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AoC London Members' Bulletin Issue 100 110916

  1. 1. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin16 September 2011 Issue 100AoCLR Regional Forum – Wednesday 12 October 2011Principals and Chairs are invited to the next AoC London Regional Forum on Wednesday 12October at Westminster Kingsway College, Kings Cross campus, from 5pm-7pm.The agenda is currently being finalised but we can confirm the following speakers: Martin Doel, Chief Executive, AoC Catherine Vines, International Director, Ealing, Hammersmith and West London CollegeFurther information will be circulated shortly.Register for the eventFeedback from meeting with Mayoral Adviser Munira Mirza and agendafor Principals’ meeting with GLA on 26 SeptemberKate Anderson met Munira Mirza, Mayor Adviser for Youth and Culture on 6 September. Thiswas an introductory meeting and to set the agenda for the meeting between Munira Mirza andPrincipals on 26 September at City Hall. The items discussed on the 6th which will form theagenda on the 26th included: AoC’s and Colleges’ response to the August riots; the FE Guide(see below); work commissioned by the GLA on young people’s transition at various key pointsin their education careers (IPPR are doing the work); the impact of the loss of EMAs on studentenrolments; a GLA feasibility study on ESOL (James Lee who leads on this work will be at themeeting with Principals on 26 September); an IAG study being carried out by the GLA; andColleges’ interest in sponsoring Academies. Munira Mirza is keen to get Principals’ feedbackon all the above.Update on GLA FE GuideEarlier this year, AoC Create undertook a project for the London Development Agency to lookat how the Community Scorecard model developed by Leicester College could be extended foruse by London Colleges. The Community Scorecard was an agenda item at the final meeting ofthe London Skills and Employment Board, chaired by the Mayor. The Mayor was keen for thework to be developed further. Responsibility for taking it forward transferred from the LDA tothe GLA.On 10 June, London Principals attended a meeting with GLA colleagues at City Hall at whichthe Community Scorecard was discussed. The concept, now titled FE Guide, had changedconsiderably since Principals had seen an earlier presentation on the AoC Create project
  2. 2. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 2 September 2011outcomes about which they had been largely positive. Principals expressed concern about thechange in direction which included a proposal that the FE Guide would be a version forLondon Colleges of the Times University Guide which ranks universities nationally on the basisof a number of indicators. AoC London wrote to GLA colleagues in July about Principals’ andAoC’s reservations about the Guide.Kate Anderson and Joy Mercer (AoC national director of education policy) met Mark Kleinmanand Michelle Cuomo of the GLA on 5 September to discuss possible ways forward. GLA wereat pains to stress that the presentation shared with Principals in June had been very earlythinking and that nothing is set in stone. They are keen to work with Colleges to develop aversion of the FE Guide that Colleges would value and which would convey clear and simpleinformation about their performance to potential College users, including students, parents andemployers. The information in the Guide would bring together information that is alreadypublished and there would be no requirement on Colleges to produce additional information.Agreed points from the meeting were: AoC London will invite College representatives to work with the GLA in developing the FE Guide Development work will be a longer term scheme, with initial piloting not taking place before the 2012/13 academic year GLA will bring other types of post-16 providers into the scheme Work on the FE Guide should be linked to the pilot for developing a framework for public information for the further education sectorWorldSkills 2011 updateWhat to do at WorldSkills London 2011The Worldskills Premiere Experience brochure is now available and can be accessed on It sets the full programme out very clearly and indicates costsattached as well as what is free. The full public programme will go on line very shortly on theWorldSkills site: This is also the place to book any visitors’tickets. Pre-bookings have now reached 119,000 so do book soon if you want to be able tochoose your visiting times. Don’t miss out on all the opportunities available to not only see theevent but to focus on and discuss Vocational Education and Training with high profile nationaland international delegates. There will be a huge amount of publicity focused on the sectorthrough WSL2011.The National Apprenticeship Service conference programme is invitation only. However, theFriday event is specifically for London SME employers and we attach the invitation that NAS issending out if you have employers you would like to target. If you would like to attend withthem, please contact Seymour Pearman as indicated on the invitation.The Skills Funding Agency is planning a reception for College Principals at ExCel on Friday, 7October from midday to 2pm. When full details are available, invitations will be sent out by theAgency. Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 2 September 2011Regional Skills Festival/Have a Go and Colleges WeekHave a Gos run so far in Haveringand by Southgate and RedbridgeColleges have been very successful,attracting a lot of interest toWorldSkills, as well as being fun toparticipate in. Please let us knowabout any planned activity and sendin any proposals for activities we cansupport with funding, including any‘Have a Go at College’ as part ofColleges Week. London and WorldSkills havebeen given the opportunity to holdHave a Go activities on the walkway in Photo credit: Redbridge Collegefront of City Hall from 28-30September. We are currently finalising the details and a few London Colleges have alreadyexpressed an interest in participating in the event, if this is something you would be interestedin please contact Alan McChleery.Colleges Week (beginning 26 September) to support WSL2011 is underway. A survey onparticipation in skills competitions went out to all Colleges this week and we would encourageyou to complete it. The information will help us to understand what benefits Colleges get fromparticipating and why some Colleges don’t participate currently. The results of a surveyundertaken with five hundred 15 year olds on their awareness of post-GCSE options will alsobe published and supported with publicity in that week. For information on all strands ofactivity, please see www.collegesweekCapital Equipment FundPlease don’t forget to keep up to date with what equipment is on offer from WorldSkillsfollowing the event. It is an excellent opportunity to get some high quality equipment heavilydiscounted with support from the Skills Funding Agency for 50% of the cost. 2012The next LOCOG EMPLOYMENT AND SKILLS GROUP meeting has been arranged forTuesday 20 September to provide a further detailed briefing and at which overall Collegetargets can be agreed. Ian Ashman, Principal, Hackney Community College, has written apaper for the meeting on Colleges and 2012 jobs. If you would like a copy of the paper pleasecontact Rebecca Breen. Ian has requested that Colleges send him the name of their 2012 jobscoordinators: please send names and contact details to Ian Ashman. Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 2 September 2011London Development Agency: Transition and Closure UpdateLDA have completed the transition of a number of their projects to the GLA. This includes theLDA’s Climate Change, Olympic Skills and Academies, Youth and Volunteering projects whichtransferred to the GLA at the end of June 2011. The GLA is now accountable for all of theprogrammes and projects that have transferred including delivery of the associated outputsand outcomes.Assuming the passage of the Localism Bill, the LDA’s remaining projects and programmes willtransfer to the GLA at the end of March 2012, together with the LDA’s assets and liabilities. Afurther number of projects, including our capital and design projects, will transfer between nowand the end of March and details will be included in future updates.The LDA has continued to make available information on their experience. This month, theyhave published on their corporate website details of their approach to helping people intosustained employment, and how they work with skills providers, including details of theinnovative Employability Performance Ratings framework.Crisis at ChristmasWe thought colleagues would want to see this message from Ian Richards, Buildings &Logistics Manager at Crisis:“As autumn begins, Crisis’s attention is turning towards the winter and to setting up ourseasonal centres for homeless and vulnerably housed people. This Christmas we will be thrunning 9 centres across London and in this – our 40 year – we desperately need your help insecuring the donation of 5 buildings that we can use temporarily.”“A lot has changed since Crisis at Christmas first started in 1972. Nowadays we don’t justprovide food and warmth but dozens of essential services that can help many homeless peopleget back on their feet and help them out of homelessness. After Christmas we also work withother charities to ensure that when the weather is very cold, there is emergency provision forpeople who could otherwise die on the streets.”“Last year alone, over 3000 people used our services over Christmas week accessing essentialservices such as housing and employment advice, healthcare, dentists and opticians and ‘feelgood’ services and activities such as hairdressing, clothing and alterations, entertainments andinternet cafes.”“Crisis can make use of many different types of buildings, from office premises and lightindustrial units, to schools and colleges. Ideally donated buildings need to: Be between 15,000 – 60,000 sq ft Have working services ( water, electricity, gas) Have kitchens or an area that can be converted into a kitchen Be close to public transport links Have some off street space for parking Be preferably not in a dense residential areaCrisis will pay rates, (indeed as a charity we can save landlords a great deal in rates costs) andutility costs.” Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 2 September 2011 “We also employ a professional buildings and logistics team to ensure that your building is returned to you in the state in which we found it. We have been using buildings on a temporary basis for nearly 4 decades and can provide references from previous landlords who include the BBC, British Land, Wellcome Trust and Ballymore.” For information and if you can offer to help, please contact Ian Richards: T: 020 7036 2821 M: 07738 149702 E: Success Stories of the Fortnight West Thames College Students are Big Fans of New Campus! On Thursday 8 September 2011, a variety of Art & Design induction projects became the first work to grace the new studios of West Thames Colleges new Sir Joseph Banks Building. BTEC Level 3 students built robots with found materials whilst the BTEC Level 1 and 2 two students created self- portraits. Meanwhile, Foundation Diploma, Photography and Animation students created giant inflatable sculptures using electric fans, hairdryers, bin liners and sticky tape. The new students voted on their favourites with prizes awarded to the winning teams. Photo credit: West Thames College The Sir Joseph Banks Building, the final building in West Thames Colleges major redevelopment of their Isleworth Campus, contains state-of-the-art science labs, forensic and crime scene rooms, IT suites, art and design studios and high-tech classrooms.Recent meetings Date Event/meeting Attendees Agenda 5 Sept FE Guide KA, Joy Meeting to discuss the FE Guide (Community Mercer Scorecard) follow up meeting 6 Sept Munira Mirza - KA Introductory meeting with Munira Mirza, Mayoral Advisor on Mayoral Advisor for Youth and Culture Culture and Youth 6 Sept Abi Lammas, LSIS KA Regular one to one meeting 13 Sept Local Skills Festivals KA WorldSkills Have a Go review and HAG Review Meeting 13 Sept Heads of Student KA, JS AoC London Heads of Student Services Services network network meeting. For more information contact meeting Rebecca Breen. 15 Sept Mary Vine-Morris KA Regular one to one meeting Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 2 September 2011 16 Sept London Councils KA Meeting discussed: ESOL research and potential for follow up work, Update on the FE Guide, Outcome Incentive Payments and SFA expectations of colleges and training providersFuture meetings Date Event/meeting Attendees Agenda 22 Sept LEST 2012 KA Partner updates; ODA Learning Legacy; Olympic Park NSAFC report, Construction Skills 26 Sept London First KA Regular catch up with Mark Hilton 26 Sept Principals’ meeting KA Agenda: with Munira Mirza Response to the recent civil disturbances 16-18 Bursary & EMA FE Guide Careers Service in London GLA ESOL Feasibility Study Sponsoring Academies 27 Sept Strategic Group for KA Discuss the Head of Sport network meeting Sport 27 Sept Head of Sport KA Agenda includes: network meeting National Strategy Update “Growing Sport, Growing Colleges” Sport England funding updates Working with NGBs and employers – proposal for the provision of relevant workforce qualifications BCS update Olympics opening ceremony Developing Tennis in East London FE and Riots 27 Sept Graeme Atherton KA Catch up meeting regarding Access HE 29 Sept Regional Committee AoCLR Agenda includes discussion of the London meeting team Manifesto for Mayoral elections and updates from the AoC Board, Governors’ Council, Marketing Committee, AoC London, AoC Procurement Manager and Podium. 29 Sept Principals’ Forum AoCLR The agenda includes: Funding updates from Jill team Lowery, Skills Funding Agency and Mike Pettifer, Regional Director, Young Person’s Learning Agency followed by discusion; Response to Riots; Enrolment update; Presentation by Stephen Evans on AoCLR LSIS- funded project. Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 2 September 2011Events and Dates for the Diary  Wise Up 3 event: Saturday 24 September, 10.20am-5pm at City Hall, London. This event is to help young people in care/ care leavers between 13 and 19, prepare for their future career and higher education choices. For more information please download the flyer. To register go to:  Principals’ meeting with Munira Mirza, Mayoral Advisor – Monday 26 September, 4.30pm-5.30pm at City Hall. Please contact Rebecca Breen for more information.  AoCLR Head of Sport network meeting – Tuesday 27 September, 10.30am-1pm at AoC offices, Stedham Place. Please contact Rebecca Breen for more information.  AoC London Principals’ Forum – Thursday 29 September, 4.45pm-6.30pm at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London college. Please contact Rebecca Breen for more information.  AoCLR Vice Principals Curriculum & Quality network meeting – Monday 17 October, 3pm-5pm at AoC offices, Stedham Place. Please contact Rebecca Breen for more information.  AoCLR Clerks’ network meeting – Friday 7 October, 2pm-5pm at Westminster Kingsway College. Please contact Judith Smyth for more information.  AoCLR Business Development Managers’ network – Wednesday 12 October (PM) at City & Islington College. Please contact Judith Smyth for more information.  AoC London Regional Forum – Wednesday 12 October, 5pm-7pm at Westminster Kingsway College, Kings Cross campus. Please contact AoC London Region Events for more information.  AoCLR Finance Directors’ network meeting – Thursday 10 November, 9am-1pm, Venue tbc. Please contact Rebecca Breen for more information.  AoC’s Annual Conference and Exhibition: 15, 16 and 17 November 2011. Registration is now open for AoC’s flagship event of the year which takes place between Tuesday 15 and Thursday 17 November 2011 at the ICC in Birmingham.  AoSEC (Association of South East Colleges) is our sister organisation in the south east region. AOSEC runs 22 professional development networks which bring together staff from across the south east to hear and discuss updates on areas relating to the curriculum or their job role. Colleagues from London Colleges would be welcome to attend these networks. There is a charge for membership of the networks. Colleagues can find out more information and book online via Full details of the network package for 2011/12 can be seen at For more information please contact Lisa Mullock: Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 2 September 2011Policy and other documents The Intelligence e-Group Despatch If you would like to view the latest issues of the Intelligence e-Group Despatch please follow this link. The Despatch is produced by Mike Cooper, from Education Development which works in partnership with AOSEC, LSC South East, LSN and City & Guilds Institute/Centre for Skills Development to provide a regular free electronic newsletter updating colleagues on latest developments in post-compulsory learning and skills and much more. For your free subscription to the Intelligence e-Group Despatch, e-mail Mike Cooper, giving brief details of your organisation and role. GLA news How will new £70m funds help parts of London hit by violent disorder? Mayor welcomes appointment of new Met Police Commissioner Emergency services praised in Assembly debate on riots If you wish to contact the AoC London office to give feedback on this bulletin, to request additional information where we have offered it, or to provide suggested content for future issues, please email Rebecca Breen. Kate Anderson Judith Smyth Regional Director Executive Manager Rebecca Breen Cyheme Bilouta Regional Coordinator Team Administrator (part-time) Page 8 of 8