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IT Transformation with AWS


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Track 1 - Matt Taylor

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  • Looks good. How do I control devices behind firewalls? Previously I've had to resort to STUN/ICE, which is not very reliable or quick. Also, I'm surprised at the use of MQTT end to end, it's a bit lightweight isn't it?
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IT Transformation with AWS

  1. 1. London 2015
  2. 2. IT Transformation with AWS Matt Taylor – Service Manager. AWS Proserve UK
  3. 3. Agenda • About Proserve • IT Transformation – the basics • Phase 1 – Business alignment • Phase 2 – Migration • Phase 3 – Transforming operations • Phase 4 – New state operations • Outcomes
  4. 4. About Proserve
  5. 5. AWS Proserve Supporting enterprises and partners to accelerate cloud adoption. Global practice with local teams. Custodians of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework. Medium to long term engagements Strategic, business, operational and technical. On Demand model – you pay for what you use. Complements other AWS services e.g. Solutions Architects, Technical Account Managers etc. Compliments external AWS partners
  6. 6. IT Transformation – The basics
  7. 7. What do we mean by ‘I.T. Transformation’ ? Old New Time Benefits • IT Modernization efforts existed since mainframe migrations • The focus is on the transition, not on the target state • Incorporates change management and enablement • Major focus of Enterprise Architecture
  8. 8. IT Transformation with AWS Practice of modernizing the IT function and operating model, thus enabling companies to effectively include AWS in their IT environments. IT Transformation focuses on the journey toward the end state by: • Managing issues and risks – Project management and scope creep • Managing customer’s anxiety – Communicate often and effectively • Building an achievable roadmap – Appropriately plan the transition
  9. 9. Transformation goals Current State • AWS Awareness – possibly already tested. • Some business units may already be using AWS. • Lack of confidence in ability to execute. • Success Measures not defined • Existing infrastructure due a refresh or validity in question. Cloud IT Transformation Future State • Ability to enter new markets quickly & safely • Business focus. • Increased IT Agility / Responsiveness. • Go global instantly • Infrastructure cost savings. • Attract & Retain Talent.
  10. 10. Transformation with AWS • Rapid time to live. • Flexible and testable infrastructure. • Scalable - up and down. • Global availability. • Broad and deep. • No commitment needed. • Low cost of entry. • Tried and tested.
  11. 11. Phase 1 – Business alignment
  12. 12. Transformation tenets Focus on the goal and plan a measurable way forwards. Select an adoption framework. Build a journey roadmap that is achievable but challenging. Stick to the plan and move quickly. Be BOLD. Build a Cloud Competency Centre and move beyond migration.
  13. 13. Cut through the noise Governance Information Management Strategy Strategic Planning IT Operations Modernization ROI IT Capability Assessment IT Process Management CostIT Workforce Optimization Business Plan Analysis Financial Planning Business Value Education Benefits Analysis IT Strategy Enterprise Architecture IT Roadmap Total Cost of Ownership Return on Investment Business Security Case Development Compliance Hybrid Computing
  14. 14. Identify your measures for success. What is the main business driver ? • Disaster Recovery or High Availability • Cost • Get out of the DC • Control • Agility • … Can you see inconsistencies within the business?
  15. 15. Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) In the journey to the cloud, AWS has identified 7 key perspectives that are important to consider when moving to the cloud.
  16. 16. Identifying what needs to be done. We examine each of these perspectives with you to identify the goals, implications, and specifically what needs to be addressed
  17. 17. Develop an Adoption Roadmap (sample) Discovery Workshop Cloud Business Case Define Security Requirements Define Network Environment Define Governance Structure Operational Integration Security Operations Playbook Cloud Environment Optimization Application Portfolio Analysis Cost and Billing Analysis Training and Certification Define Cloud Environments Define EA Policies and Practices
  18. 18. Possible transformation workstreams. Constant engagement. 3 Year Cloud Transformation Implementation Roadmap Cloud Business Cases Application Portfolio Assessment Organisational Change Roadmap Wk2 Wk4 Wk6 Wk8 Wk10 Wk12 Cloud Maturity Assessment Application PoC Demonstrable benefit Business stream Operations stream Tech and Tools stream Future state CCC / CCoE Governance and policy Training / resource Execute application migration plan Build application migration plan Security
  19. 19. Move quickly. Enterprise wide Cloud Operating Model TIME All In Legacy environment Executive Sponsorship , Hybrid Architecture s Contractual Framework, Professional Services/ Partner Engagement Cloud Centre of Excellence Proof of Concept Tactical Project 1 Enterprise- wide Dev Ops/ CICD Capability Continuous Improvement Framework Cloud Operating Model Circles of Learning WHITESPACE SCALE PLATFORM (All in) Tactical Project 2  See the viability of the AWS platform  Define Objectives & Metrics  Better understand how the AWS platform benefits your business  Build Landscapes & Automation  Strengthen relationship due to close collaboration & mutual goals of POC. Application Migration Roadmap Infrastructure Centric Application Centric CloudValue Level of Adoption
  20. 20. Cloud Competency Centre. • Seize opportunities within the new team – Agile approach – Embrace DevOps practices – Infrastructure as code – Explore new tools and techniques – Automate as much as possible – Evangelise cloud within the business
  21. 21. Example Cloud Competency Centre structure. Cloud Competency Centre Co-ordinator Architects Application Engineer Security Engineer Knowledge Support Operations Finance Legal
  22. 22. Phase 2 - Migration
  23. 23. Transformation trend – Interim state. AWS SaaS ProvidersOn-Premise Lift & Shifts Different Cloud platforms App Owners Re- Architected New Projects
  24. 24. Strategy: Migrate existing applications. Requires taking an application inventory and identifying which applications would be most effective running in the AWS cloud and at what juncture. Migrated 500 web properties In 5 months Migrated clinic trials simulations platform New product websites in 2 days vs. 2 weeks Simulations in 1.2 hours vs. 60 hours. 64% reduction in costs go
  25. 25. Phased strategy for migration. Cloud Assessment Phase •Assess Costs •Assess Architecture •Document current inventory & workloads •Assess Security Proof of Concept Phase •Learn AWS •Build a pilot •Build Support within the organization Data Migration Phase •Leverage different storage options •Migrate Application Migration Phase •Lift & Shift Migration •Hybrid Migration Leverage the Cloud Phase •Auto-scaling •Automation •Elasticity •High Availability Optimization Phase •Utilization •Monitoring •Efficiency •Performance •Re-engineering
  26. 26. Trust your support network. Customer Business Functions Customer IT AWS Training & Certification AWS Proserve AWS SA, TAM and community
  27. 27. Phase 3 – Transforming operations
  28. 28. Transforming the IT model. Management Tools Architecture Operations Server Team Storage Team Network Team Database Team Platform Team Desktop App 1 App 2 App 3 Business Unit 1 Business Unit 2 IT Shared Services Security
  29. 29. Transforming the IT model. App 1 App 2 App 3 Business Unit 1 Business Unit 2 Security Cloud Competency Centre Agile IT Governance Tools Reporting Automation Tools Architecture Operations Server Team Storage Team Network Team Database Team Platform Team Desktop IT Shared Services
  30. 30. Maturing the IT model. Agile ITTraditional IT Agile ITTraditional IT Transition projects, workloads and people into the new agile cloud organisation
  31. 31. Phase 4 – New state operations
  32. 32. Infrastructure as Code, Automation and micro services.
  33. 33. DynamoDB Create User Update profile Send message Latest messages Back end Amazon Cognito Javascript & HTML5 app Mobile app Front end Server-less Backend Applications
  34. 34. Working with agile processes. • Guidance – Governance, compliance, policy • Management – Monitoring, auditing, reporting • Policing – Controls, alerting, enforcement
  35. 35. Keep the business in the loop. Constant education back to the business on : • Progress with against key business drivers. • Cloud technology with concrete examples. • Benefits that you see but didn’t anticipate.
  36. 36. Outcomes
  37. 37. Where this is working.  Shell is a global oil and gas company  Core operational applications running in production on AWS  With AWS, Shell has elasticity – the ability to expand and contract IT infrastructure as needed Shell’s Cloud Journey: Operationalising the Cloud Strategy
  38. 38. • Founded in 1920, Qantas is Australia’s largest domestic and international airline • The airline wanted to develop an in-flight application that would aggregate and present passenger information to cabin crew • By developing the application on AWS, Qantas can quickly and inexpensively provide cabin crew with insights into customer needs and wants Qantas Operates In-Flight Application with Near 100% Availability Using AWS
  39. 39. Vodafone Italy Migrates to AWS and Creates a Secure Environment for Customer Transactions While Reducing Capital Costs by 30% • Vodafone Italy, based in Milan, provides mobile services for more than 30 million customers • Customers can buy additional credit—a process known as “top up”—for SIM cards and as transactions increased, the company wanted to offer customers a secure way to top up using a credit or debit card. • Vodafone worked with Storm Reply, a member of the AWS Partner Network, to create a compliant, secure solution able to handle thousands of transactions per day
  40. 40. Wrap up. • Get the measure of your customer maturity. • Migration / new workloads / all in ? • Engage the support network. • Apply a framework and ensure nothing is missed. • Chose a pioneering project with gravitas. • Make a start and move quickly. • Define and adhere to controls, compliance and governance. • Iterate • Constant business feedback.