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110225 issue 89

  1. 1. 25 AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, Issue 89February 2011 AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin – 25 February 2011 Feedback from Principals’ Forum on 17 February Ian Ashman, Chair of AoC London Regional Committee, chaired the Principals’ Forum on 17 February which was attended by 13 Principals and 4 Vice Principals. It was a reconvened Forum to continue the discussion on a proposal shared at the 18 January Principals’ Forum to establish a College-led provision review group. It was a positive and lively meeting that resulted in agreement to a scaled down set of activities including reviewing information about potentially vulnerable specialist provision and determining what to do about it. AoC London region will take forward the following actions: Contact the Responsive College Unit (MIDES project) about obtaining relevant data to share with Colleges about courses with fewer than 50 enrolments Facilitate Principals sharing their planning information about such courses Continue discussions with the London Skills and Employment Observatory about LMI data that will inform Colleges’ provision planning Investigate with the GLA running some workshops on skills with the Mayoral advisory team for economic development Hold an event focussing on ESOL Hold a network event for Heads of Student Services to explore ways of applying the new Learner Support Fund Arrange another Principals’ Forum meeting in April Feedback from meeting on 15 February with Anthony Browne Advisor for Economic Development, Mark Kleinman Assistant Director of Economic and Business Policy and Stephen Evans Director of Employment and Skills Some 17 Principals met Anthony Browne, Mark Kleinman and Stephen Evans on 15 February. The meeting covered an update on the London Skills and Employment Board, the current state of play as regards the pan-London Local Enterprise Partnership, progress on Apprenticeships, and the impact of funding and policy changes, particularly as regards inactive benefits and ESOL, on London’s Colleges. The Mayoral advisory team were very engaged with the discussion and requested a follow-up briefing on the figures quoted by Principals to take to their meeting with BIS on 18 February. The meeting can be counted as a real success as it has proved difficult to establish productive working links with the GLA since the election of Mayor Boris Johnson. The GLA team also requested regular meetings with Principals; AoC London office will set these up and let Principals know about them. GLA/Student Safety meeting update The Greater London Authority held a Safer Learners’ Workshop on 15 February at City Hall. Delegates from Colleges, schools, Police, local authorities and community and special interest groups attended. AoC London Region attended along with many representatives from Colleges. Page 1 of 9
  2. 2. 25 AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, Issue 89February 2011 The workshop covered the story so far; Project Oracle; Terms of Reference for a pan-London Safer Learners Partnership; a pan-London Framework and identifying priorities for a pan- London partnership and supporting local interventions. The workshop was split into two sections – the latter section involved Colleges discussing the issues as a sector and providing input into the framework. The discussions highlighted the lack of consistency between different boroughs and relationships with the police. AoC London Region will continue to work on Safer Learners issues and will follow-up with a College-led event. Please also note that the London Serious Youth Violence Board have organised a meeting to discuss the role of FE Colleges in tackling Serious Youth Violence on 3 March at the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London from 1.30-3.30pm (refreshments from 1- 1.30pm). The seminar will focus on: The importance of attendance, and monitoring of attendance, as part of the response to SYV The challenges around post 16 transition – information sharing with large numbers of secondary schools. Space will be limited, so please register with the LSYVB Secretariat at: lsyvb@ymail.com. Institute of Education survey into music education in London Concerns about the provision of music education in London have prompted the city’s mayor, Boris Johnson, to commission a major survey of schools, colleges and community arts organisations across the capital. Music teachers and institutions have been asked to respond to the IOE’s web-based survey by March 15. The survey questions can be viewed at www.musiceducationaudit.com. Please read the full article in the GLA news section below. RPG update The most recent meeting of the Regional Planning Group took place on 14 February. AoC nominees Caroline Allen (Orchard Hill College), Frank McLoughlin (City and Islington College) and Jane Overbury (Christ the King SFC) attended as did Kate Anderson as AoC Observer. In light of the changes to its remit, a new name was considered for the Group; it will in future be known as the London Councils Young People’s Education and Skills. The Group will be reconstituted in due course. The Group also heard a presentation about the new all age careers service and this item will be on the agenda of the next meeting as time did not allow for a full discussion of the implications for London learners and Colleges. The minutes of the meeting have not yet been shared with us; when they are, anyone wishing to see them will be invited to contact AoC London office. Page 2 of 9
  3. 3. 25 AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, Issue 89February 2011 WorldSkills London 2011 Enthusiastic response from London Colleges to getting involved Philippa Langton and Laurence Basco from the Skills Funding Agency have now visited the majority of London Colleges to give Principals and other staff a full briefing on how they can get involved in the WorldSkills London 2011 event. Laurence now has an impressive list of ideas from Colleges on how they plan to contribute to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies on 4 October and 9 October as well as deliver Have a Go activities at the event and outside it. “Philippa and I have been really impressed, but of course not surprised, at the excellent response we have had to our visits. Once we started talking about the massive impact this international event will have, and how Colleges, their learners and staff can all benefit from the different types of activities, the ideas just started to flow!” Showcasing Applications – the closing date is approaching! Some of the proposed showcasing ideas include a good range of dance, drama and musical performances for the big stages, but also catering, make up and make overs, animation and a host of other things. A range of static and artistic displays as well video input in a number of skills have been suggested, so do make sure you turn your ideas into an application by the closing date, 17 March 2011. Please click here for more information. If you have specific questions, please direct them there. Have a Go – skills taster opportunities Lots of ideas for these too! The resources that will allow you to badge skills taster activities that you might have planned for this year as part of WorldSkills London 2011 will be available on the web site from 28th February. There will be more information about a series of high profile Have a Go events round the country following that launch. Worldskillslondon2011.com/education will take you to more information. A number of London Colleges are exhibiting at the event, and applications for tickets to attend and offers to volunteer are growing in number. If you haven’t had a visit from Laurence or Philippa and would like to arrange one, please contact : Laurence.basco@skillsfundingagency.bis.gov.uk or ring 020 7904 0606. Skills Competitions Closing Date is 24 March Skills competitions are an important strand in the government’s agenda to raise aspirations and attainment in Vocational Education. Colleges who regularly participate in competitions have identified clear benefits for both learners and staff, not just in development of technical and personal skills but also in improvement to the quality of teaching and learning. If you have never taken part or entered learners in a competition, why not check out the range of competitions available in Engineering, Built Environment, Cultural and Creative Arts, IT and Business Administration, and Social and Professional Services? Automotive and Skill Build competitions have already closed for this year, but the closing date for the others is 24 March 2011. For further information, see worldskillsuk.org and click on ‘competitions’ to select the sector and see the competition brief, or contact worldskillsuk@ukskills.org.uk or 0800 612 0742. Dip a toe in the water by taking part in the Environmental Science Competition; this could be an opportunity for students studying Science, IT, Geography or Maths. There has been very little take up in this new discipline so far and, unlike other competitions this year, the Page 3 of 9
  4. 4. 25 AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, Issue 89February 2011 FINAL of the competition is planned to be part of WorldSkills London 2011, so why not give it a go? LSIS update AoC London is coordinating a bid to the recently-announced LSIS Regional Development Fund on behalf of its members. The project for which funding is sought will enable the actions identified under the first item (Feedback from Principals’ Forum) to be taken forward in a timely and effective way on behalf of members. The bidding round closes at noon on Friday. A copy of the AoC –coordinated bid will be posted on the AoC London region webpage shortly. Request for information regarding Green ICT London Higher and JISC are conducting research into Green ICT and are interested in finding out about Colleges who are working on Green or Sustainable ICT. The project is looking at energy use and carbon emissions in HEIs, case studies of best practices, and priorities for further funding. Background information and documentation is available at www.londonhigher.ac.uk/grilh.html. Information would be really welcome from FE colleges on procurement, disposal, thick vs. thin clients, virtualisation, “greener” data centres, cloud computing, printing and whether there are any sustainability strategies in place. If you are able to help please contact Dr Paresh Shah at London Higher. Adult Learners Week Free Workshops on How to Run a Successful Event for Adult Learners’ Week Get inspiration and ideas; find out where you can get hold of free resources and session plans; discover the benefits of linking up to other campaigns; find and work effectively with new partners. Monday 28 February: 12.30-2.30pm at John Pounds Centre, 32 Queen Street, Portsmouth PO1 3HN Friday 11 March: 2-4pm at ACE Rivers Centre, Trent Road, West Bletchley MK3 7BB Friday 18 March: 2-4pm at Morley College, 61 Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7HT Tuesday 22 March: 2-4pm at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College, Oxpens Road, Oxford OX1 1SA To book, simply email your name, organisation and contact details to Amanda on pavonlopez@msn.com Win a visit from a top author to inspire your students! Page 4 of 9
  5. 5. 25 AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, Issue 89February 2011 The Reading Agency’s Six Book Challenge invites literacy learners and less confident readers to read six books and record their reading in a diary in order to receive incentives, a certificate and the chance to enter a national prize draw for completers. In recognition of the growing number of colleges offering the Six Book Challenge to their students, The Reading Agency is launching a new national prize draw for colleges in association with COFHE, the network for libraries in post-16 education. Colleges where a minimum of 20 students have taken part in the Challenge and where the college library or learning resource centre has been involved will have the chance to win a visit from a top author in autumn 2011. The Reading Agency will arrange this through its Reading Partners scheme with publishers. There is still plenty of time to join in, and World Book Day 3 March, when ten new Quick Reads are launched, could be a good time to start. The deadline for prize draws is Thursday 30 June – see entry forms for more details. Materials, including reading diaries, certificates, bookmarks, posters and book recommendation leaflets, are available to order through the Reading Agency Shop. Please contact Genevieve Clarke at The Reading Agency if you have any questions – genevieve.clarke@readingagency.org.uk or 0871 750 210 Student Success Story of the Fortnight Panorama dad studies youth work at College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London Student and father, Jermaine Jones - recently featured in Panorama’s ‘Britain’s Missing Dads’ - is currently studying at the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London and working towards becoming a qualified youth worker. Twenty-two year old Jermaine, who has a two year old daughter, was featured in the programme as a father who shares custody of his young daughter and is trying to improve the quality of their lives. Jermaine is currently attending the College two days a week while working three days a week at the Pembury Youth Club in Hackney. Jermaine spends one day a week at the College working towards his Apprenticeship in Youth Work Level 2 and he spends one day a week at the College’s Study Skills Centre, where he gets help with his dyslexia. This includes access to assistive technology software such as Dragon Speech that allows him to read and write competently, and one-to-one literacy support. Jermaine struggled at school, with his dyslexia going unnoticed until he enrolled at the College last year. He said: “When I started to get support from the College and they mentioned dyslexia, I didn’t even know what it meant. Now I know there is a reason why I found school so hard and I struggled to read bedtime stories to my daughter.” Page 5 of 9
  6. 6. 25 AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, Issue 89February 2011 Jermaine, who was discovered for the panorama programme by attending a scheme for young dads, added: “Being part of panorama and enrolling at the College has made me determined to provide a good life for my daughter. I think it is far too easy for young dads to walk away and leave the responsibility to the mother. “Young dads out there who can’t provide for their family just need to get focused and back into education or work. No matter what skills they start with they can always aim higher. It’s not about letting people put you down, but basically doing what you have to do for your kids. “And if money is an issue, there are plenty of routes you can take. I choose to do an apprenticeship so I can work and earn money while getting my qualification. Some people may be happy going from one low paid job to another but for me, studying means I can provide a better life for my daughter, and most of all I can read to her.” Jane O’Neill, Vice Principal of Curriculum and Learner Experience, says: “Jermaine’s determination to succeed makes him a fantastic ambassador for the College, and shows the opportunities we offer at the College help people to overcome any barriers they may have experienced towards learning.” To watch Jermaine in the ‘Britain’s Missing Dads’ visit: http://www.youngdads.tv/2011/01/britains-missing-dads-panorama/ Recent meetings Date Event/Meeting Attendees Outcome/follow-up 14 Feb RPG (Observer) KA Regular meeting meeting 15 Feb Safer Learning JS The workshop included Terms of Workshop Reference for a pan-London Safer Learners Partnership; a pan-London Framework and identifying priorities for a pan-London partnership and supporting local interventions. 15 Feb AoCLR, GLA and KA See headline LDA meeting 17 Feb Reconvened KA, JS, RB, See headline Principals Forum London Principals 21 Feb Visit to Croydon KA Meeting with Frances Wadsworth College 21 Feb Mike Pettifer, YPLA KA Regular meeting and Chris Wright , SFA 22 Feb Philippa Langton KA, Val Regular update meeting about progress and Laurence Basco, Chiesa towards WorldSkills London 2011 SFA Page 6 of 9
  7. 7. 25 AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, Issue 89February 2011 Future meetings Date Event/Meeting Attendees Agenda 01 March Exploring the Role KA Agenda items include: of Training Policy update: Local growth and Providers and LEPs Employers in Local LEPs role in tackling skills needs Enterprise Panel Debate: Working together to Partnerships and align skills and training with local Skills event economic development priorities 01 March Philippa Langton KA, Val Regular update meeting and Laurence Chiesa Basco, SFA 02 March Gary Chin and KA Meeting with retiring Principal and Geoff Pine Principal Designate of Greenwich Community College 03 March Andrew Gates, KA, Ian Discussion of the Mayors asks and the GLA Ashman work programme in London 03 March Colleges/Youth KA, JS, SYVB London Colleges and the London Serious Justice Board Youth Violence Board are holding a meeting meeting to consider the FE College contribution in securing safer learning environments for students on 3 March 2011, 1.30pm-3.30pm at the College of Haringey, Enfield and East London, Tottenham Campus. 07 March Vic Grimes, NAS KA Regular one to one meeting 08 March Adult Learners’ JS A review panel to judge Adult Learners’ Week Panel Week Awards 2011 Meeting 08 March LSIS Regional KA Agenda items include: Response Fund Review criteria and scoring Panel Meeting system Review Proposals Confirm successful proposals 09 March Governors Code AoCLR Agenda items include: Developmental BIS/SFA funded projects for Review Event: Colleges to explore opportunities Governors, Clerks for Collaboration and Shared and Principals Services How to ensure that London has the right mix and volume of vocational and preparation for life and work provision to meet learners’ and employers’ needs AoC Create and what it can do for London Colleges Page 7 of 9
  8. 8. 25 AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, Issue 89February 2011 10 March London KA, Val Regular meeting on progress towards Management Chiesa WorldSkills London 2011 Group meeting 10 March Stephen Evans, KA Regular one to one meeting LDA Events and Dates for the Diary  Improving Public Information in FE Event: Tuesday 1 March, Westminster Kingsway College, Vincent Square Campus, London. For more information click here.  Exploring the Role of Training Providers and Employers in Local Enterprise Partnerships and Skills: Tuesday 1 March, Westminster Kingsway College, Vincent Square Campus, London. Details can be found at www.aoccreateevents.co.uk/lep2011  Fire, asbestos and other major College health and safety issues: Wednesday 2 March, Eversheds LLP Regional Office. Details can be found at: www.aoccreateevents.co.uk/fightingfire  Post-Tender Problems Workshop: Wednesday 2 March, The Ambassadors Hotel, London. Details can be found at: www.aoccreateevents.co.uk/posttenderproblems  Finance Directors’ network meeting: Monday 7 March, Eversheds, London. For more details, please contact Rebecca Breen.  AoC College Pensions Conference: Tuesday 15 March at the CBI Centre, London. Details and registration can be found at: www.aoccreateevents.co.uk/pensions2011  Quick Guide to Measuring Social & Economic Deprivation in Inspection: The new methodology: Tuesday 15 March, Westminster Kingsway College, London. Details can be found at: www.aoccreateevents.co.uk/quickquidesocialeconomicdeprivation  The Further Education Symposium: Thursday 17 March, Hackney Community College, London. The event will address key questions facing student support and service provision at London’s FE Colleges. If you would like to register your attendance at the event please contact Laura Wiltshire.  Womens Leadership Network for London and Surrey: Thursday 17 March, Westminster Kingsway College, Victoria Campus London. Please let Vicki.fagg@cnwl.ac.uk know if you would be interested in any specific topics for discussion and let Kayee.chan@cnwl.ac.uk know if you are intending to attend.  AoC 14-19 Delivery Structures Conference: Thursday 24 March, Paddington, London. Details can be found at: www.aoccreateevents.co.uk/14- 19/2011  CIS/MIS Managers’ network meeting: Friday 25 March, Venue TBC. For more details, please contact Rebecca Breen. Page 8 of 9
  9. 9. 25 AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, Issue 89February 2011  Business Development Managers’ network meeting: Wednesday 30 March, Fashion and Textile Museum, London Bridge. For more details, please contact Judith Smyth.  Embedding Equality & Diversity within Curriculum Planning and Teaching & Learning | London (2011): Tuesday 5 April, Venue TBC. Details can be found at: www.aoccreateevents.co.uk/embeddingequality  AoCLR Marketing Managers’ network event: Wednesday 25 May. The summer term network event has been arranged for Wednesday 25 May, it’s likely to be a full day event. If you are a Marketing/PR Manager/Director please put the date in your diary. Further information will be circulated shortly. Policy and other documents The Intelligence e-Group Despatch If you would like to view the latest issues of the Intelligence e-Group Despatch please follow this link. The Despatch is produced by Mike Cooper, from Education Development which works in partnership with AOSEC, LSC South East, LSN and City & Guilds Institute/Centre for Skills Development to provide a regular free electronic newsletter updating colleagues on latest developments in post-compulsory learning and skills and much more. For your free subscription to the Intelligence e-Group Despatch, e-mail Mike Cooper, giving brief details of your organisation and role. GLA news What Games-time jobs will there be for low-skilled and unemployed Londoners? Institute of Education survey into music education in London London Mayor, boroughs and business create partnership for growth If you wish to contact the AoC London office to give feedback on this bulletin, to request additional information where we have offered it, or to provide suggested content for future issues, please email Rebecca Breen. Kate Anderson Judith Smyth Regional Director Executive Manager kate.anderson@aoc.co.uk judith.smyth@aoc.co.uk Rebecca Breen Simran Sobhraj Regional Coordinator London Region and FE Procurement Administrator rebecca.breen@aoc.co.uk Simran.sobhrai@aoc.co.uk Page 9 of 9