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AoC London members 126 Bulletin 121214


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AoC London Members 126 Bulletin 121214

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AoC London members 126 Bulletin 121214

  1. 1. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin14 December 2012 – Issue 126 Dear Colleagues AoC London Region would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you all have happy and prosperous New Year This is the last Bulletin before the end of the year and we will return with more news from the London Region on Friday 11 January 2013. UPDATES FROM AoC LONDON OFFICEDear ColleaguesLondon MPs and Principals Reception, 11 DecemberAoC organised the Christmas Parliamentary Reception for London MPs and College Principalson the 11 December, which was kindly hosted by Jane Ellison MP. The Secretary of State forBusiness, Innovation and Skills, Rt. Hon. Dr. Vince Cable MP, was able to join us for what was avery positive event.Jane Ellison MP welcomed people to the event and spoke warmly of her local College, SouthThames College. Ian Ashman, Principal of Hackney Community College and AoC LondonChair launched ‘London Colleges Policy and Priorities’ at the event. The Rt. Hon. Dr VinceCable MP responded positively with specific reference to London 2012, London Collegescontribution to the Games and the wider economy, the importance of apprenticeships, skills,social mobility and a better deal for young people.Many thanks to all of you who came along to the Reception. Around 80 people attendedincluding London College Principals, representative Governors, their local MPs and membersof the House of Lords (with an interest in London). Susan Pember, Director of FurtherEducation and Skills Investment and Performance in the Department of Business Innovationand Skills, and Kim Thorneywork, Chief Executive of the Skills Funding Agency also joined us.A number of photographs from the reception will go on the AoC main website, although youcan also view a couple below.
  2. 2. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 14 December 2012Jane Ellison MP, Rt. Hon. Dr Vince Cable MP and Ian Floristry Team from Lewisham CollegeAshman, AoC London Region Chair incorporating Southwark CollegeHigh Needs Students: London ImplementationAt the last Principals’ Forum there was discussion and debate around the new policy relating toHigh Needs Students. In response AoC London has worked alongside London Councils, EFAand NATSPEC to consider London’s approach and issues in this area. A collaborative eventwas held on 8th November.Further to this, Alan Parnum and Michael Dalton from EFA met with AoC London and a smallgroup of Principals on Friday 30th November to consider issues from the College perspective.This will inform the key messages being fed back by AoC to officials and policy makers.AoC London is currently working with the London Councils to further develop ourcollaborative approach to London implementation.Feedback from the Regional Committee – 6 December 2012 thThe Regional Committee met on 6 December at Stedham Place. Members received the finalversion of ‘London Colleges Policy and Priorities’ which was due to be launched at theParliamentary reception on 11th December. Members also considered the outcomes of the LSISProject Pan-London Strategy and Action Plan, and discussed next steps to capitalise on thelessons and messages coming out of the project for London.The meeting received updates from the Governors’ Council, AoC Board, AoC London officersand from the LEP Skills and Employment Working Group.LSIS Project UpdatesAs part of the LSIS Pan-London project 2011/12, the three contributory projects have concluded(Defining the FE Mission, New Models of Engagement, Creating Local Partnerships). High thlevel outcomes were shared and discussed at the Marketing Committee on 27 November and thwith Regional Committee on 6 December. The summative report is currently being preparedand a summary will be disseminated in due course.AoC London Region submitted two applications to the LSIS Regional Response Fund 2012/13,‘Building Learner Progression’ (working with Linking London), and ‘London Apprentices BestPractice’ (working with LWBLA). Notification has come through that we have been successfulon the former, and we await confirmation on the latter. Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 14 December 2012The Skills Show: Headline Evaluation SummaryWe are pleased to share with you some feedback (attached to this bulletin) from the Skills Showwhich took place on 15-17 November 2012 in Birmingham. We would like to draw yourattention to the impact section, which demonstrates the direct benefit to visitors as a result oftheir experience at the show. We hope you find this information useful.If you require further information on any of the issues please do no hesitate to contact theoffice.Finally, congratulations to our Regional Coordinator, Evelina, who got married on 6 December.She will return on 2 January as Evelina Joykutty.Best wishesCaroline NevilleCALLS FOR ACTIONAoC London and ACER Procurement Training, 18 DecemberAoC London and ACER are pleased to offer free of charge procurement training to anyLondon College staff during the month of December. There are still places available at twosessions on Tuesday 18 December, to be held at the AoC Stedham Place office, WC1A 1HU. Thetopics to be covered and scheduled times can be found in the enclosed leaflets. If you have notregistered yet please contact Emma Harman, ACER Procurement Administrator.British Colleges Sport: Nominations for a London Region Board DirectorBritish Colleges Sport (BCS) are seeking nominations for a Board Director to represent theLondon Region, following the resignation from the BCS Board of Mike Tweedale of KingstonCollege. BCS are AoC’s delivery partners for sport, and they take the lead on the extracurricular elements of the Growing Sport, Growing Colleges national strategy. The role of thenational Board member is to represent the views of London Colleges, link to the London Headof Sport network and the London BCS operational group, and contribute to the ongoingcorporate development of BCS as a not for profit limited company. BCS are seeking a Principalor Senior Manager with knowledge of and interest in the further development of College Sport.Those interested in the position should complete the attached nomination form and / or for an informal discussion about the role. Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 14 December 2012 LONDON NEWS London Colleges news BSix Sixth Form College wins award for innovation in teaching at the 2012 TES FE Awards The judges said it was the hardest fought category and that the College, who won the Outstanding Provider category in 2011, had not rested on its laurels! BSixs unique partnership with Pembroke College, Oxford, was one of the most innovative programmes for widening participation at top universities that the judges had seen. Since 2008, the College and its counterpart among the dreaming spires have collaborated to run a year-long course replicating life and study at a top university. Last year saw the arrival of a visiting Oxford don in the East End and the creation of the Red Room, a replica of an Oxbridge study. Meanwhile, the programme has expanded to include 15 universities and a host of subject areas. To read the full story please visit London Colleges website. GLA news Mayor to develop high-tech institute to drive capital’s 21st century digital revolution Assembly launches investigation into London careers advice in a bid to tackle unemployment What future for community safety funding in London? What has London learnt from riot recovery effort? Sporting legacy from 2012 Games helps to steer youngsters out of poverty Assembly examines Mayors Mentoring programme and education inquiry Key issues facing London’s health service highlighted by Assembly UPCOMING EVENTSAoC London Network Events and Dates for the Diary • AoC London Region Committee Principals meeting with Mayoral Advisor, 14 January 2013 • AoC London Principals’ Forum, 17 January 2013 • AoC London Heads of Student Services Network meeting, 21 January 2013 • AoC London Marketing Committee meeting, 23 January 2013 Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 14 December 2012AoC Create News Managing Finance & Resources -The Sector Management College: the management development programme for FE managers. CMI accredited! Over 350 delegates have attended Sector Management College (SMC) to date and the next module ‘Managing Finance & Resources’ will take place from 15 to 16 January. This module has been newly developed with input from College sector experts. It will enable participants to appreciate the role of financial management in the context of post 16 education provision, be able to comprehend and contextualise key financial documents and judgements on financial performance, understand the financial manager’s approach to planning, and develop an enhanced capability in budget management and financial decision making. For more information and to register your attendance please visit AoC Create website. GET A LINE ON AOC LONDON REGION MEETINGS Recent meetings Date Meetings/Events 27 November AoC London Marketing Committee/Strategic Workshop, Eversheds (CN, JS) 28 November AoC London Procurement Managers Network Meeting (CN) 28 November Linking London – LSIS Project meeting (CN) 30 November High Needs Students Policy: Implementation in London meeting (CN) 4 December AoC London Marketing Managers’ Network Meeting 4 December Regular catch up meeting with Vic Grimes, Apprenticeships (CN) 4 December Institute of Education Advisory Group (CN) 5 December Regular catch up meeting with Jill Lowery , SFA (CN) 6 December AoC London Regional Committee meeting (AoC LR) 11 December AoC London Region Principals and MPs’ Reception (CN, JS) 13 December Regular Catchup with JobCentre Plus (CN, JS) 14 December London Skills – the Evolving Role of Further Education – An interactive event sponsored by Barclays and chaired by AoCLR. (IA, CN) 14 December AoC Directors’ Strategy Meeting (JS) Future meetingsDate Meetings/Events17 December GLA 2020 Vision Meeting, City Hall, (CN, JS)17 December Meeting with Stella Flannery, Principal, St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College (CN)21 December AoC Offices close and reopen on Wednesday 2 January 2013 Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 14 December 2012If you like to get more information about the AoCLR attended recent and futuremeetings/events please contact Etha Taylor, AoC London Region Team Administrator.CONTACTSIf you wish to contact the AoC London office to give feedback on this Bulletin, to requestadditional information where we have offered it, or to provide suggested content for futureissues, please email Evelina Bagusyte.Caroline Neville Judith SmythRegional Director Deputy Bagusyte Etha TaylorRegional Co-ordinator Team Page 6 of 6