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An Agile Approach to Accelerate Mass Migration | AWS Public Sector Summit 2016


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The complexities of a cloud transformation program that involves the migration of hundreds or thousands of servers can present a significant challenge to program management and the coordination of IT teams tasked with the success and support of migration. This session outlines a highly collaborative agile approach to accelerate migration activities through automation of the iterative capture, sharing, and documentation of decisions and information, incorporated into a common DevOps solution.

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An Agile Approach to Accelerate Mass Migration | AWS Public Sector Summit 2016

  1. 1. © 2016, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Rodney Grilli, Sr. IT Transformation Consultant, AWS June 21, 2016 An Agile Approach to Accelerate Mass Migration
  2. 2. What we’ll cover today  Review of the AWS Cloud Adoption & Migration Frameworks  Large migration planning & execution considerations  Migration playbook  Central migration portal  Lessons learned
  3. 3. AWS Cloud Adoption & Migration Frameworks
  4. 4. Cloud adoption is more than just technology… Why? Cloud Strategy Business strategy Enabler of the Business DevOps What are others doing? How? Industry Cost Control Reporting Operational Effectiveness Talent Optimization IT as Utility Application Transformation Security Compliance and Governance Measure Continuous Deployment On Demand Fail early & Iterate When? Cloud Adoption Roadmap
  5. 5. Cloud adoption is a journey  It requires planning and an adoption roadmap.  Cloud adoption strategy should be aligned closely with business goals and objectives.  It can be disruptive and will drive significant change.  Most start small, learn, iterate, and accelerate.  Value can be achieved quickly.
  6. 6. Elements of a successful journey Executive Sponsorship Cloud-First Strategy Principles & Standards Experiment Cloud Center of Excellence Organizational Change Adoption Roadmap Align on business requirements; bring all stakeholders with you. Create your vision; incentivize team members to follow your lead. Define architectures, patterns, governance; measure, monitor, iterate. Publish guidance and guard rails for how to adopt cloud successfully. Provide centralized expertise; guide decentralized innovations. Define new operating models, policies, processes, economics; provide training. Start small and iterate, measure, manage, and update plan.
  7. 7. AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)
  8. 8. The AWS Cloud Migration Process •Portfolio discovery •Goals and Drivers •Prioritized backlog •Foundations (target zone setup) •Setup Factory (Tools, Teams, Process) •Application optimization •Process optimization •Operational optimization •Cost optimization Discover Analyze Plan Design Migrate Integrate Validate Operate Migration Factory Initiate Optimize Prioritized Backlog (PLAN) App 1 … App n
  9. 9. Large migration planning and execution considerations
  10. 10.  Data center lease ending  Major capital depreciated  Strategic decision to go all in AWS Drivers
  11. 11. Business needs are a major factor in defining migration timelines:  Short (< 3 months)  Mid range (3 – 12 months)  Longer term (1 – 3 years) Timelines
  12. 12.  Migrate dev first, then production  Live migrate production, then backfill dev Workload migration approaches
  13. 13.  Hundreds to thousands of servers  Aggressive migration timeline  Large number of participants  Combination of the above What is a large migration?
  14. 14. Application migration challenges  Lack of accurate discovery tools and processes  Lack of application contexts / information  Inaccurate on premise costs  Lack of detail and scope with respect to operating model, governance, risk, compliance, security, software licensing, etc.  Increased cost  Longer time to value  Inaction Challenges
  15. 15. Additional large migration challenges  Efficient coordination and communications across a large team made up of business, application, development, operations, and partner participants  Discovering, transforming, and deploying complex sets of workload components  Demand for automated management of AWS infrastructure and applications  Insufficient WAN bandwidth to support ongoing operations + parallel server and data migrations
  16. 16. Small to medium migration Area Characteristic Program & project management Can get by with PMs managing activities with Microsoft Project & spreadsheets Can successfully leverage email and status calls to collect verbal updates, and report on status Infrastructure provisioning & workload migration Can get by with manual AWS infrastructure provisioning and workload migration Team size Small to medium IT team, possibly some business stakeholders Team skills Combination of IT & business staff that manage and execute the migration; may use contractors/partners to assist Level of project scope & visibility Smaller IT project or major business initiative in a smaller company
  17. 17. Large migration Area Characteristic Program & project management Requires automated workflow and tracking for technical and program-level visibility Infrastructure provisioning & workload migration Requires automation of AWS infrastructure provisioning and workload migration Team size 10s to 100s of staff performing coordinated/sequenced activities Team skills Combination of IT & Business staff that have the context, and AWS and/or Partner staff that have the specific SME skills to drive down risk & optimize every aspect of the migration Level of project scope & visibility Typically Tier 1 Business initiatives tied to strategic business goals/outcomes
  18. 18. The Migration Bubble
  19. 19. The Migration Bubble – Components Planning and Assessment Migration Tools Consulting Partners Internal Training Duplicate Environments Lease Penalties
  20. 20. The Migration Bubble Cost Time Planning Migration Bubble Operation and Optimization • Discovery and assessment • Duplicate environments • Staff training • Migration consulting • 3rd party tooling • Lease penalties
  21. 21. AWS Migration Playbook
  22. 22. Application Migration & Disposition Options Application Interviews App. Automated Discovery App. Migration Options App. Analysis Application Discovery Migration & Disposition Options Retain Retire Rehost Repurchase Replatform Refactor This is the “do nothing” option. Legacy costs remain and obsolescence costs typically increase over time Decommission and archive data as necessary “Lift and Shift” or “Forklifting.” Automated and scripted migrations are highly effective Either a replacement through procurement, or/and upgrade Opportunities to address significant infrastructure upgrades can be realized which positively affects compliance, regulatory and obsolescence drivers Re-architecting and recoding require investment in new capabilities. Potentially significant business disruption DescriptionComplexity Low Low Med Med High High
  23. 23. Application Owner Meeting Connectivity Requirements Data Migration Requirements Identify Application Artifacts Document Success Criteria Identify Testing Process Resolve Dependency ConflictsApplication Dependencies Review Existing Blueprints Verify VPC Connectivity Complete Artifact Checklist Firewall RequestsFirewall Port Determination Intra-port Requirements Week 1 Week 2 Initial Architecture Design Application Installation VPC Port Exception Allocate Credentials Verify Subnet Connectivity Deploy AMI’s App Owner ReviewApp Architecture Review VPC Architecture Design Identify Enhancement Opportunities Test Connectivity Migrate Data End to End Testing Owner Sign-off Update Final Design Document Baseline Performance Map out application migration activities Discover Design Build Key
  25. 25. Workload Migration Playbook phases Varies by customer but typically ~9 phases and ~40 high-level activities
  26. 26. Workload Migration Playbook variations Application (infrastructure) migration option choices Application disposition option choices A number of factors drive the specific activities required for each individual workload migration
  27. 27. Service Description Application Discovery Service • Discover on-premises application inventory and dependencies. • Simplify your application migration planning process. • VM Import/Export • Import virtual machine images from your existing environment to Amazon EC2 instances and export them back to your on-premises environment. • Management Portal for vCenter • Migrate VMware VMs to Amazon EC2 and manage AWS resources from within vCenter. • Database Migration Service • Migrate your databases to AWS with zero downtime. • Supports migrations between similar and different database platforms. • Import/ Export Snowball • Efficiently and securely transfer large amounts of data from on-premises data centers to AWS. AWS migration support tools
  28. 28. Migration Technologies Description & Partners Discovery & Planning Discover IT assets across your application portfolio, identify dependencies and requirements, and build your comprehensive migration plan with this technology suite. Workload Mobility Execute migrations to AWS by capturing your host server, configuration, storage, and network states, then provision and configure your AWS target resources. Application Profiling Gain valuable insights into your applications by capturing and analyzing performance data, usage, and monitoring dependencies before and after migration. Partner discovery & automated migration tools
  29. 29. Central Migration Portal
  30. 30. Central knowledge management Collaborate & document decisions Multimedia training
  31. 31. Automated Workload Migration Playbook Automated workflow, customized to meet customer’s desired migration approach Migration Playbook templates, customized by workload
  32. 32. Real-time workload migration dashboard Finance Time Management Fin VerticalHR Knowledge Management QBR 721 Payroll Audit Tax Tracking Sales Deals Travel Tool Customer Portal Golden Marketing Inspector Operations APAC Vertical Compliance Enables:  Portfolio-level transparency of migration progress  Drill down to individual workload task details
  33. 33. Team management and modeling  Define teams and identify realistic working hours for individual resources
  34. 34. Real-time program dashboard Enables:  Portfolio-level transparency across tracks  Detail-level drill down through Epic, Story, and task-level activities
  35. 35. Report on work across roadmap tracks
  36. 36. Manage releases with Kanban
  37. 37. Central asset management An online asset inventory integrated with Automated Migration Playbook enables:  Bulk updates of data captured during discovery  Tracking of asset status throughout the migration  Aggregate reporting
  38. 38. Central Help Desk An online help desk integrated with Automated Migration Playbook enables:  Tracking of end user issues to specific migration activities throughout the migration  Improved feedback loops  Assistance with detection and quicker resolution of issues
  39. 39. Lessons learned
  40. 40. Lessons learned  Up-front planning  Comprehensive discovery of workload components and dependencies  Transparency via Central Migration Portal  Proper project management  Automated Migration Playbook
  41. 41. Key takeaways  Migration as part of larger IT transformation framework  Migration automation, focus on business processes not servers  Leveraging AWS ecosystem – APN Consulting and Technology Partners, AWS Professional Services to reduce risk and optimize activities and business outcomes
  42. 42. Resources • AWS Cloud Adoption Framework • • AWS Professional Services • • AWS Migration Partner Solutions • • AWS Training • Migrating to AWS - 2 Day Instructor Lead Course • • AWS Whitepapers • A Practical Guide to Cloud Migration • • Migrating Your Existing Applications to the AWS Cloud •