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Jcn12 stx finland

  1. 1. JIRA part of shipbuilding process
  2. 2. JIRA part of shipbuilding process - Agenda Agenda • STX Europe, STX Finland, who we are and what we do? • Shipbuilding working environment • How we use JIRA of shipbuilding process Page 2
  3. 3. Corporate Structure STX Corporation Offshore & Engine Shipbuilding 70% 30% STX Europe 67% 70% France Finland OSV 71% 50% Life Cycle Turku Rauma Shipbuilding ENG n D AARC Arctech Cabins Completion Services Shipyard Shipyard
  4. 4. Shipbuilding Finland – Cruise & FerriesNorway – OSVs LNGC Specialized Vessel Ice Breaker China – Bulkers PCTC Drillship FSO PipelayerFrance – Cruise & Ferries Naval Vessels Romania – Bulkers Vietnam - OSVs Korea – LNGC OSVs FPSO VLCC Brazil – OSVs Mega Container
  5. 5. STX Europe Other operations Cruise Vessels & Ferries OSV Langsten Brattvaag Aukra Florø Helsinki Turku Rauma Søviknes Brevik Promar Tulcea Braila Vung Tau St. Nazaire Lorient
  6. 6. STX Finland orderbook Name Delivery Owner Yard Polar Supply and Research Vessel II / 2012 DEA Rauma (NB-1369) Cruise Ferry (NB-1376) I / 2013 Viking Line Turku Icebreaking Supply Vessels II / 2013 Sovcomflot Helsinki (NB-506 and 507) Fisheries Reseach Vessel II / 2012 MFMR of the Rauma (NB-1378) Republic of Namibia Page 6
  7. 7. Viking Line Viking Line Cruise Ferry with LNG fuel to Baltic Sea New generation cruise ferry The most environmentally friendly big • abt 2600 man-years employment passenger vessel today • GT 57 000; gross tonnage • Uses LNG fuel • No marine emissions, extremely low aerial emissions • Wave forming and noise generation minimised
  8. 8. TUI Cruises 1250 Stateroom Cruise Ship for TUI CruisesThe sophisticated and highly innovative cruise ship • Many environmentally friendly features, with a • Abt. 5 500 man-years employment particular emphasis on the vessels energy • 2500 Passengers, 1000 Crew members efficiency • GT 97 000 • A wide variety of restaurants, a theatre, a spa, a nightclub and a large deck area which all are • Length abt. 295 m and breadth carefully designed to ensure a unique cruising abt. 36 m experience for passengers of all ages.
  9. 9. Baseline: Shipbuilding working environment ◦ Considerable part of ship production takes place outside the shipyard gates ◦ The assembly is done at the shipyard ◦ Ships are designed, assembled and outfitted in co-operation between shipyard and supplier network ◦ Network represents 75% of planning and production costs ◦ STX Finland is responsible for and co-ordinates the activities; design, production, assembly including material flows and schedules ◦ STX Finland has long-term partnership agreements with selected first tier suppliers Due to this: ◦ Load of ICT varies in time and requests flexibility from all ICT partners ◦ Supplier network is using STX IT systems over the internet ◦ Some network users are working inside the shipyard using STX workstations ◦ Network synergies to be considered in all ICT development
  10. 10. Infrastructure Partner network users laptops mobile phones, users phones desktops MF printers, others servers
  11. 11. JIRA by STX Finland28 March 2012
  12. 12. Issue Types 28 March 2012
  13. 13. Issue Types28 March 2012
  14. 14. Search
  15. 15. Open ”Inspection”
  16. 16. Send for approval Send drawing for approval
  17. 17. Send for approval NOTE!!!! Assignee.....
  18. 18. Create comments (Sub-task) or Approve Drawing Note! When creating comments status of ”drawing card” is ”sent for approval” as far as all comment are created. Approve drawing without comments Create comments
  19. 19. Create Sub-Task Select ”Drawing for Approval Remark”
  20. 20. Send remarks Remember assignee to Responsible
  21. 21. Drawing approved with remarks
  22. 22. Resolve remark
  23. 23. Accept proposal
  24. 24. Work done Assignee !!!!
  25. 25. Accept remark
  26. 26. JIRA and iPad Ambientia has made us add-on to Jira, which allows for example the sale of a area by iPad. This add-on is a digital signature, which purpose is to verify the signature of the person responsible for JIRA application in STXs inspection and remarks processes New fields were created on custom fields section and they based on add-on “User picker from project role” 28 March 2012
  27. 27. 28 March 2012
  28. 28. Thank You!28 March 2012