil,balsamico and sp...
For 8 pieces of Staffed apricot we will need grilled in olive oil sliced staff of grilled 2 onions, 2 greenpepper and 1squ...
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Armenian dinner and re discovered armenian food culture


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Armenian dinner and re discovered armenian food culture

  1. 1. armenian D inner Good Food Good Mood Armenian Dinner TESTIMONIALS“Armenian Dinner it’s a portrait the traditional meaning of ceremonial/eating habits/culture of Armenian people,explaining the underlying gastronomical, energy and healthy-life themes developed by generations. It includes allelements of fin dining: the timing, hygiene, sitting, eating, sequencing, combining/mixing, seasoning, digesting,ergonomics and energetic, culture of kitchen, cooking methods and equipment used, and other considerations.Some recipes of my culinary book inspired by my friend Armen, who lives in Armenia, where he grows and harvestswild herbs that he makes into teas and essential oils, I learned and altered a little and presenting as a uniquevariation of traditional dish in our menu. He’s a genius. Nobody on the planet knows what he knows about theseherbs and these flavors”. Ana Sortun, Best Chef on Mediterranean cuisine 2003 and 2006, Co-owner & Executive Chef of Oleana “Best New Restaurant in America” nominated by James Bread Foundation”..“We had tested real Armenain flavors mastered by Armen. “Armenian bean and walnut pate” with a lively hint ofpomegranate syrup, and decorated like something from Japan. It was wonderful test of pleasure.” Mark Orfaly, Owner & Executive Chef of Pigalle restaurant, Boston,MA. Best Chef on Mediterranean cuisine 2005, nominated by James Beard Foundation, “The concept of Armenian Dinner determines the link of Armenian traditional cooking to the Mediterranean, MiddleEastern, and other national cousins and explaining the origin of the well known and rediscovered dishes. Its an veryinteresting idea to promote elapsed ethnic Armenian cuisine with expectancy to multiply rediscovered ancient recipesinstead of “khorovadz” and “kebab” to make a possibility to enjoy real Armenian food as part of World FoodCulture, as a symbol of cultural and interpersonal communication. Congratulate you and wish you success with thisconcept” Armen Petrossian , Owner of Ptrossian Caviar and CEO of Petrossian restaurants in Paris, New York and Las Vegas. « La conclusion revient à un des convives "Cette initiative, c’était comme une pièce de theâtre, dou lon ressort tout simplement heureux. Merci de lavoir tentée. La magie a suivi ». Alex Alexanian, Owner & Executive Chef of Alexandrine restaurant, Lion, France « Cette Soirée qui a ravi les esprits et le palais de la trentaine de convives qui avaient la chance dêtre là ce soir estsans aucun doute à reproduire lannée prochaine pour approndir la connaissance de ces produits du terroir arménienutilisés pour préparer des menus originaux et étonnants ». Karine Arabian, Fashion designer, Paris, France
  2. 2. Historically, if there is a dip in the general economy, the restaurant industry is usually effected farless that the overall economy. To some degree this is because of peoples perception that food,regardless whether it is from the grocery or restaurants is a fundamental necessity of life andspend accordingly.The history of Armenian Dinner comes from the remarkable house of my friend Audrey fromBoston, where I have made an Ethnic Armenian dishes for friends, to enjoy Armenian food. Ourfriend Mark Mooradian was so excited and passionate from Armenian dinner, so in the next dayshare his wonder with epicurean friends from New England high restaurants and brings me to theinteresting trip to the restaurants of Mocef Medeb, Ana Sortun, Sari, Marl Orfaly, Ruth-AnneAdams, Viki Lee Boyajian to introduce to the fabulous chefs of New England his proud ofArmenian Food Culture. They were surprised about Armenian Dinner idea and Sari came with theoffer to organize the Armenian Dinner Evening. All those Food Masters were invited and Bestchefs are supporting and assisting me with food preparation as to their Master Chef. And this kindof teamwork makes available transform the love and enthusiasm into the fine meal. Armenian Dinner Concept opens his door and become a kind of visit card for my futurebusiness trips around the world. During 2000-2009 it was organized in Boston, New York, Paris,Rome, Milan, Moscow, Chennai, Harlem, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, Yerevan, Chisinau andmany other places with participation of well-known Chefs on Mediterranean cuisine, gourmetfood lovers and epicurean business persons. Using this opportunity, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to allfriends for their interest about Armenian food history, tradition and culture, as well as theirsupport on proportioning of rediscovered culture of ancient Armenian fine dining.Armenian Dinner project with the using of rediscovered recipes: o introducing the tradition and social gathering of ethnic food culture to the professional cooks and gourmet, o emphasize importance of healthful diet in the ancient Armenian culture as an integral part of the daily lives of the Armenian people; o underline that Armenian food culture is the part of world food cuisine and not an isolated and emancipated from others; o accentuate that now is a right time to promote the elapsed ethnic Armenian cuisine with expectancy to multiply rediscovered ancient recipes instead of “khorovadz” and “kebab” to make a possibility to enjoy real Armenian food as a symbol of cultural and interpersonal communication.Armenian Dinner is not just a fine meal – it is our history. It’s a rehabilitation of Armeniantradition of sharing the food with family and friends to induce relaxation and enhance the overallenjoyment of a fine meal that is passed from generation to generation into this day.Armenian Dinner MenuArmenian Dinner Event is the place to enjoy a Royal Meal of rediscovered ancient Armenianrecipes. Armenian Dinner services are all delivered in their extraordinary atmosphere whichincludes a comprehensive art and culture collection from Ancient Armenian manuscripts. This
  3. 3. provides an authentic surrounding that at times seems to distract everyone as they analyze thewealth of artifacts on display.The menu is ethno botanist Armen Mehrabians pride. It is a culmination of over 3000 years ofhistory of Armenian food and more then 20 years of his cooking. These favorites are differentiatedthrough the use of the freshest organic ingredients. Most people are not aware of how much betterthe items taste when they are prepared with the freshest ingredients and made with love. TheMenu for Armenian Dinners made based on rediscovered ethnic culture of fine food and sacredspices, as well as Armenian food calendar that taken into consideration food composition andseasonality, traditional healthy diet and physical activity.Armen always prefers wonderful prix-fixe menu that makes luxury affordable. He offering on themenu the selected akrajajik (appetizers), aghtsan (salad), vegetable or see-food soup (apur), maincourse (himnutest) with carefully selected side dishes (khortik) and delicious dessert alwaysserved with fine herbal infusion as perfect finish to the ancient meal.AtmosphereFor our Armenian Dinner we are choosing the well known restaurants and preferring thearchitecture influenced by the René sans era or modern style enjoyment. We enhanced the tablesby flowers and moderately lighting with candles. The low lighting, architects, decoration and lifemusic of arfa or violin - make a cool and urbane ambiance and comfort atmosphere with music.Everything etched in the nice and joyful atmosphere of Armenian Dinner and you’ll find a finedining establishment that focuses its culinary expertise on ancient-influenced Armenian food anemphasis on test. The facility is usually spacious with seating for about 50 people. It is luxuriousand romantic. Table talk is no problem - noise level here is moderate.More Reasons to Go“Armenian Dinner” is appropriate for entertaining clients, romantic couples, epicureans andgourmet. Armenian Dinner is often frequented prior the theatre and has a unique menu withselected royal dishes that were served in ancient.Eating & DrinkingArmenian Dinner organized only once a year in one of the selected high-end restaurant around theWorld and once a quarter open for dinner only and toke the place in Yerevan. The menu ofArmenian Dinner is seasonal and rewritten according rediscovered recipes to stay fresh andcreative based on availability given by the time of year. The cuisine is influenced by the Armenlegacy and heritage of sensual delicacies. Recipes have been considered an exciting rediscovery offlavors with a glamorous perspective.Alcohol is served, and you’ll find that there is a marvelous wine coupage chosen by ArmenMehrabyan with vintage options.About the Creator and Executive ChefAs mentioned earlier, Armen started cooking many years ago as an ethnic food lover. Armen camefrom a famous family of Armenian herbalist and knights and both parents have a foodcooking sense and strong ceremony of trapeze. That’s why his quickly became professional tocook for the entire family and friends in the holidays. His mother, who had seven generations oftraditional recipes, passes the love of smell and taste with trainings on cooking. Armen quickly
  4. 4. mastered these and began experimenting with his own dishes rediscovered from ancient Armenianmanuscripts and ethno-botanical research. The feedback from his family and friends was alwaysvery positive.Armen has had extensive experience in the U.S, Italy, France and in Armenia and several MasterClass diners with the world known Chefs.Contacts for reservation:Email: ; Tel: +37491-207957 Armen Mehrabyan, A History of One MENU (or an authentic Armenian dishes for the beginning of Autumn) SEPTEMBERPrepared by Ethno-botanistArmen Mehrabyan.SEPTEMBER is a month of preparation for storekeeping the harvested crops and food.In Ancient Armenia this month was called HORI, from Armenian “horel” which means bury, putinto underground or in basement harvested crops (cereal, fruits, etc).Meaning of dinner in Armenia was divided in two category: Dinner of usual people which wasFamily dinner, which was called ENTRIK for kind of trapeze (when friends or relatives cametogether and want to eat) and it was called “Hats u djur anel”, means to have a Bread and Watertogether. Dinner what have a Kings was called KHJUYK EV GINARBUK, which meansCelebrity and Wine dranking (no drinking, but dranking). Kings always have a reception, evenwhen they have a usual dinner with their family.So this last ceremony includes: 1) Guest welcome reception with serving aromatic water andduring that introduction of guests, 2) Official introduction of dinners menu and 3) Dinnerprocedure itself.1. Epremakhndzori bolorak / Special blend of spiced potato and selected goat cheese rolledin Lavash bread.This delicious appetizer made from Armenian lavash bread role with stuffed with special blend ofspiced potato and selected goat cheese and finished in grill. Epremakhndzor was called potato,which is according to story Armenian Katolikos Eprem (1810-1815) bring potato from India toArmenia. (Sources: V.Bdoyan , E.Lalayan, D.Vardumyan)2. Chlbur sekhi matsukov / Yolk pate with capers and melon sauce.It is made from boiled yolk especially spiced with greens and capers and served with melon sauce.It is dated in XVI century and connected with the story of Armenian King Tigran Mandacuny,who also has done a selection of famous Armenian melon TIGRANASEKH, which waswidespread in Europe via Rome by Armenian traders.
  5. 5. Both this dishes originated from ancient Armenian Basen region. (Sources: S.Orbelian andG.Hakobyan)3. Lalva Apur/ Black bean soup with fin roasted walnuts and sour creamActually in Armenia we had tree kind of beans from which Armenian was made soups and one ofthem is Lalva – black bean. This soup is originated from Lori region and it is dated in between966-991 AC. According to the history it was lovely soup of Lori’s Kyurike King which alwayswas prepared by his wife Aryusak who was also the mother of famous Armenian king DavidAnhoghin. It was made from selected bean, finds roasted and spiced walnuts and dipped with“arajan” – country stile of sour cream.Then after the similar kind of soup starts to be made by villigares from Lory and was called LobuKirkash, which is completely different with her texture and test and for sure that’s not a KINGSOUP. (Sources: V.Bdoyan , E.Lalayan, D.Vardumyan)4. Dzmeruk megrakati matsukov / Watermelon with honey-milk sauce.First cultivation of Watermelon was done by Armenian from Urartu, which was discovered byDr.Piotrovski in 1948 from Karmir Blur.The recipe of this desert was discovered after many years research have done by me and finally itsrepresents you as a one of the unique example of hospitality of Armenian Kings to their guests,who are after long way from the Silk Road trading arrive to Armenia in Navasard month (August),when watermelon was ready to refresh travelers from the long way. Ingredients selection and preparation recipes (For 4 servings)AppetizersPATARFin grilled onion with delicious garlic, served with whole olive spiced with Paradise Seeds, Oliveoil and Balsamico. Bread specials are served in side for meze.This meze was a part of daily cousin of Kyurikians-Bagratuni Royal family (since time of KingGeorge, 982 ac.).Ingredients:Onion – 3 medium size onions, sliced by rings and roasted in olive oil with 2 chops of fin-cut garlic andspices.Green, Red and Black olives – 12 pieces of eachParadise seeds – 10 seedsOlive oil – 250 mlBalsamico – 20 mlBread – 8 slice of fine choral grilled bread
  6. 6. Direction: Place ready made onion in the centre of plate and put the olives on the top. Add the olive oil,balsamico and spices. Fine grilled hot bread will be used for dipping and eating.SaladsBRINDZOV SINDRIKFine rice with hot Pepper, dried Apricot and Armenian saffron (Chartamus) and Solomon Sealserved with sliced lemon and olive oil dip.The recipe of this delicious salad of Argutian-Yerkaynabazuks family was found by support ofHakopyan family from Sanahin.Ingredients:White rice – 2 cups will be boiled in the previously made Charthamus water made with 30 gram of cuteddried apricot and 2 fin-cut pepercino, then leaved to become a cool.Solomon Seal – 100 gram will be boiling and made slight salty for salad purposes.Olive oil – 20 gram olive oil will be placed in to the ball and add the 2 lemon squashy.Direction:Ready made rice will be placed into the plate, decorated by Solomon Seal and add by Olive-Lemon dipp.SoupsPIPERTOV APURTraditional soup made from Wild Musk Mallow, spiced with fresh chives, garlic, vinegars andwhole wheat.The recipe of this lovely soup of people from Lori region of Armenia was passed from generationto generation owing to grandmother Martho from Odzun.Ingredients and Direction:Whole wheat - 30 gram are boiled in 1 liter of water andMusk Mallow – 100 gram of selected fresh leaves are add into boiling wheat. Close to the ending the soupwill be spiced with fresh chives and garlic.We recommend to serve Grape vinegar with soup.EntreesHORTI KUTAPVeal rolls stuffed with roasted walnuts in sweet-and-sour apricot sauce, served with stuffedapricot.It was a one of the famous dishes of Gentry’s of the historical Gandzak region of Armenia.Ingredients & Direction::500 gram Veal filet are prepared for roll preparation and marinated in ½ portion of ready made sweet-sour apricot sauce. (5 fresh apricot, 1 piece of garlic, 4 gram fenugreek, 2 gram oregano and 10 gram nonrapt vine juice are boiled and made a sauce)50 gram Walnuts are chopped and grilled.Marinated Veal file are cut and stuffed with roasted walnuts and grilled in olive oil.
  7. 7. For 8 pieces of Staffed apricot we will need grilled in olive oil sliced staff of grilled 2 onions, 2 greenpepper and 1squash. These grilled vegetables are stuffed in cornel cleared fresh apricot and put into ovenfor grilling.Serving: 4Veal rolls are placed into the plate and from a side stuffed apricot and the rest ½ portionof ready made sweet-sour apricot sauce are add into the veal rolls and stuffed apricot.DessertsPAGHLAVA SELECTIONPaghlava selection served with apricot jam and vanilla ice cream.Delicious baklava was a pearl of dessert table of ancient Armenian nobility.BeveragesTEAApricot Tea Compote.For more details about this tea history, please visit www.armeniantea.comWineArmen Mehrabyan choice (Coupage of 40% Cabernet Sauvignon and 60%With Wine of Idjevan).