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AoC London Region members 136 Bulletin - 130524


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AoC London Region members 136 Bulletin - 130524

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AoC London Region members 136 Bulletin - 130524

  1. 1. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin24 May 2013 – Issue 136Dear Colleagues,We have had a dynamic run of AoC London network meetings over the last two weeksincluding Marketing Managers, Business Development, Student Services, Sports, and Clerks toColleges. For those of you that could not attend the meetings but want to know more pleasecontact us. We can share the agenda and presentations with you. These can never replace thediscussion and intelligence shared at the meetings themselves but may be useful in their ownright. Of particular interest we can share slides around an update on the 14 -19 curriculum,LLDD, the Buttle Quality Mark, and UKCES services.On the wider London agenda we would draw your attention to the:Youth PledgeThe DWP Youth Pledge is signed by employers and partners who are positive about recruitingYoung People from disadvantaged backgrounds or those who might be looking for a secondchance, so that together we support all young people to create positive futures for themselveswithin thriving communities. It would be excellent if all London Colleges could support thispledge and we will get in touch with members of our Vice Principals’ network to take thisforward.The Skills Show 2013/2014 ‘Local Programme’On 22nd May the tender details have been published to offer regional exhibition events andcareers experiences over the 18 months in support of the World Skills drive. We are keen toensure London Colleges are fully part of a London wide approach. We are working withLondon partners to ensure this is the case and we will provide an update in the next bulletin intwo weeks’ time.If you have any questions please let me knowBest wishesCaroline NevilleLondon Colleges newsCity of Westminster College graduate named one of worlds top photographersCity of Westminster College Photography graduate Edurne Aginaga has won third place in theProfessional Conceptual category of the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards. TheLONDON NEWS
  2. 2. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 24 May 2013Page 2 of 5Awards, created by the World Photography Association,attracted over 177,000 entries from 170 countries andEdurnes work has been part of a major exhibition atLondons Somerset House.Her winning images, from a series called "Lie Down", werecreated for her graduate show at City of WestminsterCollege and were also exhibited at the leading UK graduateshow Free Range. Edurne says: This was my final project atthe College, and the feedback was quite good at bothexhibitions, so although Id never entered a competitionbefore I decided to submit the images to the Sony Awards.City of Westminster College pictureThe surrealist photos in the collection (one of which is shown here) developed out of a trip toCanary Wharf and present a series of urban scenes that play with perspective, form and light.They were partly inspired by the contrast between the small village where she grew up and thedramatic skyline of London.To read the full story please visit London Colleges website.AoC London Procurement Network meeting, 6 June 2013AoC London Heads of MIS Network meeting, 7 June 2013AoC London HE Coordinators Network meeting, 11 June 2013AoC London Finance Directors Network meeting, 12 June 2013AoC London AGM/Regional Forum and Summer Reception, 27 June 2013Why Sport Matters - The cross College impact for learners, 25 June, Dexter House, LondonThis conference will focus on how quality sport and physical activity programmes can supportColleges and help maximise success for 16-18 year olds across the curriculum. It willdemonstrate the value of sport in terms of quality teaching and learning, its cross curricularimpact, and how outstanding sport can create outstanding Colleges.The conference will examine quality across the sector, the new EFA funding framework, theCommon Inspection Framework and consultation on Charter Standard Colleges, with manyColleges now using sport as a means by which to create engaging study programmes across thecurriculum and achieve improved student outcomes.To find out more and register your attendance please visit the AoC Create website.UPCOMING EVENTSAoC London Network Events and Dates for the DiaryAoC Create events
  3. 3. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 24 May 2013Page 3 of 5Masters qualification in Further Education Sector ManagementAoC Create, in partnership with Middlesex University, have developed a Masters qualificationin Further Education Sector Management. Aimed at those individuals whose thinking isstrategic and transactional, the qualification will allow them to add value to your organisation,as well as the evolving change agenda of the FE sector.The first cohort will begin in September and all delivery is through distance learning, so thereare no residentials to attend.For more information, please contact Rebecca King at AoC Create.Linking London Higher Education Collaborative Conference: Supporting Learners Progressinto HE, 26 June, Birkbeck University of LondonThis conference aims to provide information and ideas for colleagues from sixth form colleges,further and adult education Colleges in London to help them support their students makeinformed choices and successful applications to HE. This conference, while aimed at all staffproviding information and advice to level 3 learners on HE, will be of particular interest to thosewho teach, tutor and advise students on Access to HE and BTEC courses. There is no charge toattend the conference and lunch will be provided.To find out more and book your place please visit the Linking London website.LSIS London Region workshop – Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, 26 June,University and College UnionThis event will address the issue of how the education sector can contribute to the objective ofmaking sustainability a core principle of business activity. If this was achieved the benefits to thesector would be enormous. The event is free of charge and refreshments are available at the start.Participants will get an opportunity to: Review the policy developments on jobs and sustainability in London. We will discuss theGreater London Authority report published in April entitled ‘Jobs and Growth in London’.Does it provide an adequate framework to ensure that future employment in the capitalhas a strong sustainability focus? Assess the potential impact of moving more skills funding to Local EnterprisePartnerships. Will this have a negative effect on the future role of institutions currentlyproviding skills training? Examine how Corporate Social Responsibility can help to drive a greater commitment toputting sustainability at the heart of business activity. Is CSR just a box ticking exercise orcan it make a real difference to how employers engage with communities of interest? Develop institutional and pan-London strategies to promote employer engagement. Howfar is the sector able to influence and contribute to embedding sustainability in corporateactivity?Other News, events and updates
  4. 4. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 24 May 2013Page 4 of 5Please register online. For more information please contact Graham Petersen, LSIS London RegionSustainability Adviser.If you like to get more information about the AoCLR attended recent and futuremeetings/events please contact Eva Taumer, AoC London Team Administrator.Date Meetings/Events13 May ESOL works group planning meeting at City Hall (JS)13 May AoC London Strategic Group for Sport meeting (JS)14 May Employment Opportunities for Young People event (CN)14 May AoC Marketing Managers’ Network meeting (AoCLR)14 May World Skills Briefing session (CN)15 May AoC Business Development Managers’ Network meeting (AoCLR)15 May HE Progression Project Advisory Group meeting (CN, JS)16 May Barclays and London Councils Skills and Employability in London – the evolvingRole of Local Authority meeting (CN)17 May AoC Clerks’ Regional Network meeting (JS)20 May AoC Heads of Sport Network meeting (AoCLR)21 May Quarterly catch up meeting with Mark Hilton, London First (CN)21 May Heads of Student Services Network meeting (AoCLR)22 May Bexley College visit, Danny Ridgeway, Principal (CN)23 May AoC London Regional Committee meeting (AoCLR)23 May Meeting with London Work Based Learning Alliance (CN, JS)24 May Linking London seventh annual conference The Times They Are A-Changing – are weready?’ (CN)24 May Regular catch up meeting with Paul Tucker and Derek Harvey, Job Centre Plus (CN, JS)Date Meetings/Events29 May ‘Responding to the Skills Needs of the Unemployed’ meeting (AoCLR)29 May ‘Common Accord workshop’ follow up meeting (CN,JS)29 May Meeting with Alexandra Worden, Senior Associate, Eversheds (CN)3 June Regular catch up meeting with Anna-Maria Volpicelli, London Councils (CN)3 June Talent Match Core Partnership meeting (JS)5 June City Lit College visit, Mark Malcomson, Principal (CN)5 June Linking London HE in FE meeting (CN, JS)5 June AoC Gold Awards Ceremony, House of Commons Terrace (CN, JS)6 June Meeting with Crossrail, Nigel Eagers (CN)6 June AoC London Procurement Managers’ Network meeting (AoCLR)7 June AoC London Heads of MIS Network meeting (AoCLR)Recent meetingsGET A LINE ON AOC LONDON REGION MEETINGSFuture meetings
  5. 5. AoC London Region Members’ Bulletin, 24 May 2013Page 5 of 5If you wish to contact the AoC London office to give feedback on this Bulletin, to requestadditional information where we have offered it, or to provide suggested content for futureissues, please email Evelina Joykutty.Caroline Neville Judith Smyth Evelina JoykuttyRegional Director Deputy Director Regional TaumerTeam