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Representation table updated 2010

  1. 1. RC0 AoC London Region Regional Representation The table below outlines AoC London representation on current regional committees in the following categories: External (general stakeholders and partners); FE-HE; 2012; London First Principal Sponsor Groups and Internal. It is worth noting that some of these committees also have professional and provider committees that run in parallel. External Regional Committees Representative/s Status Further Information London Skills and Employment Paul Head Responsible for London’s London Skills & Employment Board, Board (LSEB board) Adult Skills strategy Palestra, 197 Blackfriars Road, SE1 8AA. Switchboard: 020 7593 8000 London Development Agency Chair, Ian Ashman (observer status) Strategic link with LSEB Ian Ashman, Board (LDA) Principal Hackney Community College T: 020 7613 9227 LDA Business & Skills Committee Tbc - formerly Sue Rimmer as LDA Linked to LDA Board Board Observer Learning and Skills Improvement Paul Head National improvement Visit the website here. Service Board (LSIS board) body dedicated to the development of the FE and skills sector Learning and Skills Improvement Sue Rimmer, Paul Wakeling, Paula Legal membership of LSIS. Visit the website here. Service Council (LSIS council) Whittle Advisory, consultative and representative role Meetings with LSC’s successor Tbc – Expected that all Regional New arrangements being agencies (SFA, YPLA, RPG, NAS) Committee Principals will put in place. participate and that former regular LSC meeting attendees (Sue Rimmer) will also be involved LifeLong Learning UK SSC Laraine Smith, M Hawkins FECs as employers and Under investigation Advisory Group linked to RQIP GLA FE Annual Mayor’s Meeting Chair, RD + Principals tbc Strategic Keep in touch meetings with Mayor’s advisor Anthony Brown. 1/8
  2. 2. RC0 London 14-19 Choice Board Ruth Lomax (Hackney Community 14-19 implementation Group currently under review. College) agenda ERDF Programmes Monitoring RD RD has observer status Committee ESF Regional Committee RD NIACE/ LDA Adult Learners Week Judith Smyth Impact of adult learning in Contacts: Amanda Pavon-Lopez, Plus Steering Group London and Simon Beer, LMN Board M Knight (Greenwich Community Members attend as London Metropolitan Network Limited's College), Satnam Gill (Working directors of the board, not Board of Directors consists of senior Men’s College) as AoC representatives. members of staff from its member institutions and an external director from a regional network operator outside the London area. IOD Central London (education Geoff Pine Employer Engagement G Pine is the Education Liaison Officer liaison) for the Central London Branch of the IoD. They meet every month and hold a major event in Enterprise week, which is targeted at 16-25 year olds in Colleges (and schools) and seeks to get them to engage as employers with a Skills agenda. New Engineering Advisory Panel RD funding for FECs and Under investigation Higher Level Skills agenda; National Strategic Skills Agenda UK Skills Regional Skills Champion Vicki Fagg Under investigation UK Skills Area Skills Champions Noel Otley, Paul Head, M Cavalli, Under investigation Majorie Semple, Sue Rimmer London 2011 Project Team Noel Otley Still active but havn’t met for a while. Partnership for Young London Tom Mautner, trustee (Reserve: G PYL was founded in 2005 by a group of Davis) interested and committed individuals from statutory and voluntary youth 2/8
  3. 3. RC0 organisations, Connexions Partnerships and regional government bodies, to provide a focal point for youth-related issues in London. Visit website here. JISC RSC London Advisory Group Andy Williams (Chair) (Kingston JISC Coordination College), R McAuliffe (Christ the King), Paul Head, Jacqui Mace, Philip Badman (Newham College), Susan Overton-Edwards (City of Westminster College) The Further Education Reputation Paul Head National body to raise FE The Further Education Reputation Strategy Group profile Strategy Group (FERSG) has been established as a sector-led group, to enhance the national reputation of further education (FE). To achieve this, we have developed a programme of activity which involves raising issues affecting the sector's reputation with the government, cross-sector meetings, research projects and providing credible advocates to act as 'champions' for the FE sector. Visit website here. London Region Post-14 Network Jacqui Mace (Reserve: Jane Baker, Still active. Awaiting a formal update CNWL) from Jacqui Mace. Prime Minister’s Initiative 2 Geoff Pine The Board meets 3 times a year and Programme Board Geoff Pine reports back to John Mountford at head Office. (Final year 2010/2011). London Councils Regional Planning Frank McLoughlin, Jane Overbury, Reform of 14-19 Provision Group Caroline Allen (NATSPEC) 3/8
  4. 4. RC0 FE-HE Regional Committees Representative/s Status Further Information Further and Higher Education Chair, Frank McLoughlin, RD/EM Linkage to Mayor’s Meeting Still active but no longer meeting. Speak Partners Group (FHEPG) + 2 VCs to KA about Jane Glanville’s email. London AimHigher Forum Ian Mitton (Greenwich CC) FE HE practitioners group Under investigation 2012 Groups (including FE-HE) Regional Committees Representative/s Comments Podium (2012 FEHE) Board Ian Ashman, Martin Doel (AoC CEO). Strategic partnership – national and regional London Organising Committee of the Olympic AoC Investigating This still exists. Unsure if there is an FE/College and Paralympic Games 2012 Forum (LOCOG Formerly U Tyrie-Socha. presence. Dick Fisher (St Mary’s University 2012) College sits on it for London’s HE sector) and Kate from Podium also attends when the subject matter is relevant. Construction Skills National Skills Academy for AoC Investigating Under investigation Construction and Employment (CSR) Formerly U Tyrie-Socha, F Horan Partnership Board LEST Implementation Group Under investigation AoC London/London First Principal Sponsor Groups London First Representatives Comments London Economic Panel Andy Wilson A quarterly meeting of senior people from a variety of sectors to take the economic temperature of those sectors, in London. AoC London/London First Principal Sponsor Andy Wilson, Frank McLoughlin, Paula Direction setting meeting. Group Whittle, Martin Tolhurst, Paul Head, Keith Cowell, Maxine Room, Sue Rimmer, Vicki Fagg, Geoff Pine, Tony Medhurst, Laraine Smith, Michael Farley, RD/EM 4/8
  5. 5. RC0 Lifelong Learning Networks AoC/AoCLR Representative/s: Comments West London LLN AoC investigating The Network Board of the WL LLN is made up of Vacancy (formerly L Pearson (EHWLC)) senior representatives from our partner colleges and universities, all of whom support the work of the LLN financially and practically. Partners: Ealing, Hammersmith & West London Harrow North West London Stanmore Uxbridge West Thames Linking London LLN No AoC representative, Liaison via regular Visit website for more information: meetings between RD and Linking London Lifelong Learning Network CEO FE Partners: Barking and Dagenham Barnet College City and Islington College City of Westminster College Hackney Community College Kensington and Chelsea College Lewisham College Newham Sixth Form College Southwark College The College of Haringey, Enfield and North West London Tower Hamlets College Westminster Kingsway College South London LLN Chair: Janet Sherborne, Vice Principal at South London LLN is still very much operational Carshalton College. and active and they have a subscription model for membership. They no longer have funding for a wide range of projects, but are focusing on sharing 5/8
  6. 6. RC0 information and organising events which are member organisations value, for example progressing vocational learners and changes to qualifications and the QCF. Lead Contact is Mandy Hobart: VetNet LLN Dr Paul Bryant, Capel Manor College Under investigation AoC Skills Sub Groups AoC/AoCLR Representative/s: Comments Automotive Skills Nick Sinnamon Links to Sector Skills Councils Business, Admin and Finance Paula Whittle Links to Sector Skills Councils Construction Vicki Fagg Links to Sector Skills Councils Engineering and Manufacturing Laraine Smith, Richard Chambers, Martin Links to Sector Skills Councils Tolhurst Hospitality and Catering Andy Wilson (Champion) Links to Sector Skills Councils ICT Richard Chambers Links to Sector Skills Councils Society, Health and Development Paula Whittle, Jacqui Mace, Marilyn Links to Sector Skills Councils Hawkins Travel and Tourism Paula Whittle, Geoff Pine Links to Sector Skills Councils Sport and Leisure Ian Ashman Links to Sector Skills Councils Creative and Media Links to Sector Skills Councils Public Services Group in formation Hair and Beauty Laraine Smith (Champion) Group in formation Retail Group in formation Land Based & Environmental Group in formation Logistics Group in formation 6/8
  7. 7. RC0 Internal AoC/AoCLR Representative/s: Comments AoCLR Regional Committee Ian Ashman (Chair), Tony Alderman (Vice- Member Engagement Chair). Richard Chambers, Keith Darvill Ela Piotrowska, Cathy Walsh, Doreen West, Paula Whittle, Jane Overbury, Andy Wilson (ex officio member). AoC National Board Andy Wilson (AoCLR representative) Member Engagement AoC Governors’ Council Tony Alderman (Chair and AoCLR Member Engagement representative) AoC Strategy Group RDs and National Directors Member Engagement AoC Strategic Skills Group Laraine Smith, Marianne Cavalli AoC HE in FE Group John Morris, Havering College of FE and HE AoC HE in FE Quality Group Amanda Hayes, Kensington and Chelsea College; Shirley Farthing, City Lit; Lena Read, Ealing Hammersmith and West London College; Valentina Keller, Greenwich Community College; Colette Bruynseels, Richmond upon Thames College; Jane Clifford, West Thames College. AoC Strategic Quality Group Kim Clifford; Ian Ashman; Michael Farley; Member Engagement Frank McLoughlin; Lois Fowler, Hackney Community College; Pat Squires, City of Westminster College AoC 14-19 Delivery and Diploma Expert Marie-Claire Williams, Southgate College Will accept more AoC reps, at VP level.. Group 14-19 Principal Portfolio Group Laraine Smith, Cathy Walsh, Eddie Playfair, Tony Medhurst. AoC International Strategy Group Ian Ashman, Geoff Pine AoCLR Subcommittees 7/8
  8. 8. RC0 Marketing Committee Michael Farley (Chair), Geoff Pine, Duncan Member Engagement Adams, Ruth Lomax, Kaneez Shaid, M aria Thompson, Rachel Brine, Caireen Mitchell, Raffaella Cuccia, Mark Hilton, EM/RD AoCLR Networks: Finance Directors’ Network Finance Directors of AoCLR; Finance Member Engagement Directors of London LSC, EM, RC (Chairs: Michael Gainlall, John Ruskin College; Brian Page, Hackney Community College) Marketing Managers’ Network Marketing Managers of AoCLR, EM, (Chair: Member engagement M Farley; R Lomax, Hackney) CIS/MIS Managers’ Network CIS/MIS Managers of AoCLR, EM, RC Member Engagement (Chair: Tracey McIntosh, Barnet) JISC Principals’ List Virtual Network Member Engagement Clerks Network Andy Lightbown Member Engagement VP Curriculum &Quality Network Jane O’Neill, CHENEL Member Engagement Business Development Managers’ Network Julie Naldrett, South Thames College; EM Member Engagement; funding opportunities 8/8