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Shipyard Begej is a leading shipyard for building inland fully outfitted Chemical tanker ships, Container ships and Barges for West European market.

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  • I was surprised with the quality of the work beeing conducted at Shipyard Begej.
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Shipyard Begej Company Profile

  1. 1. SHIPYARD BEGEJ Manufacturing inland customized vessels since 1947COMPANYPROFILE Shipyard Begej / Company Profile / 1
  2. 2. Build DifferentIn its six decades long history, Shipyard Begej has producednearly 300 inland waterway vessels. In the last 25 years, 60projects were finished: 27 were dry cargo vessels, 18 chemicaltankers and 15 special purpose vessels.In 2005, Shipping Group Mercurius from The Netherlands acquired Shipyard Begejand introduced modern systems and procedures, turning the shipyard’s focus to fullyoutfitted inland waterway vessels.Throughout the years, Shipyard Begej has maintained its position as the leadingshipbuilder in Serbia. With over 200 skilled employees, use of state –of-the art technologyand process methods, our yard has the resources and facilities to produce fully outfitted,turn-key inland waterway vessels customized to our client’s requests, compliant to allinternational certification standards. Shipyard Begej / Company Profile / 2
  3. 3. THE WINNING TEAMOur team, led by an accomplished international management, combines the passion andenthusiasm of youth with experience of our seasoned naval engineers and architects,turning bold ideas into the latest generation of technologically advanced inland ships.We are dedicated to developing our most valuable asset: our know-how and our people.From our skilled workmen to designers and engineers, each of our men and women areis completely dedicated to getting the best results possible.CUTTING EDGE SHIPBUILDINGOur in-house design team simultaniously collaborates with our clients and classificationsocieties on all aspects of vessel customization, in order to honour the highestconstruction and safety standards. Full working documentation for each vessel isalways ready in time for its launch, so we’re able to provide continuous support toour clients and international classification societies, like Lloyds Register of Shipping,Germanischer Lloyd, CE - EU Recreational Craft Directive, Yugoslav Registry, NSINetherlands Shipping Inspectorate.“We always keep in mind the long-term view – for the client, it’s a long term investment. For us, as builders and operators, it’s a long-term project”.Robert-Jan ZimmermanCEO Begej/Mercurius Shipping Group Shipyard Begej / Company Profile / 3
  4. 4. OUTFITTINGOur ships are fully outfitted at Begej shipyard’s berth, reducing the building time by outfittingthe vessel while the hull is still being built.We manufacture ladders and gangways, handrails, guardrails, awnings, floorings, racksand shelves, brackets. Shipyard Begej also has long-standing partnerships with WesternEuropean suppliers of the highest quality equipment: generators, diesel engines, electricalsystems, piping, fire safety systems, grey, brown and clear water systems, ventilation ducts,heating and air-conditioning systems, heating coils for cargo tanks etc.The outifiting and interior design of the wheel house and crew quarters are especiallyimportant. We work closely with our customers on every aspect of their daily routines soour design reflects their personal preferences, habits and needs.SAFETY FIRSTOur shipyard has developed high standards ofsafety and security. Keeping our employees safeand healthy is an integral part of our business.Greener FutureEnvironmental impact of the shipbuilding and marine industry has become a major challengefor the entire industry. Begej shipyard is committed to protecting the environment andstrive to improve our environmental performance.Keeping the shipyard environment safe for its employees and the community is remainsour strategic direction.Our ships have continously improved their performance over the past decade, makingthem more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly then the previous generation. Shipyard Begej / Company Profile / 4
  5. 5. Personal ServiceYOU’RE THE CAPTAINOnce at the shipyard, our staff will be there to help you explore everything we have tooffer. You will have an office of your own with all the necessary equipment and Wi-Fithat covers the entire shipyard grounds. One of our project managers will be your hostthe entire time, to help you get acquainted with the process and the people.You will meet our talented design team who will demonstrate their approach to allphases of the ship design. Our project managers will show you the production facilities,from steel cutting shops and prefabrication shop to the slipway. They will show you theoutfitting berth and introduce you to our interior design team.A project manager assigned to your project ensures that your vessel is ideally suited toyour business’ needs. You can influence all phases of shipbuilding through our uniqueproject management system that allows you to follow every step of the process. Weprovide 24/7 online support.The shipyard’s owner, Mercurius Shipping Group has been operating inland waterwaysvessels for decades now. Their on-site technical advisors are always there to sharetheir vast accumulated experience with customers. From minor outfitting or interiordesign details, they help guide Begej’s design teams and project managers to achievethe utmost goal – the best ship you can find, built to your exact specification, right ontime, better every time. Shipyard Begej / Company Profile / 5
  6. 6. FACILITIES & CAPABILITIESFACILITIES: HIGHLIGHTS:• 2 assembling workshops • Capacity of about 6.000 tons of steel• 2 locksmith workshops production per year• 1 machining workshop • Experience with complete outfitting of ships• 1 steel plate storage (outdoors) • Experience with stainless steel tankers• 1 customs’ storage (indoors)• 1 slipway 100 m PRODUCTION CAPABILITIES:SLIPWAY FEATURES: 1. Container ship length is up to 135 m.• maximum pulling out weight: 1200t 2. Container barge length is up to 90 m.• maximum launching weight according to ship 3. Tugboat length is up to 100 m deadweight on towing carriage: 1540t 4. Draught of lightship is up to 2 m• designed launching weight: 2000t 5. Slipway characteristics:• dimensions: 110 x 77,5 m • maximum pulling out weight is 1200 tons• river depth: approx. 2 m • maximum launching weight according• workforce: about 210 to deadweight of towing carriage is 1540 tons • designed launching weight 2000 tonsCRANEAGE: 6. Vessel of maximum height of 9 m (above base• tower crane: [8T@15,5T/ 4,23T@27,2m/ to the highest point) can pass under all bridges if it 2,84T@38m/ 2T@50m] floats at draught of 2 m.• portal crane: 1x10T• bridge crane: 1x10T; 2x10T; 2x8T;1x15T; 2x15T• mobile crane: 80T; 28T; 8T /6
  7. 7. Production RangeCHEMICAL TANKERSIf you are looking for liquid cargo ships, our inlandtype C and type N chemical tankers may be the rightsolution for you. These double hull vessels, designed tocarry a wide range of high grade chemicals, are fully builtand outfitted at Begej.Customized to your clients’ exact Type C tanker ship NG 288specifications, they will help them carry ZUIDWALa broad range of specialty chemicalsand petroleum products in a most Type C tanker ship NG 287 AVENTURAefficient, environmntally friendly way. Type N tanker ship NG 282 STAVORDIA Type N tanker ship NG 271 PIZ PERFORMANCE Shipyard Begej / Company Profile / 7
  8. 8. Production RangeCARGO SHIPSBegej’s cargo ships are a cost-effective andenvironmentally friendly way to transportgoods around Europe. Container ship NG 273 Lahringen Coupled barge NG 285/286 Millenium I&II Container push barge NG 280 SallandBegej shipyard builds technologically advanced container vessels, with shipdesign optimized so that it takes into consideration the number of containers tobe carried, efficiency of loading and unloading, and its special characteristicsthat make it stable and flexible at the same time. Shipyard Begej / Company Profile / 8
  9. 9. Production RangeSMART SHIPSTechnologically advanced inland river vessels that expandyour business’ possibilitiesProbably the most technologically advanced among Begejshipyard’s ships, Begej’s container crane vessels use theiron-board crane to load and unload container cargo at anylocation.On the other hand, M-factor’s trimodularstructure prolongs the life of the ship in caseof any structural damage to the hull. Container Crane NG 272 Transferium Container Ship NG 293 M-Factor 960 9
  10. 10. Production RangeTUGBOATSTugboats built at Begej are powerful, highlymaneuverable watercrafts suitable both forriver transport and marine harbours Tugboat NG 260 Bugsier II Tugboat NG 267 Bugsier IIIThese small, sturdy boats are becoming increasinglyimportant both in the inland waterway cargotransportation and marine harbours Shipyard Begej / Company Profile / 10
  11. 11. ProductionRangeSHARQCreated to fit the requirements of a state-of-the art mobileriver home or office, Sharq is a unique luxury ship with excellentsailing characteristics.Not for the fainthearted, it requires an adventurous spirit, but brings many rewards.Sharq offers 105m2 of loft-like live/work space with plenty of storage, 360 degreeviews and ample light. Despite its Sharq, the vessel can easily be manoeuvred with thepowerful bow and stern thrusters. NG 290 Sharq 3 NG 291 Sharq 4 Shipyard Begej / Company Profile / 11
  12. 12. ProductionRangeSTEEL MANUFACTURINGOur unique combination of production capabilities has enabledus to branch out of the shipbuilding industry.The shipyard’s in-house steel manufacturing and engineering capacities make itpossible to produce parts and components for the vessels built at the shipyard, whichsignificantly reduces construction costs. From basic steel constructions to processequipment and piping systems for processing plants, we have built our reputation onreliability, high quality of our products and precise delivery times.Our steel manufactiring workshopproduces:Construction steel structuresStorage tanks, petrol and oil tanks,chemical and food industry tanks.Piping systemsOther services: BendingWe provide steel, stainless steel, aluminum, Our highly skilled workers are certified to bendor brass manual or robotic welding, using the steel using rolling, incremental bending, hotfollowing welding technologies: Gas 311 / TIG bending, rotary-draw bending, and induction141 / MIG 135 / MAG 136 / REL 111 / EPP bending.121 / MAW / SAW / FCAW SMAW Sandblasting and paintingCutting At Shipyard Begej, paintwork is of the highestOur steel cutting shop offers precision cutting quality. Using certificated paints by world’swith plasma cutters, pantographs and hydraulic leading paint manufacturers, we perform thescissors. Our engineering team designs a basic coloring, epoxy resin till bitumen, condorprogram for cutting different shapes according or some other paint substance for anticorrosionto our customers’ needs. protection, precisely defining paint thickness and the level of protection. The final product has maximum steel and aluminum corrosion- resistance. Shipyard Begej / Company Profile / 12
  13. 13. About Shipyard BegejShipyard Begej History Quality assurance and certificationShipyard Begej was founded in 1947. In its long history,shipyard Begej has produced nearly 300 inland waterway - Lloyds Registervessels. In the past 25 years, 60 projects were finished: 27 - Germanischer Lloyd (GL)were cargo-dry vessels, 18 cargo-liquid vessels and 15 specialpurpose vessels. - CE - EU Recreational Craft DirectiveIn 1966. Shipyard Begej started building inland transportation - Yugoslav Register –ships: cargo and container ships and barges, chemical Belgradetankers and tug boats. In 2005 Shipping Group Mercuriusacquired Shipyard Begej and introduced modern systems - IACS - Internationaland procedures, turning the shipyard’s focus to inland fully Association of Classificationoutfitted vessels. Societies LTD.Our LocationTemisvarski drum bb23000 Zrenjanin,SerbiaOur ProductionProjects per commercial groups (%) Projects per constructions (%)Cargo-dry Cargo-liquid Tugboat 22%vessel vessel 30% 1.5% Pontoon 25% Chemical Tanker 1.5% Cruiser 45% 7% Bulk Carrier 30% 13% 25% Special Container Barge Container Ship purpose vesselContacts T: +381 23 519 700 F: +381 23 523 190 Manufacturing inland customized vessels since 1947