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Panama, the logical hub of the Western Hemispher. Rich with water, fertile soil, ground level opportunity for Pioneers, and a place for recycling in combination with the science of Kangen Water. Invest in Potrerillos Chiriqui, Panama thanks to The Panama Insider Reports.
Supply Chain Management through the advent of digital mobile money and smart phone apps.

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  • Seattle to Build Nation’s First Food Forest We have a food forest in Fort Bragg, CA. The more the merrier! Dave Jacke: a map: Issaquah for years: Max Denby. The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation
  • Features: Real Estate:
  • Point out –green belt. No natural disasters
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  • Invest in potrerillos

    1. 1. Investing in Food & Water Sustainability viaStrategically Planned Real Estate Investments & Regional Development in Potrerillos, Chiriqui, Panama Brought to you by: SLS GLOBAL LLC & The Panama Insider Consulting Empower, Protect, Profit, Rest Assured Going Offshore Just Got Easier! 1
    2. 2. Setting the stage for the Age of Abundance Possibilities Thinking from the Eden Project in Whales Smaller Scale Vision: 2
    3. 3. How Technology Works in the Age of Abundance• Due to technical issues. We highly encourage you to watch the links.• These are powerfully inspiring visualizations. • Technology in the age of abundance • • Possibilities Thinking from the Eden Project in Whales • • Smaller Scale Vision: • 3
    4. 4. One man’s problem is another man’s opportunity.• Global droughts • Potrerillos lots of water• Food Poisoning • Impressionable ag. farmer• Land poisoning • Virgin land• Trash is a gold mine • Room for recycling without the mining• Un utilized farm land • Cheap land• Under developed • Several business ops.• Small population • Safety & Tranquility• It’s relatively far • Insulation. Price controls 4
    5. 5. Quality of Life in Potrerillos• Safety• Healthy/ Affordable Environment• Long Life Expectancy• Small Population waiting for Industry• Balanced Lifestyle• Available Economic Growth in all sectors• Housing costs and affordability, accessibility• Local community strength, pride, values• Community involvement in council decision- making• Eco conscious culture• Electronic communication• Alternative ‘Awake’ Minds• Attractive to skilled migrants• Combine Food Safety with Waste management and recycling services to create self sufficiency. Truly Chiricano! 5
    6. 6. Cost of Living • $2.75 Lunch • $70 Theatre & Dinner • $30 Typical night out • $20 Veggie Market • $30 Airport Taxi • $3- $18 per square meter • $2 water bill • $20 electricity bill • $100-300 rent
    7. 7. Why Potrerillos?• Affordable flat land available• Qualified Labor & Representative on the Ground• Comforting scenery & perfect temperatures• Good roads & growing infrastructure• Privacy, Peace & Quiet, like-minded neighbors• Close to Boquete, yet far from the gossip• Close to David, yet easy to save money at home• Affordable, serene & poised to grow 7
    8. 8. Established Businesses in Potrerillos• Veggie Fresh- $11Million export project.• 2 Hydroelectrics nearby• Peterson’s New Dairy Farm• Hydroponic Greenhouse• Lumber company• Citricos• Avicola Athenas Chicken Farm• La Zapadora- Arts & Cultural Center (for sale) 8
    9. 9. Our Vision/ Mission-Develop Potrerillos into theFood & Water Hub, spin withAgro & Eco Tourism-Connect logistically with Bocasdel Toro & Boquete for Food &Water distribution-Leverage climate, topography,and soil quality to producemasses of Hydroponic &Aguaponic Greenhouses forOrganic Food production/Distribution. Water harvesting.-Build an ‘Epcot Center’ forBiodome technology creating aTourist Destination to preservehistory, Develop scientificmethods for food and watersafety and integrate withalternative health sciences. 9
    10. 10. Water Facts:-By 2015 the world’s populationwill have grown to 9 billionpeople. There are 1 millionpeople born every day.-The most valuable commodity isyour health. The three greatestinfluencers to your health arefood, water, and environment.-There is plenty of water on thisplanet, and there will continue tobe. The challenge is in making itdrinkable, and then distributing.-Scientists, governments, andworld leaders know thatproviding accessible drinkingwater is an essential focal point.-Water is highly profitableregardless of scarcitybecause of the indisputabledemand. 10
    11. 11. Conspiracy?-In 1994, I won the science fairtalking about how there wouldbe a war for water by 2015. Thatprophecy is coming true.Unfortunately, there’s also a warfor your health through nutrition(or the subsequent lack there of.)-Global Warming, Solar flares,aquifers drying up, naturaldisasters-CONTAMINATION from runoff,pollution, rainwater problems.-Issues purifying, packaging,distributing- Especially in theevent of a crisis (Katrina).-Conflicts of Interest 11
    12. 12. New Technology:-Advancements in nanotechnology improvingCommunication allowing forinstant corrections.-Cutting edge advancements informerly-supressed food growingtechniques. Combines ancientwisdom with new proof.-Japan’s economic stagnation canbenefit Panama. Let’s give thatwater & health sciencetechnology a new home in theWestern Hemisphere.-Increased efficiency, lower laborcosts, higher qualities of life,higher quality product for thelocal= brand loyalty, patriotism.-Recognition: Become the Applethat defeats Monsanto in brandrecognition for food and watersafety. 12
    13. 13. Why Panama forWater Distribution?-Panama has tons of water!-Panama has the canal and is the hub ofthe western hemisphere.-Panama has the most moderninfrastructure in all of Latin America.-Fairly Neutral Country: Everyone needsPanama.-Mountain fresh rainwater runoffQ: Where does all that water run off to?A: Essentially wasted or harvested forHydroelectric power. We can do better.-Some 2000 miles of coastland.Q: If we could desalinate that water, whatfacilities would support the development?A: Canal, Ever-improving roadways, expansionof international airport-63 hydroelectric projectsQ: What happens to the water when theyare done?A: It could be made into drinking water,bottled and shipped via canal.Barter. Panama Become Commodities hub 13
    14. 14. Potrerillos, Chiriqui:Where Preparationmeets opportunity!-Location, Location, Price,Resources, Innovation, Location-People are waking up. It is nowtime to invest in the bestcommodities.Human Ingenuity, Technology,Self-Sufficiency & Human Health.-2012 Predictions:Solar Flares will cause majordisruptions. People will realizetheir over-global dependenceand start building on the grass-roots level. Keep it Local!-Panama profits by creating localabundance and exporting saidabundance.-Panama becomes the organicfood and water HQ of the worldthanks to location, effectiveapplication of science, & newtechnology bringing the world toyour fingertips. 14
    15. 15. Why Japanese • Did You Know? We are actually consuming more acidic foods than we think. Common acidic foods include egg yolk, white rice, chicken,Water & Health pork and beef. Therefore it is very important to include vegetables in your diet. Kangen Water is equally important because it balances theScience? acidic and alkaline effects of these foods.Kangen Water is the form ofgenerating filtered and healthier waterby a machine that removes all theimpurities, acids and contaminationfrom impure water.1. Kangen Water is veryadvantageous for loosing bodyweight.2. It helps your body to absorbdifferent types of vitamins andminerals.3. It fights against variousdiseases in your body such asdiabetes, high blood pressure,joint pain and arthritis.4. Kangen Water producesantioxidants which helps inpreventing cancer, neurologicaldisease and heart ailments etc. 15
    16. 16. Testing:What is the environmental impact ofimproperly disposed runoff? (effectslast 72 hours)Are risks outweighed by benefits?Dilution is the solution?Spray plants with acid water to preventfungus and kill bacteria.Can we create super foods by infusingit with alkalinity and love vibrations?Can we provide cost efficient potabledrinking water to the indigenous andschools?Can we teach the children toappreciate this science in order topreserve and protect the planet?Would that help create a newgeneration of skilled farmers? 16
    17. 17. The Science ofLove Vibration: • Water has MemoryFacts: Intention matters. Nature, likeus, responds to the purity of our • http://intentions. How we are being is in our surroundings. We canbuild an awe-inspiring educational/touristic facility to showcase the co-creative results of what happens when • Water, Consciousness & Intent:we begin to infuse love into our waterand plants. • http:// • Power of Thought - A Quantum Perspective • http:// • Why did they delete this from the Secret? • v=fLnL8vPST34&feature=related 17
    18. 18. Why Chiriqui? Enjoy a Champaign Lifestyle on a Beer Budget!-Chiriqui is the breadbasket of Panama.-Chiriqui is already preparing to exportfood from Potrerillos to the UnitedStates (i.e. Veggie Fresh in PotrerillosArriba, an $11 million project.)-The expanding David internationalairport, 4 lane highway to Boquete,several hydroelectric projects, thesecond largest city in Panama, 200 newtaxis…-On top of the Volcano sits the majorantennas supplying signal to theregion. Potrerillos is in the planes, andenjoys uninterrupted* signal.-Land is cheap.-Favorable climate and altitude.-Chiriqui has many beautiful places inwhich to live, do business, and retire.Do business in Panama City.LIVE in Chiriqui. 18
    19. 19. Instant Communication:Age of Abundance:Q: How do we get there?A: Capitalize on a network ofsupporting business opportunities andentry levels. Share Wealth Locally:-Transportation- Taxis-Advertising platform- Panama Insider-Airport Concessions- Tourism Shuttle-Contracts in Food Logistics- Transport- Return with City trash for recycling-Virtual Grocery Store- Automation-Alliances in heirloom seed production-Construct Aguaculture Greenhouses-Grow algae & seaweed for export-Food Vans/ Restaurants- GenerateIncome & Waste Management-Franchising and Globalizing- Frontiermarkets TV show and clubmembership. Franchise The PanamaInsider and business model. 19
    20. 20. Our Vision:Potrerillos el CENTRO de la Y:-67 hectares-$2 Million Prime Real Estate-Develop tourist & agriculturalresearch center-Great water runoff-Perfect for water desalination-Rain catchmentPlenty of ‘store front’ space canbe rented out along the new roadwhich connects Volcan toBoquete (where all of the foodcomes from).-Why will it grow? Why is itPrime Real Estate?-When? What needs tohappen in order to get tothat step? 20
    21. 21. • See the intersection?The Future ofPotrerillos, Chiriqui • We want the two lots on the North and South-New Roads, strategically placed-Hub connecting central Chiriqui-Quicker connection/ fastertransport of goods (Food & Water)to Boquete-Still a blank canvas!-Cheap Land for Visionaries-Eventual connections to Bocas delToro to the North West, creating acircular hub around the Volcano’sbase.How can you imagine yourselfparticipating? 21
    22. 22. InfrastructureEncouragingExpansion#1: Complete 4 lane Road fromInterAmericana to Boquete#2: Complete Expansion of DavidInternational Airport#3 Build Bridge in Palmira tofinish connecting Potrerillos toBoquete (and thereforconnecting Volcan to Boquete)Timelines for Completion: #1= 2012-2013 #2= 2013-2014 #3= 2013-2014 22
    23. 23.
    24. 24. Contact details: SLS Global LLC• Customer Support: +1 818 937 4012• Senior Management Panama: +01 507 6752 9586• E-mail: • Address: Plaza Neptuno, Planta Baja, Suite 392, Ave. Ricardo J. Alfaro, El Dorado, Panama City, Republica de Panama 24