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ASL SHIPYARD - Company Profile

  1. 1. Chào mừng
  2. 2. ASL SHIPYARDASL SHIPYARD is a subsidiary of mainboard SGX-listed ASL MARINE HOLDINGS Ltd. We areheadquartered in Singapore, one of the worlds leading maritime centers and busiest ports. Weown and operate three yards in Singapore, Indonesia (Batam) and China (Guangdong),providing a wide range of marine engineering services at competitive pricing to Customersengaged in a diversity of industries.With an experienced Management Team, the ASL SHIPYARD has successfully navigated theeconomic cycles to achieve steady growth and profitability. Integrating our capabilities inshipbuilding and shiprepair (Life-extension/Conversion) has given us the flexibility to respond tochanging market demands and capitalize on growth opportunities.Looking ahead, we will expand our range of services to fulfill the requirements of ourCustomers from different industries and geographical zones. And continuing our tradition ofCustomer focus, we are dedicated to improve capabilities and operational efficiencies so thatour Customers will continue to enjoy our Competitive Pricing, Reliable and Quality Products &Services, as well as On-Time delivery.
  3. 3. Brief of ASL MARINE HOLDINGS Ltd.ASL MARINE HOLDINGS Ltd is a fully integrated marine company with a strong focus in shipbuilding, ship repair/conversion, ship chartering and other related marine services, catering toCustomers mainly from Asia Pacific, South Asia, Middle East, Australia and Europe.Headquartered in Singapore, ASL MARINE owns and operates 3 shipyards in Singapore,Indonesia and China.Over the past 30 years, the Group has developed a niche market in building and repairingmedium size vessels. The Group has the capacity to build vessels of up to 150 meters inlength, including Offshore Support Vessels, Tugs and Tankers. The Group currently operates 3(Three) graving dry docks with capacity from 20,000 up to 300,000 dwt in its shipyard inBatam, Indonesia which is one of few shipyards in the region capable of repairing capsizevessels.In addition, ASL MARINE owns and operates a fleet of more than 190 tugboats and barges,providing shipchartering services mainly to Customers in offshore oil and gas industry, marineand offshore infrastructure sector such as dredging and land reclamation, transportation ofheavy equipment and materials.
  4. 4. The Group has established a track record of building niche vessels for Customers from Asia,Europe, America and Australia.Vessel Type : - Offshore Support Vessels including Heavy Lift Pipe Lay Vessel, Subsea Operation Vessel, Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel (AHTS), Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), Diving Support Vessel (DSV), Offshore Maintenance / Accommodation Vessel, Rescue & Standby Vessel - Cutter Suction Dredger and Water Injection Dredger - Accommodation Barge, Pipe Laying Barge & Work Barge - Commercial Vessels Including Chemical Tanker (IMO II/III) - Bunkering Tanker & Product Tanker
  5. 5. The Group provides a comprehensive range of repair and conversion servicesincluding retro-fittings, life-extensions and repair of various types of vessels.- Tankers : Oil Tanker, LNG Tanker, Chemical Tanker.- Commercial Vessels : RoRo Vessel, Container Vessel, Bulk Carrier Vessel.- Offshore Support Vessels : AHT/S, PSV, DSV, ERRV.- Barges : Work Barge, RoRo Barge, Accommodation Barge, Hopper Barge.- Dredging Vessel, Pipe Laying Vessel.- Jack Up Rig and Semi Submersible.- FSO and FPSO.
  6. 6. The Group owns a young fleet of 194 vessels consisting of mainly Barges, Towing Tugs,Anchor Handling Tugs, Anchor Handling Towing/Supply Vessels and other vessels.The Group charters its fleet to Customers from diverse industries including: - Offshore Oil & Gas - Marine Infrastructure - Dredging, Land Reclamation & Marine Construction - Marine Transportation of Cargoes such as Coal, Aggregates and Heavy EquipmentThe Group’s vessels are mainly deployed by Customers in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia,and other South East Asia Countries.
  7. 7. “PT. ASL SHIPYARD INDONESIA is a subsidiary of SGX-Listed ASL MARINE HOLDINGS LTD”Established in Batam Island, Kepulauan Riau Province, Republic of Indonesia since 1996. Our Batam shipyard is about 1 hour travel from Singapore to Batam using fast ferry. Withour experiences background and combining with comprehensive supporting facilities andequipment at our yards infrastructure as well as a pool of skilled employees, we are highly capable of undertaking all types of new building and ship repair projects.
  9. 9. Dept. Commercial Engineering Production Material QC &QA SafetyStep INQUIRY Review Drawing Step Quotation Review Spec Submission BOM Preparation ITP (1) Award Award Arrive Yard MPR Production Plan (1) Site Inspection W. Permit Confirm SOW STOCK Drawing Schedule Production CLASS Item Plan Production Plan (2) ITP (2) Material PO Confirm W/O Sub Inspection By Owner Contract IN / Out Finish Check Production Issuing W/O Quality Document Control Start Work Done Report Additional Delivery FINISH
  10. 10. • Land Area : 30 Hectares• Water Front : 440 m• Berthing Space : Up to 1,500 m, capable of accommodating 12 vessels up to 150m long at one time• Employees : 200 Staffs, Over 3,000 Contract Workers• Graving Dry-Dock : Batam Dock 340m X 60m, c/w 7 X 6,500m3/hr De-Watering Pumps, 3 X 35T Luffing Crane Rempang Dock 240m X 38m, c/w Gantry Crane 150T Galang Dock 180m X 27m, c/w 1 X 35T Luffing Crane• Finger Pier : 450m X 16m, c/w 2 X 35T Luffing Crane• Hull Work Shop : 120m X 70m, c/w 4 X 35T Overhead Crane• Piping Work Shop : 60m X 45m• Fabrication Area : Up to 5,500 m2 of open space for fabrication and pre-assembly• Dock / Wharf Crane : Travel Luffing Crane 50m, 5 X 30T & 1 X 80T and Travel Tower Crane 65m, 2 X 50T• Gantry Crane : 2 X 180T / 150T / 120T, 2 X 80T / 65T• Overhead Crane : 13 X 5 – 35T• Crawler Crane : 2 X 200T, 2 X 150T, 1 X 55T, 2 X 50T• Ship Blasting Method : Dry & Wet Blasting, Blasting Plant : 1 X 0.8m / 3 min• CNC Cutting : 3 X Plasma & Gas NC Cutting System.
  11. 11. Blasting Chamber
  12. 12. Our Facility
  13. 13. Pipe Lay Vessel 3000T - 2010 Diving Support Vessel - 2010 Heavy Duty Cutter Suction Dredger - 2010 ERRV - 2010 Pipe Lay Barge 3000T - 2010AHTS Vessel - 2010 Harbour Tug ROV Vessel - 2011 Hopper Dredger Vessel - 2009
  14. 14. 7000 BHP Ice Breaker - 2010 Water Injection Dredger - 2009 Floating Coal Terminal - 2009 Chemical Tanker – 2009 & 2010Backhoe Dredgers - 2009 Maintenance Vessel - 2008 ERRV - 2009 AHTS - 2009 ROV Vessel - 2011 Rotor Tug - 2010
  15. 15. Assembly & erection of forward blocks Erection of stern blocks LaunchingBackhoe Dredgers - 2009 Erection of accommodation blocks Installation of 3000T Crane Post Delivery
  16. 16. Accommodation Interior DP2 Console Layout Decompression Chamber Helideck SAT Dive System Switchboard Room
  17. 17. Conversion from Suezmax Tanker to FSO Repair and Upgrading Conversion from Container Vessel to Offshore Support Vessel Conversion from FPSO to FSORepair & Updrading
  18. 18. SAFETY at Work
  19. 19. SAFETY at Work
  20. 20. Our Customers
  21. 21. SAFETY at Work
  22. 22. SAFETY at Work